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What Happens In Vegas... (Part 1)

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Summary: After a nasty breakup, you head to Vegas to try and have some fun, only to find yourself completely overwhelmed and alone. However, your bartender comes to the rescue, making you an offer you don’t want to refuse. Thanks to him, your week long vacation certainly turns out differently than you could have ever expected.

Author’s Note: This is my first ever Bucky story and I am so excited! It was written for @bionic-buckyb‘s AU Writing Challenge in celebration of 5k followers. My prompt was ‘vegas’, so I really hope I did it justice! I’m planning on turning this into a mini-series, so please, let me know what you think!!! 

Warnings: Language; mentions of cheating; pure, teeth rotting fluff; heavy make-out session

Word Count: Roughly 5,000 (yikes)


Sliding onto the stool with a sigh, you propped your chin on your hand and stared at the colorful bottles of various alcohols in front of you. This was so not how you wanted to spend this night, but it was better than locking yourself in your room like a hermit. If you were being honest, just thinking about the next few days made anxious nerves twist in your stomach. This trip was mistake, I should’ve just left well enough alone-

“What can I get you, sweetheart?” The deep voice broke your trance, bringing your attention to the bartender.

“I’ll have a shot of Patrón,” you mumbled, straightening up and pointing at the bottle. “Silver, please.” You watched as he poured the liquid into the glass, picking it up and slamming it back as soon as it was full. Shoving it back toward him with a grimace, you cleared your throat before speaking again, trying to talk around the burn. “Hit me.”

Not taking your eyes off the glass, you watched as he poured you another, once again slamming it back and repeating the request. After the third, you needed a break.

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anonymous asked:

hihihi, can i request todoroki comforting an s/o who's just really sore after training? thanks!

Aaaa thanks for requesting, dear! Such an adorable idea

LITTLE SPOILER ALERT! I caught up with the manga and aaaa now the kids are living in UA and they have their dorms and such…so I decided to use that idea for this request. Just imagine this happens during their second or third year, and they still live in the dorms.


That’s exactly what you felt as you saw the results of your hero exam. Pure, utter disappointment. It wasn’t that bad really, it was a pretty good score to be honest, it was enough for a student with your training. But it wasn’t enough for you. You were aiming much higher than that, you wanted to be a pro hero and “enough” results, clearly weren’t enough at all.

That’s why you were making such an effort, that’s why you kept waking up so early every day, even before the sun dared to peek from above the horizon, to train and improve your abilities. You didn’t tell anyone about this little ritual of yours, you knew most would consider it unnecessary,and you didn’t want any scolding or advice about giving up on it. You just wanted to be the same level than your peers, than Todoroki…you didn’t want to be left behind. All of your friends were just so powerful! And you were going to fight until you reached their level.

You were currently running around the main building…how many loops had you gave?? You didn’t know, you lost count after the hundredth. Your watch beeped, telling you you had just ran for an hour, and that you should stop. But you weren’t going to stop. You had about forty minutes till the time everyone’s morning alarm usually went off, and you were not going to waste a single second of it. You would have enough time to bathe and put on your uniform anyways, so there was no need to stop. Nothing else mattered. Not your shaking limbs, nor your burning muscles, nor your ragged, wheezing breath. Nothing was going to stop you.

Unless, maybe, your legs giving up on you and let you fall into the ground. And that’s exactly what happened.

You managed to land on your hands and knees, fortunately, and your face didn’t receive any damage. But damn, did it hurt. Both on your scrapped skin and your shattered dignity, as you shifted your shaking body to properly sit on the floor and let out a tired, angsty sigh.

You had failed yet again.

You thought that if you didn’t push your self to your limits, if you never broke the boundaries of your capacities…you would never achieve anything. That’s why you pushed yourself that much, that’s why you added more and more minutes to your routine, and that’s why you were so stressed about your body putting you some restrains. What if you never improved? What if this was your maximum capacity already? What if…?

Suddenly, you felt a wet, freezing surface pressing against the heated skin of your neck, and a shriek erupts your lips as an inevitable shiver runs all the way down your spine. You turn your head, pretty much startled, to find no one but your boyfriend, Todoroki Shoto, with a cold water bottle in hand.

“Shoto” you gasped, your breath even more agitated after the shock “don’t do that, you scared me”

“Sorry” his voice sounded serious, even more that usual, as he handed you the drink “here, have this. I just cooled it myself”


You gulped down half of the water as Todoroki sat next to you on the grass, staring at you, his brow knitted. His hair was damp and he carried a towel on his shoulders, meaning he was probably just out of the shower, and he still wasn’t wearing his uniform. You wandered what had him up so early, when the sun wasn’t even out yet with the exception of some peeping sunrays that tainted the sky with that peculiar pinkish color. You weren’t sure of his motives, but if there was something you were surely certain about, is that he was mad. Mad at you. And yet, he took the trouble of bringing you some water. You felt like shit.

“What did I tell you about overworking yourself?” he lectured you, trying to pick up your gaze with his, since you were clearly trying to avoid his eyes.

