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Omg please tell us about your crush!!!!

skkskslkskxxn ok so he’s a gigantic nerd— like he has never taken chemistry a day in his life, and yet taught me an entire lesson once when we were out getting pizza because i didn’t know the lesson. he’s awkward ??? like so awkward but it’s pretty cute he just says the weirdest shit sometimes and he makes me laugh so hard whenever we text and he wears glasses sometimes and he has pretty green eyes !!! and he’s six foOT THREE can you believe ?? i’m barely five foot one so it’s a major height difference. and he tells everyone that he has a crush on me but he won’t tell me himself and he’s terrible at texting but we’ve been talking for like six months now and it’s pretty established that we like each other?? i was his first kiss and i’d be his first girlfriend and according to my best friend who is friends with his best friend, he’s just nervous as fuck to ask me to be his girlfriend but a bitch is ready !!!!!!!!! uhh he goes to an all boys school like i go to an all girls school & my friend told his friend that Sean (my crush) needs to get us boyfriends from his school and sean’s friend yelled at my best friend and said i was already supposed to be sean’s girlfriend so yeah sizzy is almost real xo (pizzy is still endgame though)

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If Shenmue 2 took place today, but Shenmue 1 still took place in the 1980s, how would a middle-aged Ryo pursue his vengeance?

I think the first thing he’d do is demand to know why that boat ride took so long.

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If you could whisk out student Snape for one day from his world to ours, what day of his school time would you choose and how would you spend it?

I’d take him down to Diagon Alley before his first day of school in his fifth year and spend the day completely spoiling him like an indulgent aunt and remind him that he has worth and kindness inside of him and to never let go of hope.

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cs:si bacc student here! :D any tips for the first semester of uni? supposedly I'll be learning java first and c and c++ later on 🤓

Hi back :D 

Here you go, you can check these posts of mine out: 

* coding resources for beginners
what to do before CS on uni - resources
* what to do before CS on uni - advice

I’m surprised they’re starting off with the difficult languages like java or c++. C and Python are not objective, and they’re, imo, much easier to learn. Don’t be scared tho! I’m sure they know what they’ll doing haha 

Good luck x Hope I helped!

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Does your Miraak remember anything from his life before his entrapment in Apocrypha? I like to think mine does, but only small flashes and snippets. I can just imagine him and the LDB wandering through the ruins of Saarthal and Miraak seems to walk through the ruined halls and corridors like he knows the place. Or perhaps it's Labyrinthian where these flashes of his past first happen. I'd imagine it'd be bittersweet for him, things have changed so much.

I generally agree - after thousands of years, he likely only remembers general concepts and little snippets that can be triggered back to his awareness. Like, the memories are still mostly there, but his brain isn’t making all the connections anymore after so long, so they’re kind of in storage, so to speak, and a trigger can bring them out again (if only briefly). Mostly I’m projecting here, because that’s how my brain works with the amnesia I have about my childhood due to CPTSD.

I picture him wandering through Dragon Cult ruins with the LDB, feeling simultaneously familiar yet foreign, like there’s a memory scratching at the back of his mind that he just can’t fully recall. They unearth a room that’s been locked for thousands of years, and a whiff of ancient incense gives him the briefest glimpse of himself pacing a grand hall, swinging a censer and reciting some litany, but then it’s gone just as quickly as it came.

Sometimes the LDB asks questions about the Cult, and he can recite bits and pieces of information, but he’s not sure how much is from actual memory and how much is from history books he read to pass the time in Apocrypha. It all leaves him feeling strangely hollow.

open to males who bottom. fellow werewolves encouraged. no alphas.

“Technically, yes.” Tye answered. “If I wanted to, I could take back my title. I just…” The Alpha hesitated. “I dont think it’s a good idea for my pack. Yeknow?” He hummed. “Maybe someday, but Larkyn is a good Alpha. He is taking care of my pack while I am… being fixed.” The wolf shifted in bed. “Any more questions?” Tye knew after taking his lover to his first Pack meeting, he’d have questions. “Or are you ready to come to bed?”

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Cities & Moods: Tübingen, Germany 

Es blüht das fernste, tiefste Tal:  Nun, armes Herz, vergiß der Qual!
Even the deepest, most distant valley is in flower. Now, poor heart, forget your torment. (Ludwig Uhland, Frühlingsglaube) 

inspired by the wonderful moodboards by lovely @expatesque:) 


Luffy’s outfits through the series 

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