be kind to everyone you meet for everyone is fighting a hard battle

Robb x Targaryen!Reader...

((I hope you all like! Might have gotten a little wordy! ALSO, anon, sorry I couldn’t find a way to add smut!))

Word Count: 2,218

Warning: None

He sat at the long table between his siblings and his mother. All six were true Starks, watching you with cold gazes that gave nothing away.

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“We’ll steal your disbelieving heart!”

Part 3 of edit sets for witchsona AU

**Please DO NOT edit, use, or repost any of these! Thank you!

[UPDATED and COMPLETE character profiles (codenames, outfit, awakening scene, dialogues) under the cut!]

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yaboy-robin  asked:

so here's a scenario for you- the sole survivor is one of the best people the companions have met. however, they seem to be the only one that thinks that - as anyone who meets the sole survivor is rude, overly mad, and even blames them for things that aren't the sole's fault - even other companions (other than the ones in the react). can we get a companions react to one more person being rude to the sole - and the companion's had enough of people being rude?

Cait: She snaps. She whirls around, catches the offender by the lapels of their coat, and shoves them up against the nearest wall. “Alright, listen up, you fuckwit son of a bitch.” Her fists grip tighter, and her knuckles turn white. She goes nose to nose with her prey. “Sole is one of the best people you’ll ever have the fuckin’ luxury to know. And if I hear you say shit about them one more time, I’ll beat yer ass so hard you won’t shit right for a week.”

Codsworth: “Mx. Sole, I’ve had enough!” he blurts. He flinches when all eyes turn on him, but pushes on. “You’ve done nothing but kind things for these people, and sacrificed so much to be here. I can’t- I can’t stand seeing them be so rude to you! And I-I know it doesn’t mean much, from me, I know no one listens to me, but.” He turns and addresses the crowd. “You all should be ashamed of yourselves!” 

Curie: “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” she exclaims, rounding on the person. She wags a scolding finger at them, looking like an indignant schoolteacher. “Sole has been nothing but good and kind to me, and everyone else we’ve met! The only reason any of you have been unkind is because of small-minded fears and prejudices. Well, no more. Sole deserves all the respect and kindness in the world.” 

Danse: “I suggest you keep your mouth shut, civilian.” Danse rises to his full height, looking very imposing in his power armor and fierce glare. “Maybe you are incapable of respecting good people when you see them, but this person is better and more capable than you’ll ever be. Perhaps you should learn when to pick your battles, instead of insulting people with more honor in their little finger than you have in your entire body.”

Deacon: “Let he who has committed no sin cast the first stone, am I right?” he snaps back. He glances at Sole. “That’s the line, right?” Without waiting for a reply, he pushes on. “Maybe you should stay out of other people’s business, ‘kay? You don’t want me insulting you just because you haven’t brushed your teeth for three weeks and smell like you hit your kids, or something. Just, like, have a little respect. We don’t all need to be assholes.”

Dogmeat: He growls at them, even snapping his jaws if he finds them particularly repulsive. He won’t do anything unless Sole commands it, but he makes sure to glare at and snarl at the insulting person whenever they’re around.

Hancock: His eyes narrow, black depths glimmering. He steps forward, between the jerk and Sole, somehow looming over them regardless of any difference in height. “I think you were talking to the wrong person,” Hancock says, brandishing a knife, shining in the light. “’Cause I’m a real bastard. I own that. But Sole? Nah. They’ve never done anything to you, and never will.” He points his knife towards the curve of their neck. “Me, though…”

Nick Valentine: “Don’t do this.” Suddenly he’s all sharp and angry, losing his temper in the blink of an eye. “You remember how you treated me, years ago, when I was a newbie to this town and your kind loathed me?” He jerks a thumb to his chest. “How’d that work out for you? Maybe you should think before you speak.” He’s almost like a disappointed father, berating and shaming the jerk into mumbling an apology.

MacCready: “Well, you- you suck!” he shouts, glowering at them over his shoulder. It sounds way lamer than he imagined it in his head, though, and the jerk laughs at him. So he marches forward, all short and thin and furious. “Yeah, laugh, go right ahead. You won’t be laughing when I- when I pop your head from a hundred miles away, asshole.” The use of profanity is lost on the stranger, but Sole gasps, and Mac feels a little proud.

Piper: “How dare you?” she snaps, jabbing a finger into their chest. “After everything Sole’s done for you? What? What are you saying about me, too. Are you saying I’m dumb for traveling with them? ‘Cause, hoo-boy, buddy, believe you me, I’m not as nice as Sole. I’ll- I’ll fight you. I will! Let’s just- let’s go out back. Right now. You and me. Mano-e-mano. Or, uh… Persono… e… woman-o. Yeah. Let’s go. Let’s do this.” Sole has to drag her away, still shouting.

Preston: He turns on the person, looking stern. “Have you ever fought for anything?” he demands. “Sole has given up so much to support the Commonwealth, and never gets a word of thanks for it. Before you judge them, before you blame them, maybe you should think about what we’re trying to accomplish, in the long run.” He gets up on his soapbox and gives a heartfelt speech. People are inspired. Old women cry. He kisses a baby afterwards. 

Strong: He twitches. Before anyone can stop him, he’s got one meaty paw around the offender’s neck, giving it a pinch to see how the person squirms. Everyone rushes to stop him, but he looks to Sole, ignoring the other humans. “Strong break?” he asks, waiting for the order. 

X6-88: He seems calm at first. “Should I kill them, Mx. Sole?” he asks, almost pleasant. Sole says no, of course, but that doesn’t stop him. He tracks them down, later, and is waiting in their house when they come home that day. He takes off his sunglasses, and somehow, that’s more terrifying than anything else. “You shouldn’t have spoken to Sole like that,” he says, and suddenly there’s a knife in his hand. “I’ll make sure you don’t make that mistake again.”

Mute!Tony: Part Two

I know that SunnyStark wrote a thing to fix it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this world, and well, no one ever argues with more fanfiction. 

Part One is Here. You kinda need to read it first. And yeah, it looks like I’m gonna need to write a third part bc no way are you going to be content with where this ends. 

Some folks that might want to see this are tagged at the bottom. 

Tony should have noticed it sooner.

He could have gone quiet sooner.

The team could have been happier sooner.

He was a genius, dammit, he should have seen within a few hours of meeting them that they didn’t want to hear him speak. Fine. With the Chitauri trying to level Manhattan and Loki leading the charge he had a justified distraction for the first day. For a week, tops. Then he should have noticed. What use was he if he didn’t notice what the team needed. His brain was the only thing they really needed from him. They didn’t need him talking. The team needed his input. Sometimes. If there was tech involved. They talked to him if there was a purpose, but no one came to him just to chat. They never did. Never had.

And hey, genius billionaires were supposed to be eccentric.

Tony was playing to type.

Taking after Howard Hughes.

It was part of a long and noble tradition.

And if he’d stopped making public appearances, well, the press was thrilled to have so much time to spend talking about the new Mysterious-Maybe-Avenger-Maybe-Not that had helped Captain America in his darkest hour.

Steve only came to Tony when the need outweighed the annoyance, which, Tony knew, was what everyone did. He didn’t blame them, it made sense. Everyone made choices like that, all the way down to whether they wanted to get up to reach the remote.

Tony thought the balance was a little different for Steve. He thought maybe Steve reached for him sooner. Thought maybe Steve didn’t mind him quite as much. He was wrong.

He watched the news coverage from his lab, not knowing where Steve had vanished to, not knowing if he was alive, and pushed away the thought. He stood rapt as he got reports of Captain America going rogue, of Nick Fury being killed, and he barely blinked while he watched footage of a battle over the Potomac as Steve, Natasha and some random civilian fought Hydra.

He almost climbed into his suit several times, but stopped himself.

They never contacted him. Tony tried not to think about why not.

It wasn’t until he’d checked the hospital records and confirmed that Captain America was still breathing that Tony went back to inspect what their silence meant.

Even with his life in danger, even with the world in danger, it hadn’t been worth it to Steve to contact Tony. They needed someone who could fly, who could work with tech, who they knew could fight, and they still hadn’t contacted Tony.

It was hard to deny that kind of evidence.

Tony liked evidence when it gave him clear information. He didn’t like the conclusion, but it was good to have clear data. This told him how high the bar of necessity had to be before Steve wanted to see him.

Steve and Nat limped back to the tower with their new friend.

And Tony stopped lying to himself.

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anonymous asked:

hi mom! can you please do the apartment!au for shinee?

me back at it again with the shinee aus when will i stop


  • when someone asks him if he has kids onew is always like ,,,,,,, do i really look that old,,,,,,, and the person is like oh no!! i was just asking?? and onew has to excuse himself and sit in his apartment quietly for the next four hours lamenting over how he’s become a Dad without having any actual kids
  • calls over jonghyun to help him see if he’s got any grey hairs growing
  • tried to keep plants for a while but they all died and sat on his windowsill for a month before he remembered to throw them out
  • is pretty indifferent to how his apartment actually looks and he gets scolded by key because “hyung,,,,,your bed sheets are hot pink and your rug is mustard yellow and your pillows are zebra stripes this place is a Hot Mess”
  • onew’s most well known for being really really good at saving up money. like ,,,,,, he knows all the grocery stores that are having sales on eggs like a month in advance. the old ladies love him
  • he’s always got coupons in his wallet and coupons pinned to his fridge like you won’t catch onew paying those extra 75 cents for milk no sirie
  • and you’ve been wondering for the past couple of weeks,,,,,,where the hell your sunday coupons have been going. someone always delivers a flyer of a bunch of them over the weekend but you haven’t gotten any???? and it’s so weird
  • but one day as you’re leaving early to get some laundry done you open your door and there’s your neighbor onew,,,,,,in his hands,,,,,,,,your coupon flyer
  • and you’re like “THIEF”
  • and onew is like “wAIT ,,,,, I CAN EXPLAIN”
  • and you’re like “four weeks of coupons. you owe me FOUR. WEEKS. OF. COUPONS.”
  • and onew is like,,,,,,,,,fine ill give you all the coupons i have right now to make up for it and you’re like pfft how much is that like five??
  • but he legitamtely pulls out a wad of coupons that looks like a wad of cash and you’re like holy shit there’s like fifty in here and onew is like “im the King of getting thos Good Deals”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god but also you’re interested,,,,,like how does one become the king of good deals
  • and onew is like “it all begins with a zen body and a zen soul,,,,,and then you think about how money rules everything and if you can get bread ten cents cheaper today that ten cents can save you tomorrow”
  • and you’re looking at him like woah,,,,,,,,,,,,,why am i so attracted to you right now
  • and onew is like “oh it’s because im also handsome” and you’re like good point
  • and he’s like “ill take you out sometime when i get enough coupons to get us two free dinners at the kfc down the street”


