Mentally ill trans boys are doing the best they can and I’m just so fucking proud of them. They haven’t given up yet and I know they can get through all this difficult bullshit, facing both transphobia and ableism. I am SO here for them, and their recovery.

Don’t take life too seriously. Be carefree. Laugh at your mistakes and shrug them off. Life is meant to be lived freely, so live it with happiness.
Do not over analyze and take things for what they are. Doing too many calculations in the mind can blow things out of proportion. So take it lightly. Live peacefully.

If a transman wants to keep his name, he should be allowed to do that and it’s none of your business

If a transman wants to pick a name very similar to his dead name (Samantha to Sam, Jane to Jack, etc), he should be totally allowed. It’s a little cliche, but to some people it’s a reminder about where they came from.

If a transman wants to pick a name from a fictional media that they enjoy, DO NOT chastise them for it. That is one of the rudest things you could possibly do.

If a transman wants to pick a very unique name or a plain name with a unique spelling (like Nic instead of Nick), he should be allowed to without getting weird looks.

If a transman wants to pick a very regular run of the mill name to make himself feel comfortable, support him.

It may not be what YOU would choose but guess what. It’s not YOUR choice.

Care for yourself as deeply as you would care for anyone else. Just because it’s your own body and mind doesn’t justify neglecting them.