“That I shouldn’t do it” you replied, remembering previous advising from his part

“And what were you just doing?”

“Simply training” you fooled anyone, judging by the look in his solemn eyes “ok, yes… I was overworking myself again. I’m sorry”

“I don’t want you to get hurt, [name]”

“I won’t, don’t worry” you tried to act all confident, since you didn’t want him to stop you “come on, let’s get back inside. I need to shower and…” But as you were picking your self up from the floor, your legs started quivering again and they threw you back to your place “ouch!”

Todoroki’s eyes widened for a fragment of second, but he calmed down as soon as he realized you were ok, not knowing if he should voice out some words of pity or the biggest “I told you so” in the history of time. He gave out a long breath, deciding it was no time to keep scolding you, as you rubbed your aching legs and looked as if you really were in pain.

“Come here” he said, approaching you, making you feel confused as he suddenly grabbed your feet and began to untie your shoelaces “where does it hurt?”

“Like, everywhere” there was no need to lie anymore, he already knew you felt like dying. So you didn’t even try to hide your exhaustion any longer.

You weren’t sure of what he was about to do as he took off your running shoes and socks, but you were certainly kind of embarrassed. His actions were so sudden sometimes he didn’t leave you any time to formularte a reaction. Was he about to give you a massage? You opened your mouth to speak, to tell him it wasn’t necessary, but your words turned into a sigh of utter satisfaction as soon as the cool fingers of his right hand touched the skin of your hurting feet.

You closed your eyes, clenching them a bit tighter whenever he put pressure on a sore spot, and let him silently continue his treatment without complaints. His fingers were strong, yet unbelievably gentle. Talented, experienced, as if he had done it a million times before. Had he?

“Does it help?” he asked, his tone much softer, anger slowly drifting away. You nodded. And he took it as a green light to start fondling your calves instead “what were you thinking when you did this to yourself?”

“I don’t know” you pouted, looking away from him again “I just wanted to become strong”

“You are strong”

“Stronger” you blurted out, unthinking “you wouldn’t understand, you are naturally strong…”

Jealousy strained your voice and clouded your mind, making you oblivious to your surroundings. And to your boyfriend’s obvious feelings. You realized something was wrong when you felt the gripping, forceful way in which he grabbed your leg, almost clawing on it. And you didn’t even have time to notice the flaw on your words when he spoke next:

“My mother used to do this to me when my father forced me into training”

You turn to look at him and gulp, contemplating the peaceful, yet melancholic way in which he kept massaging your limbs. You couldn’t believe you had just said that. How could you be so insensible?? It was obvious his strength wasn’t just a gift from his genes. You felt sorry for making unnecessary assumptions, and you also felt stupid.

“Shoto, I…”

“Don’t be sorry, I understand” he cut you off, raising his hands up your leg to treat your knee “I know how frustrating it is to feel like you are never enough. Try to imagine…I was supposed to surpass All Might!”

You giggled, leaning forwards to peck his cheek, and making him outline the first smile of his day.

“You ARE strong enough though, you hot and cold badass”

He rolled his eyes, stopping the magical movement of his hands only to hold your face instead and pull you in for a quick kiss on the lips.

“Stop saying stupid things” he said, even though the slight blush and the grin on his face said otherwise “Are you sore somewhere else?”

“My thighs” the words came out naturally, so rapidly and sincere you weren’t able to think about their meaning, the actions they would spark…you weren’t aware of what you had just requested…

Not until Todoroki suddenly pulled your back against his chest, holding your body between his legs and placing his chin on top of your shoulder, and began to gently stroke the back of your tired thighs. Holy cow.

“Shoto!” you stuttered, thankful for the fact he wasn’t able to see your face getting red in that position “what are you doing??”

“Isn’t it obvious? Massaging your thighs”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“Does it make you uncomfortable?” he asked, stopping the motion “Do you want me to stop?”

Your lips were beginning to ache from the way you were biting on then with mortification, you wouldn’t be able to look at him in the eye for like, a week. But you were not uncomfortable. No, that wasn’t the feeling. You were embarrassed, most certainly, but you trusted him enough, and you knew he was doing it out of utter adoration. Plus, it felt frickin fantastic.

“No” you whispered shyly “please continue”

As he got his hands back to work you were scared about the possibility of someone witnessing such a scene. What if any of your classmates decided to open the window and saw you?? Or even worst…what if any of the teachers did??? That would be a total nightmare. However, with each passing second of the cold digits pressing against your flesh, you felt your worries gradually melting away.

His fingers were experts, methodically finding the tense spots and massaging the muscle until it softened. You were able to see the force he was putting into it for the way your skin sunk as he pressed, but the constant cold of his right hand kept any sort of pain away. Soon enough you were able to completely let down your guard and relax, becoming a humming pile of goo between his arms, and concentrating in nothing but the detailed work of his digits and his breath against his neck.

“Feeling better?” he asked, circling his thumb against your inner thigh.

