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Hey, welcime to tumblr!! My request is RFA + V having a long distance relationship with an American mc??? Thanks 😊😊

Hi!! Tysm, anon! I hope this is ok.


  • When you mention in the messenger that you’re from America, Yoosung is really sad that you live so far apart :(
  • But he has all kinds of questions!! He wants to know everything about where you live, and is so excited about the cultural differences.
  • “MC what do you mean you don’t have ______ in America??” x 1000
  • Sometimes forgets about the timezone thing and calls you at weird hours.
  • Jumin probably pays to fly you to Korea for the party, and Yoosung cries when he sees you.
  • Once you two are in an official relationship, it becomes SO MUCH HARDER for him to be apart from you.
  • But you’re both in school, and neither one of you can move right now.
  • Skype calls, phone calls, constant messaging
  • You get one of those ‘long-distance relationship’ couples apps with the thumb kisses and everything.
  • Even though you’re apart, you see each other once a year at the party, and you guys are already talking about moving in together once you graduate!!


  • Zen is talking about how much he admires Broadway actors, when you mention that you saw a Broadway show last month.
  • He’s like ???? How??

  • You tell him that you live in New York City, and he’s SHOOK

  • THE new york city???

  • Wants you to describe EVERY PART of the Broadway show.

  • When you go to Korea for the party, you bring him some Broadway souvenirs, and he almost cries.

  • When you two are dating, he sends you all kinds of videos of his acting and singing

  • You get packages in the mail that contain DVDs of his movies, and all kinds of romantic lil gifts.

  • He calls you whenever he can, and loves Skype.

  • One summer, he saves up enough money to visit you, so that you can see a Broadway show together.

  • Loves to give you long romantic speeches about how much he misses you!!

  • Once he’s stable as an actor, and you’re ready, you decide to finally move in together.


  • She’s one of the first members to pick up on the fact that you’re American.
  • She can tell just by the way you talk, and little things that you say. She pieces it together pretty quickly!
  • She’s curious about how different things might be, and definitely wants to know about regional coffee in America.
  • The time zone difference is actually not a problem for her, because she’s usually up all night with work anyway. Even though you tell her to go to bed and get some rest!
  • Once she quits her job, she starts planning and saving to visit you.
  • You see each other at the party, and she proposes opening the café together.
  • You aren’t sure which country you’ll do it in, but you’re both excited. You take a few years to save money and plan for the future.
  • She sends you packages of cookies and other things because she’s baking a lot in her spare time.
  • You send her different kinds of coffee that she can make. All the packages come with little handwritten notes.
  • You both cry when you finally open the doors to your café!


  • He’s on a business trip to LA, and posts a picture in the chat.
  • You’re like ‘Jumin that’s like 10 minutes from where I live wtf’
  • He INSISTS that you guys get lunch together, and takes you to a ridiculous fancy restaurant
  • Blurry selfies to the messenger of course
  • You guys talk for hours and connect, and spend like all of his time in LA together. You fly back to Korea together for the party.
  • He has to stay in Korea for his work, and you explain to him that you have to go home for your work.
  • He protests, offering you a job in his company, but you tell him you can’t stay.
  • He gets so desperate that he offers to give up everything and move to America with you, but you won’t let him.
  • You propose that you guys spend a little while long-distance, and then you’ll talk to him about moving to Korea.
  • He reluctantly agrees, and you go back home.
  • He calls you pretty much whenever he can, no matter what time it is.
  • Sometimes he gets so lonely that he drops all of his meetings and flies out to visit you poor Jaehee
  • When you guys can finally be together, he’s so happy, and promises that he’ll never leave your side again.

Seven: (Spoilers Ahead!)

