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Say, Can I Tempt You? - by define_serenity

 (Seblaine Cruel Intentions AU)

Hunter makes a bet with Sebastian, his stepbrother, that he won’t be able to take Blaine’s virginity. If he loses, Hunter gets the Jaguar, if he wins, Sebastian gets Hunter.

i remade !!

of course you don’t have to follow me, but i’m over here now! i was feeling kind of weighed down with the sheer amount of posts and likes i have so i decided i needed a fresh start. i’ll be checking back in here sometimes and i’m not deleting this blog so think of this as more of an archive 💗🌼 

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Heya guys!

Gosh, it‘s hard to believe that it’s already been a year, isn’t it?

365 days (and 500 followers!) later, and I’m still doing these fun little drawings for the fandom. To be honest, I never thought I would actually make it this far, especially considering the amount of work that life has presented me. but here I am. And I have to say, I really couldn’t have done it without you guys too.

The KnB fandom has been so kind and welcoming to me, and knowing that so many people enjoy this little self-indulgent blog and are willing to send asks means more than the world to me. I’m so glad (beyond words, really) that my collection of doodles is something I can share with you guys. I do read every tag that goes on every reblog, and it warms my heart to know that, even if only for a few seconds, I have the ability to make people smile and keep the fandom active.

I’m not sure how else I can express my gratitude, since I’ve never been particularly good with words, but I do want to say, sincerely, thank you all so much.

Here’s to more fun!

anonymous asked:

Honestly I'm more impressed than anything with how you're able to watch the show (in subs) while uploading screenshots of what happening in said show, answering asks, and also reblogging various memes and posts. This is the kind of multitasking power that anime watchers could only dream of obtaining.

thanks????? idk how i’m doing it, this is my first time liveblogging anything

My favorite thing about the community here...

Is that we all support each other.

You kill a workout? Post a cute selfie? Have a shit day? Feel like a rock star? Had something really disappointing happen to you?

We’re there for each other. With a kind comment, a like, or reblog, whatever. 

We support each other. And we succeed. 

And I just think that’s super, super awesome. Love who you are and rock what you got, but don’t forget to extend the same to others :)

@littlelycanlove posted such a great thing about Mon El but Tumblr is not getting me reblog, so I’m just copying and pasting. sorry. 

Oh my god I can’t take it with this ship war anymore. I could write for days about my thoughts on this whole ordeal but the biggest point I need to make is STOP TREATING MON-EL LIKE A HUMAN, HE IS NOT FROM THIS PLANET! We are talking about a person who has never in his life seen kindness or empathy, who was raised by a woman that didn’t even have to think hard about killing her husband, his planet was not like earth, there were no good people to be role models for him or an example for him to live up to. Despite this, in nine months he has become a totally different person who cares and who is trying to do the right thing but he’s still just a baby in a cape, he’s bound to make mistakes while he’s learning. And yes his family owned slaves and he completely objectified women and acted like an ass for his first several… several episodes but what has happened is called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and it’s the pinnacle of modern entertainment.

Also Kara Zoe-El is not some wilting flower who will break down and die if a man doesn’t hold the door for her, she constantly reverses the gender norms in their relationship and she is a smart girl who isn’t going to let someone take advantage of her. She never would have given him a chance if she didn’t see the goodness in him from the beginning (after overcoming her own racism against him)

If this show fills you with this much rage I suggest not watching it…

Before I begin final edits I always read from the very beginning, to check for consistency, make sure the pace is what I want, the tone is right, make sure the parallels make sense, etc.

It has taken me the better part of the evening. By the time this shit is done it’s gonna take a whole day.

So much happens too? Like it’s all kind and jumbled in my head, like the other day I was gonna talk about something from the episode in relation to the story but I realized that you hadn’t read that yet, it’s just kind of a jumble.

Also, I am ridiculously in love with this story, it’s all coming out exactly as I wanted it, I love them so much.

And I love YOU so much, every single person who read and reblogged and commented and made me beautiful things I will always treasure. You have no idea how much that means to me.

★; I find it kinda funny how every other day I alternate between making status posts between my blogs, and unless you’re following both, you have no idea if I’m online or not lmao

Anyways, ye, I’m sorta kinda online, mostly just wanna play video games today though. Mostly Overwatch. (If you have it for xbox plz tell me, let’s play together omg. I have it for ps4 too but I don’t like the controls orz but if you have it on ps4 yo lemme know too) Gonna see what I feel like doing between blogs, so I hope you’re all having a great day~


@mensesbloodbath requested a sad John Egbert in honor of the good ol’ days, so here’s a melancholy snap redraw!

I don’t much draw or reblog HS anymore, but I’ll always be grateful that it got me drawing again in the first place <3

Thanks for the request Rou, and for the kind message!

Got my first reblog on a text post from an anti. They accused me of never reading Romeo&Juliet in my life (as my post was referring to the romeo and juliet parallels for karamel). They were basically calling me an idiot. Well that doesn’t fly with me so I hid the note and blocked them. I can’t actually believe I got an Anti given that I don’t really create content for the fandom, just text posts. Well, all I can say is keep coming at me if you wish, then I will just successfully block you all.

Again haha! ( sorry long post!) 

