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hey guess whos gonna use her own gifset as an excuse to talk about Ichabod and Calamity? thats right, I am!

and honestly its just cause both Ichy and Calamity definitely lived through the transition of traditional Hollow to industrialized Hollow. which means that, when they were much younger, they spent their childhood running their streets, probably changing forms at will! and they were simply accepted along with the other children. there might have even been other child spirits living there at the time. but then the Industrial Men came and all that changed. Being a spirit was taboo, and dangerous, probably. And i think a lot of the strain we see among the family (Calamity, Ichabod, and their parents) comes from that, and the different ways Calamity and Ichabod adapted to survive. 

Obviously, Ichy conformed. Hard. I would bet that he spent all of his time after the ‘IM arrival’ in human form. and i mean he didn’t go crane for solid years, depending on how long Calamity and him stayed in Hollow after things kinda went to hell. Like, that was how Ichabod survived. He eschewed spirit hood. He wore a wig, kept to his human form, and blended with the rest of society. That guy who knew him in school has no idea that Ichabod is a spirit! and tbh this was probs hard for Calamity to watch, just as her rebellious spirit was hard for Ichabod to see.

Cause let’s be real here guys, Calamity went in the opposite direction. she would go human to avoid being grabbed up and tossed in the asylum, but only as a way to keep herself outta there. otherwise, she was lizard as often as she possibly could be. she made friends with the kids of the traditionalists, probably skipped a helluva lotta school, and ignored the society that had grown to hate her. tbh she probs had a lot of near misses, times that scared her family half to death, but Calamity rebelled against the changes brought by ‘the IM’ by being herself twice as hard as before!

So Ichabod looked at Calamity, and he saw her putting herself in danger and being reckless, while he viewed his way as the smart way. The way to survive until things changed, or they left, bc being targeted by a whole town wasn’t something he thought they could survive. and Calamity looked at Ichabod and saw him stifling himself, slowly suffocating who he truly was just to fit in. As far as she could see, to lose sight of who they were was a worse fate than Hollow turning against them.

and im not saying either way was right or wrong. they were both kids who had to deal with the fact that their hometown was turned against them, and they both adapted in the best way they could. its just that their ways were very very different. 

@rosyabomination suggested The Bird and the Worm for Scarecrow and i’M GONNA MARRY THIS IDEA HOLY MOTHER I’M IN LOVE. Now let me explain to you my interpretation of this song and the character:

So one of my favorite videogame sagas is the Arkham ones, and in the first one, Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow his brutally attacked by Killer Croc on the sewers but he survives with his face disfigured and has multiple injuries. The song is one of my favorites of all time and when i thought of the lyrics my mind immediately imagined Jonathan getting out of those sewers all bloody and on pain, crawling away from Croc. 

Thank you so much for this song suggestion! 

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Right Next To Me

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 714

Summary: A cramped space in someone’s house is better than sleeping in Cassian’s U-wing. Anywhere but that ship.

Prompt: “We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair” with Cassian please? :-)

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Author’s notes: This is a repost from yesterday. I’m not too sure what happened but the fic wasn’t showing up in their respected tags so no one could really find it. Here’s to the fic showing up in the damn tags. I struggled with finding out the “space reason” and after skimming through a few fics with the same prompt, I went with the good ole fashion “damn, that’s a tiny bed…what ever shall we do?” BITH! SLEEP IN THE SAME BED, THAT’S WHAT!

Supposedly, a man happened to spot you and Cassian discussing with a confidant who happens to be his friend. Assuming you two are with the Alliance, the kind man offered up a room in his home as asylum from any potential threat. A Rebellion sympathizer’s home is better than sleeping on the U-wing bench while sitting up. Though Cassian is skeptical of the man, you take the sympathizer’s offer with a punch with your elbow to Cassian’s left side. Best not to make a scene in a town full of locals.

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Dating Kit Walker (after the asylum) would include...

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there needs to be more kit in this damn place i’m tired of waiting

- meeting after he gets out of the asylum at his garage

- him flirting with you non-stop while fixing your car

- looking around the shop and seeing a picture on his tiny desk

- “that’s my kids; Thomas and Julia (a/n: hehe not me)””oh…they’re quite cute””thanks; they’re all i have now”

- thanking him when he’s done

- going on a date

- where he’s a total gentlemen

- bringing you to meet the kids

- they adore you

- lots of late night calls

- staying the night sometimes

- waking up wearing his shirts

- helping him get his work jumpsuit on bc he’s too sleepy

- looking after the kids; playing with the lil cuties

- making dinner for all of you since he gets home around 6

- him coming home covered in grease but smiling

- kissing you

- “daddy, mommy made brownies!””ooo brownies””ah, ah, ah, after dinner Kit””aww but sweetheeeeeaaaart”

- mocking his Boston accent though you love it

- he puts the kids to bed

- cleaning him up in the shower

- heated make-out sessions

- sending the kids to Lana’s sometimes

- so you can have sex

- “back up and turn around like a good boy””damn Y/N””was that ok?””do it again babygirl”

