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More heartwarming Amazon commercials time!

It starts with another soft, acoustic song because that is a necessary element of all commercials that make you a little emotional.

It’s mid-morning and Jack is sipping coffee in his kitchen. He looks out the window to see a group of young kids playing street hockey. Then, he sees a much younger girl come out from the house and run up to the group of boys. She’s got a stick that’s too big for her, likely belonging to an older brother. However, the older boys turn her away and Jack watches her face crumple.

Jack frowns, but then pulls out his phone and taps the Amazon Prime app.

A little later, a delivery truck shows up and delivery guy brings a long package up to girl. She’s been sitting on the front porch, still watching the boys hockey with a scowl on her face. The girl opens it to find a hockey stick that’s the perfect size for her. Her face shifts from surprise to beaming happiness.

Jack heads outside with his own hockey stick and a tennis ball. He makes eye contact with the girl across the street and tips his head, silently asking if she wants to play with him. 

In the next shot, the girl and Jack are laughing as they pass the tennis ball between their sticks. They stop when the same group of boys from earlier approaches them. The boys look apologetic, and the indicate that they’d like to play too.

At first the girl crosses her arms and shakes her head, but as the boys sadly turn away, her expression softens. Changing her mind, she calls out to them and they excitedly turn back around again.

The sky fades to dusk. The street lamps lazily flicker on as, one by one, the kids each get called home for dinner. They all high five each other clap each other on the back happily before running down the street to their respective houses.

The girl completes one last slap shot into the plastic net they have set up. She cheers and high-fives one of the last boys remaining on the street. Her mother comes out of the house and calls out to her daughter. The girl waves goodbye to Jack before she runs up the driveway where her mother is waiting with a fond smile.

Kent’s Commercial

People who clean for a living deserve more recognition. No matter if you clean public toilets, in a supermarket, in a school, in a hospital or anywhere else, no matter you’re a cleaning lady, man or nonbinary person, you do important work. It’s not a easy job and it’s not a “less worthy” occupation than other jobs!

You rock, thankyou for your work! <3 

Brand new from my shoot with Pinupworship last year 🍒I’m going to have to get my hands on one of their new tops, I’ve worn this vest to death 💋

So @coffeeandcommonsense and I were talking about Kent and Amazon commercials and then this came to us. (I’ve tweaked it a little.)

It starts with a cutesy song playing the background while featuring a sunny day on street of houses. The Amazon delivery guy knocks on the front door and Kent opens to sign for the package. When he closes the door, Kit runs up to investigate. Kent pulls something out of the package and leaves the box on the floor for Kit to happily climb in.

Later, that afternoon, there’s a second Amazon delivery. Kent opens the door and accepts the package again. There’s a shot of Kit climbing out of the first box and into the new box. In the background, the audience can see Kent leaving the house.

Kent arrives a shelter with huge bags of clothes and supplies and everything! There’s a huge crowd of people as Kent hands out stuff, but at one point, a little girl who’s standing back from the crowd catches his eye. She wistfully watches another child hug a stuffed animal.

Kent looks thoughtful for a moment and then pulls out his phone and taps the Amazon Prime app with a small smile. A little later, an Amazon box arrives at the shelter.

Kent finds the little girl again, and this time, he crouches down and offers her a teddy bear. The little girl lets go of her mother’s hand to shyly accept the stuffed animal. She beams brightly at Kent who smiles back at her while a swell of emotional music designed to tug at your heart strings plays in the background.

Jack’s Commercial

Every time an ad for “Get Out” comes on Spotify i damn near piss myself because holy shit.

Listen, i’m white, ok i know this. I will never be able to fully grasp the exact gravity of walking into a house of white people while being a black guy. 
But as a white people, I know white people are scary as all fucking hell and I personally get terrified about approaching the homes of other white people I have known for a while. Because we are some sketchy motherfuckers. This multiplies when faced with people of color because while humanity in general is suspect, white people are shady enough that the temperature around a good deal of us is several degrees lower than the ambient temperature. 

And like, occasionally it’s a video ad and i just see a guy looking scared as all hell, or it’s just audio and I can hear the Clueless White Girl and i just “run man”
“Run and do not stop till you are home and lock the doors. block her number”

I have no doubts it’s gonna be one hell of a horror movie because historically, we white bastards are the most terrifying thing on this earth. And it shows.

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I wish they gave us the soundtrack to the S2 trailer music. That's another reason I can't stop replaying the trailer, the music is too epic.

I know right, that track is gorgeous! And although I doubt it’ll happen, a clear file would be more than appreciated lol (cmon Sawano even if its just those 97s pleaaaase). That said, you can listen to this recording of the third pv here, and although the quality is awful, you can tell that some notes and instruments slighty differ from the main PV version, aka its more from the same track.

Add in the fact that Sawano has finished the S2 OST entirely, we can hope for a new PV relatively soon, including new music as well! Hurry the F*** up WIT!


I’ve seen a lot of post episode 12 fanart of Yuuri and Yurio growing their hair out so naturally I had to do a ton of hairstyle doodles.

(On another note, thank you for 2000+ followers on my fanart blog *sobs*)

Bonus: the man who started this hair growing/cutting craze:


It started as a small idea and it became a mini film!  I hope it’s not embarrassingly intense. Since I feel like those are kind of things I tell myself when I’m trying to get through some stuff. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and I hope everything you want comes true this year.