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Yoonseok au where Yoongi aka Agust D is a famous rapper who is smitten with Hoseok, a waiter at a cafe 22/?

So I know I said I was gonna end this soon,, but I’m considering making it a bit longer,, because I got a good angsty idea,,, anyone interested in it being longer, or should I just wrap it up??

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Roller and Ambulon for the character meme?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: My favourite characters. Anon you know me so well-

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✖ First impression
B i g B o i was my first thought when he was properly introduced during Shadowplay (Part 2) - Patternism, Issue #10. Something about the casualness of sipping his juice box while watching television was charming and, in a sense, ‘a break’ from the intrigue and mysteries going on at the time. A nice touch and his design intrigued me a lot at the time with how, again, he very big.

I also had the inexplicable urge to climb him like a jungle gym upon seeing how big he really was when he was with the team during the Shadowplay flashbacks. I know for a fact I’m not alone in this matter so.

✖ Impression now
He is one my favourites ever?? I have this strange ability to attach myself to very obscure/minor characters and Roller is one of them, hands down.

I love him a lot due to the depth the team gave him during the Elegant Chaos arc, brief as it was because oh my goodness did it tug at my heartstrings. His short yet significant conversation with Rung about how he didn’t feel special enough when surrounded by the likes of Orion and the outliers made my heart hurt for him. The ‘bot is trying to do right and wants to give it his all but feels like it’ll never be enough if he doesn’t resort to using circuit speedsters or risking his own life for the sake of others. Roller sweetie we love you for being you please stay happy with Anode and Lug and the other displaced robots. (Except Fangry. Fangry stays in the time out box.)

✖ Favorite moment
Okay I’m going to be completely shallow and admit my favourite moment is seeing his cover for Elegant Chaos (Part 1) All Our Parlous Yesterdays. Because.

Because guys.


Guys look at this.

Fuck this paddy wagon and give this dog a good boning. (Someone for the love of God stop letting me write-)

✖ Idea for a story
Instead of being discovered by Censere after he got injured in Alyon, he somehow ends up getting flung into not quite the future and almost the past. (Which could be traced back to the time traveling shenanigans of Rodimus and co. somehow. Anything goes when Rodimus is Megatron’s dad and Whirl was the midwife but anyways-)

Roller now finds himself on Earth due to Plot Reasons, hurt from the . Alone and without any way to contact the others for help, Roller thinks he’s done for and tries to hide the one percentile spark.

Cue the liaison, then a little child, finding the injured Cybertronian while out exploring the outdoors during their camping trip that fateful summer. Initially scared of the giant robot, his friendly demeanour and wounded state melts their heart and they attempt to help him out to the best of their abilities for the next two weeks. First by providing him gasoline from their family car to keep his systems running and by offering him comfort and companionship while he attempts to fix himself up. Alas they soon need to part ways when the camping trip is cut short - the missing gasoline being the major reason for the family’s decision to get out of there, whoops - and Roller is still in no shape to leave the area, let alone attempt to sneak with them. He offers them a communicator he made in his spare time, letting them know that they can communicate with him shoulder they ever need it. When they do try to use it after they return home, however, there’s no response.

For years the liaison thinks they only imagined the strange summer of theirs, keeping the strange large artefact as a reminder of how fantastical their imagination was back then. It had been so vivid - Vivid enough to influence their dreams of becoming a roboticist, making a cute little driving drone they dubbed Roller in honour of their imaginary friend. But when the Autobots and Decepticons makes themselves known to Earth, it clicks for the future liaison at long last and they reach for the strange device - communicator - they kept on themselves all this time to send a desperate message to see if Roller is still out there.

They get a response from the other end of the line.

✖ Unpopular opinion
Honestly I’m glad he didn’t end up being behind the identity of Tarn despite all the red herrings JRO and the others laid out for us. Mostly due to selfishness because I wanted Roller to either be ambiguous in his disappearance or come up safe and sound, totally happy and not harmed at all.

Also because the reactions were amazing to watch in my old forums when the issue dropped, haha.