“Yeah…you are really good at this” you murmured, totally pleased “I don’t want to get up like, never”

“Unfortunately, it’s almost time for class” He announced, kissing the back of your head and stopping the oh so magical work of his hands “Come on, you need to take a bath. That will help you muscles relax….also you smell like sweat” 

“Gee, thanks” Sarcasm was so useful sometimes “How much time do I have, though?”

“About twenty minutes, you need to hurry” He stood up and cleaned the dust out of his pants, looking at you expectantly, waiting for you to stand up. But instead of doing so, you smiled goofily and faked a pout “What??”

“I don’t think I can walk aaaaall the way up to my room alone…my legs are still a bit sore”

Todoroki sighed, not able to conceal the fond smile that curved his lips, as without even attempting a complaint he ducked in front of you, let you cling onto his back, and carried you back to your room. He couldn’t help it, he was a spoiling boyfriend.

mercy pt 4

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader/Jimin

Length: 4.2k words

Summary: You knew the relationship was falling apart, you just couldn’t accept it. 

Part One Part Two Part Three

Even in the end if you’re with me, I’m okay..

When people say sometimes time is all you need, they’re most likely right. I always ignored those who told me countless of times that all I needed to be happy again was time. But although I wasn’t quite healed yet, I felt myself getting there. It had been almost two months since that night. Two months since it took everything in me to snap, to let out all the anger and desperation I had bottled up inside me. I went home that night crying, completely destroyed and for days after that I fought against answering their calls and no matter how badly I wanted to crawl back, I used up the tiny bit of strength I had in me to just ignore. Even when one of them would show up knocking on my door, I would quietly sit on the other side waiting until they would eventually leave. To my surprise however, it was Yoongi who constantly called and the one who showed up at my house more than I expected. Since I had blocked his number he would leave a note on my door letting me know he dropped by which always seemed to make my heart flutter but regardless I decided to delete all my social media pages wiping my phone from more chances of possibly giving in.

Yes, it was nice to finally have the guts to do everything in my power to avoid the constant mixed signals and pain I was putting myself through, but to say I was happy was clearly a lie. I found myself sleeping too much or sleeping too little, eating more than usual or eating just enough to make it through the day, and crying endlessly or not shedding a single tear. My moods constantly shifted and I had no idea how to control it, and my body was just exhausted. I lost count of the number of days I’ve spent with my back against the wall trying to figure out where exactly things went wrong. If I had just done things differently I wouldn’t be sitting alone in my apartment everyday wondering of what could’ve been.

But then even if things still fell apart with Yoongi, why can’t I let go?

Why can’t he let go?

Is it because deep down inside we both know there’s still something there? Something that’s keeping both of us from doing what we should’ve done months ago, and it gets me thinking that maybe just maybe our time isn’t quite done yet.

And I’m tired of fighting it..

“How much did you pack Y/N?” Namjoon groaned struggling to put my overfilled luggage in the trunk, “I swear you put rocks in here or something.”

“I just wanted to make sure I packed enough!” I shot back rolling my eyes at him, “and you haven’t even told me where we’re going yet so I had no idea on what to pack.”

“After all these years you never learned how to be patient,” he mumbled dramatically wiping away the non apparent sweat from his face, “It’s a surprise.”

I sighed and began marching away, “it’s just my birthday Joon I told you I didn’t want to do anything crazy.”

“You deserve this Y/N, you actually deserve a lot more.”

“I really don’t..” I whispered to myself getting in the car.

Although my birthday was only a day away, I wasn’t necessarily excited. I was at a weird place in my life where I wasn’t exactly happy, so “big” things like my birthday didn’t seem to phase me as much as I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Namjoon so much for taking me on some unknown adventure this weekend. But to say I was excited was a lie and it just sucks.

It sucks because I’m still at a point where I still blame myself for every bad thing that happened lately. Every choice that I made has led me to here- unhappy.

And I hate that I’m not happy. I hate that everyone else has the power to change my moods in an instant, and I hate the fact that I let myself get to the point where I cannot make myself happy.

And maybe that’s where I fucked up.

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my lurk list for taylor

@taylorswift, hi my love!!! i know it’s hard for you to follow people at this point so i figured i’d at least give you a list of people i care for deeply who don’t have a follow/have never been noticed but are worth being lurked. these are some of my best friends from taylor trash zone and i love them. they all love you so much and i promise they’re fantastic people. 

@kanyeinterruptedme - tati. she’s my best friend and despite her horrid url, she’s incredible. hear me out. her url actually matches her personality, which is one that’s a little bit chaotic and sarcastic, but you know what??? she’s the most loving person i’ve ever met. like ever. the moment i need anything she’s there. not only will she send me paragraph after paragraph of love, but she’ll make me laugh while doing that. she’s the kinda friend everyone needs, to be honest.

@thelasttime - madie. too pure for this world. far, far too pure. i cannot stress enough how p u r e madie is. when people are being mean to others, madie’s the first one to step away with me and decide not to take part. we’ve actually bonded over our desire not to talk down on anyone else. she’s like my little sister and a huge ray of sunshine that i would protect w my life. worth lurking. so pure.

