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love ur trans girl goats everyone *heart eyes emoji*

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Betty watching archie and Veronica together Jughead: aren't they cute betty? Betty: yea.. Jughead's smile vanished, he whispers to her: I thought you said you're over him Betty: I meant what I said. Jughead: so? Why are you upset now Betty answered him after trying to hide her tears for a moment by looking at yellow flower she was holding the whole time: someone once told me "most of the time, the people we like don't like us back"


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Arz isn't at Coachella, she went last weekend (when Luke stayed home) and now he's there alone as well and she's on tour with Blackbear which makes it /that/ more awkward lol

shit yeah how awkward, i forgot couples aren’t allowed to spend time apart from one another


IU IS THE FREAKING QUEEN like name me someone that debuts at 16 being a solo, got called awful names, a flop but continue to prove her worth as one of Korea’s most established and successful artist. On top of that, she got no backing whatsoever, struggling even with daily life because of poverty. And, she started writing her own songs just three years into her debut with overwhelming responses.

And let me go into her as a person. She is the kindest, nicest and most genuine person I’ve seen in the entertainment industry. We all know she’s the boss of fan service. Know why? She always, always, talks to fans like friends. Even when it gets crowded and her manager had to pull her away to prevent her from getting hurt. She knows that her fans wouldn’t cause any harm to her and insisted to walk with them. How she always brings snacks from overseas for fans that waits for her at the airport? So many instances where she did heart-warming things like giving her fan a charged subway card. These actions may seem small, but that’s exactly what connects IU and her fans. Let’s not forget how she said she wants to be an artist that can protect her fans.

And let’s go into her friends shall we? IU sticks to her friends. She’s trustworthy and reliable. Look at her friendship with Yoo In Na, ever since the variety show, Heroes, they have been the best of friends and continue to display their friendship with mentioning each other here and there, inviting IU to In Na’s radio show, travelling together and recently even filmed a CF together (YAS GET THOSE CASH GURLS). She has shown friendships with some of her idol friends, Luna, Suili, Ji Yeon, Jong Hyun, Oh Hyuk, Lee Joon Ki and so on. Let’s not forget about the rumoured song that she wrote for Ji Yeon during her tough period.

Moving on to her relationships with people she works with. I think most Uaena are probably in their late teens, twenties or thirties. I suppose we have work experiences. You know how colleagues works, they are just colleagues. Maybe a few that you can be friendly with, but what are the odds? But we see IU sticking with the same managers, stylists, hair & makeup artists, dancers for years. And they are friends that actually follows each other on social media and she gifts them Christmas presents as well. Heck, she even hangs out with her manager that she probably sees like, 300 days of in a year.

She consistently get praised by people she works with, especially big seniors in the music industry.

Now let me boast about this talented and extraordinary lady. She is literally the master of all trades. Singing, dancing, rapping, composing, lyric writing, acting, MC-ing. What makes her even prettier is how hard she works and how much she actually enjoys it. Remember when someone asked why she works so much, was she being pushed by her agency since she was EVERYWHERE, agreeing to almost all shows that invited her. And she said that she really enjoyed her schedule.

Also, she’s the damn queen of charts. All-kills? Always. Perfect all-kills that most artists hardly achieve in their career? She did that. The amount of downloads of her songs, the unique listeners. How spread out her listeners are, age wise and gender wise, proving that she’s a household name. Speaking of that, queen of CFs! Ranging from fried chicken to soju to electronics to gaming software to phone apps to painkiller medicine to skincare. Queen of relevancy coming through.

IU has been and still gets called a “weak vocal” but that all boils down to personal preferences. I much rather listen to her soft, sweet and mellow voice than a vocalist that belts out a high note for like, 5 seconds. Her songs are smoothing and comforting, like a home. When I’m happy, I sway along to it. When I’m upset, it calms me down. That’s the type of music I can listen to for a long, long time.