be jealous(

Dance Dads // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff, just fluff in general, parent!phan, jealous!dan

Words: 3.0k

Relationship status: Married

Warnings: none

Summary: At Emily Lester’s dance classes, she notices that some of her classmates’ mums like to compliment her papa, who always comes with her to rehearsals. Don’t they know that’s her daddy’s thing to do to her papa?

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anonymous asked:

a scenario: jian yi falls for the hot ass white-haired dude, mo guan shan falls for hot ass he cheng, they start dating, he tian and zian zheng xi are left thinking abt the meaning of life and their behavior


(or just like, going on a double date because he tian is being a dick and zhengxi is being a blind idiot and they both have a crisis when they see jian yi and guan shan with other people and come to their senses)

Robert Sugden hates Adam Barton because he thinks of himself as Victoria’s Dad, and has this protective energy over her.


Robert Sugden hates Adam Barton because he is desperately jealous of this man who makes Aaron laugh so easily, the man who was introduced as the ‘love of his life.