✖ Favorite relationship
Orion Pax/Roller, be it friendship or romantic relations! I loved the protectiveness he had for Orion’s own ties with Senator Shockwave, going as far to do background checks on the guy and warning him about the others who were outfitted to fit the Matrix. Seeing Roller mention how Orion would have whipped the Anti-Vocationist League in shape was a cute moment too, showing the admiration he still had for his friend. I’m half-surprised he didn’t ask where he is and what’s going on because I really, really think Opitmus needs a friend who will give him a whack on the head with his adventures in Optimus Prime and First Strike.

✖ Favorite headcanon
Roller feels some guilt for letting Senator Shockwave get captured and perhaps feels like Orion, deep down, blames him for his supposed incompetence in protecting the senator during the events of Shadowplay. Spending time with the outliers Senator Shockwave was protecting didn’t help his self-esteem issues, which would explain why he felt so inadequate to resort to using the circuit speedsters at the risk of his own health.

Someone please give Roller a hug, please.


✖ First impression
He caught my attention for sure when he was introduced in Life After the Big Bang, Issue #5. I originally thought he’ll be the typical grumpy, obstructive doctor from his first appearance until I paid more attention to First Aid’s narration - He was a Decepticon who switched sides with the Autobots, paintjob and all? Colour me intrigued by this fella. More so when we later see him defend Sonic and Boom from being thrown out when they were pretending to flee from the DJD. Despite it playing into Pharma’s hands, I thought it was touching he would stick up for the pair even if it meant arguing against his boss and getting on his bad side.

✖ Impression now
Another favourite of mine and I will do anything to bring him back from the dead. To this day I am still upset by his death and while I love the Remain in Light arc, I don’t read it as thoroughly compared to other arcs since it involves his grisly demise. Seeing the splash panel of him being splashed into two was one of the few moments I paused in reading, looked up to stare at nothing in particular, and utter, ‘What the ever loving fuck?!’ aloud.

✖ Favorite moment
His brief involvement in Under Cold Blue Stars, Issue #15. I could talk about the funny segment of him turning into an actual leg or him sassing back at Pharma but no. His actions in Under Cold Blue Stars has to be my favourite moment for him.

It takes a special type of ‘bot with no weapons installed in him to take on Overlord, a Phase-Sixer built to be an indestructible machine. It takes an awesome type of ‘bot with no weapons installed in him to take on Overlord by crashing a MARB into him while smiling all the while. While it had little effect on the battle, I was very impressed to see my leg of action give it his all in that mess of a fight.

✖ Idea for a story
Ambulon somehow survives his fate of becoming lengthways but it put on critical life support for the duration of the journey. First Aid becomes obsessed with not death but with life, searching for any and all methods to put his friend together again. Perhaps feeling guilt for not being able to help the two from their fates, Ratchet sticks around to give a hand in First Aid’s research though he badly wants to find Drift again. Meanwhile the liaison does their best to meditate the strained relationship Ratchet has with Rodimus, trying to tell themselves that it could be worse.

It can get worse.

When First Aid learns that Ambulon has a greater chance of surviving a potentially life-saving surgery if he had even one of his fellow Combicons members with him to provide a specific part of the operation, the CMO-in-training goes on a search for them with Rodimus, Ratchet, and the liaison in tow. Apparently one of the members, Kicker, was last seen on outpost WHZ-745…

✖ Unpopular opinion
I will fist fight JRO for killing my hot leggy leg if I ever meet the man in person. Like full out fight with my fists swinging and cruses running hot because no Amby no-

✖ Favorite relationship
First Aid/Ambulon, especially in terms of romance. They spent a lot of time together when in Delphi and spent a lot of time together when they were in the background when they were on Lost Light. First Aid’s reaction to his death sealed it for me because First Aid always gave it his all be it his mission in finding encoded message bullets to finding ways to better his patients’ health. As a result I can see him nursing an unrequited crush on Ambulon during their times in Delphi, saying nothing in fear of losing what he did have with his fellow ‘bot and telling himself that it’s better to be happy that they’re together at least. Then l e n g t h w a y s and everything hurts.

✖ Favorite headcanon
The other Combicons are alive and well and felt Ambulon die during the events of Remain in the Light. It was the worst for Kicker due to him being a fellow leg.


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