be good to the world

You deserve to light up the world with your light.

Yes, you. The one who sits here, reading this sentence. The one who secretly believes that they are not good enough, capable enough, or worthy enough of achieving great things. The one who wakes up in the morning, unsure of how they could possibly make a noticeable difference in this world.

But you can.

Why? Because you have a light, and that light is meant to burn bright. That light within you is so powerful, so beautiful, and so dazzling to all that see it.

You do make a difference in this world.

You do.


the school for good and evil professor august sader

no one knows if you will succeed, children. even me.
but the Storian chose you for a reason and it’s time to face it.
no more running. no more hiding.
the only way out is through your fairy tale.

my shit playlist for my daughter maya hart who i miss bc you all know i’m a music ho

L I S T E N (playmoss)


all shades of blue - gregory alan isakov (and your heart’s a thousand colors/ but they’re all shades of blue/broken bottles shine just like stars/make a wish anyway)

good morning heartache - billie holiday (good morning heartache/you old gloomy sight/good morning heartache/thought we said goodbye last night)

she used to be mine - sara bareilles (if i’m honest i know i would give it all back/for a chance to start over and rewrite an ending or two/for the girl that i knew)

shame - ciaran lavery (all my friends they shoulder me/and my poor head of woe/they know i’m good/but i wanna be bad)

more than life - whitley (to touch something real will help your wounds heal/like the sun on your face/the dreams of starry nights)

lost in my mind - the head and the heart (mama once told me/you’re already home where you feel love/i am lost in my mind)

missing you - all time low (don’t lose your fight, kid/it only takes a little push to pull on through)

bad kids - black lips (all my friends are bad kids/rotten ‘cause no dad kids/kids like you and me)

santeria - sublime (all i really wanna know/i already know/all i really wanna say/i can’t define)

raise a little hell - trooper (if you don’t like what you got/why don’t you change it/if your world is all screwed up/then rearrange it)

im so tired of most #problematic discourse about actresses/singers/tv shows/movies/other media like 95% of it is just people wanting to show off how woke they are or w/e and rarely about an actual serious issue that they care about solving. i just feel like there are bigger things to care about right now 

the fact that so many jobs nowadays require a college/university education as a baseline is criticized a lot. and i get it, it feels unecessary a lot of the time. it feels ridiculous sometimes to literally bar certain people from ever getting that position without that single line on their resume. and i get it from the hiring standpoint too–with so many more applicants that all have great qualifications, you have to have some way to narrow down the pool. it can feel arbitrary, restricting people who COULD conceivably do the job but are unable to even try because they didn’t go to post-secondary.

what i don’t get is… why this is a bad thing. on an individual standpoint, it can be unfair. but on a societal level, why isn’t it a good thing to push for as much education as possible? if you’re happy with your current level of education, that’s fine. whether that’s high school or whatever. personally, it’s very unlikely i’m going to push for a masters or phd. but a smarter society is a better one. i may complain about my own useless major when it comes to job application, but i’m not going to say it wasn’t worth it at all. i really don’t care if you did so-called useless programs like anything non-STEM, in my opinion it’s better than not going at all as long as you have realistic expectations (e.g. you’re not going to be a doctor if you didn’t go to med school).

the difference between these crowds of people i know–those with university education especially business/math/engineering, and those without any college/university–is STAGGERING. i’m not calling those w/o it stupid or that they can never work hard and make something of themselves, but it’s so much harder for them bc there is such a difference in opportunity. simply going to a university class isn’t going to automatically get you a job, but those with that education are more likely to know how to apply for better jobs, they know how to market themselves better, they have a better awareness of what the upper tiers of society are like and what’s expected. they’re just that much more knowledgeable. if you’re not forced to do extensive internet research for 4 years straight, you’re not going to do it on your own time. and that could mean the difference between being able to form a proper response for “what’s your biggest weakness?” and saying “i’m too much of a perfectionist….lol.” i’m not saying it’s impossible to research, just that things are that much harder for someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for

and this would all be well and fine if it’s something someone freely chose for themselves and they’re not aiming for jobs that require that extra knowledge (e.g. doctor and medical school). but it seems to be popular to disparage post-secondary in general just bc more and more people are getting it. it’s not somehow devalued just bc more people have it?? that’s like saying just bc a bigger proportion of people in the world are wealthier now than ever before in history, then somehow money is devalued? no, it means we as a whole have a better quality of life than ever before. when societies decided to implement mandatory schooling, that was a conscious effort to educate the masses bc education was deemed vitally important for a functioning and improving society. i think that extends into post-secondary as well.

it is a huge problem to me that people don’t have the funds or the resources to get higher education. and bc higher education is not currently freely available to everyone equally, in that sense i do agree that having it as a barrier on so many jobs can be troubling. but i’m not going to say that it isn’t a thing we should strive for in a future where hopefully we won’t even need to list “high school” or “college/university” education bc it’ll be assumed everyone has it


hockey edit meme: ¼ lines/d-man duos

Black and Gold line  :

“Team Russia coach Oleg Znarok was asked why Team Canada captain Sidney Crosby and his line with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand had so much success in a 5-3 win against his team in the World Cup of Hockey 2016 semifinal on Saturday.

Znarok’s initial response was to laugh because the question, after watching what Crosby’s line had done to his team, might have appeared somewhat ridiculous to him.

‘Because they’re incredible players,’ Znarok said, once he was finished laughing.”

I cannot begin to explain what that entire segment with Lucretia did to my heart. There was never a fallout, there was never this big, dividing argument that split the group apart. They loved each other to the end.

They never stopped loving each other. They never stopped being each other’s family.

And Lucretia couldn’t bear their pain. She saw the way they hurt - saw them becoming colder, or sadder, or quieter - and she couldn’t take it. She chose to be alone for the chance to make them happy again. She tried so hard to make them happy again.

I don’t know if she’s aware that their individual happiness was limited - I don’t know if she knows how much pain they all faced eventually - but she must have seen them happy at the Bureau. Making friends, doing things they loved that maybe they’d stopped doing shortly before their memories were gone, making jokes like they used to - that must have been like coming home for Lucretia.

Lucretia loves her family so much.


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I hope that you had a beautiful day today!
Please take a moment now to remind yourself of how well you did, how magnificent you are, and how the world continues to hold so many new opportunities for you.