be glorious

dirkjake is good

In related news, Dirk Strider and Jake English are deeply in love and I am so glad that they were able to work past the issues that plagued their relationship and the awful way the AR (itself a victim of circumstance) manipulated them throughout their early teens and played upon their worst insecurities with themselves and each other 

I thank fandom jesus every day that the homestuck credits revealed to us that Dirk and Jake talked through their shit and are now cohabitating happily on an island filled with semi-sentient animals upon which they can freely pursue their ridiculous interests such as creating giant robots and then slamming those robots together in glorious combat

I’m so fucking glad that these boys who went through so much and suffered so much at the hands of forces much greater than them were able to overcome it all and find happiness the way they always wanted to – with each other

dirkjake is good, thank you & good night

  • Sun Jing: Hey babe.
  • Qiu Tong: Yea, babe?
  • Sun Jing: I love you, babe.
  • Qiu Tong: OMG babe, I love you, too, babe.
  • Qi Fang: Hey guys, can you shut the fuck up please?

Spring Cinderella Fest! Kanade Limited Gacha 3/28

Cinderella Fest has begun. For the next 3 days, SSR rates are doubled to 3% and some exclusive SSRs are available. This time, the one new limited SSR is

  • SSR [End of the Blue] Kanade Hayami (0.600%)

Kanade has a new center skill, Tricolor Ability, and skill, Skill Boost, that increase the activation rates of your other idols’ skills! Additionally, the SSRs from the previous CinFests are also available again

  • SSR [Peaceful Days] Uzuki Shimamura (0.066%)
  • SSR [Over Myself] Rin Shibuya (0.066%)
  • SSR [Wonder Entertainer] Mio Honda (0.066%)
  • SSR [Self-Proclaimed Sweet Heroine] Sachiko Koshimizu (0.066%)
  • SSR [Madder Red Coloring] Kaede Takagaki (0.066%)
  • SSR [Glorious★Glow] Mika Jougasaki (0.066%)
  • SSR [Usamin the Secret] Nana Abe (0.066%)
  • SSR [Flower-Patterned Reality] Syuko Shiomi (0.066%)
  • SSR [Sol Paraiso] Yui Ohtsuki (0.066%)

You have to act fast as these cards will disappear, until next CinFest, after Mar. 31 @ 2:59 PM JST (1:59 AM EDT). Have a great CinFest everyone!

anonymous asked:

What kind of sorcery?! For someone with hair that dark he colors it a lot! My hair would've all fallen out at this point with that much bleach? WHY WONT HE RELEASE HIS HAIR/SKIN PRODUCTS LIST? Why you gotta do me like that Z?

The three people who follow this blog know that I beg pretty much every single day for Zayn to throw us a bone and release his recs. He is a follicular David Copperfield who somehow manages to bleach and style his hair every day yet it remains a glorious and glossy forest of dreams that rests atop a poreless and magnificent golden complexion. ::pounds fist on the table:: I KNOW HE USES SERUMS. I KNOW HE USES CREAMS. I KNOW THAT WONDERFUL BITCH EXFOLIATES. WHAT IS HE DOING AND USING. 

For all the insidery and shady hoe anons that come around these Tumblr webs, not a single shady hoe anon or intern has dropped a suspicious xeroxed document of Zayn’s Sephora shopping list or whether he uses a Foreo Luna or Clarisonic. THESE ARE THE ANSWERS I WANT. THESE ARE THE ANSWERS I NEED. 

novabiguy  asked:

A: It's awesome to see your Tumblr getting so much attention, it really is the most authentic blog of its type that I've ever seen. B: I'm so happy for you! It has really been an awesome journey seeing you go from just a hopeful lusty mother to where you are now, literally a breath away from sharing a glorious moment with your son. C: I truly hope it blossoms into a relationship between you two that transcends the average mundane life of mother and son. Congratulations! We're all rooting you on

Thank you for your wonderful message!

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I'd totally be down for a poly relationship with Helion, Tarquin, and Helion's wife

I hope this crack ship spreads like WILD FIRE. God, after all of them are comfortable and stable and satisfied with their relationship, it would be absolutely glorious. Enough melanin to feed a NATION, I swear. Tarquin and Helion would be slightly closer, just because the Lady of the Day Court, who is now the High Lady of the Day and Summer Court, is the one who really gets the work done. She rules both courts, while Tarquin and Helion sit back and look pretty and love each other, and they both love and adore her so much and would literally die for her, this literal perfection that is theirs and only theirs. The High Lord Husbands and their Wife. I’d die for this, if I’m being honest. 

