be happy for this moment

Last night was… Turning for me!
I think this is the stage in life when you realize that Yes! From this moment life will be better. I will make it better! In this moment of happiness. Because you want to grow, you will do yourself and your world better. We’ll all be happy. I know that.
Decided to share such a news with you.
I will tell you how life changes, to say, as it happens
I hope to inspire you.
MADLY in love!
Send me your inspiring stories in the messages!
The best will be published!
I love you
Very much
Whole soul
That’s just fucking believe in yourself! Because I believe in you! You are never alone, because somewhere there is a girl who wrote you this text and believes in you! Loves you!

Today’s prompt coincided perfectly with my counseling homework, writing down moments when I feel happy. Day 23 of the February challenge by @journaling-junkie

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point
Ink: De'Atramentis Pine Green


Star Wars aesthetic: Anakin and Padmé

“this is a happy moment, this is the happiest moment of my life”

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So you asked for happy headcanons : Instead of saying the first time 'I love you' Sherlock composed a violin concerto for John. Every composition was about an another part of John he loved : his eyes, his smile, his patience with him. At their first anniversary Sherlock played it for John. He played for hours and in the end both cried of happiness. It was the moment John knew with certainty that he wanted to marry this man.

*dies from fluff*

Thank you <3


Pjaca: ‘Waiting for my moment' 

“I am very happy for the goal, but above all for the victory, as it is very important for us, In the second leg we need to be very careful, because in football you can never tell what will happen. 

Of course I want more playing time, but I continue working the way I have been. The Coach makes his choices and I am waiting for my moment.”

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I dident like how the new sss family fanservice low key bashed sakura.Boruto calling her phyco and telling her to watch her age when she's the same age as Sasuke.Sarada not wanting to spar with her,and boruto saying he's happy he has a nice mom,we just can't get good moments without a little sakura bashing right?This was in ninja storm if you did not know.I also dident like how sakura cracked her back after fighting two 12 year olds when she's suppose to be one of the strongest female ninja.

Meh, it’s just a little bit of comedic fan service. It’s like Himawari knocking Naruto out in one blow. It’s not like that would happen in an actual physical contest, but it’s thrown in to give some light-hearted service.

Exid Reaction To Seeing You Dancing Like Crazy

Solji: She would be laughing all the time. She would be watching you, cheering like crazy. I think she wouldn’t even care if you couldn’t dance AT ALL. She would just enjoy the moment and have fun with you.

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LE: I think she would just stare at you for a moment. Watching how happy and free you looked dancing like that. But when you stopped and tried to imitate her rap she would burst into laughter, making you notice that she was watching your dance all the time.

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Hani: She would live for it. It would be the funniest thing on the world for her. She wouldn’t control herself and would rush over to your side to start dancing with you.

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Hyelin: She would be crying from laughter. She would be watching you, clapping and singing along to the song as you danced. She would laugh even more when you tried and failed to do one specific move.

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Junghwa: She would immediately join in to dance alongside you. I think she would even try to teach you the right moves. But it would end up with the two of you fooling around, dancing way crazier than you were when she first came in.

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