be fooled

lately, rumors surfaced about a haunted, sunken pirate ship. it didn’t use to be haunted, you see. but legend has it if you come close to it, you can hear annoyed sighs and strange melodies


@dailylatias said: 

A Latias in a blue and white mask appears to have overheard a question earlier. “Ah! I didn’t realize there actually was a boat. Mom and I just flew here with her friend!” She gives a sheepish grin. “Oh, but if you do miss the boat and need a ride, I’d be happy to give you one! I’ve heard Alola’s really nice, and a friend of mine likes the beans that grow there, so it’d be a good excuse to visit for a bit, too!” The Eon Pokémon pauses. “I’m Ruby, by the way! Nice to meet you!” (@dailylatias)

I…It’s not like I’m scared of heights…


Oh!! I’m Marshadow… Y…you can call me Marshie though! N…Nice to meet you t…too…?


Cause you have taken All the wind out from my sails
And i have loved you just the same