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Hogwarts Houses 3/4 

-ˏˋ  G R Y F F I N D O R  ˊˎ-   

“ You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart ; ”

Hi! For the 5th day of Spring Break Marathon, I’ve created a tutorial on how I make my review sheets. If you haven’t seen them, they look like:

Review sheets (or revision material) are special notes that I take to summarize a chapter/large concept. They legit save me a ton of time reviewing notes and other material because everything that I need to know is in one paper. Every time I write them, I feel confident whenever there’s a large exam. Plus, it’s pretty, so I feel more motivated to review! :D If you’re wondering how I make them, then please read further. ^^

Step 1: Gather your stationery! I regularly use two markers, two highlighters, a colored pen, and a black pen. For my style, it’s an essential to use washi tape, but it’s not necessary. Sticky notes and page flags are also suggested~ All the colors are going to fit a certain color scheme. Oh, and of course one sheet of paper!

Step 2: Get extra with your title LOL. I write the chapter/concept in fancy calligraphy that should stand out the most. Then, I stick some washi tape at its sides to create a block.

Step 3: Write down only the IMPORTANT information (and I stress the term “important”). I begin by writing a subtopic in calligraphy, because I want it to pop out more. (Fun fact: This review sheet is all about making more important info pop out, so this style can be really effective for visual learners!) Below, I jot down key terms with a one or two bullet point description. Significant words are highlighted, written in a different color, or written in marker. Diagrams are also super helpful and aid your comprehension. Sticky notes are mostly for questions that I should further explore.To divide subtopics, I use washi tape or highlighter blocks/lines. And finally, (being extra) I like to doodle between gaps to make it look more finished and dazzling~ ;3

Below is a visual of explaining this in depth~ ^^

Step 4: On the top of the page, I put a small “remember” section, where I write quick reminders to prevent myself from making usual mistakes, such as keeping track of signage in math. This is the first and last thing I look at when reviewing this sheet.

I hope that this tutorial can be helpful in a way, and can get you inspired to take more interesting notes haha~ Thank you for reading through, and I hope you have a productive day!

Final product of review sheet:

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