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My school has a game called Senior Sock Assassins. Everyone is assigned a target. Some form alliances. Some go only on defense. Some go on fearless killing sprees. Some choose not to play and act as intelligence for their comrades. The only rules are that you cannot get someone in the lunchroom or within classrooms, and all participants must be wearing bananas. So I want the seven playing senior sock assassins and bonus points if there’s a part where Percabeth are hiding in the same closet.

Anything for you, my friend! Sorry it’s so late, but I hope you enjoy! :) xxx 

  • Percy was fully aware of how ridiculous he looked sprinting through the hallway, blue bandanna tied securely around his head, with his best friend Jason hot on his heels 
  • but he refused to be taken out so close to the end of the game 
  • it had all started three days before when the participating seniors were given their targets 
  • Percy had had an easy enough time in the beginning
  • his original target was Michael Yew who he caught coming out of a physics club meeting
  •  then it was Travis Stoll who he got with the help of Travis’s girlfriend Katie Gardner who was more than happy to help set up a trap because she thought it would be funny (it was)
  • third up was Clovis, who Percy lured out of his house by hiring Argus, the local ice cream guy, to drive his truck past Clovis’s house very very slowly 
  • Percy was also lucky considering each of his targets had already gotten their first targets, leaving him with 6 cards so far 
  • he was ahead in the game and he would be damned if he let Jason win the glory 
  • “You’re gonna have to be faster than that Grace!” he yelled behind him, turning forward again just in time to jump over a kid who was picking up some papers from the floor 
  • Jason wasn’t so lucky 
  • Percy heard the “shoot!” Jason yelled as he went down and only paused to make sure his friend was getting up and to yell “that wasn’t very graceful, Grace!” before he took off again down the hallway 
  • he had found out earlier that morning that he was Jason’s target from teen queen Piper McLean, who was also Jason’s girlfriend 
  • they were skateboarding to school together, Piper somehow able to do it while wearing heels because she said she was feeling particularly girly that day, and Percy used a batch of his mom’s snickerdoodles to trade for information which Piper always had in spades 
  • as soon as he got to school he immediately found Frank who Piper had told him had Jason as a target, and seeing as how Frank was his cousin and the nicest guy around it wasn’t hard to get him to agree to the alliance 
  • but then Thalia and the archery team had struck 
  • kids flooded out from the library and were met with a barrage of rolled up socks
  • it was a bloodbath 
  • which was how Percy had lost Frank and got spotted by Jason 
  • Percy had taken off to the opposite side of the school, hiding in the supply closet next to Ms. Dove’s room 
  • Ms. Dove, who was also Piper’s mom, taught all levels of French and kept a stash of scented candles, and candies in the closet while also bribing the janitors with world class chocolates to keep undesirable things out of her vicinity 
  • Percy had discovered it freshman year while hiding from Luke, a kid who used to bully him 
  • now he stood in the closet, planning to wait until passing period was over and he knew Jason would be in class (a pro of the assassin who is looking for you also being a stickler for attendance) 
  • a couple of minutes passed, only 4 more of passing period judging from the ocean themed watch his half brother Tyson had gotten him, when suddenly the door crept open 
  • Percy did his best to hide behind the door but the intruder flicked the light on 
  • first thing he saw was blonde hair, causing a small panic that Jason may have found him, but then he registered the princess curls 
  • Annabeth smiled, closing the door behind her and placing a chaste kiss to Percy’s lips 
  • “I caught part of your high speed chase,” she said 
  • “Please tell me I looked hot while doing it?” he asked, flipping his hair dramatically 
  • “Oh, I definitely saw a few freshman girls swooning,” 
  • they laughed and Percy put his hands around Annabeth’s waist, pulling her in close 
  • “How did you find me in here anyway?” he said, raising his eyebrows 
  • “We’ve been fooling around in this closet since sophomore year, Seaweed Brain. Where else would you hide out?” 
  • he couldn’t help the smug smile that took over his face, “Fair enough. But we gotta be quiet, cause Jason could still be looking for me.” 
  • Annabeth played with the hair at the nape of Percy’s neck as her lips brushed against his, “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that” 
  • she closed the minimal gap and kissed Percy hard, doing a little something new with her tongue that made Percy’s toes curl 
  • as they pulled away, her words registered in his head, “Why wouldn’t I have to worry about it?” 
  • he felt something on his chest and looked down to find Annabeth’s usually very beautiful hands that were now traitorous monsters pushing a rolled up pair of grey socks into him 
  • “Are you fucking kidding me?” 
  • “Would it hurt less if I told you I love you?” 
  • Annabeth’s plan had come together the night before 
  • she had taken out 2 people when she got Hazel
  • she asked Hazel to come over and help her study for a quiz in history, knowing that Hazel already had three cards (the girl was secretly lethal in a way no one ever seemed to address) and her next target was her boyfriend Frank 
  • after neutralizing Hazel and apologizing with a nice cup of tea, Annabeth and Piper had their nightly Skype call where Piper let it slip that she heard Frank’s target was Jason and Jason’s target was now Percy 
  • she tipped off Bianca that morning about the heard of kids who would be leaving the safe zone that was the library after a study period and she bid her time in the hallway to watch the events unfold 
  • Bianca and her crew showed up right on time, causing a mass panic  
  • Frank managed to get out of the hallway unscathed but as soon as he turned the corner to get to his locker, Annabeth was waiting 
  • that’s when Jason and Percy ran by 
  • she was fairly confident that Jason would catch Percy and she could neutralize him, saving her from having to eliminate her very competitive boyfriend at least for now 
  • for some reason she hadn’t accounted for Jason’s clumsiness 