@shesdeads - eliot. eliot and i met when i was having a rough time. this was back before anyone really paid me any attention. he didn’t know me at all and yet he messaged me to make sure i was okay. his intention was pure and incredible and i’ll never forget that first conversation we had, where he told me he wanted to make sure i was okay because there’s too much evil in the world for him not to do what he could when he had the chance. he also makes nice edits and rescues kittens in his free time. an angel??? in the flesh??? more possible than you think, tyler swiffer.

@gothswift - cole. another actual angel. did you know he’s eliot’s human? they’re the absolute cutest together. i support them wholeheartedly. the kind of person who goes to the store to buy you gatorade and soup when you’re sick with no expectations other than to make you feel better. also rescues kittens in his spare time. wears your rep sweater even when it’s so hot outside he’s sweating because he loves you so much. hella talented. great friend. 

@tylrx - jaidyn. actual cinnamon roll. sometimes sad and it breaks my heart because she’s so kind and uplifting to everyone around her. always supportive. even compliments my fake demon voice and calls it impressive instead of telling me to shut up. seriously that supportive. says that your music is what helps her keep going on the hard days and i can attest to such. doesn’t hesitate to check on other people when they’re down so i think she deserves to be checked on by you.

@bleachela - peyton. smol cutie. wears junior jewels shirt with the name of all of our friends on it around even when it’s not halloween yet. has a cute smile. here for all of us whenever we need it. so uplifting and cheerful and boldly herself in the midst of all of life’s chaos. one of the purest of the pure. i couldn’t tell you a single bad thing about her. 

@blankspaces - lucy. incredibly giving human. would never brag about this herself but once coughed up tons of money to support cole and eliot save a kitten without hesitation and never even spoke publicly about it bc she didn’t care about recognition. has the most adorable accent on earth and a cute face.

@shakeitoff - aditi. has a unique name that’s fun to say. lives in india. smol 16 year old cinnamon roll. so pure it almost hurts me. sometimes gets sad and doesn’t deserve to feel such a way. one time offered me a ton of a+ urls when tumblr deleted my blog. didn’t even know me at this time, just wanted to make me feel better. hecka giving and a ride or die kind of friend.

To be honest, if someone cared enough about my soul to cultivate it (and me, by extension), cared enough about it to fight to the death for me and make me into a better (as in more augmented, not more morally pure) version of myself, cared enough about my soul to care for me, EVEN IF IN THE END THEY WANTED TO CONSUME IT, that’d just be the fuckin’ hottest thing in the whole damn universe. The “wanting to consume it” all by itself is pretty hot anyway, not gonna lie.

Seriously, what makes you think that Sebastian cares any less for Ciel (in his own demonic way) just because he wants to eat his soul? Like… what? I do not understand this whole “Well, he just wants to eat his soul, he doesn’t actually care about Ciel” line. Motherfucker, do you not SEE all that Sebastian does for Ciel? How is wanting to eat someone’s soul equivalent to NOT caring about them? 

Somebody explain this to me. 

Actually no, don’t. I’m tired. I’m older than dirt and I’m tired and I have a real job and a real life and I’m in this fandom for two things: Sebastian and Ciel. And if that ain’t why you’re here, you and I can kindly go to our respective corners of the fandom and never ever even have to interact. Because that’s the beauty of the internet.

Just let me have my hot kinky demon sex fantasies and go away. ;)

Headcanons To Fix The Canon

Re: Kara not knowing any science

Many have lamented the recent reveal that Kara didn’t know what Lena was talking about when she mentioned quantum entanglement and polyatomic anions, because in the comics she was a part of the science guild on Krypton, and in television canon, her biological father, foster father, foster mother, and adoptive sister were all scientists.

Most of the fix-its I’ve seen include that Kara was actually lying to Lena about not knowing any science. Since Kara wouldn’t really have any motivation to do that and since, such in improv, headcanons work best with the show if we say “Yes, and…” instead of “No,” I starting thinking about more fitting options.

So far, I’ve come up with it being that Kara just doesn’t know the english terms for scientific things she learned on Krypton or know the differences between Kryptonian science and human science (such as all the inaccuracies human science likely contains at this less developed stage).

But I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t try to learn it.

That she’s more into the humanities was an option, and likely true in canon to a degree. But that wouldn’t stop her from liking science too.

That it was Alex’s thing and she didn’t want to take anything else from her was another option, which I believe I recall from a fic or two that I read.

(I didn’t like this one as much because it relieves the weight of Kara’s guilt a bit by having her have sacrificed for Alex, too, when they were growing up and I’d rather relieve the guilt and tension through plot in present time than lessen it through headcanons of what happened in the past.)

Another theory I read and slightly expanded upon was that she couldn’t actively pursue science because at 13 she already knew far more than her teachers and correcting them would draw too much attention to herself, so the act of suppressing herself and unlearning the truth she knew in order to past tests of what human’s know made science Not Fun and she avoided it. 

This was my leading headcanon for a while.

Until it came to me.

It reminds her too much of Krypton.

The Danvers are all sitting around the table, Kara included, now, empty plates and energized conversation. It drifts to science, eventually. To what Alex learned in school today, what new project Jeremiah was working on, the tricky patient Eliza dealt with. 