- cuddling after as he smokes

- him giving you piggyback rides

- comforting him when he has dreams of the asylum

- trying to drive his truck

- “Kit?!””what? what’s wrong?!””nothing, I just wanted to hear your voice”

- he likes carrying you

- sometimes he’ll bring you to work with him

- being hella bored so you sit on his lap when he does paperwork

- making coffee for the both of you in the morning

- playing with his curls

- taking bubble baths together

- worshipping each others bodies

- “daddy kissed mommy””ew’’

- dancing together

- laughing bc he’s a dork

- him picking you up in surprise

- hearing him complain about his vision

- denying that he needs glasses though

- until you drag him to the doctor

- “wow Kit Kat you look like an old man””gee thanks babydoll””but you’re my old man- Kit stop rolling your eyes”

- many many m a n y dad jokes

- growing old together

- being there when he gets cancer

- “you better not leave me Kit Walker!””I won’t; I love you”

hey you know what makes my heart do the !!!!! thing
when you find a riddler trophy in the arkham games
like,, my boy put that there,,, and i found it,, i did that,,
it feels so good

Mishappreciation at Asylum 18

Once again, I’ll be attending Asylum - the Supernatural convention in the UK - in May. This time, in reverse of last year, currently Misha is confirmed to attend, and Jared and Jensen are not.

Last year, I ran Project J2M, giving people who can’t get to conventions a chance to say something to Jared, Jensen, and Misha through letters and artwork.

However last year, as Misha couldn’t attend Asylum, his binder full of letters, poetry, artwork, etc. was posted to his P.O. box. This means we never got a chance to see his reaction, or explain the project properly.

I’m sure y’all know, over the last year Misha has done so much - campaigning against Trump, all of his continued work with Random Acts, teaching all of us how to be better people, showing us what it looks like to be a good friend, spouse, and parent, etc. - and I wanted to give something back.

There are 11.6k+ of you here, and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same.

I’d like to give Misha a binder/scrapbook (depending on how many I receive), filled with artwork, letters, poetry, whatever we come up with, to show him that we love him, and let him know how much everything that he does/has done means to us, how he inspires us, etc.

If you’d like to take part in this, email me your letter/work at (same email as last time), I will print it out and add it to the project. It doesn’t have to be a long letter, a short message will mean just as much to him as anything else, I’m sure. Message me on here if you have any questions, and reblog this post to signal boost!

You don’t have to be following me to take part, because I know some of this fandom isn’t into reader-insert fics. The only criteria for sending anything in is a love and appreciation for Misha. 

You have until May 5th 2017 to email in.

I look forward to hearing from y’all!

anonymous asked:

Okay, but imagine an AU wjere Jere and Michael host a ghost hunting show -🌳

oh god. oh god i can picture this so clearly. 