  • when she saw him fly in the hallway, she knew she’d have to adjust 
  • so she followed the only route her boyfriend of two years would have taken, straight to the nice smelling supply closet they had claimed as their own when they first started dating 
  • Percy was pouting when he handed over the cards and Annabeth almost felt bad
  • the warning bell rung through the air, making both kids grimace in annoyance  
  • “Who’s my target now?” 
  • Percy sighed, “Clarisse.” 
  • Annabeth’s eyes lit up, “Oh hell yes.” 
  • “You’re scary when you have a plan you know that?” 
  • she rolled her eyes, “You know it turns you on” 
  • “Maybe a little…” 
  • the final bell rang, making them both officially late to their World Mythologies class 
  • “You know, Percy,” Annabeth said, trailing her fingers up Percy’s chest, “we’re already late to class” 
  • she put her arms around his neck and stood on her tip toes so they were a little more eye level, her lips curling into a wickedly mischievous smile 
  • “Plus,” her face only inches from his, “I believe I owe you for being such an easy target” 
  • Percy licked his lips and chewed on his bottom lip for a beat before returning her mischievous smile, “That’s not the only way I’m easy… but you already know that” 
  • they laughed against each others lips as they fumbled for the light switch 
  • two days later, Annabeth was named the school’s Number One Assassin, having successfully taken out Clarisse with a daring mission that involved jumping out of Mr. Brunner’s window and a strategically placed/questionably attained certified World War Two weapon 
  • the following Monday, Leo returned from his island vacation to stories of Annabeth’s genius, told by Percy
  • “No way I missed all of that while I was gone!” he cried 
  • “Time is an unforgiving mistress,” Frank said in a hollow voice from the end of the table, head slowly moving from side to side 
  • everyone looked at each other, trying to verify they had all heard the same thing 
  • he looked up at everyone’s watchful eyes, perking up under the attention, “Sorry,” he mumbled 
  • “Anyways,” Percy shouted, redirecting everyone’s attention, “Who else was very scared and a little turned on when Annabeth compared Clarisse to a boar?” 
Beautiful ‘Fearless’ Album Things
  • The title and album cover like wow damn
  • The platinum edition and how Taylor gave all the extra songs their own secret messages (which she hasn’t done since)
  • How for the whole album every song about falling hoplessly in love is followed by a song about the repercussions of naivety and youth and trying to reconcile being a hopeless romantic who doesn’t is afraid of being heartbroken
  • How the intro of “Fearless” sound so whimsical and makes you want to fall hopelessly in love which reflects the message of the song
  • How she plays Fearless every time she plays at Gillette to honor how it was her first stadium show during the Fearless Tour
  • How Taylor depicts love as a form of freedom and bravery
  • How “Fifteen” is a complete story of a year in Taylor and Abigail’s life of when and how they decided to put their careers and dreams above boys when they were taught by society to put boyfriends above everything else
  • How “Fiteen,” both song and music video, was a warning to teenage girls to not trust young love and to value themselves above boys and to look for themselves before they look for love
  • The motif of light to depict love: “dancing ‘round your room when the light ends,” “i saw a light in you,” “shine, shine, shine,” “you used to shine so bright”
  • The motif of saving: “no one here to save me now,” “try to catch me now,” “Romeo save me,” “I come home crying and you grab the keys”
  • The motif of driving: “we’re driving down the road,” “there in my rear view mirror disappearing now,” “I see your face in my mind as I drive away,” “I get into his car,” “and we drive and drive until we find a town far enough away”
  • The motif of calling: “you’re on the phone with you girlfriend,” “you don’t have to call anymore,” “he calls exactly when he says he will,” “I stare at the phone / he still hasn’t called,” 
  • How hundreds of people have gotten engaged to the bridge of “Love Story” 
  • How “Love Story” follows “Fifteen” and Taylor takes out the ending of Romeo and Juliet which follows more with the message of “Fifteen”
  • Taylor’s random reference of “The Scarlet Letter” in “Love Story” which doesn’t really make sense unless she’s just using the theme of stigma
  • How cute and simple the production, music, and lyrics of “Hey Stephen” is to reflect how innocent and pure her crush on Stephen is
  • “All those others girls, well they’re beautiful, but would they write a song for you?”
  • Using the theme of a fairytale in “White Horse” to convey the loss of innocence when you meet reality and then again in “The Best Day” to convey her innocence as a child
  • “I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well”
  • How she drives away at the end of “White Horse” when the assumption is that the love interest was going to take her away on a white horse
  • “Stupid girl / I should’ve known” –> “the girl in the dress cried the whole way home / I should’ve known”
  • “You Belong With Me” is still a fucking bop
  • The secret message of “Breathe” being “I’m sorry” over and over
  • Fading out of “You’re Not Sorry” with just “No, no, no” over and over
  • The guitar and drum build ups in “The Way I Loved You” to mimic the build and explosion of emotions in the past relationship
  • How Taylor placed “The Way I Loved You” after all these sad songs about losing love because of the other person to show that sometimes it’s you who’s at fault because you’re stuck in the past and not appreciating what’s in front of you
  • During the bridge of “The Way I Loved You” when the instrumentals drop and it’s just Taylor’s voice and the guitar
  • How “Fifteen” played as Taylor walked up the stage to accept her first Entertainer of the Year award in 2009 and the last line that played was “you just might find who you’re supposed to be” :’) 
  • The Best Day and Change are real songs that we can listen to :’) :’)
  • Ending the album with a love song to her a mother/family and a love song to her career/record label :’)
  • She ended the album with “Change,” which is about the struggles of being a new indie label, and then she won Album of the Year at the Grammys for the album :’)
  • The most awarded country album in music history :’) Written by a 16-18 year old girl :’)

