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Hush Little One || Regis Drabble

Received permission || Art Credit to: @kaciart (Please go view this page! Its so cute!)(also I hope I credited you correctly if not let me know ASAP)
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Word Count: 1382
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A/N: Okay! I hope I did this picture justice with my writing. I won’t lie that I teared up. I did end up crying because I could just feel the pain. But I don’t have children so I can’t imagine the torment of losing a spouse and having a child to take care of. I hope you all enjoy it!

‘It was difficult. It was more than difficult. The first few days were just madness. The shock had settled in. It was numbing. The world around just passed like nothing had changed.

But mine did.’

Regis held Aulea’s hand until the last moment. He watched as her chest rose and fell for the last time, the light leaves her eyes, and her hand falls limp in his. She was gone. His queen, his wife, the mother of his son, and more importantly, his best friend. It had only taken a moment, but to Regis watching his beloved leave him, took centuries. All he could do was sit there holding his breath and staring at her.

Regis swallowed hard to fight the tears. There were many in the room for this moment. Her personal servants who thought the world of her, the doctor and his nurses who did everything in their power, and of course, the royal shield.

Clarus moved to his long time friend and king. “Regis…” He said breaking down formalities for a moment.

“Leave me…” He whispered kissing the hand of his beloved softly.

“Your majesty we-”

“I said leave me!”

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the interviews aren't dom/matt, matt is with harry + isaiah

yeah i just saw but honestly any combination of the cast works great and you know i love the parabatri (and they rarely get interviewed just the three of them so that’s exciting)