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TODAY’S THE DAY! Big Hero 6: The Series starts TONIGHT, and I hope you’re all as excited as I am! To celebrate, I put together a giant photoset for you all to enjoy!

Happy premiere day, guys! 

FP Jones/Andrew’s Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 18

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A/N: FP finally gets screen time in season 2 and it’s  exactly 1 minute long. I’m sobbing.

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Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 2,790

Warnings: None really

You stepped out from behind the trailer.

“He can’t be with her and us? Does that go the same for me, Arch?” You asked, cocking your eyebrow at your younger brother as he immediately spotted your Serpent jacket.

“(Y/n)?! What the hell are you doing here?” Archie’s eyes widened at the sight of you, he knew that you were involved with Fp but the Serpents? Why would you ever go down that road?! 

“Get out of here, Archie.” You told him, Archie shook his head, staring at you with utter disbelief. 

“You’re a Serpent?” Archie ignored your command, 

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I Watched You Die

Archie Andrews x Reader 

Series Masterlist

Words: 2911

Summary: Shocked by her reveal, Archie and the gang now have to worry about hiding Y/N from Hiram. Archie discovers Fred was aware of her survival. Jughead confronts Betty.

Note: Reunited at last! Of course, Archie and the gang are going to be a mix of ecstatic and shocked to find the reader alive and everyone will have to deal with the new wave of drama on its way. (This also isn’t going to be following the plot of season two. But oh. My. God. Season two is so amazing!) Wanted to get one last chapter in before the hiatus was in full swing. Enjoy and I’ll be writing as fast as I can to get back to you guys!

He couldn’t breathe. It felt as if everything had completely come to a halt, the world around him frozen in place. You watched him in fear. Afraid of his reaction, afraid that he would hate you. But instead of anger, his eyes filled with tears and he threw his arms around you, crying into your shoulder. His arms tightened with every sob, clinging to you like you were the only thing keeping him alive. You felt all of the emotion from the past few weeks hitting you all at once. All the longing to hear his voice, to feel his lips on yours came rushing back.

“I’m sorry.” You sobbed, tangling your fingers in the ginger hair you never thought you’d touch again. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re alive…” Archie muttered breathlessly. He slipped his hand behind your head and pulled your lips into a kiss filled with so many emotions, it was hard to tell them apart. Relief. Joy. Fear that this moment would be ripped away from you just like it had been before.

“How is this… How are you…” Veronica stammered, the three of them standing in shock. All of them had tears streaming down their faces. Archie stepped away from you and almost immediately, Betty and Veronica tackled you in another hug.

“I thought I was never going to see you again.” Betty whispered, her mascara staining her cheeks. Veronica trembled, relief washing over her. The two split apart, revealing the boy trying to keep a strong face, but his eyes gave him away.

“Hi Juggie.” You said, pulling your best friend into your arms. His strong demeanor fell apart as he latched onto you. The worry and panic of being found slowly faded to the back of your mind. That is, until a voice came from down the hallway.

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“Fred would rush off for a holiday and call me and say: ‘Hey, ready to do another?’ And I didn’t have the sense to say that I was too tired. Those times were murder for me. Oh, I adored Mr. A but all the hard work…the 5 a.m. calls, the months of non-stop dancing, singing and acting. We just worked it out and had a lot of fun and got very exhausted. And Mr A was quite divine.” – Ginger Rogers, in a 1987 interview with Tim Satchell

Vie (Fred x Ravenclaw R.)

Description: Fred and Reader are beaters, and each other’s competition

Word Count: 477

(Y/N) pushed her Quidditch robes over her head and proceeded to throw them on the ground, they couldn’t lose again.

She then grabbed her Nirvana shirt and pulled it over her, she had to train.

(Y/N) grabbed her beater’s bat and headed to the pitch, they couldn’t lose against Gryffindor, or they’d be out of the Quidditch Cup for sure. 

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