be father of my children pls

exo-m as dads

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- honestly the softest bean

- would always make them food and feed them even when they say they can already do that themselves

- soccer evenings tbh

- he would also play soccer with them all the damn time

- probably jumps around like a quirky fluff ball when his child says “dad” for the first time

- lu would make stupid faces to make his children laugh

- takes a picture of every damn shit…even their first poo bc he is just THAT sort of proud

- would teach his children all sorts of language he knows

- will deny that he ever had a song named lu when they ask

- would only let sehun or minseok babysit his children

- pinches their cheeks and always say how soft and cute they are

- will probably still look younger than his children (does he even age??)

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- let’s all be real, this is minseok. he’d probably get the best dad award before his child is even born

- most likely to pain the entire children’s bed room by himself and even more likely that the color will be the same as his hair

- piggy back rides…AND A DAMN LOT OF THEM

- will cook for them and tries his best to make it healthy but still tasty (and ofc succeeds bc this is kim minseok we are talking about)

- when the kid gets injured he’d give a kiss on the band aid (which has depending if its a girl or a boy either bunnies or dinosaurs)

- would teach his kids how to ride a bike and make a video of it

- his children are probably going to get a nobel peace prize bc he raised them just THAT well

- would play tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny and whatever fairytale for them

- once they hit puberty he’d be the cool dad and all. would allow them more stuff, but not too much

- would buy them what they want, but will try hard to not spoil them 

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- father to the next generation of super musicians and actors

- is probably trying too hard to be a good father

- often busy, but would call and facetime all the time

- most likely to have his children in the same kindergarten, elementary and high school as baekhyun’s

- would always tell his children how beautiful they are

- always proud. literally. child fails a subject? no problem, he’d say they’ll do better on the next test

- very likely to have more photos of his children in his purse than cash

- would drive his children anyway and sing during the drive 

- would believe his children over anyone

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- the type of dad to scare his kid’s friends away at first, but then turns out to be the softest potato in the kettle

- kids will speak english, chinese and korean before they entre kindergarten. safe call

- suho is the mom. fite me

- would be a rather chill father tbh

- when suho flips his shit about his children failing a subject or getting drunk kris is like “hey, we used to be children, too. and we were wild”

- first present is most likely a telescope so they can watch the galaxy

- burned toast for breakfast basically

- everyday is selca day

- philosophical quotes in the birthday cards bc why not

- would prolly communicate with emojis 

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- oh god this is going to be a ride

- too swag to change diapers he says, but he’d do it still

- tries hard not to cry, squeal or lose his shit when his child does something utterly cute

- death glare @ everyone who wanna mess with his children

- never ending competition on whose baby is better with sehun

- “My kid can already count.”

- “Well, my kid already knows the principle of pythagoras”

- designer diapers provided by gucci much

- gucci barbie dresses

- gucci toothbrush

- gucci everything

- probably the kid’s middle name is gucci

- kids will prolly get into martial arts

- a lot of dog x baby pics on his instagram

- disgusted faces at poop and puke but would judge everyone who’d say “ew” and look at them like “dat ew is my child u wanna fite?”

- if he doesn’t get gucci stuff at father’s day he is gonna be one sulky individual

- at first he would be very much confused and would call luhan to help him bc he clearly doesn’t know what to do to calm a baby down

- when the child hits puberty he would involuntarily witness that there exist more salty people than him and would cry and then ground them

- the only one cooler than him has to be his child ok

- random nicknames given that he’ll forget the following day tbh

- has no chill when his child causes trouble, prolly turns into a drill sergeant when he is pissed 

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- what do you expect, he is a beagle

- prolly pouts when the child gets more attention than him

- the kid is likely to be more mature than him

- 5000 watt smile children

- excited over everything

- clingiest dad alive

- “dad, it’s just a sleepover…”

- “i know, perfect for father-son time!”

- his, bbh’s and pcy’s child would definitely become the new chaos trio

- angelic voice much

- would lose his child in the ice cream parlor 

- and then piss his pants bc wow he really managed to lose his child

- turns out child makes a public announcement in the mall

- “hey, i lost my clumsy dad, pls return… or no, just keep him.”

