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Even though it nearly drowned us in angst, we have to appreciate how healthy that conversation actually was.

“I swear to you, I wanted to tell you, I tried. And then you found that ring and I just couldn’t bear to ruin that happiness.” 

~ he doesn’t dance around it, goes right for the truth, explains the situation and why he chose to act the way he did; that it was coming from a place of love.

“How could you do this?” 

~ she asks with shock, and hurt. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about at first - he thinks she’s talking about killing her grandpa but what she’s really talking about is burning his own memories. The way she says it with a hint of concern, like even though she’s mad, she’s hurting for him because if he’s gonna resort to such drastic measures, this must be eating him up inside.

“I’ve been asking myself the same question, and all I can say is that I was a broken man for a very long time and I did horrendous things..” 

~ THIS! LINE! IS! SO! IMPORTANT! Because he was a broken man and the fact that he recognizes that his deeds were horrendous proves how much he’s changed. And the fact that he’s sharing with her that he knows he was broken - ugh. Beautiful. 

“I’m not talking about that I’m talking about this. You were about to burn your own memories why would you do that?” 

~ Here the concern for him is even more prominent in her tone. It almost sounds like she’s going to cry. She’s so concerned that he was going to burn some part of his past, because she loves every part of him, including his wrongdoings. 

“Because I was ashamed, Emma. And scared losing you and everything that matters to me.” 

~ She is everything to him. He is terrified of losing her. Do I even need to say more like omg.

“You really think that would happen after everything we’ve been through?” 

~ this is her having 100% confidence in what they have. They have made it through darkness and DEATH, and that proved to her that together they can do anything. She’s surprised and hurt that he doesn’t feel the same way. Why doesn’t he? is what she’s she’s wondering.

“How am I supposed to sit across from your mother and father at the table and look them in the eye after what I’ve done?” 

~ He’s letting her know how guilty he feels. How he’s terrified he’ll be rejected. They’re just laying all their feelings on the table and it’s so healthy I can’t even 

“I’m not saying it would be easy. You know them, you know they would forgive you, that’s who they are.” 

~ She’s validating his feelings, saying yes, it will be a big hurdle. But then she also reassures him that he is loved so much but not just her, and that nothing he does or says will get him kicked out of their lives. Ever. 

“This isn’t just about them, this is about me. I already destroyed my own family once and that was hard enough but knowing that I destroyed yours too, I just…I didn’t know how I could live with that.” 

~ YESSSSSS Killian. This is about you. And that is perfectly okay like it is 1000000% okay for you to worry about yourself instead of everyone else (including Emma) for once. You need to heal and this is the way to start, by telling the woman that you love that this is how you feel and where your head is at. Good job precious pirate good job! 

“You come to me Hook, and you lean on me, and you trust ME!” 

~ Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the knife-in-the-gut line. The most beautiful line in my opinion. Cause it came from the mouth of Emma Swan, who spent her life leaning on no one. Who, after Neal, had a necklace that she wore to remind her never to trust ANYONE. And now she has a life partner that she trusts so completely and has leaned on countless, countless times (When she was watching her mother die, when she almost froze to death, when she was confused about Lily, when she was mad at her parents, all throughout Camelot, when she admitted she wanted a future but was scared, when she was in the underworld and had a scary vision, like a million bazillion times she’s gone to him and leaned on him) and now all she wants is to return the favour for him. And frankly she’s devastated that he doesn’t feel like he can lean on her. Like he is my rock, why aren’t I his? is what is going through her mind. ASDFGHJKL.

“We have to stop hiding things from each other.” 

~ She doesn’t just blame him, she knows she’s hid things from him before too and might some day do it again. They both need to stop in order for this to work.

“The man I fell in love with would know that. You would know that we would do things together.” 

~ Telling him that this together thing all originated from him. She fell in love with him because he earned her trust, but never took the lead from her; they always worked together as a team. Together. And all she wants is for them to be doing that now (and for the rest of their lives)


~ the way he splutters it. He’s so in love with her and wants to kiss her for saying these soulful things. She’s opening up to him and pouring out her soul and telling him she loves him in a poetic, wordy way, which is NOT her specialty. But at the same time his heart is aching. He’s done the last thing he wants to do in life. He’s hurt her. Fuck. 

