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do either of the mods ever get tempted to bite into soap? because so many times i see pictures of soaps or irl soaps that look like theyd have just the best consistency and normally i have the self restraint to not bite into them. (a few nights ago though i was too tempted to bite into a goats milk soap i had just opened though.... wasnt the worst taste ive ever beared witness to, it almost kind of burned? its hard to describe past that though)

I actually used to lick soap bars if that counts haha. But I really would super bite into those transparent looking soaps, or the ones with little decorations in it and idk why? They just look so tempting.
I would also LOVE to bite into a pod but I licked it and it… wasn’t great either.
These things are only good for aesthetic purposes :(


TONIGHT! My last episode of Steven Universe boarded with the wonderful @jeffliujeffliu! Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the support! It’s been a huge honor to be able to board on the show and I hope you look forward to all the great episodes yet to come! 

For the episode I made an ube roll from scratch with Christy Cohen, our amazing production coordinator and resident sugar witch. Ours wasn’t quite as good as a real Filipino ube roll (my fault) but we did pretty good for our first time I think! 

<3 you all, hope you enjoy!