I would like to point out that sheith shippers (or anyone who ships him with any of the paladins tbh) might still call Shiro ‘Space Dad’ but he’s not their literal fucking dad and that the paladins are actually not children. He is the ‘dad friend’. The friend who makes sure everyone else is safe and mediates and protects and makes bad jokes and does other dad-type things. In my group of friends we have a ‘mom friend’ who is literally the same age as us. Space Dad does not mean literal dad, it doesn’t mean he’s their father or their father figure. He’s the dad friend. It’s an actual thing.

Reblog of you think Enoch would be a full blown emo in the present.
-I mean, seriously. Nirvana, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Fall Out Boy, all of the other punk and emo bands.
-Like imagine him playing the guitar and growing out his hair a little more.
-All the other kids would hate it but he would love it.
-Only shopping at Hot Topic and Spencers.
-staying up late at night on aestetic blogs on Tumblr.
-having a MySpace account even though it’s so outdated -“no one understands me!”
-“be quiet Enoch! It’s like three in the morning”
-“Miss P! Tell Enoch to turn down his music! I’m trying to sleep!”
-“oh shut up Horace. Just let me be me.”
-“when I was/ a young boy/ my father/ took me into the city/ to see a matching band-” “AND THE BAND FUCKING BROKE UP.”
-his phone wallpaper would be like a really sad quote or something
I want this to be cannon.

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73,47 and 66 for Yoongi pls💙💭 tysm

Marionette Game

“I’m pregnant.” - “I didn’t cheat!” - “She was hot, admit it”

Words: 1.2k
Genre: Drama, Angst

You should’ve never fallen in love with him.

Your first misfortune lies within the family you were born into - a mother with a wealthy background and a father with ambitious political aspirations. It was a picture perfect family; a blissful marriage and two well rounded children, you and your older brother. But everything was merely skin deep. With the plastered smiles and exaggerated grins, as a young child, your mother would pinch you at your side to-

‘stand taller!’
‘look at that disgusting hair, tame it!’
‘ugh, do you not know how to act like a lady?’

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from what my father can translate (bc i can’t learn italian rip) this reads: 

Q: What are the names of the children of Percy and Annabeth? 

and rick replies: 

A: Doesn’t exist. They are seventeen forever! 

so, in other news, percy and annabeth are officially immortal, guess zeus just decided to do whatever he wants, as per the usual 

*this is a joke pls don’t over exaggerate jfc*

Zombie Unicorns - Peter Parker x (f)Stark!Reader

Words: 1245
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Stark!Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers
Requested by @jaderz-mega-yikes
I have a request lilly! I don’t remember if I did one already but…might as well do one now😂 I request a Peter Parker imagine where the reader and him are best friends and they end up accidentally getting drunk at one of Tony’s parties. FLUFF PLS💜
Authors Note: i swear it looked like I was drunk when I was writing this because of how many errors I made. BUT THIS IS MY FIRST FIC OF 2017! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! HERES TO A GOOD ONE!


“Tell me what I told you,” Your father said to you before the party.

You groaned, rolling your eyes. “Now don’t you and Spider-Boy go anywhere near the bar. I don’t need innocent children getting drunk,” You recited in a low voice, trying to match Tony’s.

“Perfect! I cannot afford to hear Steve go off on me if you end up-”

“Dad!” You stopped him, “I’m too young even to drink. I’ll be fine. Plus, I’ll be with Peter, he’s not stupid,” You told Tony, hoping to get him off your back.

“(Y/N), I’m serious-”

“Oh would you look at that, Sam’s going in your lab!” You pointed and as soon as Tony turned around to see that there was no one near his lab, you ran away.

Your father groaned, annoyed with you. But you are his teenage daughter; he should have expected this. Plus, a Stark teenager, there wasn’t much surprise that this was how you acted.

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A/N: The Video is kind of her outer an inner storyline, but due to my programm hating me i couldn’t elaborate it as much as i wished to (it killed half of my clips). I chose the song for a particular reason, not only because I love heather, but because it shows her emotions and her anxiety really well and Alex pls don’t kill me for this long af fic.