 So My computer just die… ( Rip 2010 - 2017 ) So Im a working on the old lap of my mom. I really Need my own computer! aahh I always dreamed with a nice computer! So guys if you want to help me, can you considering commissioning me? Or just a reblog, that would be amazing!  
I dont like talk about my personal situation but, I live in a country very…sad? I’m from Venezuela, so is impossible for just buy something like a computer here, And I was helping my family with the commissions that I done before ( thanks!). ( Im not lying! read about the inflation in my country here )

Now I want to save all my money just for my little whim ♥   If you have Any kind of doubt please feel free to ask me!

I dont have any problem drawing guys or girls together ( love wins ♥) or something a little sexy. But I can’t draw Mecha/bara ( I cant srly haha) 

♥   Only paypal
♥   I only start work after payment has been made!
♥   Do not pay me before I accept your commission
♥   Process: Send me some reference pictures and I will make a sketch. You pay me the half and can ask me to change everything you want. when the color process ends I  will contact you, you pay me the rest and I send you the final drawing. Feel free ask me to see the process anytime c:
♥ 1 Commission (waist-up ) will Take around 1 week as max, Completeboy 2 week as max 
♥ You can contact me too via mail: <- this is NOT my paypal account!
So I think that is all, here some expamples…Thanks for reading/sharing/reblog/favs!  

And thanks to all those people who commissioned me before, I have amazing examples with beautiful characters!♥ 

If you share this, srly thanks! ♥ Have a nice day! and sorry for my poor english x_x

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As Salamu Alaikum, I'm new here, can you help me out with followers? 😅😅 JazakAllahu Khairan Kathiran, You have a cool blog by the way.

Wa alaikum asalam, welcome to the good side of tumblr sister (judging by the husband reblog) or are you a brother? BarakAllah Feeki and JazakAllahu Khairan for the kind words, although idk what you think is cool here 😅

Follow the sister, brothers and sisters, beneficial account In Sha Allah ☝️

todays been a very good day to me mostly thanks to you guys being kind and sending cool questions and me messaging people i like and nice people reblogging my art it is!! pleasant!! thank you !! good night friends!!

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This is the same anon who said they were probably going to stick to SFW commissions if you ever opened for them because you're aro. In light of recent posts, that "probably" has been upgraded to "definitely". I'm sorry the NSFW stuff got outta hand. Is there anything I can do to help?

You’re such a sweet person anon, thank you. I’m fine and I really appreciate the offer. It’s kind people like you that remind me why I’m here when the assholes approach. It’s not the first time I’ve dealt with this and I doubt it will be the last, but blocking is a wonderful thing that make bad people go away :)

So it’s come to my attention there’s claims that post I reblogged is resulting in harassment for the OP. I find this kind of doubtful given my small follower count and the fact that I’ve seen like, three reblogs on it from me, but just in case I do need to stress:

Sending someone hate of any sort over a webcomic is unacceptable. Worse than that, it’s poisonous to the culture of constructive discussion I am hoping to build. 

Don’t be mean to people over a webcomic. Certainly don’t be mean to a minor over a webcomic, and I did later discover OP is a minor. Just maybe don’t be mean period? There’s no need for it, and it doesn’t help anyone. 

Reblog if you support artists with OCs and original art

Hey it’s blue and I wanted to talk about how not many OC based artists are getting recognised and the only art work that actually gets reblogged is the occasional piece of fandom art. Please go out there and if you would be so kind as to reblog these wonderful OCs and the original art of the amazing and talented artists who deserve to be noticed. It shouldn’t just be fandoms that are looked at mainly but it should just be the art itself. It shouldn’t matter if the drawing is from a fandom or not, what matters is that the person worked their hardest on their artwork and hope to get it noticed. please make those artists dreams come true.

Been wanting to say this for a long time so here we go:

Can we please collectively stop making fun of the “meth fandom” or w/e the fuck nomenclature we’re using to describe real people who finally have a space and community to talk about their substance use? Like I’ve seen posts lump this part of tumblr in with literal fucking neo-nazis and if that doesn’t strike you as fucked up i don’t know what else i can fucking say to you.

I’ve even seen this shit from leftists. Like how can we recognize that capitalism is built on the exploitation of labor and mass disenfranchisement of working class people - and then turn around and mock people who use stimulants to cope with the godawful hardships of that life? If you can’t recognize meth users humanity, then what the fuck are you even fighting for?

I have adhd, but I still abuse my stimulants because my body literally cannot produce the amount of labor necessary for my survival. Thousands of others do the same. We’re not that different from the people on here using meth. Everywhere ~drug users~ turn, we’re denied the chance to talk about our own experiences in our own fucking language. We’re denied the chance to find our own community and engage with it on our own terms. Especially us women who use. Why propagate that shit here? What do you gain by mocking us and people like those in the ~meth fandom~? Who are you helping?

And i know this probably describes only a sliver of my followers, but I hope it’ll reach further. Because honestly? Some people on here need to step the fuck off. 

I’ve never seen a post on my dash condemning this phenomenon (which is often treated like a joke, like it’s not about you know, real fucking people), and that’s fucking bullshit. I’m not saying no one’s said this before, but I sure as fuck haven’t seen it. We can do better. We must do better.

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Mr. Gaiman, would you be so kind as to reblog your post on how to seduce a writer? There was something about "You are invited to a seduction" and "Please wear clothing you would like to be seduced in." I have a friend/crush/writer that I believe may be open to seduction by me. I would like to use that post for reference, but I have unfortunately been unable to find it. is it…