  • you know those neighbors who decorate their door for every holiday even if they don’t celebrate that holiday. that’s jonghyun. 
  • like jonghyun you’re not irish why is your door covered in green banners and glitter and pots of gold and a life size cutout of a leprechaun,,,,,,,st.patricks day isn’t even that popular in korea
  • but also like jonghyun is really hard not to like because he’s got a glowing personality that’s so upbeat and open minded ,,,,,,,well then there’s probably some Sad Salty people who wouldn’t like it
  • but you know,,,,,, he’s cute if he sees the grandma’s outside practicing their morning yoga he’s like “doing great ladies~” and he like ruffles kids hair or gives them snacks that he’s bring back home
  • like he’s a cheerful guy and his apartment is obviously that of a laidback person because he’s got blankets like everywhere and half-eaten bowls of cereal on the floor next to magazines thrown haphazardly here and there
  • but like if anyone has any complaints he’s like “hey, my kitchen has a vase with a flower in it that isn’t dead. that’s all the aesthetic i need”
  • mostly he uses his bedroom as a practice studio and sometimes he gets too loud but if anything people like his voice too much to tell him to stop
  • and you know jonghyun because of a tiny little,,,,,,,,,,,ok very big,,,,,feud you’ve both had going on when it comes to new years decorations
  • like every year you see jonghyun go all out and finally you were like, you know what, i wanna do that too
  • and so you ended up buying a wreath slightly bigger than his and getting lights on your door and jonghyun,,,,,,,,,,,well jonghyun decided this was a battle now
  • and so every time new year comes around everyone is like whoose door is gonna be prettier yours or jonghyuns???? 
  • and this year jonghyun even paid onew fifty bucks to stand infront of his door dressed as a snowman for added Effect
  • but you know onew so all it took was some food and onew betrayed jonghyun in a heartbeat and jonghyun,,,,,well jonghyun ends up pounding on your door and he’s like “that’s against the rules you can’t BRIBE my decorations,,,,”
  • and you’re like “there are no rules jonghyun also did you just call onew a ‘decoration’??” and jonghyun is like NOT THE POINT why are you trying so hard to beat me
  • and you’re like im not,,,,,,i jsut want a pretty door and he’s like HEY don’t play innocent and you’re like hmm,,,,idk what you’re talking about,,,,,,
  • and jonghyun is like “you took away my snowman, now i can take something of yours away!” and he reaches out to take off your wreath but then he’s like “wait. is this made of mistletoe?”
  • and you’re like “yeah wh- oh wait” and jonghyun’s hand is already lifting and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,we’re under the mistletoe wreath,,,,,,” and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we’re enemies”
  • and jonghyun is like “in the end you’re the cutest neighbor ive ever head and we can keep being enemies but like why not kiss and see where that takes us?”
  • and you’re like oh my god how did he transition from being pissed at me to flirting with me so naturally
  • but you’re like you know,,,,whatever jonghyun IS pretty cute himself so you lean up and jonghyun uses his free hand to cup your cheek
  • and when you pull back you’re like “so? we’re still enemies?”
  • and jonghyun is like “well,,,,,,,,,how about this you give me another kiss and i take this wreath and we’ll call it even. maybe we’ll even call it,,,,, are you free this weekend for a date?” 


  • put his dogs names up next to his on his nameplate outside his apartment 
  • more pet furniture than people furniture,,,,,,closet bigger than my hopes and dreams,,,,,,a stock of different wines in the refrigerator as well as an assortment of cheeses and grapes
  • is the only member of his group to have actually purchased wine glasses to drink wine. onew drinks it out of a mug, jonghyun broke all his glasses, minho drinks from the bottle and taemin is banned from wine. and anything that isn’t really lite beer
  • everyone who owns a dog in the building admires key because holy moly,,,,,he keeps them so well cleaned and they’re so well mannered and key is like “Yes, these are my Children”
  • a really good neighbor because for the most part he just locks himself in his room and watches dramas while shit talking them over the phone with friends
  • and when he does have people over it’s like,,,,,it’s never loud or crazy they all just sit in a circle and discuss the Drama while looking at fashion magazines or doing face masks like how,,,,,,ideal
  • speaking of Drama key lives for the building drama like omg what did miss kim do with the other miss kim’s husband last weekend WOAH do tell
  • you know key because out of everyone on your floor you,,,,,literally have never gotten into a fight with anyone or started anything and key is just like ,,,,,,,whenever he sees you he’s like how can a person be so lowkey 
  • and key is sure you’re hiding something so one afternoon you hear a knock on your door and there’s key,,,,,,,,holding a bottle of what you presume is like champagne and he’s like “we haven’t properly got to know each other so i came over to offer you a drink ^^” and you’re like o,,,oh sure come in
  • and key is like looking around and you’re like oh no is he judging me??? but in reality he’s just trying to see if there’s anything weird about you or like,,,,,,,,if there’s anything that gives away a secret
  • but you moved in only a couple of months ago so you haven’t done much with decorating
  • and you like take the bottle of champagne but you can’t open it no matter how hard you try and key chuckles because,,,,how cute and opens it with like a flick of his wrist
  • and you two sit,,,,,,at first in awkward silence as key swivels the glass around in his hand and you’re taking nervous sips trying to think of small talk
  • and key finally is like “tell me the truth: you’re actually a royal in hiding?” and you’re like fhljsasfd what???? and key sits back and is like “there has to be something about you,,,,,,,,something about you that you want no one to know since you have become close to anyone else out of your neighbors”
  • and you’re like????? i mean not really im just a busy ,,,,,,person???/
  • and key is like hmmmmm and you’re like “i,,,,,uh,,,,,,really hated this recent drama” and key perks up and is like “oh - why?” and i guess you just get super heated about this drama
  • because you end up talking for a while about how bad the plot is and how the actors could have been put in another better work and key is like “fINALLY, someone unDERSTANDS ME”
  • and you two both just go off about how you hated the main antagonist and for all the wrong reasons and how the main girl was such a mary sue and blah blah blah
  • you guys end up talking for like four freakin hours until key is like “i need to go and feed the kids!!” and you’re like kids?? wait oh dogs
  • and key is like “i thought you were gonna turn out to be some kind of freaky bug collector or something,,,,,,but you’re really cool and we should totally meet up and watch that other drama coming out so we can talk about how it’s definitely going to be a horrible nightmare”
  • and you’re like ok????/ at the bug collector thing but ok!!!!! and meeting up
  • and key smiles and he’s like “also, you look cuter with your hair down like this. really casual and nice. keep it like that more often” and then he’s gone and you’re left with a pounding heart a bit and half a bottle of champagne 


  • more gym equipment then necessary in his apartment,,,,,used those display cabinets that usually house like silverware to display all his signed soccer balls
  • has a ps4 but only to play one game: fifa
  • to put it bluntly his place looks like a ‘bachelors pad’ but at least it isn’t as messy as jonghyuns (or as hoarded up as taemins)
  • and for the most part minho is really liked by the neighbors because he actually takes the time to recycle and he’s nice enough to volunteer his time to help with morning exercise for the elderly if he can
  • but also minho please stop wearing a headband to bed,,,,,,no one does that,,,,,,,,, please
  • has the habit of putting the tv volume all the way up during a game and sometimes also yelling even louder than that tv and he’s had some noise complaints made about him,,,,,,im not going to lie
  • but he’s just a passionate boy who really loves sports and has a good heart like he calls his mom every chance he gets and gives some of his money to charities to help fund more afterschool sports clubs for kids like,,,,,,,a sweetheart
  • and you’ve been friends for a good while. sometimes you’ll come over and watch the games with minho and his friends and yes there are times when you’re there for the actual game. other times it’s because he orders an insane amount of pizza and you’re all about that
  • but also like,,,,,,,,,,for as long as you’ve known him,,,,you’ve always found minho like really super cute,,,,,,,
  • so seeing his concentrated face on the game, handsome features like a strong jaw and soft brown eyes like,,,,,,,you don’t mind coming over for the View
  • but as always,,,,,you somehow end up embarrassing yourself in front of the people you like
  • and it’s the most embarrassing when you lock yourself out of your apartment and knock on minho’s and he’s like “what’s up?? why do you look so down??” and you’re like “minho,,,,,,,we have a problem”
  • and when you purpose the idea of opening his window so you can climb out of it and try and stretch your leg out to the ledge of your own apartments balcony
  • minho is like,,,,,,,, “we’re five floors up though,,,,,,” and you’re like pfft that’s nothing ILL BE FINE
  • but then you two open the window and you look down and you’re like ok frick no i wont be fine
  • and minho is like “hey, you can spend the night here and in the morning get the landlord to unlock your door” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,spend,,,,,the night,,,,,,,
  • and minho grins and is like “ill take the couch, you can have my bed!” and you’re like oh my god,,,,and he’s like “here you can borrow a shirt of mine to sleep in since you don’t want to sleep in what you wore outside” 
  • and you’re like,,,,,this feels very,,,,,,intimate
  • and when you change into the oversized jersey you’re like,,shyly coming out and minho is on the couch and when he looks up like not even he can hide his obvious stare
  • and you’re like WELL ILL JUST ,,,,,,,,, go to sleep and he’s like “it’s 8pm though” and you’re like Right,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you sit down beside him on the couch and it’s a little (a lot) awkward but then minho is like “how about i teach you to play FIFA?” 
  • and you agree and before you know it you’ve got your hands on the controller and minho is cheering you on and you’re like i SUCK but he’s like you’re doing great!!!!
  • and once you get your first goal minho like pulls you into a hug and you snuggle your face into his chest
  • bUT THEN YOU’RE BOTH LIKE OH SHIT IM SORRY!!! And let go and it’s like you’re both blushy and like ok someone cut the tension with a knife just tell each other you like each other and makeout let’s gooooo 