  • growing up, it was just jeremy living in a really old house that just happened to be next to a graveyard. it always creaked and groaned. sometimes jeremy would see shit out of the corner of his eyes. but that’s just because he’s perpetually anxious and his house is a hundred years old!! it has nothing to do with ghosts….. right?
  • michael watches so many ghost hunting documentaries. so many. he knows all the sketchy websites and the forums and always talks about someone who knows someone whose roommate’s brother’s dog’s sister can SEE GHOSTS. naturally, he’s the first one to bring it up to jeremy.
  • it kinda starts off with “ of course ghosts aren’t real!!” ‘yeah ‘course not…. except… what if they are.” “holy shit,,,,” 
  • so they get into ghost hunting. starts out very amateur (just an old digital camera, taking the cruiser down Clinton Road which is known to be haunted, etc). maybe they make shitty youtube videos, which is 80% them bantering and freaking out at these terrifying places and 20% actually ghost hunting and that’s how they get discovered. 
  • fast forward however many years. they get their own show.
  • every episode is a really really bad ghost pun. ‘BOO-GIE WOOGIE’ ‘the ghost-ery store’ ‘the mailman and the ghost office’.
  • depending on the place, one of them will take the investigation SUPER. SERIOUSLY. and the other will tag along and talk shit. without fail. 
  • they have mad equipment. jeremy carries half his body weight in technology. they’ve got it all: thermometers, heat detectors, highly sensitive audio detectors for hearing EVPs, EMF meters, thermographic and night vision goggles. everything. and they carry all of it. 
  • most of the time, it’s jeremy who’s the serious one. he’s very much into asking questions like “if anyone is here, could you just give us a sign!” definitely the ‘good cop’. 
  • michael though. michael is the one to fuckin RAG on the ghosts. if there’s something there he wants to piss it off. he’ll march through hell antagonizing it:
  • “I BET YOU’RE NOT EVEN A REAL SPIRIT!!” michael calls down the hallway of an abandoned insane asylum, his night vision goggles turning everything green. he grins at the camera man while jeremy squints into the darkness. “A REAL SPIRIT WOULD HAVE TRIED TO KILL US BY NOW!! god. california ghosts are so lame. hey jere, remember that time in passaic county that we literally went to the gates of hell? i mean, i know it’s a just a freaky name for a sewer, but-” “michael shut the fuck up” “what?? you scared this is a dead end….?” “michael-” “nobody wants to play peek-a-boo” “seriously shut the fuck up i think i see something”
  • michael shuts up real quick after that, launching into serious mode and maybe a little terrified. “oh shit for real?? where??” 
  • sometimes it’s a real ghost sighting. other times it’s jeremy blowing air on michael’s neck just to freak him out.
  • they write a few books about their adventures and are definitely the stars of Discovery Channel. they’re basically like HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines except better and also ft ghosts instead of interior design. there’s also a lot of commentary on each episode. michael’s commentary during the parts where he’s particularly freaking the fuck is very blasé. “oh i was totally faking it. i knew it was jeremy the whole time, like i know he’s pale but come on even i’m not dumb enough to mistake him for a ghost.” *cuts to jeremy, very serious but on the verge of laughing* “i’ve never seen michael that scared in my whole life. and i was with him the first time we got a ouija board to work.” 
  • their fans LOVE THEM. michael and jeremy livetweet every episode (from the comfort of their very much non-haunted apartment in a big city with lots of modern lights and no ghosts, thank you very much). fans tweet them their conspiracy theories and tag them in ghost sightings on instagram. someone inevitably ships michael and a ghost they found in georgia, who would only make contact when michael spoke to it in a soothing southern accent. of course, most of their viewers ship them. more often than not, jeremy will grab michael’s hand when something makes a sudden noise. gifs of it go viral every time
  • one time for an episode special, the two of them split up and try to do two separate locations. it’s miserable. they both can’t stop mentioning the other one and they keep trying to use the cameraperson to make up for the other’s absence. ‘there’s not enough shittalking. c’mon kevin, please. just. convince the spirit we’re assholes who need haunting.” ‘….’ “please” “….” “ugh fine we’ll do it the NORMAL way” 
  • one halloween, jeremy and michael livestream them doing a ouija board. cue the endless tweets of things like ‘GOD i wish someone trusted me as much as jeremy trusts michael not to move the pointer’ 

oh god i could go on there’s so much potential here but this got super long and im gonna stop before someone kills me (heh pun intended) 

I love little continuity things in SWTOR.

In KOTFE, when you first arrive on Asylum and have to go find Tora, you pass by a Rattataki Thug and a human smuggler and they have this convo:

Then, when Arcann makes his attack on Asylum, you pass them again on your way to the Gravestone and they have this exchange:

I just really love these two. I want to know more about them.

Sherlock. Eurus. Hell.

By now you may know about my pet theory of Eurus being a part of Sherlock. I am not the only one and I love discussing this idea. So I remembered that while the word “hell” is used quite often in the show, it is usually meant as an exclamation like in “what the hell” instead of denoting a place. There are, however, five instances where “hell” is used in the latter sense. 

  • GARY: Aye. God bless Henry Knight and his monster from hell.
    SHERLOCK: You want me to shake hands with you in hell? I shall not disappoint you.
  • SHERLOCK: He believes he is to be dragged to Hell by the risen corpse of the late Mrs Ricoletti.
  • MARY: Go to hell
  • SHERLOCK: I’m a mess; I’m in hell; but I am not wrong, not about him.

These are from THoB, TRF, TAB, TST, and LD. We get 

  • Henry Knight (a Sherlock mirror who coped with a childhood trauma by inventing a dog)
  • Sherlock himself offering to go to hell with Moriarty
  • Sir Eustace (haunted by a dead enemy just like Sherlock)
  • Mary telling Sherlock to go to hell for John
  • Sherlock believing himself to be there 

So hell as a place so far has always been associated with Sherlock. And then there is this: 

  • MYCROFT: Heaven may be a fantasy for the credulous and the afraid, but I can give you a map reference for Hell. That’s where our sister has been since early childhood. She hasn’t left – not for a single day.

So suddenly, it is not Sherlock who is in hell but his sister? And she has always been, from childhood? 

But it is Sherlock who suffered the trauma as a young child. It is him who has been shaped by a traumatic experience, it is him who has to meet his demons (creatures usually associated with hell). We are even shown the happy little Sherlock from before, they are rubbing it in - the friend, the dog, the loving older brother. And we have to assume that what followed was hell. Therefore I see no reason why Eurus should not be a manifestation of Sherlock’s childhood trauma. 

And one last idea - in TFP Mycroft equates hell with Sherrinford, an institution for the criminally insane. And we see Eurus being locked up in a high-tech asylum for the criminally insane. Then why does Sherlock have a padded cell as used in asylums in his HLV mind palace? Long before he remembers Eurus and goes to Sherrinford? Could it be possible that the Victorian padded cell and the high-tech glass-fronted room are hellish creations (or memories) of one and the same brain?

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“People hate as they love, unreasonably.”
― William Makepeace Thackeray