  • I mean, he tracked your cell phone right off the bat. The boy knows where you live.
  • In the chatroom, he asks you all kinds of weird questions about your country. (Is bigfoot real? Have you seen him? What about mothman?)
  • That would mean he’d fly all the way to America in order to protect you from Mint Eye.
  • He’d still try to push you away, and he could use the distance thing as just another reason to stay out of a relationship.
  • But after he rescues Saeran, and you two are in a relationship, it becomes harder for him.
  • He can’t leave Korea for a while because he doesn’t want to be tracked by the agency, and you can’t leave America because of your school or work.
  • He sends you cute robots, and spends his time inventing cool devices you can use to communicate.
  • Adds a video call feature to the messenger so he has a secure way to see you.
  • Just wants to have his whole family together :(


  • When Luciel informs him that you’re from America, V is instantly curious.
  • He’d been there a couple of times, so he was curious about the part you lived in.

  • When his eyes were good, he’d message you, and when they weren’t, he’d call. (I think Seven probably gave him a phone he could control with his voice.)

  • After the party, and after he had healed and moved on from Rika, he would bring up the idea of being in a relationship with you.

  • Long distance was hard, but you two made it work. V sent you pretty photos that reminded him of you, and you described all of the details of your day to him. He loved your stories, they always made him laugh.

  • You’d visit once a year for the party, and you’d stay at V’s place for a couple days afterward.

  • Whenever you left, he’d miss your arms around him, and feel terribly lonely.

  • When that happened, he’d call you, and you two would fantasize about when you could finally be together.

  • When that day came, neither one of you would ever be lonely again.
Tomorrow is National Compliment Day so I’m going to give as many compliments as I can:

@stupideffinbee You’re awesome. We haven’t talked that much but when we do, we always have great conversations. You’re very smart and I’m so blessed to have met you.

@urflirtytoday2012 You’re so sweet. Like, probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You compliment my sense of humor all the time and it makes me feel so wonderful. Speaking of humor, you’re hilarious. You just give off so much positivity and love and joy. Tbh, you’re such a wonderful person that I bet you could make a grumpy old man smile.

@fistful-of-fandom You’re so kind. We haven’t really ever talked but you just have a warm, kind sense about you. And I love everything you make.

@drscully-dumaurier You’re super cool. We don’t talk that much but every time I look at my activity feed and see that you’ve interacted with me, I squeal.

@starrynight-over-thepast Mai, you’re one of the kindest people I know. You were the first person I ever talked to on this site and I’m so happy we had a commonality of family anxiety. I know you don’t get on too much anymore so I hope you see this but, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you so much.

@chileananderson Mary, you’re basically the definition of perfect. You’re an amazing writer, you’re funny, and you’re absolutely stunning. I hope you know what a wonderful person you are.

@booksboobstvshows You’re so cool. I love watching stuff with you on Rabbit and getting to hear all the cute little stories about you and tbean. You guys are my OTP tbh.

@piecesofscully You’re so talented! Your writing is amazing and you’re absolutely beautiful. I wish I had half the talent that you do.

@how-i-met-your-mulder Grace, you’re extraordinary. You’re so sweet and you’re, what, 15? I would never guess that based off you’re writing. Your left pinky finger has more talent than my entire body does. Not to mention you have great taste in TV shows.

@novellaqueen I know you’re going through a pretty hard time right now so I just want to say that you’re incredible. Honestly. You’re so funny. You’re one of my favorite people on Snapchat. When I get funny little messages from you? #blesst The conversation we had on Christmas was short but it was probably one of the funniest interactions we’ve ever had. So, when you’re feeling down, just remember you’re loved by so many people <3

@settle-down-frohike and @mulderspice you two are so funny I don’t even think there’s a word to describe how funny you guys are. You’re both amazing people and I’m so lucky to have you guys as mutuals.

@lanalikesnobanana Lilly, you always say you’re not pretty and it makes me really sad because you are beautiful. The calligraphy you do astounds me. Idk how you do it. You’re just like, a typography master or something. Your cats are probably the cutest things ever and I just hope that you have a really good day when you see this <3

@thethirstisoutthere You’re super awesome. You’re so funny and so so sweet. I honestly don’t even know what I did to deserve you as a mutual. You just seem like one of those people that lights up the room when you walk in.