“Be fearless and play my friends… You could live for tomorrow and still live here in today.”

Holsom soulmate AU where your soulmate’s first words to you are written on your skin. Several people requested this one, so hope y’all like it!

For a while, Ransom is pretty convinced Taylor Swift is his soulmate.

His soulmark happens to be the first line from the first song off her first mainstream album, written in a loopy script. He doesn’t know this until he hears Fearless playing on the radio, at which point he almost crashes his car in shock. He’s heard of Taylor Swift, sure, but he’s never heard her – he’s twenty-one, and he thinks he’s found his soulmate.

Of course, as several people worldwide reveal their Taylor Swift lyric soulmarks over the coming years, Ransom realizes there’s a good chance it’s not her.

But she’s the first person he hears sing those words, and even if she’s not his soulmate (he intends to meet her at some point just to check) Fearless becomes his favorite song. The twang of the guitar, the distinctly country feel – he’s never been one for country, but he lets it slide this one time. After all, it’s basically his song.


Medical school is hard.

Really hard. And Ransom’s a delicate coral reef at the best of times, so he’s learned to manage his study time carefully. He gauges his mood and decides if he needs pure silence, moderate noise or overwhelming heavy metal to study in. His habits come down on the side of pure silence more often than not, but he has on occasion gone down to the music rooms just to sit outside the door and zone into his studying with a dreadful screeching and the crash of drums in his ears.