And they’re so happy and invigorated by it all. The advancements they’ll make. What Earth will become.

When Jeremiah does his best to translate the complex scientific ideas of his work into simple english for both Alex and Kara. Kara has an easier time understanding than Jeremiah knows, as the concepts are the same as things she learned a while ago on Krypton, but she just listens to him.

And it reminds her of Astra’s gentle patience and care when teaching her the stars. Of her father and her uncle’s excited murmurs about the council’s latest scientific project request. Of her mother probing the ethics of their ideas.

And Kara misses it. 

It takes everything in her not to picture her own family sitting around the table, instead. Speaking in a different language, the conversation a little more complex, but with the same energy. The same love.

And Kara hates it. 

It takes everything in her not to picture this family dying. This planet, dying.

Because her family’s love of science and each other couldn’t save them. They were years and years ahead of this planet, and yet they couldn’t think their way out of it. How does Earth stand a chance?

So Kara excuses herself from the table. 

She zones out in science class. 

Opts out of going to a science conference with Alex.

Asks the boy from her class to stop when he starts naming constellations. (She doesn’t want to know them yet. Krypton’s sky will always be her sky. But when Astra arrives, she wonders if she should allow herself to know them. Because now this is Astra’s sky too, right? Maybe she and Astra can get to know this night sky together. But she dies and Kara tells herself that she prefers the sun anyway.)

So she tells them that she’s bored with science, and they believe her because they have no reason not to. 

So she never really learns Earth’s science. She tells herself that doesn’t want it. 

Science was a part of another life. The life in which she grew up a part of the science guild. The life in which science was enough. In which Krypton banded together and saved their planet, differences and doubts be damned.

But she leaves that life behind because she needs to be better. To do better.

And that’s why Kara chooses to be a reporter. 

Science couldn’t save her planet. It wasn’t enough. The pure and honest truth couldn’t save them, because it couldn’t make them act.

But words

Oh, the right words might have.

anonymous asked:

Your favorite mystic messenger blogs?? Curious bc i see lots of fic reblogs and theres sooo many different blogs xD

Aw yis, I was sort of excited to do this. One thing, though, I’m not awfully acquainted with a whole of blogs, but I’m going to do my best

First off, writers:

@anyway-i-love-vanderwood Okay, I found this blog a few hours agp, but I l o v e it. To be honest, Vanderwood isn’t my cup of tea, but their writing is amazing so I can’t? not? like?

@choisgirls I read all of their masterlist in a couple of hours one day, because I just really love both of the admin’s writing. Speaking of the admins, they’re hilarious, and answer asks really nicely and funnily

@imaginethis-mysticmessenger (I constantly feel attacked that I can never see the profile picture and I associate the with the circle default icon lmao) They reblog lots of art and cute stuff! Plus!!! They also write cute stuff (and their requests are open if I’m not mistaken)

@mysme-fics This blog has such an array of writing and pretty much any scenario you could think of. They’re also really good with having posts for time zones and keeping up with masterposts if you feel like reading a lot

@mysmespoo So many writings that have make me laugh and smile. Everything’s so precious, and all the admins are excellent at writing!

@portuguesesinnerwrites SO! ADORABLE! With some art reblogs that I like a lot

@specialagent-606 Honey, how could I not recommend this blog. Honestly can’t put it into words how much I love their blog and writing (also who I used the matchup format from!)

@thehoneybuddhadefender Absolute dear that is currently doing some rp if you nerds are interested and writes nice things!

Art blogs:

I don’t follow a whole lot despite me loving the art in this fandom but

@sallteas (Obviously) They’re such a good person and their art style makes me feel !!!, and I just love it a whole lot

@vess-hs Honey, if you’re not following them you n e e d to (also, I’m 80% sure they’re doing a stream at the moment)

@talentlessartblog Their way of drawing male MC makes me feel so pure and cleansed to be honest

@vo-dcc The! cutest! Jumin and V works!

@cygnetdraws They just did a series of mm characters and I love them so much

@thedailymushroom They’re the one with the blushy Saeran hug comic! Every work they do makes me feel ajfjdjfoisjffdf

@didem-dg They did the constellation set that makes me love space more than i already do

@hikcups Amazingly cute V, enough said

@ceceru did you mean: a blessing to this earth

@sketchyy-pencil Their custom MC is my life source

I think I like these blogs the most, but I’m sure there’s countless others! Also, since I’m a trashcan for JuminV, there’s a blog, @juminvweek, that are putting together work for April 10th through the 16th! Anyways, I hope I didn’t forget anybody, but I might update this later! Have a good day, nerds!

septipler123  asked:

Hey I would like to ask if u could make a septiplier comic! If u do make one could felix be involved in it pls? Thnx if u do <3

For being honest. if i had to draw a comic, that would have been a cute and pure pewdieken wahn. Plus Im not in the mood anymoar for septi’. (ノ・д・)ノ

But wahteveh. i’m not skilled enough for comics and nobody would be interested. That would be a waste of mah time and yours //cries// ヽ( ・A・)ノ

My contribution for @jilyfest, something that I started ages ago and had to yell at myself to finish (I’m sure many of you can relate). A childhood love trope and Muggle AU that is rife with clichés. The title is from Taylor Swift’s This Love because Taylor has a way with words (unlike James and Lily, bless them).

when you’re young, you just run
harry potter || jily || pg—13 || 2200 words
about wanting closure, but what you get isn’t always what you want, sometimes it’s better.