@scullyismyspiritanimal Britt, you’re the actual definition of a human cupcake. Your job is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard about and I love staying up all night talking. The fact that you like SpongeBob is just the icing on the cake. You’re always so sweet and I just constantly want to give you a hug. I love being your babycakes. It’s an honor <3

@foxmuldev and @trappedinthis-castle You guys are honestly so cool and I don’t know what I did to deserve either of you omg

@sunshinetoday and @thereshopesomewhere You guys are so sweet. You’re some of the nicest people I’ve met on here and I’m honestly so blessed to know you.

@therobbinsnest You’re such an awesome person and you seem like the coolest mom. Like….will you adopt me?

@http-yxsmine and @50shadesoflennon I just became mutual with you guys but honestly? WOW Y’all are both so nice I love you both so much. I can’t wait to get to know you two better.

And finally, @goyz I know I don’t even need to add you to this list but bitch….you’re my best friend and honestly, I don’t even need to say how much I love you because basically all we do is talk all day. So….your compliment is that you’re super awesome and I hope you get that $60 for your hair stuff soon. #BlesstToBeYourFriend

If I didn’t tag you I’m so sorry and please know that I love you all so much. I really don’t deserve any of you. Thank you all for sticking with me! Even when I get mushy or ranty. I love you guys <3

Cheeky Affairs

Notes: This doodle was so adorable the words just flew out, I couldn’t help it x)

Warning: word vomit, FLUFF 

“You guys lost,” smirked Gray.

Knowing exactly what that’d do to Natsu.

“You don’t have to keep repeating that ice-face!” he yelled snappily at the smug mage.

“Gray is correct,” Erza said sagely, from where she was perched next to Gray on the hotel bed, though it wasn’t hard to notice how she was gloating as well. “And so you have to face punishment set by us!”

“N-now now,” said Lucy, seated on the floor next to Natsu, holding up her palms in a placating manner, “we don’t have to get too excited over the punishment.”

“Yeah, but we still are,” said Gray, not taking his amused eyes off Nastu’s huge pout. “You didn’t reach the mayor’s office first, we did. And the spoils of war go to us.”

“What war? It was just a race!

“Spoils of the race, then!”

“I don’t think that - ”

“Would you just tell us what it is already?!” yelled Natsu, unable to stand another second of Gray being any kind of winner.

Gray and Erza exchanged a not so subtle glance at each other before nodding.

“Well this is gonna be exciting,” muttered a very excited Happy from behind his paws.

“You two,” said Erza grandly, “have to be close!”

“Well that’s stupid. We already are, she’s my beat friend,” said Natsu, missing Lucy’s flushed, but pleased smiled.

“What she means to say is, you’ll have to be physically close,” said Gray.

“What!?” yelled a now very obviously flustered Lucy. “That’s - no - you can’t - I’m not - this - rude - ”

“Woah, woah! Lucy, why’d you head go straight to the gutter?” teased Gray.

Lucy stilled and took on an even brighter hue. “W-well you said…”

“Sit on his lap,” commanded Erza. And no one refused an Erza command.

Sighing deeply and wondering why such things only happened to her, Lucy gingerly got off the floor, turning towards Natsu. It really didn’t help her situation when he only leaned back, smiling, resting his weight on his palms as if offering his lap saying - ‘Come here, it’s all yours.’

Somehow she managed to sit daintily, doing her best to not put too much of her weight on him. The only positive she could find was that with her back facing him, Natsu couldn’t see her expressions.

“That looks really awkward,” Gray commented, titling his head to one side, as if judging a painting.

Erza and Happy nodded their agreement with equal seriousness, heads titling as well.

Lucy was about to made a snide remark at them when she felt her entire seated self being lifted into the air.

Natsu, in an act of weirdly good non-combat coordination, turned her around to face him, before placing her back onto his lap.