Strict parents create sneaky children.

“And the lovely Lady from Dakota who will join the rest of the selected is (…) Ruby Stones” A picture of my bare face pops up on the screen infront of me. A short silence floods the room just before a piercing “Ruby Stones” causes the walls to shiver. “Why did you enter the selection even though your father has forbidden it.” I look down at my blue knees and close my eyes. Why was I that stupid to believe my parents would let me get away with something once in my life. “But mom..” “No but’s young lady. You are ruining your future and breaking this family apart! Me and your father have worked so hard for your career, you are not going to throw your future away for tiaras and princess dresses.” My father supports her statement silently slowly shaking his head in disappointment. “Mom, when I am a Princess no-one will be more beloved than me. This would be your dream come true, your daughter a princess and future Queen of Illea. Everyone will know her name and that’s all you’ve ever cared about…. If people know the name Ruby Stones.” I look up and immediately break away from the intimating glare and let my gaze wander across the big living room. My eyes linger on dozen of throphes embellishing the shelves. Gosh how much I hate this golden trash. “Don’t you dare pretend we don’t care for your well-being. If not, you would have been already dead.” My heart sinks to stomach, a common felling caused by my mother. My legs start shaking, causing my kneecaps to collide making an awful hollow sound. “Martha…”, my dad interrupts her with a daring glare. “Never mind”, she continues, “but don’t you dare come back home with empty pockets and no husband bye your side.”

“Arabesque, plie ladies!” Ms Kazimierski’s tender voice halls through the long dance hall, girls in tight leotards are adjusting their posture and holding their heads high. “Dona, I said over 90 degree, not 45”, she continues to correct us. I straighten my back a bit and let my glance wander trough the room. So many petite girls are gracing the room, with sleek buns crowding their heads, white pointé shoes adorning their feet. Then there’s me, the literal raven inside of a crowd full of beautiful swans, the loner, the greedy one. That’s at least what they say. I turn to my left with a chassé en tournant, catching a glimpse of my slim body in the mirror, a fake smile is plastered on my grey looking face. With a turning on my supporting right leg and my other leg stretched to the side as straight as possible and my foot pointing upwards, I finish my last lesson, for now. Gracefully my body sinks onto the cold floor and my head rests on my boney shoulder. My eyes close slowly, I can feel my heart beating fast against my ribs, pumping blood through my veins. My lungs are aching for air and I quietly pant, trying to calm my body down. My eyes flatter open as I hear light steps approaching me. With a confused expression and a small nod I greet the brunett standing infront of me. “Oh, so you’re one of those selected huh?”,she says, arms crossed while looking down onto me. Gosh, I am so sick of these backstabbing comments, that’s all I’ve been hearing the past few days. “You’ve got a problem with that?”, I ask a bit louder and sit up straighter. Her eyes widen and she stammers a “Ohh, no I didn’t mean-” before I cut her of. “Seriously I am so sick of you pretentious little nobody’s judging me for being selected. I’m more than just that, so if you’re hoping for an autograph or even a second of my time you can wait for a while because you’re not getting them”, I utter before I stand up and stalk out of the room, but not before adding: “and maybe next time think about how you approach a “may be” future Queen.“