“That is what I agreed to marry. That is what I thought we were together.”

 ~ Again, emphasis on the together, two halves of a whole. And telling him the reason she wanted to marry him so badly - because she feels safe with him. She can trust him. She can lean on him. And she thought she was that for him, too. And if she’s not? Well, they need to fix that before they can move forward.

“Until you’re ready for that..” *removes ring* “Then we can talk.” 

~ A bit of tough love, but it’s for his own good. She is NOT rejecting him or breaking up with him or some bullshit like that. Their love means more than that. She’s just telling him “Hey. I love you. And I am so, so ready to marry you. But I want our engagement to be happy and pure. And it is anything but happy and pure right now. So until we figure this out, take this back. And work through your feelings. And if you need me, I will be right here.” 



“Good evening, Eren. Thank you for coming to see me so late.” Erwin says. He’s sitting at his desk with Levi standing closely behind him.

Eren salutes, clicking his heels together. “Of course, Commander. What can I do for you?”

“Captain Levi and I have something we would like to ask you.” Erwin says, and Levi sways over, placing a hand on Erwin’s shoulder.

“Yes sir?”

“What does this look like to you, brat?” Levi says, making direct eye contact with the titan boy, his fist jerking against Erwin’s face as Erwin presses his tongue to the inside of his cheek with each thrust.

Eren’s cheeks flush a pink so bright that he looks like he’s made contact with the surface of the sun. “Uh… U-uh, sir…”

“It’s my cock.” Levi says flatly, still jerking. 

“C-can I go, Commander?”

Erwin can’t keep a straight face anymore, starts laughing as he rests his head in his hand. “Yes, Eren. Dismissed.”

Eren practically runs out of the office and slams the door behind him. “Do you think he got it?” Levi says.

Erwin laughs again. “I don’t know.”

“I think I might have gotten confused too. You’ll need to show me again.” Levi says, running his nose along Erwin’s neck.

Erwin smiles into dark hair and growls, “On the desk, Captain.”

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| Happy Birthday Junhoe ♡

I found back that video in which Junhoe basically apologized for being seen as “rude” and it broke my heart - because  I can relate to this 110%. The fact is that besides being a mindblowing vocalist, his honesty and spontaneous reactions are one of the reasons I love him so much. As someone who’s been called out for being insensitive and cold for speaking up my mind, when I see people like Junhoe it kind of reassures me because it reminds me that it’s okay to be myself.

I look up to iKON in more ways than one but when it comes to Junhoe, I truly admire his strenght and personnality - which has so, so many sides. So yeah, I got emotional thinking about how much he had to overcome + wanted to show that lovable side of him people sometimes forget, since it’s buried under three thousands kilos of sass haha. He really is just an endearing kid who gets super soft when close to the fans and just because he may not be the best at expressing his feelings does not mean he’s not a giant sized toddler.

Respect Junhoe. Love Junhoe. Happy Birthday Junhoe. ♡


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Your blog makes me feel very accepted. I'm so happy you made it, and that I found it. Thank you, thank you so, so much.

It makes me so happy to read this and to know that my blog is meaningful to you! Thank you so much for the kind words :) You will always be accepted and have a home in this community!

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Hello! I'm really not sure if this will be a question that falls under ecology, but I'm not sure if it falls under any of the other script categories either. In my story, it is revealed that a fully preserved dinosaur has been found. Skin, muscle, etc. intact, although I'm happy with natural mummification if that's be necessary. I was wondering if you could help me figure out a) how a dinosaur could be so well preserved and b) what steps would be necessary to preserve it? Thanks :)

The only forms of total preservation that I know about are natural mummification and possibly being frozen inside of a glacier(considering how rapidly these are melting, this would be pretty likely considering you want the whole thing intact). I’m sure there are videos on YouTube that can explain natural mummification way better than I could try to, so I would head over that way if you wanted to use that one.

