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Good Girls Guide To Balancing Work And Play - Solomon Island/Day One

Hi there! My name is Drada (a bit unusual I know but my parents are) and I have two jobs; one is working as freelance translator and one is protecting the world with the Templars. Like most people today I’m still trying to balance an intensive career with living life like a normal person. Problem is with that job you tend to get shipped off to some random exotic location at a moment’s notice…

As such it’s at times like this where I wish that I’d invested more time in learning how to use firearms. It was meant to be my day off, I’d chosen a book and I’d found a nice tree in which to read it. Then my phones goes and the smug voice of Sonac fills my ears as he says something along the lines of ‘Come to Temple Hall, it’s time for your first field assignment’. Literally any other time I would have been excited but instead I want to shoot Sonac in the head.

So anyway here I am. Here being Solomon Island, and I being a completely nervous magically inept Templar. However nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared me for the sheer (and almost weirdly similar to a movie) scene of horror that greeted me as I left Agartha for the town of Kingsmouth. Some old cowboy named Boone had set up camp near the portal so I stopped and asked him if he knew what was going on here.

Big mistake that was. First off there’s this permanent and really really annoying fog that never goes, secondly the entire place is being overrun by the-walking-who-should-not-be (yes zombies), thirdly most of the town is dead so I’m going to have to dig quite a lot deeper in order to find out what happened. Boone was at least helpful and gave me some chores to do as I head towards where the survivors are holding up, I also found a recently (and permanently) dead police man carrying ammo. I took it since I figured the people could use it to protect themselves.

It didn’t take long to reach the building that Boone said the locals had barricaded and were surviving in. They’d chosen the police station right on the edge of town, which is pretty sensible. All in all I counted maybe ten people maximum; that’s including the police chief who’s now running the place and a doctor who seems to be hiding something. All of the people seemed happy to see me, asking if I was here to help like the others?

I think that I’m going to check this camps defenses out then board up a corner of it for the night. I need to check in with with headquarters too, see if they have any specific orders for me. Judging by what the survivors said other agents might have passed through here recently, and that means one of them might have seen Cazna…


Keith still fells guilty. Leave it to Shiro to turn a bad situation into a good one, though. He’s too precious for this world and Keef knows it.