  • described as “interesting” by most of the people in the building 
  • has no sense of like,,,,,,throwing things out like he’s very much a hoarder and likes to collect trinkets and things he finds amusing but then forgets about in like 10 minutes but like now it’s here,,,,taking up shelf space
  • you know when people are like “i just picked this up off the floor and wore it” like taemin does that but he literally does that like ,,,, it’s not like he pulls things out of his closet it’s like “oh! there’s a shirt on the kitchen counter and some pants hanging off the bathroom wall,,,,,,,ok good outfit”
  • but he also has some kind of cute, nostalgic things in his apartment like pressed flowers he’s hung in frames and pictures of him and his friends when he was really young
  • and he never bothers anyone, sure he can come off a little,,,,,,eccentric with mostly black and white wardrobe, multiple piercings, and like,,,,,long skinny body
  • but like,,,,,he’s sweet also the neighborhood stray animals are attracted to him like a magnet. they’ll follow him home and he always has to carry them back out onto the sidewalk with a really sad face
  • and your window is right across from taemins,,,,,like you’re neighbors but in different buildings but you also see him around the neighborhood a lot
  • and you’re like well one day you notice that when you look out of your window at like 3 am because you’re up doing work you see the lights on in taemin’s living room and then you see him?????????
  • dancing????????
  • to like???? a song from the 70s???? and then straight up like trot music and you don’t mean to be Weird and stare but there he is sliding around his living room dancing
  • and you think it’s endearing because tbh you have your own Weird quirks about you that you’ll do when no ones watching like everyone does it
  • but it’s cute and nice to know that there are other people out there who dance to old music at 3 am
  • and maybe it’s because of taemin or maybe because you always wanted to do it you turn on this popular idol groups song at like 3 am one day and decide you’re gonna teach yourself some moves
  • and you’re trying to get into it, really just giving up on actual dance steps and just like dancing around your house being weird and like serenading your pillow
  • and when you do a twirl you look over and you swear you see taemin’s lights on as well
  • and you’re like dhkgjf i need to stop before he,,,,,,sees me like i saw him
  • but the next morning as you’re at the bus stop you notice taemin is there too and he’s ???? walking over to you???//
  • and you don’t talk much but he’s like hey!! and you’re like hi?? and he’s like “so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you dance at random times at night too?”
  • and you turn cherry red because oH GOD HE,,,,saw you
  • but taemin is just grinning and he’s like “it’s fun right? i bet a lot of people do it but it’s cool that we’re neighbors that both do it - that way we probably don’t bother each other!!”
  • and you swallow but you’re embarrassed and you’re like,,,,,,,,,, “i can’t believe you saw that,,,,,,” and taemin just gives you a shocked expression and he’s like 
  • “don’t be so flustered, it’s cool!!!!!! we should have a dance-over one day”
  • and you’re like a dance-over?? and taemin’s grinning again and he’s like yeah! it’s a sleep-over but instead of sleep we dance!!!!1
  • and you’re like huh omg that sounds fun and he’s like it is here, take my number
  • and he pulls a pen from his bag and flips your hand over to scribble down numbers on your palm and you’re like hehe because it tickles
  • but the bus is coming and taemin is like i gtg, but text me!!!!! and he gives you another smile
  • this one that makes you realize that up close,,,,,,taemin is so damn cute and now you have his number like,,,,,,,,,,,,way to GO and it’s all thanks to you two being big dorks who love to get jiggy with it at night LOL 
shance prince/knight + reincarnation au
  • it takes place 10,000 years ago, when altea was still a planet full of life ruled by king alfor. the people were so happy they had festivals every month, celebrating nothing more than just being alive
  • lance is a very curious and adventurous prince. he explores the forest - no one can find him for hours, he knows every secret passage, he plays with the lions in the gardens (they have Real space lions as pets) and he’s the only one who can ride them. lance is young and so alive, he’s got the wind in his hair and a dream in his eyes and a song in his heart.
  • but zarkon started a war against the universe. lance can’t ride the lions through the fields anymore, the royal family and every altean is in danger. that doesn’t stop lance from sneaking out though, it’s a guard that does. not any guard, the king’s best soldier is put to have his eyes on lance full time.
  • shiro is a rescued prisoner that serves the king to show his eternal gratitude. his pale skin, grey eyes and dark black hair makes him stand out, not to mention the round, small ears. so of course lance has seen him before, hell he even had a small crush on the guy, he was a hero!
  • lance’s first instinct when his father break the news that he has a bodyguard is to flirt with shiro, the man was a piece of cake after all. you know the cheesiest pick up line you can think of? that’s the one he uses. shiro is unaffected by it, not even a roll of eyes like king alfor’s. nothing. nada. that really pisses lance off for some reason. two hours go by and lance ramble a lot but all shiro do is listen, no answer except a few head shakes, that just makes lance really fucking annoyed.
  • lance calling shiro a babysitter and stomping his feet around the palace and just being a little brat cause shiro’s lack of words is annoying the fuck out of him.
  • lance avoids shiro so he can sneak out, but every time he tries shiro always catches him in the act. it’s been a week since lance last left the castle and he’s starting to lose his mind, he feels like the walls are closing upon him.
  • “if you come outside with me technically we wouldn’t be disobeying my father’s orders right? you’ll be protecting me the whole time!” and with that lance gets to go out of the palace, feel the wind in his hair and the dirty under his feet again. lance thinks he might have seen shiro smile but it was too dark to tell.
  • it becomes a habit, they sneak out every night. they climb trees, race through the flower fields, shiro can even ride a lion (and that makes lance very impressed), lance’s jokes make shiro smile and this time he can see it properly under the moonlight.
  • they never hold a two way conversation, it’s always lance talking and shiro listening. the silences that were so cold have gotten warmer night by night. so have lance’s curiosity to hear shiro’s voice.
  • “why do you never talk back to me, shiro? is it some kind of rule from my father?” lance questions in the dim lights of his bedroom when they get back from another sneak out. to that, shiro lowers the collar of his uniform, revealing an ugly scar on his throat. lance just quietly gasps and shiro hides it again, looking nervous, as if he was ashamed of it. lance reaches for his collar and looks up at shiro, silently asking for permission. once he gives a quick nod, lance pulls the hard fabric down and looks at the rough patch of skin. he traces it gently with his fingers before kissing it softly. “it’s alright” is all he says to shiro, who only bows before leaving the room.  
  • neither of them get any of sleep that night. both thinking about each other and their feelings.
  • lance opens up about his insecurities to shiro, about feeling like a replacement, always being second, no one trusting him with important issues, that he could prove himself if someone would just let him try.
  • zarkon’s empire grows stronger, harder to fight against. no one could stop him from reaching altea. it’s the middle of the night when zarkon attacks.
  • lance is swept off his feet by the sound of his door bursting open and shiro picking him up from his bed. he soon realizes what is going on and holds tight onto his bodyguard, his friend.
  • the king is in his armor shouting orders to everyone, including shiro. ordering him to go into the battlefield.
  • lance sees his father push allura into a healing pod and he knows he’s next. lance can’t let go of shiro, he just can’t, not even on his father’s command.
  • “i can’t let you go” from lance is what makes shiro kiss the tear-eyed prince. it just makes their hearts heavier, it’s a goodbye kiss.
  • next thing, lance is being pushed into a healing pod, being left behind, by the man he loves so dearly. maybe in another life they would share a happier kiss.
  • lance opens his eyes like he had closed them just seconds ago, his heart still aches and his lips still tingles. he falls forward but is caught by strong arms that feel oh just so familiar, just like that time when he fell from a tree. he looks up to meet with grey, warm eyes. maybe he’s dead after all.
  • “are you alright?” shiro speaks. lance can’t seem to do the same, he’s too in shock, his eyes starting to water. something was incredibly wrong but right at the same time.
  • allura touches his shoulder and explains to him that they’ve been asleep for 10,000 years. lance looks at shiro, his shiro, reincarnated.
  • he can see the differences; the scar on his nose, the white patch of hair, the metal arm, but above all that, his voice. lance looks at shiro so heart-brokenly cause he doesn’t remember him. shiro doesn’t remember riding lions, climbing trees, kissing lance. and it hurts.
  • for the next weeks lance avoids everyone, it’s hard to get used to the idea that you’ve never existed to the man you love while you’ve been dreaming of him for thousands of years. but shiro is alive again, they’re together, sort of. he should be happy, shouldn’t he?
  • except shiro had always had dreams about a dark-skinned boy with shiny blue eyes but he didn’t know it meant anything until he saw lance falling into his arms that day. now, faint flashes of memories are coming back but shiro can’t piece them together, everything is too confusing.
  • lance is around more often, though he carries a sad look on his face and heavy shoulders. they don’t notice lance’s ears moving slightly when shiro enters the room, his eyes glimmering whenever shiro speaks (except allura).
  • the voice lance craved to hear for so long, it’s the most beautiful sound he has ever heard, nothing like he had imagined. he often tears up whenever he listens to it for too long, when shiro explains battle tactics, lance has to excuse himself.
  • lance isn’t aware of shiro’s intrigued eyes on him and shiro isn’t aware of lance’s melancholic stares.
  • they find themselves alone one night, it’s awkward, like the first time they sneaked out together. lance smiles fondly at the thought and shiro likes to see him smile. shiro tries small talk, maybe if they talk more he will know what is that feeling inside him whenever the prince is around. but this time is lance’s time to just nod, he’d break down crying if he said something.
  • shiro makes a horrible joke and lance can’t help but snort at the other. the atmosphere around them becomes a lot lighter after that.
  • they find themselves often drawn to one another, always accidentally being alone in a room, teasing, brushing hands, bumping shoulders.
  • they are falling in love all over again.
  • they dance around each other for weeks, pining for days. lance reviving his rather fresh memories and shiro trying to grasp his very old ones.
  • it’s when coran is rambling about using a memory device to reactivate old useful memories of his about crystals that lance’s mind clicks.
  • “do you trust me?” lance asks one night, hand stretched to shiro, who doesn’t need to think twice. lance takes shiro to the room where he and allura connect with their father’s memory. lance plugs the device on shiro’s temples and waits.
  • the memories come to shiro in a rush, all together but clear nonetheless. when the device is turned off his eyes are wild, manic. he has fallen on his knees, his breathing accelerated, heart racing as fast as the night he pushed lance into that healing pod. everything is suddenly so clear. it’s been so long.
  • lance is staring at shiro, big hopeful blue eyes full of melancholia, when shiro rips the plugs off his head and pulls lance down into his arms. that feeling in his chest settling down for the first time in his life.
  • shiro says the three words to lance’s ear, just for him to hear. neither of them can hold back tears when their lips meet, a welcome back kiss.


  • shiro and lance going to the last altean festival before zarkon’s attack together. shiro has never been to one so lance insists on taking him. he drags shiro everywhere and he can tell shiro is having fun. lance pulls him to dance and they spin around under the glowing stars, knowing deep down that when they stopped they would have already fallen.
Haikyuu Au- ABO

You know those alpha, beta, omega au’s, well I really like them so I did one. It’s really long but I’m gonna try and get them all in according to my otp headcannons.

  • Daichi is an alpha, the big bulky strong dependable alpha that all omegas dream of. Suga is the definition of a perfect omega, kind supportive humble and submissive. Unfortunately for Daichi, everyone else agrees, and there are tons of alpha men and women that come to court Suga, or just plain attack him. Daichi, as a first year, had no idea why he was so bothered by it all, but by by second year he realized he wanted Suga. Suga knew all along, but waited patiently for Daichi. That is until other omega girls started getting all over him. He called dibs on that hunky alpha over a year ago, those bitches needed to back off. So one day he goes up to Daichi and asks if he wants to start courting. And Daichi is just yES! PLeaSE! 
  • Tobio is an alpha, and he totally let it get to his head that he was better than everyone else and that omegas and beta were beneath him. That is until he meets Shoyou, an unusual omega that starts fights with alphas even though he is literally shaking in fear at the sight of them. Tobio is confused because he wants to crush this annoying little brat but at the same time protect him from everything and never let him out of his sight. Shoyou thinks Tobio is the most pretentious alpha ever and he wants to fight him even if he’s scared shitless because his body is screaming at him to run away. It takes a long long time for the two of them to realize that there is anything going on between them.

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One Month

A/N: Shout out to @smolsickficwriter for the assist with the Spanish. I wanted to try out some techniques with moving scenes around to make it more interesting. This is a longer one, but I loved every second of it.

Ultimately, this is another fic for @doublecheckyoself (throws Klance and runs).

“Red? Hey, Girl, it’s just Lance. I know I’m not your paladin, but can we talk?”

The Red Lion loomed, looking out of place with the towering trees surrounding her. Her size against the alien plants mimicked the size of Blue Paladin against her. It was true that Blue was bigger than her, but there was something much more ominous about how the Red Lion wouldn’t stop staring.

