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A lovely Lucy Heartfilia that I had in my sketchbook, I’m thinking about getting my illustrations out of my sketchbook before the manga ends… I love this characters so much, I just want to share my love with all of you.

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i feel guilty that i have anxiety. i've had a good life. i had a good childhood, and even though my parents divorced, they still worked together. they're both therapists and very understanding, but i feel like i don't deserve to have a mental illness if i've always had it good, especially if so many other people have it so much worse.

Mostly this blog just serve to catalog things people submit but this is one of those times I feel the need to step in and say something. 

There’s always someone whose had it worse. Thank god it wasn’t. You don’t need to justify being sick: if this were cancer you wouldn’t say “but I had a good childhood”. Well, your brain is sick and it doesn’t matter how good you had it or if people went through “worse” and didn’t get sick. It doesn’t invalidate you.

That said, you’re allowed to feel this way. Even if your emotions seem to make no logical sense you’re allowed to have them. Just don’t let them consume you.  

And if anyone tries to make you feel guilty/bad for having a mental illness (especially because of your circumstances) I will fight them for you. (and then eat them).

–mod bagel

YNWA: Yes or No? Well, Always; โค๏ธ

(^ the question before this answer is: โ€œdo i love you?โ€)

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i just wanted to say to anyone that’s reading this right now that you are a lovely person and you deserve happiness even if at times you get frustrated with yourself! i know sometimes things may suck, but life always goes on to better things and going through all the sucky parts of life makes having good days more enjoyable. and of course to all the people that happened to come across my account and followed me, you are always welcome to message me about literally anything, on here or on twitter (twt: @/prettyhwan) or whatever social media platform that you feel comfortable with sharing with me!! i don’t want anyone feeling lonely, i’m always open to being a friend. honestly you could just message me a video of Jinhwan sitting down doing nothing and i’ll still respond in awe lmao 💀 Thank you iKonics, you all are wonderful


a list of klance things that happened that i forget actually happened and aren’t fanon:

  • “i’ll stick yOU IN A WORMHOLE”
  • that forehead touch thing after ‘shut ur quiznak’
  • that entire scene where they’re blindfolded and in their lions and keith & lance are racing each other
    • “you still goin keith”
      “you know it”
  • the iconique ~bonding moment~
    • keith, kneeling down and grabbing lance’s hand, and HOLDING IT as they fuckign gaze longingly at each other 
    • “we did it,,,, we are a good team”
  • “haha. hey lance, i got ur lion back”
    • “thank u keith, now can u come and unchain me”
      “whats that i, uhh,, ur cutting out i cant,, i cant hear u”
      “oh CMON i thought we BONDED,, keith,,,, buddy,,,,, my MAN
  • that entire scene where they work together from “cool your jets, keith” to “na na na boo boo”,,,, good shit
    • their like generic old married couple banter when theyre trying to cut open the ceiling
    • lance trying to communicate to keith non verbally and keith not getting it but still figuring out the plan and them still kicking ass together,,,, thanks sm
  • when the castle was going ~apples & bananas~ and keith managed to show up at the perfect time to save lance’s ass
  • heh,,,,,,, like that? ;)
  • two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay
    • that elevator scene feels like a fever dream but people genuinely took the time to animate it and i, for one, am thankful
    • keith, still shirtless: i got u covered,,,, i uh- i dont got u
  • keith: we need to focus
  • lance: wE nEeD tO fOcUs

Dear Castiel,

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Every moment you’ve been here…

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Every laughable moment…

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Every melting moment…

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Every adorable moment…

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Has taken hold of everyone here.

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Even though we’ve lost you so many times…

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You always found a way back…

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We never thought…

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You would go out…

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Like this…

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But still we count the days for your return…

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Even if they never come…

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Because we know in our hearts…

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You will always find a way home


170528 Baekhyun’s famous words

(t/n: in korean, ‘pen’ and ‘fan’ sounds the same. hence why he created this metaphor saying fans are the pen while exo is the book ;;____;;)


this was a lot funnier in my head


But we’re a million worlds apart..