Lily Evans had always wanted to escape from Cokeworth, with its grit and dustiness and its small town feel. But much like the dirt that perpetually lived under the fingernails of many of its residents, Cokeworth was something Lily could not quite rid herself of. Her mum, who kicked up a royal fuss any time she came back to visit, still lived here, and all of her childhood memories were rooted in the city, from the now rusty swing sets, to the lake that froze over in the winter, to the old Potter house that overlooked the rest of the town.

She pretended she had no real reason why she had felt the need to return to Cokeworth one last time before her move to Paris at the end of the week. She could pretend it was to see her mum and Petunia, who had deigned to visit as well, but the truth was that there was an aching sense of unfinished business that had pulled her back here. And she was not a fool; she knew that the likelihood of said unfinished business being resolved was slim to none, but she also knew that if she hadn’t given life a chance to work itself out, she might regret it, and Lily Evans was not one to regret anything.

Well, almost anything.

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October Destiel AU Challenge: Day 6 - Flexibility

31 Days of Destiel Drabbles: Day 6 - I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Tha–Oh No, The Yoga Teacher’s Hot

“This is stupid, Sam.”

Sam sighs and throws Dean a patented bitchface. This one in particular is his “your very presence is annoying me” bitchface. “Just give it a try, Dean. Geez, for the last time. You might like it.”

Dean scrunches his nose up in distaste at the very idea. “Yeah, I don’t see how that’s possible.”

Sam throws up a hand in frustration. “You know, it won’t kill you to step out of your comfort zone for once and try something new.”

“Hey, I got no problem trying new things. But really? Yoga? That’s for chicks and hipsters.”

This time he’s rewarded with bitchface number 3: your ignorance is astounding. “It’s just a form of exercise, Dean,” Sam insists. “It doesn’t have a gender. Look, just…try it, okay? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come back.”

Dean eyes the studio with disdain, and has to force himself to walk through the front door. “I don’t know if I can even do all this bendy crap.” He looks down at his left leg and scowls. Even though it’s been over a year since a landmine came way too close to blowing it off, it still gives him trouble sometimes and causes him to walk with a limp. “Probably just gonna end up making a fool of myself,” he grunts.

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Tips for Chaste Dating

1. Talk about chastity!!
This is possibly the most important thing in any relationship; talk about sex and do it as soon as possible. He needs to know that you intend to save yourself for marriage and what that means. I’ve been surprised in my own dating experience; when guys hear “I don’t believe in sex outside of marriage”, they tend to hear “I’ll do everything else, but I want to remain a virgin”. Be specific. If going without sexual activity is a deal breaker, you both need to know asap.
2. It’s okay if he asks why you’re waiting, but if he tries to argue against your reasons, he’s wrong for you.
It honestly does not matter if you are waiting to have sex until the alien overlords return. If you don’t want to have sex, he should respect that. It’s actually an enormous red flag if he argues or tries to propose a compromise. I dated a guy who suggested we meet in the middle and have sex, like, once a month. Don’t go out with a guy like that, girl. You deserve better.
3. Go to church together!
It makes chastity a lot easier when you both are nourishing your souls. And doing so together can be an incredible bonding experience. Make the other person part of your life with God. Pray together, go to church together, hit up bible studies together. Be soul food for your partner.
4. Steer clear of pornography.
Beyond the fact that it’s a little (a lot) disrespectful to be getting off on someone else’s naked body while you’re in a relationship or the other ton of things wrong with porn, it is actually a lot easier to be chaste with your partner if your mind is occupied with pure, wholesome things.
5. You will mess up.
It may be a small mess up and it may be a big mess up. Someone’s hand may go where it doesn’t belong. You may go too far together. But you probably will mess up. Chastity is pretty trial and error in some ways. You may have to regularly reevaluate what’s working for you guys and what’s not. That’s okay. Be open, be understanding, be honest, and don’t place blame.
6. Don’t make it harder on each other.
As I said above, you are probably going to screw up a little. Chastity is active. You have to love your partner enough to make note of the fact that it’s harder for him to think pure thoughts or keep his cool when you wear that one pair of jeans, flirt a certain way, put yourselves in a certain situation, etc. There’s a tendency in this generation to place all the responsibility on the man (i.e., “It doesn’t matter what I wear, his chastity is his responsibility.”) And while chastity is each person’s individual duty, if you find yourself thinking that way, you do not love your boyfriend and you need to break up. If you loved him, you’d not want to make this harder for him. And vice versa.
7. Pray, pray, pray!

