be hind

Persian sprite ratings

because i love the kitty cat


she spread her paws wide. is she ice skating??? persian, you are not an ice type. her face is a bit frightening too. 5/10.


if i fits, i sits! i worry about her posture, though. 6/10.


a classy cat. she is clearly not to be messed with. her pose is dynamic and she looks ready for battle!! one of the best poses. 8/10.


oh!!! she is on her hind legs. how cute! nice to see her front paws without claws. she looks playful and nice. 8/10.


she sat back down to lick herself. but stopping to give yourself a bath might not be a good idea!! i like this one less, the previous pose was more dynamic. 6/10.


she leans her head forward to say ‘i’m here!!!’ and her tail curls. this sprite is very animated and her pose is lovely. 9/10.


she stretch!!! she is showing her classiness once again. very good. 7/10.


oh no she got smaller!!! and her claws are retracted. her paws look tiny and adorable. i like this one better actually. 9/10.


she meows!!!! her mouth is open wide, showing a smile. i trust her. 8/10.


she lifts her paw almost playfully. the pose is sort of boring compared to previous ones, and her body has been stretched out. 6/10.


her tail curls!!!!!! her head is bobbing to the background music of battle. she bounces and is ready for anything!! definitely a good friend. 8/10.


she just stands there and despite the tail curling, the pose just doesn’t look that good. either her body has gotten larger, or her head has shrunken. please enlarge her head a bit!! 6/10.




[verse 1]

I’m not that proud oF what I’ve dOne in the past,

I won’t say I’m not guilty,

I’m just mad I let bad people into my life,

Hoping to have someone next to me.


But now I know, my eyes got it cleaR,

I don’t need you to feel complete,

You made me weak, made me feel like nothing,

Showing up my flaws lurkinG bEhind Them.


Oh, Im leaving it all behind,

What’s Past is pAst,

Burning all thoSe bridges,

That Led me to self destruct,

I’d blow out anyway, I’d do that anyway,

Just to keep myself going,

Just to keep myself sane.

[verse 2]

I’m so tired of writing songs about you,

You don’t deserVe it anymorE,

I’m so glad I’m moving forward to the aim I set,

ANd I’m the One Who’s closing the door.


But now I know, my eyes got it clear,

I don’t need you to be comPlete,

Even though you Left An empty space,

I’m goNna Find a way to fill it in!


Oh, I’m leaving it all (…)


I’ll let all the emotions come oUT,

JUst like a volcano that’s going to eRupt.


Oh, I’m lEaving it all (…)


I know it’s a little last minute, but here’s my top 10 records of 2016. While the year was pretty awful generally, we got some pretty fantastic music

  1. Angel Olsen - My Woman
  2. Bon Iver: 22, A Million
  3. Frank Ocean - Blonde
  4. Lady Lamb - Tender Warriors Club
  5. Julia Jacklin - Don’t Let The Kids Win 
  6. Mitski - Puberty 2
  7. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
  8. Warpaint - Heads Up
  9. Charlie Hilton - Palana
  10. Hinds - Leave Me Alone