Lance very carefully put his hand on the barrier Red put up. It was like touching a glass dome, there was no way he was getting through to her without her consent.

“Red?” Still no response. Her eyes were still locked on him, but she made no movement. He would’ve preferred if she even took a swipe at him.

Lance sighed and knocked on the barrier a few times. Before he could turn around and start to think of another plan, the mechanical whirring of the Red Lion filled his ears. He looked back up at her. From behind her barrier, Red whipped her head and roared. The vibrations shook the barrier and the ground, rustling the alien birds from their homes. Almost every animal in the vicinity perked up and fled. Except for the human in blue paladin armor.

Pidge called out something in his helmet, but Lance shut it off immediately. He was getting somewhere, he couldn’t afford any distractions.

“Hey, easy…easy…” Lance ran his hand up and down the barrier, trying to soothe the giant metal beast, “I’m not gonna hurt you, Girl. You have your barrier up, I can’t hurt you. What’s the matter? We haven’t heard back from Keith in a long while. Is he alright?”

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Yoongi Scenario: Turn The Heavens Down.

Request: Can you write a prince au with suga??? I checked and you don’t have one. I want him to be very handsome arrogant serious prince and the girl is in his fathers care she can be a princess too but then there comes a suitor for her hand and suga dont allow it? Thanks

Genre: Romance / Drama.

You saw him coming in through the main gates of the castle, at last he was arriving, with the explosion of war so near the reign Yoongi had gone in representation of the king to make sure the nearest border lords were keeping everything under control, and in all the time he was gone, more than a month since then, you had felt as if you were holding your breath. Now that he was here you could finally breathe properly.

You jumped apart of the window and called in your handmaid, she came running because of your tone and you tried to calm down so you wouldn’t give yourself away.

-Help me, please, quickly, my hair and we have to look for a prettier thing than this- you said touching the skirts of your every day dress, it wasn’t ugly but you suddenly wanted to look your best. You were aware of your feelings for Yoongi and to some extent you were aware he corresponded, although yours was a rather complicated liaison.

-Yes milady- the girl said going first to the huge wardrobe.

You couldn’t be happier, he was alive and he was there, maybe now it could finally be the time in which you would go further, it could finally be the time in which you could indulge in him. It was only Yoongi who could make you forget of horrors of war, your father had sent you away, to Yoongi and his family, to be protected from the war flogging your land, so the thought of everything war represented was very much present in your thoughts constantly, but with Yoongi it seemed to mitigate, so much to the point in feeling guilty of you being able to experience such rush and such joy just for looking at his face when people, your people, were dying in a battlefield.

You knew you had a bit of time to get ready, there would sure be a receiving group waiting for him that would drag him down a little, the court didn’t have that many visitors lately, but the presence of the regular ones ensured courtesy and the usual forms to be displayed. And although you knew Yoongi didn’t like them that much he was bound by tradition to follow them. It was one of his duties as the crown prince.

Yoongi achieved to slip out of the little celebration that had been made to receive him, ridiculous as it would surely be an enormous banquet and celebration for his arrival. But he had things to do, he had to go back to the training courts and get better, he was a good sword man and an even better archer, but he had to improve, in war every piece of knowledge counted, so he put attention to strategy and also to the technic with which this was applied in the field of battle. There was a big chance of war coming soon if they weren’t attentive, so he had to be prepared.
But first there was something that he must do, if not he might as well keep going with a blindfold to the training courts as he wouldn’t be able to focus, not really.

It wasn’t appropriate for him to enter your chambers without invitation, or even with them, it was scandalous, but Yoongi couldn’t care less at the moment as he only wanted to see you.
When he entered he heard some fussing, you weren’t alone. Something dark sparked inside of him but then he remembered it was most probably your handmaid. Shaking his head with reprobation at himself Yoongi went forward.
You were standing with your handmaid by you seemingly arranging something in your hair, she was frozen when Yoongi stepped in and you turned your head to look at him.

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Yuzuru Hanyu on 24hTV 2017

Please do not use/repost my translations without my permission.

Y=Yuzuru, S=Sora, H=Host (italics indicate her narration), N=Narrator, G=Go

H: And now, appearing on 24HTV for the 4th year in a row, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu! This year, it’s a special dream-like show with superstar Hiromi Go.

N: Sochi Olympic gold medalist, Yuzuru Hanyu, age 22. At a competition 4 years ago, an unusual event occurred. He boldly landed two quads at the start of the program. But after he finished, he collapsed on the rink. What happened to Hanyu? He confesses on TV for the first time.

Y: It’s like I can’t breathe even half as much as usual, and oxygen won’t come in at all. I always carry [an inhaler] so it’s okay if an asthma attack happens at any time. I’ve had asthma since I was 2.

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Little Red

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Anger/ Swearing/ Smut/ NSFW

Imagine getting into a heated argument with Bellamy Blake. You raise your arm to slap him, but he catch your wrist. They back you up against the wall and lean down to your ear. In a low, husky voice they whisper “Wanna try that again sweetheart?

A/N: I kind of borrowed this imagine from @multifandom-gabi but i desperately wanted to write it! 


You’d never been so angry in your entire life, in fact you were surprised that there wasn’t steam coming out of your ears. Of all the stupid things to do, and damn had they done a lot this took the biggest prize.

Not caring that there were Delinquents everywhere shouting at you to stop, you marched to Bellamy’s tent pushing your way in and slamming a hand down on a nearby crate to get his attention.

Bellamy looked up from the make shift desk he’d been sat at, eyes narrowing slightly when he saw it was you. The main group of Delinquents that followed him around had finally caught up and Miller grabbed your arm trying to pull you from the tent.

“Get the fuck off me Miller” you whispered, angry enough right now that you were going to forget your mother raised you to be lady, and hit him real hard someplace he wasn’t going to enjoy.

“Let her go Miller, it’s alright”

“Bellamy?” Miller asked his grip on your arm remaining. Bellamy just waved him off and with a last look at you Miller finally let go and left the tent leaving you alone with Bellamy.

You turned back to the main focus of your rage, eyes glinting with sparks as he just came around the desk leaning against it, crossing his arms over his chest. “Whatever is the matter little red?”

“Don’t call me that” you warned stalking towards him “I am not in the mood for your shit Blake”

“Really! And what is it I’ve done to upset you this time?”

“Don’t play innocent” you were tempted to smack him and that stupid smirk off of his face. “You sent people to a peace meeting with guns! That was our one chance to make peace with the grounders and you screwed it up”

“Well I’m sorry we can’t all be cosy cosy with the grounders Y/N” he was getting angry now himself the flare of his nose a sure fire give away. “Some of us remember how many people we’ve lost to grounder spears”

“You think I don’t know that. How do you suppose we stop that though Blake? For god sake surely you have some brains in that pretty boy head”

“Y/N” he growled getting up from the desk to put his body close to your own face hovering just above yours. You were tall for a girl meaning he barely had to lean down. “Be very careful with your words right now”

“You don’t intimidate me Blake” sneering you raked your eyes up and down his body “I’ve dealt with guys like you all my life”

“No you haven’t”

“Really and what makes you so special? You think you’re better than everyone else? Think your some sort of leader?” laughing you shook your head at him. “You’re not, a leader would do anything they could to save their people, what you’ve done is sentence us to a battle with people who’ve been fighting their entire lives. Every single one of those kids out there trusts you to protect them, and now every one of their deaths from now on is on your head”  

Bellamy grabbed your upper arms squeezing tightly as he twisted you around so you were pressed between the desk on his body. “You have a big mouth Red”

“I have a brain” breaking his grip on you, you pushed at his shoulders hard making him take a step back so you had room to move once more. “This was our one chance Bellamy and now it’s screwed up”

“The grounders wouldn’t have given us peace Red” Bellamy pushed his hair out of his face glaring at you “I have enough of a brain in my head to realise that. No matter how many peace talks we organise. We’ve stole their land, tortured one of their people and killed others. There is no peace to be had”

“You didn’t know that”

Bellamy snorted “You know what Red if we’re all so stupid around here why not go join the fucking grounders? You’re more like them anyway”

“Maybe I will” shouting you pushed away from the desk to get back into his space, temper igniting once more. “Their friendlier than everyone here anyway”

Bellamy’s mouth curled into a disgusted grimace “yeah well, not all of us can make friends by fucking them”

Yeah, there went all your mother’s lessons, flying straight out of the window as your anger broke free of all its restraints. Raising your hand you went to slap him, hard. Of course Bellamy Blake couldn’t even let you have that much, he grabbed your wrist before your hand could connect. Pulling you forward he pushed you into the pole of the tent your bodies pressing against each other. Raising both your hands above your head and holding them tightly there with one hand.  

“Want to try that again sweetheart?” he asked into your ear as his spare hand gripped your hip hard.

“Get. Off. Me”

“Why?” he nuzzled his nose into your neck as you pulled at your hands. “Don’t like it rough Red?”

“I don’t like you” you spat out eyes flashing. Bellamy laughed the hand on your hip moved to the band of your pants flicking open the button there fingers slipping underneath to rest flat against your lower stomach.

“You sure about that?” he asked “If I move just the tiniest bit further down here what exactly will I find red?”

You didn’t understand why you weren’t moving, why you weren’t trying to throw him off of you. All you knew was that your anger was rapidly changing to something else completely. “Bodies lie”

He really was laughing this time an evil light coming to his face “want to try and prove that red?”

“I told you to stop calling me that” raising your knee in a quick move you took the wind out of his stomach making him finally let go of your hands. He stumbled backwards as you moved forwards pushing him back to his bed.

You tumbled down there with him on his back and you landing on top of him straddling his hips. “One time deal Blake” you warned as desperately you ripped at each other’s clothing.

“Sure Red” he was agreeing to easily but you couldn’t concentrate because somehow he’d flipped you over on the small bed so he was back in charge, pulling quickly to rid you of your pants and underwear. “Open your legs” he ordered. When you didn’t comply instantly his hands went to the inside of your thighs dragging them wide and instantly dropping down burying his face between your legs.

“Fuck” the groan was dragged from your throat as Bellamy’s tongue licked up the juice there.

He was relentless making you writhe underneath him in desperation, all he did though was use his hands to clamp your hips still so he could punish you some more.

“Blake… please” you were begging and uncaring anymore of your pride. You just needed him to finish you.

“Please what?” he asked against your skin.

“I… don’t… Blake”

“Say it red” he order, torturously licking his tongue through your folds once more.

“Let me cum” you finally got out making him smirk.

“Whatever the lady wants” his mouth fastened back against your clit and within moments you’d broken, crying out hoarsely as you laced your fingers through his hair holding him there.

Bellamy crawled back up your body dropping the odd kiss on your hot, sweaty skin until he reached your mouth. “I like you so much better when you’re being friendly Red”

“I can be friendlier” wrapping your legs around him you rolled once more so you were on top of him. “Want me to show you?”

“Fuck yes”

You reached between your bodies taking his cock in one hand moving slowly up and down it a few times before lining him up with your body and sliding so he was deep inside of you.

Using his chest as a stabiliser you let your hips rock back and forth. Riding him hard and fast.

Bellamy sat up underneath you so his face was suddenly close to your own as he kissed you. “God red”

“shut up” you ordered as your rhythm started to fail, orgasm building back up, his hands went to your hips helping you with the movements as you both panted hard, he buried his face in your neck as shuddering you came around him once more, the spasms of your muscles pulling him along with you.

You stayed there for a moment longer getting your breathing back under control before climbing off him and grabbing your clothes from the floor.


“I don’t want to talk Bellamy” you finished with your clothes pulling your hair out from under your shirt. “I’m still furious with you”

“I can tell”

You could hear the smile in his voice so refused to look at him, knowing it would only incite your rage once more. “I have work to do”

“Hey Red?”

“What?” looking at him finally from the door way of the tent, he hadn’t moved still sat naked on his bed, smile plastered on his face as he wiped his mouth with one hand.

“Knew you were a natural red head” he pointed to his head with the statement, you grabbed the nearest thing you could find to hand, his shoe you thought and flung it at his head as you stormed from the tent, the only thing you could hear his annoying laughter.

You hated Bellamy Blake. There was nothing else there. You. Hated. Bellamy. Blake.



Let Me Go (Loki Laufeyson x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y’all! Sorry I’ve been so M.I.A recently, my computer broke down so I had to write on my phone, which keeps lagging and shutting down before turning back on. Anyway, I couldn’t work on anything else after this idea came to mind and I hope you enjoy! I wrote it in a day (record time!) but it’s pretty decent.

Description: Based on the song, Let Me Go by Hailee Steinfield. Slight AU as Loki is assigned to stay only in the Avengers tower and is not allowed to leave. Loki and you love each other but his times with you is filled with guilt as he will betray you soon. (+He thinks you’re also better off with Steve)

Reader Gender: Not mentioned/Female or Male

Characters/Ships: Loki Laufeyson x reader, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson

Rating: G

Warnings: Slight AU, angst, angst, angst

You made plans and I, I made problems
We were sleeping back to back
We know this thing wasn’t built to last

“One day, I want to travel with you all over earth.” As you whispered that simple statement, you missed the nervous look that flickered across Loki’s face, too engrossed in sweeping your thumb over the tiny scars littering his hands. 

Both your calloused hands were twined together, placed near your stomach, making it easy for you to peer down and play with his fingers. Wiggling backwards, you snuggled closer into Loki’s chest, your back now pressed tightly against his front with your legs tangled up in his. 

He responded with a hum, too afraid that his words would fail him, giving away his hesitation and stripping away this mundane but peaceful moment with you. Any time spent alone with you was dearly treasured by him, even if it was filled with shouting remarks that would be regretted immediately or tears.

Tilting your head upwards, you gave the Asgardian a soft smile reserved only for him, dropping every wall you built around yourself, vulnerably asking, “Promise?” Loki wished he could capture this moment of you with wide pleading eyes and the rare, genuine smile he only saw once a day.

Ignoring the pang that shot through his heart, along with the guilt rising in his chest, Loki returned an endearing smile, staying true to his title as God of Lies as he gave a small nod. Lying was worth it if it meant seeing the bright grin spread across your face before you continued to fiddle with his fingers.

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Mystery Girl: Ch. 1

Gladio x F!Reader
Word Count: 1,952

Starting something new. I don’t think this will be super long, possibly 3-ish chapters, but I hope you enjoy! Next chapter is when things get saucy.

Tagging some friends! @themissimmortal @louisvuittontrashbags @chocobruh-art @cupnoodle-queen @razzmatash @diadyn @strongheartmaid

You were talking to Jeanne about where to reroute power to next when you overheard the whispers. Apparently a member of the Crownsguard, specifically one of the missing prince’s retinue was somewhere in Lestallum.

“The Shield is in town,” you heard a passerby mention to Monica, who was busy shuffling through paperwork and organizing the flyers for nearby hunts. “Apparently he’s here so he can train for Prince Noctis’ return.”

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The Reality of Being a Woman in the Music Industry

Hi guys! I realize it’s been an eternity since my last blog post, my apologies. Today however, I was feeling rather inspired. I thought I’d share with you, from my point of view, the reality of being a woman in the music industry today.

My sister and I have been in this business since we were 15. Sitting here now at the age of 24, I feel like I have some fairly-decent insight and a whole lot of experience on the subject.

Prepare for weird, sexist comments.

 The way we started was on YouTube. It all started as sunshine and rainbows in the beginning; lots of “wow you guys are so greats” and “keep uploading” types of comments. However, after the first, I guess you’d say, “big video” for us, we realized that this industry was a whole lot tougher than they lead you to believe. It was around the 300k subscriber mark when the comments comparing our looks and voices against one another began, the “you sucks” as well as the “take your shirts off” or the “are they kissing yet” comments. At this point, we were freshly 17-years-old, still in high school living in a small town of 1,200. It was a hard dose of reality, but you could say coming up on this platform gives you a very, very thick skin. Friendly reminder; it’s a whole lot easier to say mean, rude or hurtful things behind a username and a computer screen. We held our heads high and continued-on this journey with confidence because passion is passion.

From 18 to 19, let’s just say a lot of things changed. We went from living in a small town to living in Nashville, with no friends except our champion of a mama, going into this business fearlessly. We not only lived in a new city in a new house, but were also spending a large amount of our time in LA. Now LA is crazy at any age you go there, but to us it was the biggest culture shock. At this point in time, the thought of living there was a joke. (little did we know we’d want to move there in just one short year.) Anyway, this is when what Liz and I like to call “music business university” began.  Here’s just a few of the highlights of what we learned about being a young woman (or woman) in this business:

Are you a cute boy who sings? No? Keep moving please.

 This was possibly the most frustrating part of performing live. At 18, 19, 20, you’re already insecure about growing into the woman you will be and constantly comparing yourself to the impossible standard that society sets us up against. However, Liz and I stepped on so many stages owning ourselves and accepting who we were at that point in time. The most difficult part came when we would follow or open for the young, attractive teen boys. To go from watching most of the girls in the audience screaming until their voices were gone and quite literally throwing themselves at the stage to rolling their eyes when we stepped on stage and mouthing insults to you and their friends was all sorts of discouraging. We could never understand where we were lost in translation. What did we do? Why don’t they react to our show like they do the young boys? Why aren’t we teenage boys? It was as if there was a mute button everyone pressed when a girl stepped on the stage.


Hair and makeup

 Let me just say this: it is terrifying to walk into a new hair and makeup situation with a stranger who doesn’t know what kind of makeup you like. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to “suck it up” and deal with what makeup and hair we were given that day because there “wasn’t enough time” to fix it. Talk about a confidence killer. I understand why most artists have a hair and makeup person they know they like travel with them, unfortunately we never had this luxury.

 Not only that, but you have to make sure you have at least 2 extra hours to “get camera ready” or “stage ready.” This already puts us 2 hours less of sleep behind the boys, and yet we are still expected to get out there and do the same things. Not to mention you feel like the biggest diva ever for “demanding” enough time to get to looking like the standard everyone holds a young woman to look like.

Make sure you’re tan, skinny, wearing a good outfit, and push up your boobs if you’ve got them.

The impossible standards women are held to in society and in the music business are infuriating. Say you have an 8 AM soundcheck. As a woman, to adhere to society standards, you’d need to get up at 6 AM, workout, take a shower then head to your soundcheck. Then you’d head back to the bus eat, get your face and outfit on for the meet and greet at 3, then head back to the bus and change into yet another outfit (because outfit repeating is a no-no,) then head to stage at 7. Now keep in mind, if you were a boy you could have used this time to take a nap if you wanted. You play your set, hop off stage and back to the bus. Odds are there are a handful of people to meet or see after your set, then you wait for the headliner to finish around 11. You say your goodbyes, do a few more selfies and head to sleep at around 1. This leaves us a whole 5 hours of sleep. We are tired and we get up and do it all over again every morning.

Remember, you’ll do all this work to be 1 of the 4 female voices on the Country Top 40 Chart today.

I’m not writing this post to complain. I love every second of every minute of what I do. I just wanted to write this post to make more people aware of how hard women work in the music business. Now I’m not saying men don’t work hard, because they do. I just feel like society forgets all the extra little things women are expected to do. Be kind, be respectful, and remember that we’re doing this because we want to connect with you and share our stories with you, among many other things. We’re all that 8-year-old girl singing karaoke in her mirror, daring to dream big enough to make it in the big leagues. Next time you hear a female voice at a show, on the radio, at a bar, put yourself in her shoes. She’s honored to have the opportunity for you to hear her voice and her songs. She is probably running on little to no sleep and spent the last week picking out her perfect outfit. She might have just come from a meeting where someone told her no, or maybe this is her second show of the day where she was ignored by the male artist’s fans and she’s feeling discouraged. You don’t have to like her music, but respect her. You never know what battles she had to fight to get to where she is today. As women, if we all stood together and supported one another not only in music but in life, what an amazing world it could be. Women, listen to your fellow women.

Goodbye Skam

Hello everybody

Since as we all know Skam is ending tomorrow I just wanted to take a moment to write a post thanking all the amazing people I’ve met here and that have made the Skam experience so much better.

You know, I remember the exact moment when my life here in Tumblr changed. It was the day that the last clip of episode 4x03 was about to air. I remember that I had this scene in my head and I decided to write it and post it even though I’ve never really liked to share my writings because I’ve always thought that I’m no good at it. I remember that after that I went to the cinema and when I got out of it I checked Tumblr and I was completely overwhelmed by the support and love you all showed to that drabble. And after that I decided to post another fic and after that another one and another one and another one until today.

Another meaningful moment for me was when I decided to do the Skam Week. I remember being so crashed after episode 5 that I thought I’d never write anything again but when I saw that everybody here in Tumblr was as sad as I was I decided to try to make everyone feel a little bit better and that’s how the Skam Week was born and let me tell you that I can’t thank you all enough for the support that you showed me during that week. Just the simple thought of one person taking the time to read something that I’ve written, it still amazes me.

I can’t put into words how amazing and special this season has been for me. Because I’ve had the chance to live it with all of you and that have made the whole experience a lot better. The excitement I got every time there was an update and I got to share my thoughts with you and you share yours with mine that’s something I’ve never taken for granted and it’s one of the things I’m going to miss the most.

I love Skam as a whole but this season has been special for me because I’ve got to live the full experience, I’ve got to feel the anxiety and excitement while waiting for an update, feel the frustration when the update wasn’t what we expected, feel the joy when it was better than we expected. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve got angry and I’ve got happy and what this season has made me feel no show has ever made me feel. And again, a huge part of that is thanks to all of you who are here every day sharing this experience with me, making me feel part of something.

When things went wrong in my life for whatever reason, when I was overwhelmed or sad I’d just go in here and see your posts and your messages and I would instantly get in a better mood. When I was too tired to even write or to even think I’d tell myself “you have to do this, you owe it to them”.

With all these what I want to say is THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you and a thousand times thank you for being there to share this experience with me, via fanfics, via posts, via direct messages, via anon messages. Everything.

