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okay so i was doing a little stalking for some selfies of dillon bc,,, i have a big crush on him,,,, and i found out he was pansexual which made me so fucking happy!!!! bc i'm also pansexual!!!!!!! point is, dillon being so open about his sexuality and what not is a good bc it makes my trans and pan little heart sing bc i don't have many role models for things like that?? anyway,,, alley could u be a good and Let Him Know a little anon is happier bc of his existence?? thank

This is very sweet, i will relay the messege

Dating Betty Cooper while being Cheryl's ex and Archie's sister would include...

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  • Betty’s mom hated you
  • you were an andrews and she disliked you the second she saw you and betty holding hands
  • this didn’t phase betty though, she loved you no matter what
  • when archie found out he was happy for the both of you
  • he loved you both and was glad you were happy
  • archie joked about betty being his sister in law, called betty part of the family to tease
  • you had betty over for dinner a lot, mainly because your dad always liked having her over
  • your dad definitely liked betty more than your ex gf…
  • when cheryl heard the news about you and betty she flipped
  • “so you dumped ME, for HER????” 
  • “cheryl, i’d appreciate it if we could just not make this a thing. i love betty and we’re together please just let this go.”
  • “(y/n), I still don’t get why you’d leave me for her”
  • “that’s not why we broke up!”
  • Betty confesses to you that she doesn’t know why you’d break up with cheryl and then start dating her
  • you held her hands and told her that you loved her because she was exactly what cheryl wasn’t. you and cheryl didn’t work out for a reason.
  • you’d leave little love notes in betty’s locker and she saved each one
  • she’d write about it all in her diary
  • archie gave betty the whole “don’t hurt my sister or else” speech but it only made betty laugh
  • “oh come on archie, i know you couldn’t hurt a fly”
  • your dad sometimes walks in on your and betty kissing and it gets SUPER awkward but he makes lame dad jokes about it the next morning at breakfast
  • archie teases you nonstop about it
  • whenever you feel like you’re in archie’s shadow betty reminds you how unique you are and how you are just as special and brilliant as your brother
  • overall it’s a supportive healthy relationship with betty and your family which is completely different than what you had with cheryl
  • cheryl eventually accepts that you’ve moved on and wishes you the best because she still cares about you and wants you to be happy

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but donghyuk doesn't look healthy

He lost weight and doesn’t look the same he did before. That might be the reason why you think he doesn’t look healthy. The change is just big. But what many people don’t seem to understand is that he didn’t eat healthy before. He wasn’t overweight and looked more healthy to many people before his weight loss. But he actually lives a healthier life now. He eats 3 good vitamin-rich meals a day, works out and is active. He doesn’t get tired as easily as before and has a good sleeping rhythm. His work and personal life balance improved as well. Saying he doesn’t look healthy bcs he isn’t as chubby as before is not right. Before, he had a really unhealthy relationship to food. He either didn’t eat anything at all or suddenly ate a lot at once. We should be happy that he finally found a healthy way to deal with food. Idk why so many people try to take that away from him by saying things like ‘he looks like a skeleton’. I don’t see anyone talk like that about Hanbin bcs apparently Hanbin is naturally skinny but donghyuk not? How would you know since he never have had an healthy relationship to food until now? He does look healthy.

It’s bittersweet to see Arc V end. It changed my life. This fandom introduced me to amazing people and my perfect soulmate. The sadness a few awful people here made me feel can’t even compare to the happiness I’ve found from being here on tumblr. I might be too scared to participate in the fandom anymore, but I know it’s the reason I have so many wonderful friends and a perfect partner. I enjoy watching everyone have fun, share their theories and headcanons and squee about their ships. The characters are really special to me, and the series ending wont change that. Getting to be part of this is something I wont ever forget in life. It’s ending now, but I’m happy I got to be a part of it. Thanks everyone ♥

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gaH i love your art so much!! your new comic made me cry it's so beautiful ;; i would reblog if my blog had spoilers but since i can't, i'll send an ask to show my appreciation instead <33 beautiful work ~!

Thank you for the message!! ;v; hnn I may keep every art-related (encouraging and complimenting) asks I get, I am very grateful for those!! When I get a bit unsure about my drawings I feel I’d feel very happy from these! Must keepsake.

this drawing is also a bit spoiler-ish too, but seeing my kaede drawing from this morning getting good responses made me want to draw her again like this/// I hope you like it!!

Again, thank you for reading my comic!! ;v; I literally spent hours making it, and it makes me happy to hear you found it to your liking!! I am grateful for your appreciation and your ask, have a nice day!

For those of you who reblogged and tagged my drawings I love you all too;; please know that you all have my love I just can’t- reply back as well compared to when things are in an ask format ;v; but I appreciate appreciate good comments..!

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Y'all I'm so happy I finally found a name that I really like and I think fits for me. It's Alexander Sirius. I'm so happy and wanted to share :)

Well I personally think that’s an awesome name, dude!

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What do you think about the Emma dying spec? Part of me thinks they'd never kill her, but another part of me thinks the writers would have Emma ultimately sacrificing herself for her loved ones, have that be her own happy ending. I don't know really.

Well Anon, let me ask you something. If you invested a significant amount of time and emotion in this show over the course of six years, and in the end found out that the people who write it consider death a happy ending, that the circle never actually closes, that Emma’s family is broken forever, would you watch anything they write in the future?

‘Cause I sure wouldn’t.

Emma’s story has been about growth from day one, both her own emotional growth and the expansion of her circle of love. Are they going to end six years of storytelling by leaving a gaping hole in that circle? Final shot of the series is Emma kicking her heels in the Underworld, all by herself again? I really, really doubt it.

I am, however, giving good odds that at some point during the finale Emma appears to be dead. That would be both logical based on the Hooded Figure/vision foreshadowing and because someone has appeared to be dead in every single season finale of this show.

Be of good heart, Anon. :)

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Are you in a relationship now? Asking bc I've been following you for a long time and It makes me happy that you've found someone because you deserve so much happiness in your life 💖 I wish you both all the best!

i am!! asdkfdsjdkl this is so kind of you to say cos i know if you’ve been following me for a while you’ve definitely seen that i’ve Been Thru It ahaha so yeah … she really does bring me so, so much happiness when i never thought i could feel anything like this again. thank you so much for your wellwishes💖


Guys. I haven’t been able to tell y'all this but, I finally got fucking cast at my university! I am in 5 Lesbians eating a quiche. I play Wren Robin, and I’m so fucking happy. I cried when I found out I got cast. We had our first off book day yesterday and it wasn’t as rough as we thought it would be. These are pictures of my in my mock up and the rendering of the final costume. Designs made by Margaret Mitchell.