On the very same day, I looked at you
but this time with my eyes
like a robot scanning every
details of your texture

I was stunned but I keep my ground
And asked myself, 
why the fuck I never looked 
straightly at you in the first place?

I didn’t notice that beautiful face
and that gorgeous smile 
with that big round eyes, I sigh
What a stunning beauty to look at

It’s like a very beautiful rose,
not the typical red rose we see
but white, 
a pure one and free

I don’t remember if you have
any dimples at all though but
damn, you don’t need one
cause you’re too perfect already

You don’t have to change anything at all
I like how simple you are
but at the same time you look
like a glorious angel into my eyes

Passing by the hallway, hoping 
by chance I could see you and Sometimes 
I sit at the bench and read a book 
but I was waiting for you to pass by

You were there outside your room and
our eyes meet, my god
the world’s spinning so slow
or is it just the time?

my heart beats 
too fast and too slow 
at the same time
with an irregular pattern

I told myself, 
this is enough
I have to stop
these crazy things on my head
won’t happen anyway

I gave up
and in the end, 
I made
the right choice

happy tuesday members! after our poll last week, we are so excited to announce that a modern college au is going to be hitting this group this very soon!

so how will it work?

  • the event will run instead of the spring holidays. this means we will have two weeks of glorious, au fun. the event will run from friday 31st march to sunday 16th april. obviously if the event seems to be slowing down we will close it earlier but we equally don’t want members to feel like they have to rush!
  • our current seventh years will become final year university students (meaning they’ll all be 20/21 as university is only three years in the uk).
  • much like our current plot, the students will be building up to graduation in the summer.
  • if you want to add additional details to your character (children, marriage, other big events/traumas) please let the admin team know.
  • students will live in house shares etc. england doesn’t technically have fraternities but big houses where lots of people live are not uncommon if you wanted something similar to a fraternity/sorority. 

key details:

  • starter tag for the event:
  • opens friday 31st march at 9pm gmt
  • any questions, ask the admins!

kaarchin  asked:

You made me curious to see the Power Rangers movie. Hope you're ashamed :D

Not in the slightest.

Every butt in a seat because I yelled about the movie’s glorious lack of heteronormativity, and glorious inclusion of autistic representation, is one more ticket closer to a sequel being greenlit.

And I need more Billy Cranston in my life

nanarin  asked:

hey, can you carry someone around on that big leaf? someone smol and light... like, say, a certain clefairy... who is now a cleffa... who got smoler and lighter for a while... :D

@clefairydaily yes, Aviar can do that! He especially enjoys taking kids on glorious balloon rides around the hills the lotads reside in! He thought Celeste would appreciate the moon, what a thoughtful lotad! 

girlfriend just delivered me a box of candy canes and here is my new personality test to replace MBTI or astrology or whatever

  • the Cruncher: you start at the hook end and chew your candy cane to pieces. you are forthright and impatient. behind your back people call you an asshole, but lovingly. how do you cope with that much hard candy stuck in your teeth.
  • the Snapper: you start at the hook end and snap off bite-sized pieces, eating each piece before you unwrap the next segment. you are life’s natural planner. so orderly you probably use colour-coded excel spreadsheets for your groceries. you never forget to do all that seasonal cleaning apartment therapy tells me to do and i never do. like dusting your baseboards. you probably do that.
  • the Unwrapper: you start at the long end and unwrap the whole thing so you can clutch it stickily in your bare hands. you beautiful rule-breaking moth. nobody should touch a candy cane with their bare fingers. what is wrong with you.
  • the Shiv: you start at the long end and suck it into the deadliest seasonal weapon. you definitely have siblings. probably you were raised in a household where weapons as toys were discouraged. probably you’re also kind of awkwardly masochistic.

side note. if you like the fruit flavoured candy cane better than the peppermint one, you’re wrong. straight-up just wrong.

Various Things Episode 10 Has Presented to Us

Yuuri and Viktor got!!!



they are engaged and anyone who tries to tell me otherwise can fight me.



AND PRECIOUS GUANG-HONG IS TOO (been blessed with some leoji yes).


everyone leaving jj lol.


GEORGI!!! MOVED!!! ON!!! (i’m so proud of that adorkable man).



Drunk Yuuri Katsuki successfully channeling his inner Magic Mike.

and last but not least: