be impressed that took ages for me to get right

Pirates of Love Reaction -- Bloody Sparkles

Since its Voltage Nostalgia Week, and PIL is first. I thought it be appropriate

Those goddam mother flipping hamster roller coaster, son of a motherless ogre donkey moon martians SPARKLES!

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jesapeak  asked:

I found your maybe larry moment in the video. I have the still but no clue as to how to send it to Still new here. Um. You have to make a 1 sec gif from 4:37 in the video then split that gif into frames. Who managed to find it without knowing to look for it? Because that's impressive.

Oh my GOD…you’re right. It took me ages to do this because it’s not even like a full second. Here’s 4:36

And then 4:37 has like five things happen rapid fire, but I managed to somehow get this:

Louis’ probably like ‘You alright, love? Is this water too cold? Where’s that ridiculous coat? Why were you wearing that? Does anyone know?’