Today, though, Ransom decides that he’s itching for something else. Brown is an elite school and there are plenty of coffee shops littered around trying to capitalize on the highly stressed student population, but he’s not in the mood for seeing several other frazzled people with papers strewn across tables. Instead he opts for something slightly further out from college, about ten minutes away by bus, and hops off at Bits and Pieces at 2pm sharp. He’s never been to the cutesy café-bakery before, but he’s heard only good things about it from April, March’s girlfriend, so he decides to give it a try. He approaches the pale blue storefront and pushes open the door to the tinkle of bells.

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Why Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe Hopes Women Take a Cue From Claire Fraser
“We need to stand up for our beliefs and our rights, and I think she embodies that kind of spirit.”
By Julie Miller

If Outlander’s strong-willed female protagonist Claire Fraser were to time-travel to the present day, she would likely be disappointed by the current political climate—what with the gender pay gap still at a mile-wide chasm, and the Hillary Clintons of the world being beaten by the Donald Trumps. (Hey, maybe she would even consider jumping the pond to help change the result of the recent U.S. presidential election.) It’s fitting, then, that in a conversation with Outlander star Caitriona Balfe on Monday, moments after she learned of her Golden Globe nomination for playing the fearless Claire Fraser, the Irish actress revealed why her character is more crucial now than ever.

“While Outlander is a brilliant period show, Claire represents so many qualities of a 20th-century modern-day woman, someone who is forging her own path, fighting for what she believes, and doing so with integrity,” Balfe said in a statement to press Monday. Elaborating exclusively to Vanity Fair, she added, “Right now it’s a very important time to stand up and voice our beliefs and reiterate that we are 50 percent of the population … that we have a voice and we need to use it. Even though Claire is a woman from the 40s, I think that she does have a resonance today. We need to stand up for our beliefs and our rights, and I think she embodies that kind of spirit.”

Balfe, who was alerted of her nomination mid-snooze on the set of Outlander’s third season, suggested that, while it is a difficult time to be a woman, she is lucky to be working in the current entertainment climate.

“I think that we can see by the rest of the nominees that it is a really fantastic time in the moment to have a vision, and I feel very fortunate to be working in this time,” said Balfe, who was nominated in the best-actress-in-a-television-drama category alongside The Crown’s Claire Foy, The Americans’ Keri Russell, Stranger Things’ Winona Ryder, and Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood.

“It’s so nice to be able to look around at your peers and see the great work that they’re doing. But getting to play Claire was an absolute dream. She is strong-willed and, not perfect, but a survivor and a fighter, and I think that is such a great place to go to in your work every day—to play someone who has such resilience. It can only make you feel better about everything in your life. I feel very grateful to be able to go to work every day and play her.”

“This was such a huge undertaking for me,” Balfe said of her work on the Starz series, which is adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s beloved novels and shows the protagonist traveling through time. “I definitely had days where I wasn’t sure I could handle all of the pressure that came with it. But being able to play someone so strong can inform you of the reserve you have within yourself and help you get through that for sure.”

With those words in place, Balfe revealed she would call upon that Claire Fraser strength to finish out her long day playing the tireless period protagonist before checking off a few other errands on her list: “I am going to learn my lines for tomorrow, make my lunch, and maybe have a glass of wine.”

The cast is currently filming Outlander’s third season, which is based on Gabaldon’s Voyager novel.

All of Dash’s friends think Danny is a stone cold fearless mother fucker because Danny can play Outlast without screaming at /anything/ (bc he’s used to spooky shit bc ghosts but they don’t know that) so they keep telling him to play games just to see if he will get scared and he NEVER DOES and eventually Danny gets sick of it (even though people are like throwing steam gift cards at him so he will be able to purchase these games)

So everyone’s around him and he’s playing like the very beginning of PT and when the ghost lady starts banging on the bathroom door he just fucking /shrieks/ and like falls over and makes a whole deal about being scared and everyone high fives and is like ‘lol get rekt Danny we got you’ and he’s just 'lol you sure did good job guys’ and after they leave he just sits back down and plays the rest of it absolutely silent bc Danny is a HARD ASS BITCH WHO AINT SCARED OF SHIT

(PS if you want some Dash in this just know that Dash is afraid of everything and puts his headphones in and watches cartoons on Netflix)