With shivering legs and shaking fingers I stand infront of my full length mirror and carefully view my silhouette. Purple and dark blue spots peak out underneath my black leotard and make me wonder if the galaxy really looks like that. Dark freckles on my body complete the night sky on my bare flesh. Slightly I let my fingers brush against the bruises forming on my hips and collarbones, stroking the nebulas on my dark skin. Slowly I step out of my leotard, trying not to smudge the little makeup which mother applied earlier or get my ring caught on the lace, and make my way towards my big princess bed, where mother had already laid out the outfit I shall wear. A glance at the clock tells me that I’ve got a little under ten minutes left befor I am leaving to the town hall. A bit in a hurry, I step into my black silky and flowy pants and button up my top, before I grab a comb and put my hair up into a strict ballet bun. With trembling fingers I try to smooth out the none existing creases in my white blouse. I give my reflection a weak smile, turn away from the mirror, grab Zuzu’s cage and step towards the door. My suitcase was already downstairs and everything I wanted to bring with me, found a cozy place in there. With one last longing glance at my room I turn the doorknob and step outside my room, walking down the stairs, while dizziness is clouding my head and my thoughts are heavily spinning around in a ever so slightly faster going Merry-go-round. Will I ever come back to this place which I’ve called home for over 18 years now? Or will I see these walls again in less than a week and be drowning in shame? Mother and father are waiting for me downstairs, both still looking very displeased. Mom clicks with her tongue as I walk down the flight of stairs and starts fumbling with my clothes. “Couldn’t you even bother to make your hair look decent for at least one day?” she comments as she crosses her arms and scans me with her piercing look from head to toe. “Never mind”, with an eye roll she turns her attention towards the huge pack of papers in her hand. “So this stack includes your entire diet and training plan. I want you to hand the first part to the chef and the second part to your maids, you are going to be on your best behavior young lady and don’t you dare try to eat chocolate cake(…)”

At this point I stop listening and let my eyes wander across the hallway, checking if I forgot anything. I’ve got food for Lola and Zuzu, my diary and a few school books, mother insisted on them, but also a couple of books for my pleasure. Father also included some of our finest jewellery, but only so I can show off his newest work. I sigh deeply and tapp along with my foot as mother continues her moral lecture. The ringing of the doorbell gives me the sweet relief I’ve been longing for all day long. My mother opens the heavy frontdoor and politely asks the chauffeur to give me a couple of seconds to collect my luggage. With a loud whistle of mine, Luna comes tapping down the hallway. I grab her collar from the clothsrail next to me and attach it around her neck, with a slight snap the collar closes and she walks next to me with her tiny feet tapping against the wooden floor, leaving the small house. An old looking man with a big beer belly, greyish short hair and a pleasant smile on his face greets me with a “Good day, Lady Ruby” as he accommodates my luggage, including Zuzu’s cage, into his white shiny car. I let the cardoor swing open as Lola hops into the car and settles down on the spacey footwell. Still holding the pack of notes from my mother, I climb into the vehicle myself and buckle up my seatbelt. The drive to the townhall wasn’t that long and considering the fact that I occupied myself by flipping through the stack of papers, time flew by. Mother even included a large training plan for the following next month, attached to a list of upcoming competitions and a comprehensive diet and etiquette plan. I roll my eyes as I flipp trough it and reassure myself that I am definitely not going to keep this crap. Okay, maybe I can convince myself to keep up with the training plan but that’s it, nothing more than a few workouts here and there.

Bright white and yellow lighting strikes are clouding my vision, little children are approaching me and angry mothers are screaming my name in a hateful manner. My driver, who’s name is Bob and has a nice moustache, accompanies me towards the large set of stairs leading up to the stage infront of our glamours townhall, which is positioned right next to the nice smelling rosegarden. I hop up the stairs as I try to process the huge crowd starring up at me with dark green envy, blood red anger and bright yellow joy colouring their minds. My eyes are lingering on the see of equal colourful minds and bodies, staring at them with empty eyes and a twitching smile. “Today we want to welcome the astonishing gymnast, selected of Prince Dominic’s selection and representative of our lovely province Dakota: Lady Ruby Stones, daughter of our finest jewelers Martha and Davarius Stones”, the major welcomes me with a big hug and presents me to the folks of Dakota with expensive and liberated hand gestures. My fake grin widens as I wave towards the divided and semi bitter crowd, as our Major approaches me. “Do you want to talk a bit about yourself and your aspirations for the selection? Maybe it will ease the crowd”, he pleas in a silent and tactful manner, trying not to overwhelm me. I simply nod and take the microphone he is handing me, before I step into the middle of the stage and try my best to present the cheering children a genuine smile. “Hello fellow citizens of Dakota”, gosh Ruby, mother taught you better than that, “I want to thank you for greeting me on this special day. I was asked to talk a bit about myself, but most of you probably already know me so I am not going to bother you with that. But what I wanted to say is that whatever cast you may belong to or how low you sunk in life, never forget that hard work pays off. Maybe not for everyone, but you can achieve a lot with the right mindset and attitude. Just look at me, only seven years ago I was a four, like the most of you, and now I am a well known two. Life can change, you just have to believe in it. Okay maybe not for all of you, I mean look at you people, obviously not, but… Yeah. Just believe.” I just smile at the confused and angry faces looking up in front of me, after I talked utter crap in a wanna be inspirational speech, (…) I hope Mom is proud of me.

