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Any advice for someone wanting to learn how to draw?

♦Art is meant to be fun and an exciting way to express yourself and your imagination. Remember that.

♦Keep all your drawings, no matter how bad they look. One day you will find it and see how much you’ve improved (and laugh at past you b/c why did u draw furries Chantel WHY)

♦Every artist you look up to and admire will have worked and drawn for years. If you want to achieve that level of skill, you will work for years too.

♦With that said. Don’t give up. The effort is worth the reward in the end.

♦START. SMALL. AND. EASY. If you’re new to art. Don’t try and paint landscapes like Ruisdale or clothing like Leyendecker, you’ll only end up disappointing yourself (even I can’t draw at their level but I keep trying). Baby steps ok, you’ll get there one day.

♦If you don’t know how to draw something. Look up a tutorial, there are so many.

♦Take breaks. For as long as you need. Get up and walk around, get that blood pumping again. Go pee, you’ve been holding it in I KNOW go pee.

♦Interesting tip: when you take a 10 minute break and look back at your art, you will notice a surprising amount of mistakes. Either something is out of place, too big/small/wonky etc. Letting your eyes refresh and reload will actually help u spot mistakes you didn’t notice before.

♦It’s ok to be uninspired, or to feel too lazy to draw/finish a drawing. You do not need to feel obliged to finish everything you start. Sometimes sketches will look better than the finished product.

♦We all started bad. But it’s the ones who keep pushing themselves who become other people’s artistic inspirations. 

♦FRUSTRATION IS INEVITABLE. But instead of letting that make you want to quit art forever, direct that anger to your desire to work harder and improve.

♦More experienced artists are always happy to show/make tutorials on how they work, but don’t feel offended if they don’t answer, tutorials are sometimes quite lengthy and tedious to make.

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Could you please do a domestic!au with Jihoon? <3


genre: fluff

pairing: jihoon x reader


You smiled up at Jihoon as he walked into the kitchen, yawning. You poured him a cup of coffee, adding in two sugars and one spoon of creamer, just as he likes it. He was rubbing his eyes, a lazy smile gracing his lips. 

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