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she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016

It’s always amusing to me, that if you go and watch old Achievement Hunter videos, Gavin will say his weird words or use British slang (Gavinisms), and the other guys will poke fun at him for it, and joke around about them, especially Geoff and Michael, but if you watch recent videos, they use those words themselves. Especially Geoff and Michael. Like, they’ve hung out with Gavin enough that those words are commonplace to them and have been, unconsciously probably, adopted into their vocabulary. That is just way too cool to me.


never fell in love
because i just cut loose
but not when it comes to you

“So,” began Robbie after a moment.

“So,” Sportacus agreed. Robbie elbowed him.

“So this is your plan? Literally chill in an igloo and drink hot chocolate?”

“Well I was trying to think of a place we would both be comfortable relaxing. Just the two of us.”

For @indigowallbreaker

A scene from their awesome fanfiction: Saying it First
Go read it!

I can relate to American Idiot in a personal manner so much that for me it is impossible not to love this album. The stories, the characters, the emotions and the feelings, they are so overwhelming and so vividly captured. I hear my own dreams and demons in it and there’s even more to that. I could talk for hours and hours about how I love this great album yet at the same time I feel like I cannot even find a single word to describe what I feel. It makes me wanna laugh and cry and shout and meditate all at once. It shapes me, it changes me. Even though rationally I am well aware that not every person, not every one who love or has ever loved Green Day, has to love American Idiot, still sensationally I’m like, “How could anyone not love American Idiot?


Been a while since I’ve drawn myself. Doodled what I’m wearing today plus a dragon Sandi! I’m convinced that she’ll live long enough to eventually transform into a real dragon

quiet stroll through Marleybone
quiet stroll through Marleybone

Wear headphones for better sound! This is a 3D sound relaxing walk through Marleybone in Wizard101! I start in Regent’s Square, and then go to Barkingham Palace. Then I tour Digmoore Station, and stop by the Royal Museum. Finally, I take a peek inside the clockwork of Big Ben! The purpose of this is relaxation and nostalgia. Enjoy!

ok guys so does anybody remember which reylo blogger it was tht did the presentation on why reylo is going to be canon in a college lecture? because now on the cusk of reylo being actually canon I want to congratulate tht person again. It takes a special sort of courage to make it an assignment for college and doing such a great job on the prstn .So thank you :)


Hey Wafflecrew fans!!! I need your help!!

This is a Paultin charm that I commissioned from the wonderful and incredibly sweet @hawberries and received him from a convention today. I love this charm to Barovia and back and I have a extra that I would love to give to Nate! Now here is my problem, I live in Australia and are not traveling to the USA anytime soon but I really want to give him this charm. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this (I thin he doesn’t have a PO box?), I would love to hear them!!!! Thank you!

EDIT!!!!!! Thank you everyone for you suggestions! I have a way! The kind and amazing @commanderholly (over on the Dice Camera Action reddit) and many of you wonderful people has told me that I can sent it off to her and she can give it to Nate when they meet up! This is amazing and thank everyone for helping me make this a reality, once again proving what a wonderful community we are apart of!
When Sherlock’s lips parted, her’s instinctively did as well, and then the connection became so much more than the brush of one person’s mouth on another’s. This was a bond that was nothing short of all consuming and mild altering. The action and reaction, touch and taste, pressure and pull, and the give and take. This was what poems were written about, songs were sung about, and battles were fought over. This was what it meant to kiss, and to be kissed.
—  Zephyr, ch 14- by writingwife83