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Honestly can’t wait for jaime to get to winterfell..can you imagine the interactions..brienne…starks…BRAN… northerners….snarking at jon…daenerys when she finds out cersei’s not coming…


Hiking day!!! Ooooh boy. I totally forgot about the elevation change here. Phew. My lungs were working hard. Today we hiked in the Flat Irons. We hiked the Royal Arch trail. So. Much. Fun. My legs are screaming though. Fitbit days 147 floors climbed. This is my favorite type of hiking. There was bouldering all along the trail and plenty of places to scramble so you better believe I took advantage of it.

When you are at the gym and start to feel the inner anime girl you hoped you buried deep in the ground starts to appear…

When your hair starts to fall out because of your tookishness and you actually start looking like said anime girl..

When you no longer can hold back..

I may actually be missing cosplay xD

In other news I may have convinced Ven to take me to a BJJ class…this may have been through while I was helping him practice last night and decided to stop being the dummy and scrapple back and actually got out of his grip and him into my own hehehhehehehehhe

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Also if everything goes well tomorrow, in the future we are looking to once a week or every other week to do a activity together to learn.

Archery, climbing, horse riding… etc

See what we can do and what we like we do more of.

Grow in strength, ability and as people.

Best of all together which is very important.

So yeah

Lots of life changing things

But most importantly I am working towards making the life I want reality….maybe not becoming a princess warrior…but who knows maybe one day..


I’ve only known matt for a few hours but if anything happened to him i’d kill everyone in this room and then myself