Title: Trust Regained
Pairing: USUK
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
AU: Human
Rating: T
Words: 1,833
Summary: After breaking Alfred’s trust, Arthur is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. 
A/N: Here’s the sequel to trust! Hope y’all like it!! :) Part 1 is here

Alfred had not spoken to him in two days. Two terrible, heart wrenching, agonizing days. They’d been the worst two days of Arthur’s life to date.

He’d hurt Alfred. Arthur had never, never intended to do such a thing to begin with, but to do it so badly on top of it all. He’d been with the man for a year, and never once had he reached the point where the American was too upset to even look at him. He’d smashed the American’s heart and he knew it. Arthur knew that there was no easy fix to the mistake he’d made; there were no words he could string together to convey how guilty he was, no gesture he could make that would ever restore Alfred’s trust in him.

Trust. The American had gifted it to him so, so easily. As with everyone in his life, Alfred had let Arthur into his heart with arms wide open. He’d been pure and honest every step of their relationship, and eventually he’d even managed to earn the closed-off Brit’s trust.

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anonymous asked:

dany is not black and white you idiot. she's a grey character.

Ok, this is actually a great opportunity for me to expand on what I think about Dany’s character. Yes, she’s neither a black or white, but she’s also not your typical grey character. Unlike Cersei or Jaime who both embody what we often recognize as grey characters of different shades, what sets Dany apart is that what she has is a polarity of black and white. She is not just someone with a good heart, but a person whose goodness has been described as something godlike. She is called Mhysa by the multitude of people she helped. The people whom she saved, whom she liberated, placed her on a pedestal to the point of worship. They put the highest form of premium on her goodness. There’s a messianic aspect to her desire to protect others, and that’s what makes her “whiteness” so sharp that not even Jon has that kind of narrative or description attached to him.

On the other hand, and partly because it’s really a stark contrast to her position as Mhysa, there is ruthlessness in her that underscores the other side of her motherhood. While she represents the “extreme” of the medieval concept of motherhood, as someone who take her of her “children,” she also rejects the role of a mother, in that she doesn’t nurture. She is a mother of dragon in that she gives birth to some form of “monstrosity,” of something people will fear and not love. Her dragons burn as she destroys societal norms and structures. She is someone who is willing to use violence and sees violence as a form of extending justice. And like her position as Mhysa, her role as the Mother of Dragons also places her on a pedestal. 

So in a way, her role as Mhysa and Mother of Dragons place Dany on two sets of poles so opposite and so contradictory that they are difficult to reconcile, which makes her a very original character for me. Her story is even a critique of those two poles. It’s a constant dilemma for her to balance these two roles, which her story in Meereen is what’s all about. There, she tries to be more of a Mhysa, and forgotten her role as Mother of Dragons. But to finally embrace fire and blood, she also has to let go of this image of a Mother that takes care and nurture. A grey character is not enough to describe her character to be honest. She has more complexity in that it’s really difficult to categorize her, which perhaps places her as the most controversial and most polarizing character in ASOIAF.  I love it, because that makes her so interesting for me. I’m not the most read person out there so maybe there is a naivety in my next comment, but I swear I haven’t seen a character like Daenerys Targaryen. 

I’m not sure if that makes sense, but let just say that she has the duality of a pure black and a pure white. 

(She really is a great subject for anyone who wants to discuss or tackle any theoretical/philosophical question on human condition.) 

SEVENTEEN: Sharing your first kiss, makeout session and cuddles.

Hello! Thank you again for the request c: I’m sorry this took so long haha, I’ve been having troubles writing anything lately (stress is a b*tch). I’m also trying to work on the fanfic version of this (MingyuXReader) but I have no idea how that will go haha. Hope you enjoy this one nonetheless! <3


DK would be so blown away by the first kiss he wouldn’t be sure how to react. When you to then continue kissing, leading it to making out he would start smiling - he wouldn’t be able to help himself, realising he’s holding you and feeling your lips on his. When cuddling afterwards, he’d start laughing out of pure shock and happiness of what just happened. He’d tell you how he felt, hoping to bring a smile to your face and let’s be honest, most likely succeeding.

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Dino would be blushing and turn into a giggle little boy after the first kiss. He’d be careful and a bit unsure at first when you start making out, but I think he’d get the hang of soon enough. He wouldn’t really know where to have his hands though, so he would end up just holding his arms around you. Then when cuddling in bed he’d just keep telling you how much he adores you haha and how happy he is.

Originally posted by doraseon


Hoshi would be shocked after the kiss he wouldn’t know what to do. When you then initiate you want to continue he will since he wants it too. But he would feel so out of this world of happiness, being able to kiss you and makeout and simply have his arms around you. Touching your waist, your neck and just you. Afterwards while cuddling, he’d look like he was in shock again. Then he’d just give you the tightest hug ever, telling you that wow he has never felt this way before. 