I’m not going to mention all the people that has been there for me one by one because I’d never end but I want to thank each of you who has taken a little bit of your time to read something I’ve posted, being it a fic or not, who has taken the time to like, reblog, comment or send me an ask. Thank you to everyone who has lived with me in my denial island where everything was happy. Thank to all of you lovely people with who I’ve been sharing conversations about Skam and about life via chats, you know who you are and you’re all super important to me. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to translate the clips and the texts because without you, us international fans wouldn’t be able to enjoy this amazing show.

And finally, thank you SKAM.

Thank you because when I say that this show has taken over my life I swear I’m not exaggerating. This show has taken over my life this season and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. And especially Yousef and Sana’s relationship, I’ve never been so invested in a ship in my life because what they made me feel, I can’t even put it into words, it’s the purest relationship I’ve ever seen.

I know that once I watch the last clip I’m going to feel like a part of me has been taken and I know it’s going to be really hard to deal with the loss of Skam but I’m sure that we will survive this because we are a family. And I’d like to take this chance to say that even if tomorrow the clip isn’t what we would like it to be let’s all try to enjoy it because it’s the last clip we’ll ever get and I want us to enjoy it together, no wars, no fights.

Thank you Julie Andem for creating this show, even if sometimes we’ve wanted to kill you, you’re an awesome writer and I’ve never seen a more perfect show in my life. The way this show makes me feel with one scene, with one look, with one sentence, with one song even with one text, it’s something I’ve never felt with any other show.

Thank you Sana Bakkoush for teaching me that hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear. Thank you for teaching me that we have to put other people first and we have to be nice to everyone even when they wrong us. But also thank you for teaching me that we need to speak up for ourselves and fight against the unfair. Thank you for represent all of us who feel like we’re not the main character in our own lives. Thank you for being the way you are and for teaching us to be tolerant and respectful and that we should rather be true losers than fake winners.

Thank you Isak Valtersen for teaching me that we’re not alone. Thank you for teaching me that life is now and that we should rather live a true life than a fake one. Thank you for being the one who introduced me to this amazing show.

Thank you Noora Amalie Sætre for teaching me that everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about and to be kind, always. Thank you for teaching me that people need people and that our body needs potatoes.

Thank you Eva Kviig Mohn for teaching me that our opinion of ourselves should be more important than the opinion people have about us. Thank you for teaching me to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.

Thank you Vilde, Chris, Yousef, Elias, Even, Mutta, Adam, Mikael, Jonas, Magnus, Mahdi, Linn, Eskild and every single character of this show for teaching me what a true friendship is. Thank you for teaching me what true love is. Thank you for teaching me that every story has two sides, two versions, and that we shouldn’t make assumptions until we know all the story. Thank you for teaching me that everyone makes mistakes and that we should learn from them.

Thank you SKAM for being the best show I’ve ever watched.

And thank you all for sharing this experience with me.

SKAM will end soon but we will always have it in our hearts and we won’t ever forget what this show has taught us.


And remember


Stop Protecting Me - Steve Rogers

Title: Stop Protecting Me

Parings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Steve is keeping secrets from the reader, trying to protect her. But (Y/N) is not having that. (btw: the reader has mind powers)

Words: 4267

Warnings: None

Genere: I don’t even know. fluffy?

A/N: Something that was supposed to be short but I got waaaaay into it. I really love the readers powers. Thinking about writing an imagine with a reader with powers like this and Bucky. wouldn’t that be interesting. Oh and I’m gonna start a tag list. Just let me know if you want to be tagged in my marvel imagines. Anyways enjoy.

- Katie xx

My Masterlist

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The padding of (Y/N)’s boots was the only sound to be heard in the kitchen of the Avengers compound. It was empty all around. She was quite unsure how that happened. That wasn’t usual. She just came back from a mission yesterday. So she may have let herself sleep until 10. Usually everyone came in motion around 8. Tony would be somewhere in the lab, if he was here and not somewhere around the world. Bucky and Sam would be back from there morning run. Wanda and Vision would be having breakfast. But she didn’t even meet one avenger on her way here. Not even Steve and he was always around somewhere. He would give her a gentle smile and would basically spent the day with her. Steve and (Y/N) liked each other. A lot. They would flirt, but nothing serious would ever happen between them. It wasn’t a secret, both knew there was more then a friendship between them. None of them acted on it. Both to stubborn to make the first step.

”FIRDAY? Where is everyone?“ she asked while she poured herself coffee.

”I’m not supposed to say.“ the robotic voice sounded guilty.

(Y/N) shook her head confused.

”What? Why? Tell me!“ she ordered.

”I’m afraid It’s classified Miss (Y/L/N).“ Friday answered.

(Y/N) put the cup down on the counter angrily. Tony must have tinkered with the system and Friday was having a bug. She was ready to walk down to the lab to scream at him, just as Tony’s assistant was about to enter the kitchen. She had a tray full of empty coffee cups in her hands and looked shocked when she saw (Y/N).

”Oh Julia. Where is everyone?“ (Y/N) asked her

The slim woman put the cups down on the table next to her and turned around. As fast as she came in she walked out again. (Y/N) frowned and shook her head to herself.

”What the Fuck?“ (Y/N) exclaimed and followed her.

What was going on this morning? She wasn’t sure if she should be angry or worried. Either they were keeping secrets from her or something happened to them.

”Julia? Why are you walking away.“ She yelled walking next to the woman, who looked torn.

”I am not supposed to say.“ she said and sped up.

Even in her heels she could walk really fast. However she couldn’t outrun an Avenger. (Y/N) stepped around her and looked deeply into her eyes.

”Who told you not to? I’d prefer you would tell me instead of me looking into your head.“ (Y/N)’s voice was daunting.

(Y/N) had the power to look into minds or control them. It was a scary power for everyone. And even more for her. In battle though she was useless, because it was actually really exhausting. If it was only simple things like finding out were someone was it wouldn’t take long or would be hard. Especially in an untrained mind like Julia’s. But there were trained minds. They were harder to crack. Just like really stubborn people, for example Steve. Or kind of fucked up minds like Bucky’s.
Although (Y/N) threatened Julia she still didn’t say what was going on.

”Miss. I can say, that you scare me, but he scares me more.“ she mumbled.

(Y/N) furrowed her brows. Not quiet sure anymore. But her aggressive stance flattered. She didn’t want to force her way into an innocent girl. Even though She had no idea what was going on or what exactly Julia meant.

”What?“ (Y/N)  just mumbled confused.

That moment the door to their left opened and Natasha stepped out followed by Clint both of them talking. When they saw (Y/N) they lowered their eyes.

”Don’t lower your eyes at me!“ she scowled.

They didn’t want her to see into their heads. Before they could say a word Tony, Sam and Wanda followed them out. Great, she would just do it. She hated using her power on her friends. She didn’t want them to be scared of her. Because her ability was scary. She could destroy a mind if she wanted to. She could mess someone up. Putting a brain into a blender and making people go nuts. But she wouldn’t do it. (Y/N) went for the weakest of them and grabbed him by his shoulder. His brown eyes looked shocked as (Y/N) starred into them to look for the answer. As she got all the information out of Tony’s head she sighed and closed her eyes. She hated forcing her way. It was an invasion of privacy.

”He is in there.“ Tony mumbled and pointed at the closed door.

She knew he didn’t want to be there when they would have this fight. She didn’t want to fight with Steve but his recent behaviour was ridiculous. She let go of Tony and stormed into the room. It was one of the meeting rooms in the building. They were having a meeting for a mission that required every Avenger. Well all except her. Or at least that is what Steve thought. Said man was currently sitting on the glass table discussing something with Bucky. The Cap’s muscular back was facing her. Bucky looked generally shocked when she entered, Steve just turned in his seat slowly.

”(Y/N).“ he said calmly.

Steve didn’t even look ashamed. He didn’t look like he’d done something wrong. He also didn’t move up from his chair. No smile no good morning. Bucky on the other hand, who had recovered from his surprise, rose from the office chair. He walked over to the girl to give her a hug. For (Y/N) it was always weird how smooth Bucky was. She most definitely understood how the women fell for him. He was polite, handsome and charming. Even in his walk she could see it. He moved elegant, with light steps. His charm could really suck you in.

”Doll. Hi. Have you slept well? How was your mission?“ he asked and hugged her.

(Y/N) smiled. She couldn’t hide it. Buck was a dear friend of hers. They met about a year ago. (Y/N) knew Bucky like no one else. That was only because she fixed his mind. She was the one who pulled Bucky out. Out of that black hole he was sitting in. She removed the trigger words. This was a long and exhausting procedure for both of them. (Y/N) hadn’t seen Bucky in a few weeks. He was one of the few Avengers who didn’t actually live here. Like Tony, Clint and Natasha.

Steve didn’t like it at all, when Bucky did that. When he acted that way around his girl. Well she wasn’t his. He wanted her to be. Steve was deadly in love with her. Before she even met Bucky, Steve knew the girl. She was there when they had the first mission as Avengers. She was there when SHIELD fell. At the beginning it was just a deep friendship he felt for her. But after a while it transformed into love. She was there as soon as he entered this century and she hadn’t left him since. Even when he tore the Avengers apart, even when Thanos rained down hell on them and both of them barely survived. (Y/N) stayed. Fought with him. And she healed his best friend. Which was the greatest act she ever did in his eyes. And he was there every step of it. He sat at her bed when the exhaustion took over and she had to take break. He had smiled down on her. It pained him seeing her this way, but she saved his best friend and he was forever grateful for that.

”Hi James. Well, got a new scar.“ she said letting him go.

She took her hair to the side and showed him the scar on her shoulder. Bucky raised his eyebrows, at the still fresh red scar.

”An Arrow. That was a hard one. Probably would have ended unwell if T’Challa wouldn’t have been there.“ she mumbled letting her hair fall again.

Steve remembered frantically touching that scar over and over again yesterday. He had starred at it. He hated it. Steve knew she had a few scars here and there. He didn’t mind them at all. He loved them like he loved her. But he still hated it, when another one was added. He was angry at himself for not joining her on the mission. He wanted to protect her. That was also why he didn’t tell her about the mission meeting today. Yes they would need every member for this. But he was to scarred for her safety. There was nothing he loved more than her. And so he didn’t want her to go. To get hurt. And he knew she could take care of herself, but what about him? He wouldn’t be able to concentrate with her out there.

”Yea I know those. They suck. I have a scar from one on my leg.“ Bucky mentioned pointing at it.

Steve furrowed his brows. He couldn’t believe he felt jealous. That was the first time he felt angry over not scaring. The serum took that from him. Not from Bucky though. He hated how much in common they had. He knew it was stupid. She didn’t want either of them, he just couldn’t help it. But his heart overruled his head.

“Bucky you can go now the meeting is over.“ he said and rose from his chair.

His friend and his girl both turned to him. (Y/N) pretty pissed at his behaviour, but Bucky just smiled. He knew. He knew what Steve had on his mind. And not because they just talked about it. But Bucky knew Steve. He knew he was in love with the girl. He also understood how jealous he was. And Bucky was really annoyed about the fact, that they didn’t just tell each other what they felt. But maybe today was the day they would. So he turned to the door.

”Well, I guess I’ll let you two talk. Just bare in mind we have to leave in 10.“ he said and left.

