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What are you’re feelings towards japan?

“There’s no denying he’s the most arrogant, egotistical douche of a person in all of Asia. He only cares about himself. You get fooled into thinking that maybe he just might care about you, but the truth is that he’ll play you like a fiddle and forget about you when he’s done. Trust me. I would know.

I get mad at myself, because I know that it’s not healthy at all for me to be around him. I’m not the best person for him either. 

But I can’t help but be drawn to him, time and time again.”


I decided to try something entirely new and am 100% pleased as all get out. Best viewed while listening to this (which is probably no surprise to anyone lol).


Could we pretend, just for tonight that if I asked, we’d run away? We’d find some way to leave and just go. Somewhere without murders or sisters. We’d sleep in hotel rooms and never live in the same city twice. There would be no one to fail, or disappoint, or save. It would just be… You and me in love. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?