Much to Lucy’s only growing embarrassment.

“That’s much better!” Natsu declared cheerfully.

In the background now, Erza, Gray and Happy were all exhibiting varying levels of interest at the scene before them.

“N-no it’s not!” argued Lucy in a soft voice.

“How come? You’re sitting more comfortably now and I can see you!”

“Don’t you see how close this is? How inti - oh, never mind,” she gave up, rolling her eyes before dropping her face into her palms.

“Hey now,” he said softly, “don’t be like that.” He drew her hands away from her face and held her chin, titling her head towards his own.

Lucy flushed.

Erza was scarlet.

Even Gray turned slightly pink - 

Happy wondered where he could get fish flavoured pop-corn for this.

And Natsu simply pulled Lucy’s cheeks. Wide.

“Hahahahahahaahahahahahaha! Oh man, Lucy you look so funny!”

And everyone deflated, hopes of anything fluffy happening to their secret ship now leaving them. Except a now pissed Lucy.

“Oh yeah? Let’s see how you like it!” she challenged, pulling at his cheeks while he was still laughing.

With his moving and her practically leaping at his face, her hand happened to misfire, and ended up hooking a cheek.

Not one to go down over a blooper, she dug her other thumb into his mouth as well, before quite genuinely laughing at what she had made of Natsu’s face.

“T-that’s even funnier!”

“Wha the he’ Luhee, wea sahosed ta be a ‘eam!”

“Well you did it fir-”

Natsu took his chance to hook her cheeks as well, thus beginning a tug of (cheeks) war between the two.

Meanwhile, the rest of their team were looking on in quiet disappointment laced with a smidgen of disbelief at the two, and how they chose to respond to sitting so intimately together.

“Well what did you expect,” Gray finally said to Erza. “They’re as daft as they come.”

Erza was now in the very depths of self-battering hell. “It was because I didn’t try hard enough. I should have committed fully to the endeavour. Should I asked them to have taken their clothes off? Set a part of Lucy on fire for the appeal? Maybe - ”

Gray, horrified with where Erza was going with this, decided that she needed to get away from her match-making efforts.

Match-making? Mira. Another bet maybe? Oh jeez.

He nodded to Happy and they both gently lifted Erza off the bed and outside for a walk that they hoped would do her (and Natsu and Lucy’s chances at a long life) some good, leaving behind the two wrestling best friends, not bothering with notifying them.

“Le’ goh oh ma sheeks, Nahshu!”

“Nah unlil you do ferse!”

“You - ouch!”

And Natsu knew what had caused that yelp of pain. Immediately, he let go of her cheeks, and let her hastily withdraw her own hands as well.

He always forgot his fangs had potential to hurt. And now thanks to that Lucy had quite a nick on her palm.

Without much of a thought, he did what he always did - what came first to mind.

He licked it.

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Voltron Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Sheith
Episode 2: Safe and Warm
Episode 4: We’re All Related
Episode 5: KLANCE
Episode 6: Extra Ships
Episode 7: Gordon “Hunk” Ramsey
Episode 9: Who is She?
Episode 10: Sharp Shooter
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 12: The Sacrifice
Episode 13: Bayards give you wiiiings

I couldn’t resist.

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- Whistle Innocently-

( -whisper- @stickydoona did the design for Lunar Eclipse!Saitama and it was a thing of beauty ~) 


