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A Thousand Times Good Night

“Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.”

Not my forte style but here’s my take on some Renaissance Victuuri art. Victor as Romeo and Yuuri as Juliet. It’s a little late but THANK YOU FOR 900+ followers! Here we go, road to 1k!

Please do not repost without permission. Reblogs very much appreciated!

I still feel so heavily triggered when people say (ESPECIALLY POPULAR POSTS) that Kubo and Yoi is just fujoshi/bl trash and everything in it is a fetish 

YES Yoi has fanservice but that is more like buttservice and everyone in the fandom knows it.That’s it.Everything else between Victor and Yuuri has a meaning and Kubo and the rest of the staff are definitely not baiting us.

Remember what Kubo said before Yoi aired? That when she would write a strong relationship with two of the same genders everyone would think she’s just aiming too hard? I have to think about that every time I read that shit….

The Yoi staff will have my support foreeverrrr 

hi victor is soft and good but so is yuuri…. bc surprisingly he can be as hardcore as he is and still be equally as gentle and full of love as his bf thanks

and victor was lonely and depressed for years but still cared so much abt pleasing his fans and being kind to them that he had a literal reputation for “victor nikiforov is always nice to his fans” and setting world records and holding his head high, both of them are both rly strong and tough ppl who are at the same time soft and loving and good. you don’t have to focus on one trait or the other with either of them. they both exist.