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Quest for Rail 5 - Ed’s Microphone Stand

While we were waiting for the show to start in Portland I had a good look around.    I could see Thom’s guitar tech tuning guitars from where I was standing and I just stood at the rail taking in as much as I could.  We were right in front of Ed O’Brien’s microphone stand and I noticed a few things about it that made me curious.  There was what appeared to be four little buttons on the diagonal boom that holds the mike and on the main vertical shaft of the stand, there was a little black rectangular platform just a bit bigger than an iPhone and there was a short diagonal shaft with a white ball on it.  I had no idea what any of those things would be used for so I resolved to pay attention once Ed was on stage.  The diagonal shaft with the ball on the end of it turned out to be a place for Ed to hang his tambourine when he was finished playing it during Reckoner. The little black platform was just that - a platform.   Ed’s guitar tech placed some objects on it before one of the songs and they turned out to be guitar picks and a little black object that glowed with blue light.  I had no idea what it might be so I leaned in to Morna’s ear to ask her and she said it was an eBow, which is something I had never heard of before.  Ed held it in his right hand while he played guitar and then returned it to the little platform for his tech to retrieve at the end of the song.   I never did see what Ed used the four little buttons for.