btvs rewatch ✞ 5x12 Checkpoint

World Building and Drugs
  • Matt: I started small with a small town, and then just said, well what's near there? It's a coastal side. Okay, so does that mean there's a swamp nearby? What else might be in the swamp? Ooo, like a dark cave would be cool. Oh and like, you know, a day's travel out of that swamp there might be a trading post that splits off into two different roads. And those roads -
  • Sam: Then he starts thinking about the tax structures. Is it a flat tax structure? What's the government like? Is it an elective representation?
  • Matt: Well, eventually you do get to that point, because you have to have some sort of governmental structure for there to be any sort of political intrigue.
  • Orion: Sewer ways, plumbing, the whole thing.
  • Matt: Yeah.
  • Marisha: He knows what the local drug is.
  • Matt: There are two illegal substances that are sub-traded in Emon.
  • Travis: WHAT!? REALLY!?
  • Sam: Really!?
  • Marisha: Aw, yeah, man!
  • Sam: What are they?
  • Matt: What? What do you think The Clasp makes a lot of it's money from?
  • Laura: WHAT!?
  • Taliesin: Woah, really?
  • Sam: Scanlan would know what those are.
  • Matt: You guys haven't - You guys haven't inquired about that!

Sorry I haven’t been up to posting much, I’m going through some growing pains right now but not all of them are bad! I’ll be closing up my shop for the holidays at the end of the month, but wanted to post here first incase you guys wanted a look at some of the new stuff! Your support means so much to me always, hope you’re taking care <3

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so i was going through nodding my head at the cherik-ness of this list until i saw the real slim shady and now the image of rapper!charles will not leave my mind lol

oM G

(here’s the song)


Your first date with Draco would include…

-Him acting all self-confident while asking you to go on a date with him

-Although he’d actually be absolutely nervous about your answer

-Flashing you a charming smile without showing too much of his excitement as you accept

-Him deciding to take you to dinner at a nice restaurant first and arriving about half an hour early to make sure everything is perfect

-Being beyond happy when you finally arrive because you somehow managed to look even more beautiful than you do anyways

-Loving how a soft shade of pink spreads across your cheeks every time he compliments you

-Him feeling completely at ease with you and enjoying the way he could basically talk about everything with you 

-Both of you feeling some kind of connection, like you are just completed in each others presence

-Talking non-stop and not even realizing that the restaurant is about to close

-Draco offering to take you to a walk near the lake if you still want to

-You gladly accepting his offer and smiling as he helps you into your jacket while leading you outside

-His arm eventually fining it’s place around your waist 

-Sitting near the lake next to each other and although you aren’t talking much anymore, both of you know what doesn’t need to be said

-Him softly placing his hand on your cheek before bending down to engage you in a passionate kiss

-Walking back to your common room hand in hand, knowing that this was definitely not your last date

To be totally candid, I’m a bit sick of your bullshit, Todd. I wish you would stop saying you’re an asshole. I don’t think you are so It comes of a bit cheap (…) It’s so easy to act like a jerk and then say yeah well, I’m a jerk so that’s that. But it’s not like being a bloody werewolf, is it ? It’s just you making excuses for your excuses.
—  Dirk Gently, Dirk Gently’s Holistic detective Agency ep. 1x05 Very Erectus.

my secret santa gift for @peridotslaboratory ! sorry it was kind of late, I actually completely forgot that I had signed up for this -.-

Anyway, here’s your drawing! I myself am also a johnroxy shipper so this was kind of self indulgent lmao  she’s helping him with his bio homework. Merry Christmas, and have an awesome new year!

romances i would like to experience
  • the kind of college romance that makes your young friends still in their high school years want to be like you and want to experience the same things you have
  • the kind of romance where you just click and know about anything and everything and you want to cry because it’s so perfect
  • the gritty kind of romance where it’s not at all perfect, but you’re with each other and you’re trying so it counts for something, right?
  • the kind of long-distance romance that transcends the miles your apart and you can’t help but count the days because you want to meet them right away
  • the kind of romance where you don’t think it will end, but you don’t want to say that out loud because you don’t want to jinx it because this is the best thing you’ve ever experienced
  • the kind of romance that makes me happy and loved

I know I shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we even see the episode but something is rotten in the city of Paris.

Adrien’s mom disappeared less than a year ago, yes?

So she had been there for the last shitty birthdays and the no party rule and the no going out rule and so on, but Adrien still looked happy with her, given the pictures from Jackady. I feel like we are missing  something in here.