Good luck!



Magic: the Gathering - Amonkhet World Building

There are Gods that walk among the people.
The people gladly build monuments to these Gods as well as to the God-pharaoh, Bolas.

None of that makes it inside the barrier.
The city state is protected and the denizens here are happy.

Some interesting images found on line and cannot track down the source - anyone point me in the right direction ?

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Batb au where the curse is "until the castle finds love" and Lumiere and Cogsworth fall in love and since Lumiere is happy Cogsworth is happy and because Cogsworth is happy the rest of the staff is happy and because the staff is happy it rubs off on Adam who immedently wants to officiate their marriage & everyone in the castle doesn't care about the curse for once & Adam officiats the marriage & Lumiere and Cogsworth kiss & when they kiss there's bright lights & suddenly they're all human again

Ok don’t get me wrong, I love Belle and Adam but….

This would have been a much better ending omg. Like finding love from each other and through family than from a random ass girl. My heart can’t take it. 

This is honestly so sweet. It’s like one of those infectous loves you know? Like “well if they found a way to be happy then shit maybe there’s hope for us too”

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The other day I tied my hair back, put it on top of my head and then put a hat over it. I have never willingly took a picture of myself before doing this and I smiled in front of the mirror for ages. If anyone else wants there hair short but maybe can't then doing this can help. I wanted to share because it made me happy and I want other people to know about it :)

Yeah, I’ve definitely heard of people doing that! I’m glad you found something that makes you happy!

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So I've been climbing for awhile now and without a doubt it is my biggest passion. Most of the time I don't mind that my body, especially my arms and back, have become much more muscular. But sometimes I catch a glimpse and I feel like a linebacker in a dress... I know it's just silly vanity but do you or any other girls that climb feel this way sometimes?

Thank you for this question - because I relate to this so much. I’m happy that you have found climbing as a passion, it’s pretty great isn’t it?? And yes, I have felt like this on many occasions. But thin how great and strong your body is, it is able to climb mountains and rocks and that’s a great thing. It is easy for me to say that it is just a vanity thing, but I understand that feeling. I hope you continue to love climbing, and know that you’re damn beautiful and badass.

After a long period of self-negotiation after you, the thought, “I am happy” seemed foreign; as it began to return, I questioned its authenticity. Smiles and glimpses of light felt indulgent and misplaced. But I became lighter—weight taken out of my feet and the slump taken out of my back brought more and more sensations of true joy, more reasons to love and give and feel. I found myself able to interact for the sake of interaction and connection, rather than to interrupt deprivation. Art and good company lifted me high enough to float, and let go when I was finally able to float on my own. I am occasionally grounded by the weight of worry, but now I can levitate on my own; I have reclaimed my agency and found lift in my own true happiness.



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Nagini fic is awesome. But wHAT PICTURE? WHYS VOLDE HAPPY?

Pshhhhhaw that was when he found the snarky picture of gellert! And figured out the whole ‘dumbledore had the elder wand’ thing ya? Am I right? Did I make that up? I don’t have the book anymore I’d have to check but I thought that was what happened…

If not, then… It was a dick pic. From whoever you like. Good job, Nagini.

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Just wanted to pop in to tell you that I am so happy to have found your blog. Your writing is so good and always accurate, and you've only made me love Kuroshitsuji more. I feel the emotions in each of the characters ever time you write. You're very dedicated. Thanks so much for that. Please keep being you. :)

Originally posted by blmglove

Thank you so much, sweet Anon! Your words mean a lot for me and I couldn’t hope for more than to hear from the people that my portrayal is good and truly reflecting the character’s personalities. I’m also doing my best, I feel flattered that you noticed my dedication - I’d rather not do something at all than do it bad and that’s why all my writings here are made with full interest, if I can say so, even though they may contain some language mistakes. I’m proud I could make you grow more fond of Kuro, too, mission completed! :D

Thank you again, your message made me smile so much ♥