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After the kiss, I actually think Jeonghan would be the one to initiate the makeout session. I feel like he would have waited quite long before kissing you and now that he can, he’d want to make the most of it. Jeonghan may be able to be adorable, but he does have a more experienced naughty side to him. Afterwards with cuddles, he’d just want you near. His arms around you with your head under his chin, your legs tangled together. (I just really wanted to use this gif ok, it gives me life)

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Joshua may have an innocent vibe about him, but I’m sure that once he wants it he’s very comfortable. After the first kiss he’d stare into your eyes for several moments, just appreciating you before kissing you again - a bit harder this time. The makeout session would probably be best described as soft and warm, he would take his time enjoying being so near you. The cuddles would probably be with you two talking, your head on his arm. 

Originally posted by joshuahyung


I personally believe Jun can definitely be a bit dirty minded. He would be all smiley and giggly at first, with the first kiss and all. But once it leads to the romantic makeout session, he definitely would make sure to feel you up hahah. Then while you two are cuddling in bed, he’d just want your head on his chest so could keep his arm around you and be able to hide the huge smile from his face.

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The first kiss with Mingyu would be soft. Mingyu would look at you dreamily afterwards, then slowly pull you in again and that would continue to the makeout session. He would probably end up smiling while making out with you, even if he’s trying to keep his cool his heart would be beating a hundred miles an hour. When it’s over, and you two are cuddling in bed he’d have this stupid smirk on his face. His arm wrapped around you, he’d try to keep his gaze away from you to hide his face but he wouldn’t be able to steal a few glances at your beautiful face - and whenever you catch him his cheeks would turn a bit red.

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S.coups would have a cute little grin on his face after the first kiss. When he then goes in for more he’d be really into it, completely focused on you. Someone could probably come walking straight into and S.coups wouldn’t even notice it. After you guys finish making out, I think S.coups would sound a bit out of breath at first simply because he would have been so happy and excited, his heart would have been beating a thousand beats per second. Then he’d just simply smile so big and hold onto you, placing a few butterfly kisses on your face.

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Seungkwan would be so lovey dovey with you after the kiss it’s almost ridiculous. Making out would probably be a bit more intense than some may think, when it comes to Seungkwan. Afterwards with cuddling, I think he’d feel pretty proud of himself. Wanting to hold you and have you near and then maybe ask you if he could brag about it to the rest of the boys haha.

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THE8 wouldn’t have a clue what he should be doing after you guys kissed. He’d be very happy but look sort of surprised. When you guys makeout I think he’d be all soft but with cheeky nibbles and just with his hand in your hair. When the makeout session is over, he’d be a bit pouty because he wants to go on. But with the cuddles he’d just be all cute, maybe teasing you a bit about your blushing cheeks and just put some light kisses on your face.

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Vernon would be so happy and excited about having kissed you. He’d try to play it cool but his big grin would reveal his excitement more than enough. Then as you two continue kissing and then leading to making out, he’d feel so warm and happy. Ending it all with a cuddle session on his bed would just be ultimate for him, he wouldn’t want to let you go - afraid that it would all have just been a dream.

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Wonwoo would sort of have this face after your first kiss, being completely gone for a few moments out of shock and simply, his love for you. Wonwoo would be very careful when making out with you, simply because he’s both a bit inexperienced and he just want you to enjoy it as much as possible. With cuddles in bed later, he’d want to lie face to face with you. So he could look at your face and caress your cheek with his hand. He wouldn’t want to take his eyes off of you for a very long time.

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Woozi’s reaction to the first kiss would be pure joy, but he’d try his best to stay cool about it. The makeout session would indeed be romantic, but also very hot. He would want you to feel what he feels during it so he’d give it his all. Afterwards, when cuddling in bed, he’d have this silly smile on his lips as he holds you tightly. He wouldn’t be able to lie still, he’d constantly caress your waist, your cheek, kiss your hair or forehead and just tell you how much he adores you.

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- Admin Remmie

I’d Follow You Anywhere

Word Count: 10,258 words

Warnings: Smut, and like angsty/cheating ex-boyfriend shit near the beginning.
Summary: Geoff drags Michael to a party he doesn’t want to go do, Michael runs into his ex, and meets Gavin as a result.

Pairing: Mavin

AO3 Link: (X)

Author’s Note: This got really out of hand, I didn’t mean for it to get this long. After a combined total of four and a half hours, this is the result. But there’s like 2.5k words of setup before any smut, and like .5k of fluff after? So like, it’s only around 7k words of smut. Don’t look at me.

I’d Follow You Anywhere

“This is bullshit,” Michael mumbled under his breath, eyes quickly scanning across the room. “Complete and utter bullshit. How the hell did I let myself get talked into this?”

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Long Time, No See (G-Dragon Scenario)

Archived | Posted July 21, 2015

Requested by anonymous

Sorry for the slight wait and I’m happy you liked Hunting For Surprises :) Hope this is what you wanted, lovely anon! Enjoy~

Summary: It’s the morning after your first night together

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There’s a saying that goes a little something like ‘don’t set yourself on fire to keep someone warm’. It makes sense; to have some pride and self respect. But doesn’t that go against pure and honest love? Being completely selfless? Being entirely trusting and loving for another? I have enough faith to believe I would never need me to set myself on fire, but if a time ever arises where I must, then I guess I’m dousing myself in gasoline.
—  J.H.