Destiel (and the fandom)

OK hey guys! I was just peeking through the anti Destiel tag and I was honestly so saddened and disgusted by what I saw.

First point: not ALL Destiel shippers are the same. If a shipper does something crazy or hateful, that should not reflect on the ship or any other shippers.

Second point: let’s put it this way. You and I are eating ice cream (the show Supernatural). I taste it and I think that there’s peanut butter in it (aka Destiel). You taste it and you disagree; you can’t taste any peanut butter. So then, we both just keep eating! We agree to disagree! I will continue to hope that the chef will confirm that there really is peanut butter in the ice cream. However, the ice cream is still good either way.

Supernatural is a show that started about Sam and Dean. But shows evolve and Destiel wouldn’t take away from that. The motto is that family doesn’t end in blood. I will always be a hopeful shipper. Maybe the next episode, or the next season, it will be confirmed.

Please guys. Let’s stop hate. If you don’t like a ship, just avoid it. Don’t be rude to someone who likes it. Fandom should be a family and a sanctuary.

And with that, please go have a lovely day!