(Y/N)’s eyes followed Bucky out of the door. Only as the door closed, she turned to Steve. Her stance was defensive. Steve didn’t look at her. He wasn’t angry before, but his jealousy fuelled his emotions.

”What is this?“ she asked, making a guesture tracing the room.

Steve crossed his muscular arms over his chest.

”I don’t know what you are talking about.“ he said.

His voice was dripping with authority. He would only use that voice, when he was talking about missions or to new recruits.

“Steve. You held a mission meeting without me.“ she complained.

Pretty much stating the obvious. She knew he was playing innocent. He wasn’t stupid. He must have none what shit he pulled.

”Well, I don’t need you for this mission. You’re abilities are not required.“ he answered and moved to the I pad on the table left from him.

He was typing on something now. Trying to look busy. So he didn’t have to see that face. Those intensive eyes.

”Don’t talk to me like I am one of them. Like I am just one of your new recruits.“ she yelled now throwing her hands into the air.

She hated when he acted like this. So stubborn. It hurt. It hurt, that the person, that meant so much to her would act so cold and disinterested towards her.

”I don’t know what you mean. You got hurt from you last mission. You are still in recovery.” he just said, lazily lifting his arm to point at her shoulder.

This time glancing into her direction before lowering his gave again. This action confused her. Steve was never scared of her. This saddened her even more, but also kind of pissed her off.

”Rogers. I am going on this mission if you want to or not.”

Anger laced her voice. She would not let him do this. Not to her. He would not bench her. She was an asset to them and a little fresh scar wouldn’t stop that. Steve was overreacting. He turned to her now. Looking up. His eyes angry. (Y/N) didn’t need to see into his head to know he was pissed too. But she just challenged him. Steve was a leader, a solider. He was her boss in a way. And her not listening, refusing his order made him angry. In his head she was stupid. She would endanger herself. Her recklessness was always pointed out by Steve.

”I’ll see you at the jet.“ she mumbled and tried walking past Steve.

But he stepped in front of the door. His hands to his hips. (Y/N) was sure his blue tight shirt would exploded if he decided to flex his muscles more. He tried to make her stand down. She knew that. He wanted to intimidate her. His need for control was to big for his body. But she was stubborn to. She sucked at this authority thing. She never listened to people. She was stubborn and proud, just like Steve.

”Stand down. That is an order.“ he said firmly.

(Y/N) just raised her eyebrows, and lifted her chin. He knew he couldn’t make her. No one could make her do anything. And that not just because of her powers.

”Try and make me Captain.“ her voice was close to a whisper.

She would use her powers, she wouldn’t like it, but she would do it. Two could play that game. If he treated her like his recruit she would treat him like Captain America. Not like the person he was. The person she would always stand by. But no one can stand by someone if they pushed them away. He could see for himself if he enjoyed that. Steve didn’t say anything, he just looked into her eyes intensively. He was one of the only person who wasn’t to scared to do that. (Y/N) shook her head and walked past Steve, after he didn’t make a move to stop her. As soon as the door closed behind her Steve’s defensive statue flattered. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.


”So you guys are fighting?“ Bucky asked (Y/N) while kicking a man in the stomach.

It made him fly against the wall and slide to the floor, staying there. They were currently on a Hydra base in Germany. The mission was easy. At least they thought. But after they got the Intel they needed, (Y/N) found out there was a bomb here, from looking into someones head. Steve, Bucky and (Y/N) were trying to get to said Bomb. (Y/N) did not want to be paired up with him this mission, but Steve insisted. And the rest of the team followed his rules. He was still Captain America and in charge of the missions.

”Well Captain America is being an asshole.“ She said and grabbed an Agent around the neck.

(Y/N) turned him around so he would look into her eyes. She stared searching in his head for the location of the bomb. She had been trying with the last five men she touched. All of them seemed to have something in their minds blocking her. Steve knew she was weakened already. That didn’t help his worry. But he still rolled his eyes at her answer. Bucky looked at him reproachful. He didn’t like it, when they fought. Steve would get all broody, while (Y/N) would only complain about Steve. And he wouldn’t be able to take sides. Unlike the rest of the team. Tony and Natasha would automatically side with (Y/N) while Sam and Clint would chose Steve.

”I didn’t do anything.“ Steve said with gritted teeth and threw his shield at a guy coming closer to them.

All three of them knew that Steve was being a jerk. He knew he caused this whole fight, but Steve wasn’t good at holding back. And after he fucked up, he was to stubborn to admit it to anyone. At least he could put all his frustration into beating up Agents. Bucky and Steve were circling (Y/N), who was still trying to get the information, blocking the agents trying to get to her. The shield flew between the men like they had practiced it. They worked like a machine, like they fought many wars next to each other. Which they did.

”(Y/N). Uhm how long is this going to take?“ Bucky asked now raising his gun.

They were under time pressure. (Y/N) just furrowed her eyebrows more. She had gone pale over the last minute. Steve knew she was pushing herself.

”He…has…He has been trained…to keep secrets from people like me.“ she mumbled.

Her hands had begun to shake rapidly. Steve never saw it like this before, except for when she had her healing sessions with Buck. So he knew her strength would take her down soon. This was the moment he would usually stop her, when she was in Buck’s head. This worried him. Steve’s focus fading from fighting to her ever so often.

”(Y/N) I think that is enough. We’ll find another way.“ he said with stern voice.

But (Y/N) didn’t listen. She was determinate to get it right. To show Steve she was not useless.

”No. I can do this.“ she said, her teeth grinding together.

Steve had now turned around fully to her. Trusting Bucky to cover them.

”(Y/N).“ he reaped sternly.

Seeing her getting weaker, her skin color fading, hurt him inside. He felt it in his heart. It was aching for her. God he just wanted to protect her. He needed her. If he would loose her, to this world… She deserved better than this life. Someone as beautiful and pure as she shouldn’t even be here. Shouldn’t fight evil. She should have only known beauty. But Steve knew he couldn’t take it away from her. She was chosen for this life. Just like him. She was blessed to change the world for the better. And he hated it. But he had to accept it.

”Darling please.“ his voice was quivering by now.

He had placed a hand on her shoulder. (Y/N) took one deep breath before she let the man go. Both of them fell backward. The men on the floor, but (Y/N) was caught by Steve. He looked down at her face softly. He pushed a loose strand of hair out of her face. She still liked stunning to him.

”Second floor. Electricity room.“ she mumbled.

Her body was like puddle in his arms. Steve shock his head at her in disbelieve.

”Romanov?“ Bucky mumbled into his earpiece, still battling the agents.

”Yea got it. Tony and I are on the move.“ she said.

Steve sometimes forgot that all his teammates could hear him. But now he didn’t care at all. He just looked at his girl in his arms.

”Told you I could do it.“ she said to him weakly.

Her eyes were half lidded and she was obviously fading in and out of consciousness. But a smile graced her lips. A proud smile. He would have laughed at that if the situation was different.

”I know…You did good. But please can I get you out of here now? Your fight is over for today.“ he mumbled giving her a forced smile.

Steve tried to be nice. But even the nearly unconscious (Y/N) could see that he was worried like hell. She hated being incapable of things. But maybe she would let him take care of her. For once. He wouldn’t take her out of here when she didn’t agree. He learned that today. She nodded weakly. And the moment Steve caught that movement, he started moving down the hall. Bucky following him. He had only paid attention with one ear, but he knew (Y/N) didn’t seem well. She looked like they had sucked her life-force out of her. And this time it wasn’t his mind that did this.

”Sam. Can you get her please.“ Was the last thing she heard and the feeling of flying.

After that, she went fully unconscious.


She woke up from the sunlight coming through her curtains. It took (Y/N) a while to open her eyes. First thing she saw was Steves face next to her. She smiled lazily. She loved this sight. The solider had his hands under his pillow. Her eyes travels from his chin tot the sharp cheekbone and then to his long lashes and from there to his little frown. Steve always looked like he was thinking when he slept. (Y/N) reached out her hand and touched the folds between his eyebrows with her tump, then she placed a hand on his cheek. Seconds after she was starring into beautiful blue eyes.
A smile graced the Captains face as he saw his angle. They would sleep in the same bed sometimes. The days where they felt alone or a mission was extremely painful.

”Glad to see you waking up.“ she mumbled.

Steve covered her hand with his and took it form his face, shaking her head at her. He stared at her hand a bit before he spoke.

”Me? You have been out the last couple of days.“ he mumbled.

His smile flattered. The memory of her pale face and hollow cheeks haunting him. She looked better now. Back to her normal beautiful self.

”Bruce said there was nothing wrong with you. You just over used your power. And all you would need is sleep. But 3 days is a long time.“ he continued lost in thoughts.

(Y/N) was searching for Steve’s eyes. He sounded so pained. He looked up at her abruptly.

”Please be careful. On every mission from now on. Just think before you do stuff. I… I… If something happens“ he sounded desperate.

His face only showed worry. (Y/N) titled her head to the side. She understood now. He was worried about her. All along.

”Steve…Your worry can’t stop what I do. I am just like every other Avenger.“ she mumbled.

The Captain sighed and took a deep breath. He grabbed her hand an put it to his heart.

”You don’t understand. I can’t loose you…Just look. Look into my mind my heart. Maybe then you’ll see.“ his voice was close to frantic.

Steve needed her to know. To understand how he felt. How he loved her. How he needed her. He couldn’t just say it. Maybe it was cowardly of him, but he wanted her to feel what he felt. Even if she would run away from it. Even if she denied him her love. At least she would know. But she shook her head trying to pull away from him.

”Steve no. These are your secrets. I don’t want to infiltrated your privacy.” she said.

Steve held her hand down while giving her an intense look.

”Please..“he mumbled.

(Y/N) sighed but slowly lifted her eyes. She starred into his desperate ones and slowly, she got lost in blue.

The first thing she saw was herself, dancing at Tonys birthday party. She was surrounded by people but Steve’s vision was focused on her. She felt how Steve’s heart beat, how beautiful she looked to him. In Steves vision she was surrounded by a gold shimmer. She did look more beautiful here. Her hair had a certain glow and her smile was brighter. She didn’t look like her plain self. People looked different in everybody’s mind.
She let Steve guide her thorough his thoughts. Next she saw herself again, laughing with Bucky. Then she was training. Sweaty and gross. But beautiful in Steves eyes. The first few images came slowly but after this one, images kept swooping by her. (Y/N) sleeping next to Steve, her coming back from missions, her smiling and them making fun of Tony. After that it was her talking to Clint’s children, her fighting by Steve’s side and her running around a field laughing. It was her. In his head was only her.  She was all he thought about. She felt it. All of it. Every emotion. His joy when she laughed, his nerves when she touched him, his sadness when she was hurt, his awe at her beauty, his trust in her even how he lusted for her body. And most of all his love. His love for her.
Reluctantly she pulled away from the beautiful world. Back to the bedroom, back to the blue eyes.

”You see. I need you (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I love you. Even though you are reckless and stubborn and you suck at driving, I love you. I depend on you. If you would die I would die. You would take me down with you.” Steve mumbled with a smile.

His hand reached up to wipe away a tear she didn’t know she was crying. She just looked at him disbelievingly.

”Steve. I…” she mumbled.

She had absolutely lost her words. Steve needed her. Steve loved her so much. Steve smiled his crocked smile and just placed a hand on her cheek.

”It’s okay. Darling.“ he mumbled pulling her into a kiss.

And all she could do was kiss him back. Kiss back the love of her life.

DamFam Headcanons: Back To The Future

Notes: So since you guys liked Back to The Future so much, I thought that I could write out/explain some things about Damian’s family (which I’ve coined the DamFam™). Basically the next generation of the Batfam and what’s up with em’. This isn’t all the characters I could come up with/had in mind, but I didn’t want to bore you. =D

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Magnets: Prologue

A Prompto Argentum Soulmate AU

AO3Chapter 1
Word Count: 1,192

A/N: Here it is! The beginning of the Prompto soulmate AU miniseries. Thank you to everyone for your patience! This story, aside from the prologue, is 5 parts. It is part of the We Intertwined and Chasing Suns (by @cupnoodle-queen) storyverse. Part one will be up tomorrow. ♡

Ignis was back at Hunter HQ for the first time in a month. It felt almost strange, returning to work with his wife and newborn daughter at home, but he knew that he had no other choice. Bounties brought in gil, and Raine, though tenacious and itching to get back into the fray, knew that she had to stay back in Lestallum with the children where it was safe. Ignis was more than capable of bringing in enough to support the four of them, and she trusted that he would be safe with his friends at his side.

The air outside of Lestallum was different. Crisper, less muddied with the aromas of different perfumes and bodies like in the marketplace by the Leville. The breeze blew through his hair, unobstructed by tall buildings, and it felt somewhat good to feel the grass and dirt underneath his boots.

He wandered about the grounds for a while in search of his brothers in arms. Gladio had just returned as well, a month or so prior to Ignis, having also had to tear himself away from his new family. His wife, Cam, had just given birth to twin girls—Violet and Daisy—and they had become his entire world. It brought a smile to his face, the thought of Gladio, this giant tank of a man with two tiny baby girls cradled in his arms. Ignis always knew he would be a good father, and seeing that aspect of his destiny being fulfilled warmed his heart.

Gladio greeted Ignis with a pat on the shoulder. “Good to have you back, Iggy.”

Ignis gave a small nod. “Glad to be back. Although it was difficult saying goodbye to Raine and the children. Hopefully we’ll be able to return to our families sooner rather than later.”

“Yeah,” Gladio agreed. “I try to video call Cam and the girls as much as I can now that I’m away. It sucks, because I just don’t want to miss any of their firsts, you know? And I won’t lie, I feel kinda bad leaving Cam alone with both of them when they’re only a few months old.”

“Cam is a resourceful woman, I’m sure she will manage,” Ignis responded, his tone honest. He admired Cam’s spirit, how hard she had to fight to rebuild her life from all the destruction. Ignis couldn’t help but notice though that there was someone missing. “Where is Prompto?”

“Oh,” Gladio jerked his thumb to the lookout post, illuminated by a single overhead light. “Sulking by the surveillance point. He won’t talk to me. Maybe you can see what’s eating him.”

Ignis hummed curiously and made his way over. He could navigate Hunter HQ easily, having memorized the layout of the area long ago. He counted off the twenty steps from the ground to the platform, his hand sliding along the railing in case he lost his balance.

He could sense his friend’s presence, and called out his name. “Prompto?”

Prompto turned his head at the sound of Ignis’ voice. “Oh, hey,” he greeted with much less enthusiasm than Ignis was used to hearing. Ignis made his way over, leaning his forearms against the railing, unknowingly copying Prompto’s posture.

“What are you doing up here alone?” Ignis inquired. “It’s not like you to want to isolate yourself from everyone. Especially when there’s about to be a hunt that takes place.”

He could sense Prompto’s hesitation as he shifted uncomfortably, the wooden boards creaking as he adjusted his weight from one foot to another.

“Just thinking.”

Ignis raised an eyebrow over the rim of his tinted shades. “About what?”

Prompto sighed, hanging his head low. “I don’t know. I guess…it’s just hard sometimes, you know? It’s hard to always be here, because I’m not needed anywhere else. Does that make sense?”

Ignis was quiet for a moment. “I’m not sure I follow.”

Another shaky exhale, and the wringing of wrists. “Gladio and Cam finally found each other after all this time and just started a family. You and Raine had Lucas, and now you have Aurora. It’s just…the two of you left to go be dads, and now that you’re here, you both have someone back home waiting for you.” Prompto swallowed, his throat suddenly bone dry. “I don’t have anyone.”


“I don’t even have a soulmate marking, Ignis,” Prompto said, almost helplessly, his emotions starting to bubble to the surface. “I’ve tried connecting with people, and it never works. Every single time, there’s someone else, another person they’re tied to, another reason that I’m meant to be alone. I was born to be an experiment, not someone to be loved.”

“My friend,” Ignis placed a hand on his shoulder. “You know that’s not true.”

“But it is,” Prompto insisted, bitterness lacing his tone, his fingers gripping the edge of the railing so hard that it started to hurt. “I wasn’t deemed worthy enough by the Six, so I’m just going to have to live the rest of my life, watching as your kids grow up, watch Cam and Gladio have another anniversary, just sitting on the sidelines as everyone around me moves on and I’m just stuck in limbo.”

Ignis’ lips pressed together in a thin line as he heard Prompto’s breath hitch. “Prompto,” he said gently, his voice soothing as he helped ease Prompto’s hands off the railing to face him. “Your time will come. No one knows what the future holds. I know that you’re in pain, and I will not tell you to deny it, because denying it would be a disservice to your heart. But know that you are, and have always been, worthy of love. It may take time to find you, but it will find you. And once it does, you will know.”

Prompto hastily wiped his eye. “Yeah. I guess.”

“Come, my friend,” Ignis patted Prompto on the back. “Dave has called us for a meeting, and Gladio’s been wanting to speak with you. Let us join the others.”

He knew that his words may have helped slightly, but there was such a dense weight on Prompto’s shoulders that Ignis wasn’t sure if it would ever be lifted. He’d always battled with the idea that he wasn’t good enough, and seeing his other friends move on and evolve without him was a sort of heartache he didn’t know how to soothe.

“Okay,” Prompto agreed. “I just hope the hunt isn’t going to be for a bunch of Red Giants like last time. I think one of them singed me pretty good, I got this weird burn on my thigh. Looks kind of like a crow’s foot, and I haven’t had a chance to have a medic look at it yet.”

Ignis paused for a moment before giving his head a slight shake. “In any case, the others are waiting for us. Civilization may have crumbled, but we must still mind our manners when it comes to duty and protocol.”

“Yes sir,” Prompto saluted in jest, following his friend down the steps, trying his best to ignore the pain that still weighed heavily on his heart.

So I’m in a party of six for a Pathfinder campaign. Basically everyone is new to table top gaming except one guy with minimal experience and the DM who has played many table tops.
So the party consists of four Elves and two Half-Elves. There’s our elven Ranger (female), elven Alchemist (male), elven Rouge (male), me an elven Sorcerer (male), and the two female Half-Elves, a Cleric and an Oracle.

So currently we’re all level 5, with the exception of the rouge whose level 4. Backing it up a bit to where we’re all level three….
It’s one of our first major battles and we’re fighting what our DM calls Flayed Ones. Basically humanoid creatures whose skin has literally been flayed off their bodies repeatedly resulting in an “exoskeleton” of scabby skin.
The fight starts, we’re all attacking, all going well. That is until I, the Sorcerer with no armor and the lowest health gets targeted by two enemy archers. Well the weapons don’t fire regular arrows, but instead some (still unidentified by us) slime, goop, stuff. Well I get hit kinda hard by this stuff and wind up with an infection.
So now the battles over and we’re all trying to figure out, to no avail, what the infection is. So about four days pass, we go about our campaign waiting to see what the infection does. Well it doesn’t do anything accept bruise and ugly yellow purple color and develops a hard knot in the center as if the bone been fractured.
We eventually return to the town we’re currently operating out off to give a report on the fight and why it happened.

This is where it gets weird…..

Once all our characters have woken up, the DM has us all roll for perception and one by one takes those who rolled high enough out of the room to explain what has happened…..

DM to me: So you wake up and start the day like any other, but slowly realize that something’s off. You don’t see any men in the village, only women.
Me: So like? Are we (me and the other two male characters) ok? Are we women?
DM: Yup. And you notice something else that’s really strange. You notice that you’re about 8 months pregnant!
Me: WHAT!? Are you serious!? How!?
DM: You’ll have to find out.

So after everyone who didn’t roll high enough perception are filled in on what’s happened, we proceed to go on a 4 day quest to try and figure out what’s causing this, why it’s being done, and who’s doing it. We learn that there’s a small coven of 6 witches that are casting a spell nightly that had changed all the men into women.
After learning the each members reasoning or motivation to be a part of this, we finally put a stop to their spell casting. At this point we’ve also learned that by stopping the spell casting that the effects will eventually wear off over time.
So two days go by and we finally start seeing results! The men who were turned to women slowly start turning back. At this point our party has been patiently waiting to see if my character (the now 9 months pregnant Sorcerer who was one of the men turned women) will go into labor before the effects of the spell wear off of him.

Now this is where it gets really weird…..

Over the course of trying to find the course of the spell my character (the pregnant Sorcerer) has gradually learned that he was pregnant with twins, and that the spell hasn’t had any effect on the babies. So where we thought they’d be twin girls, they were actually twin boys. One described as being calm gentle the other mean an hateful.
So my character finally goes into labor, gives birth to the two babies. One described as looking just like my character, the looking like my character but with a darker, shadowy complexion.
So the DM proceeds with this description of events: (Sorcerer) looks up from the operating table, looks at both the babies and then just dissolves (cue many sad awww’s by everyone OOC). You turn into a ghostly fog and are absorbed into the baby that looks exactly like you (the one we then refer to as the good baby).
A couple hours later the party (minus me!!) notices that the babies have grown, and that they’re growing at an incredible rate. By the time everyone goes to sleep the children look to be about 6 years old.
The next morning when everyone wakes up The child that was the darker complexion is nowhere to be found (he ran away) and the other child isn’t a child, but rather is my character (the Sorcerer) back to normal, no longer female, no longer infected with anything, no longer a kid. Back to how he was before all of this happened.
So after everyone, OOC of course, has had time to think about what the heck has just happened. Our DM explains that the original infection my character had was intended to basically develop into a polar opposite, evil counterpart to my character. But seeing as how the infection didn’t have time to do that before I was changed into a female, the DM basically had my character birth himself AND the evil counterpart.

So that’s the wildest thing that has happened so far in our campaign, and I’m now eagerly and patiently waiting for the time when our party encounters my character’s evil counterpart. Seeing as how the DM mentioned that there’s the possibility it will happen, I’m very excited to see how it plays out. All we know about him is that he’s my evil half, and that he’s some kind of spell caster, most likely a sorcerer since that’s what my character is.
And before anyone knew that this was how all that was going to play out, I spent some time picking out baby names and have named the evil counterpart Silvyr. I don’t know why I choose that name, but yeah, can’t wait to actually meet him!!!