My heels leave a clicking sound behind while hitting the wooden floor, which can still be heared in the first few rows, as I step down the stairs to greet the lovely dishonest people who came to say their farewells. Surprisingly a lot of little girls were waiting in line, told me I was their inspiration and asked for pictures and a hug. I never thought I could be someone special to a little eight year old girl with tiny ballet shoes in her hand and a warm smile gracing their cubby face. These kids aren’t internally rotten, at least not yet. After a wave of joyful children, a group of fellow ballet dancers and gymnasts, which were forced by their parents to stand infront of TV Cameras with me, are happily chatting along and are wishing me the best of luck with despise leaking out of their throat. This is gonna be a lot of fun being around 34 pretentious girls for the next couple of weeks. I sigh deeply and roll my eyes without looking at the cameras. The last person to say their farewell is Stacey, a fellow gymnast who I last meet a bit over a week ago at a competition in Angeles. Mentally I already prepare myself for some invidious and nasty backstabbing comments and twisted compliments full of red burning hatred. With a sickfully sweet smile and her blonde long hair flying in the wind, she approaches me with steady steps and pulls me into a big hug right infront of the cameras, while whispering in my ear: “Just because I am pretending to be nice to you, doesn’t mean I am and don’t even consider that I could actually like you, (…) although you are my favorite stuck up bitch.” As suddenly as she hugged me she pulls away and asks me with her high pitched voice how my day has been. After a few couple of minutes of small talk, due to the presence of cameras which were practically being shoved into our faces, I was freed of her presence. With a snickered “Good luck becoming the bitchiest Queen, with the biggest trust issues, Illéa has ever seen”, she stalks away and leaves me standing alone on the cold asphalt, a fire of hatred burning deep inside of my skin.

I turn around on my heels to face my parents as I give them an honest discouraged smile. “I hope you can forgive me father, for what I have done”, I gulp as I play with the hem of my blouse, regret is distorting my face into an ugly mask. “Not yet Ruby, maybe one day, but not today. You have broken my trust as you went behind my back, and I don’t want to accept that just yet. So no Ruby, for now I won’t forgive you.” Tears spring into my eyes as he walks towards the car my parents came in, without a last hug or even a fleeting goodbye. With a deep breath I try to collect myself and shily wipe away a tear before I face my mother. She taps her feet and shakes her head as she studies my expression. “I am just going to say it once, so you better listen”, my mother expresses in a strict tone while looking me deeply into my eyes, sending a shiver down my spine, “I want you to know that although I am aware of your father’s feelings towards the selection, I, myself, am completely neutral on this topic. I don’t care if you win or not, I just want you to make a good expression and come home with a husband.” Wait, who should I marry if it’s not Dom? “You know, Prince Dominic has two very handsome cousins, so this will luckily triple your chances at finding a good match”, she continues as I stare at her in utter confusion, “Go now. Be on your best behavior and don’t you dare disappoint me young lady.” With a sharp and short semi embrace she waves we off and strolls towards the car without any regret clouding her actions.

After a half an hour car drive and a lot of intense cogitating on my part, we arrive at the stunning airport in denbeigh. I’ve never been to Denbeigh before, but from what I’ve seen while driving trough the endless cities, it’s a beautiful province with fairytale landscapes and tons of mysterious dark-green forests. The chauffeur drives us through the huge landing strip with bright yellow marks down the road and pulls up right next to a ginormous white airplane. My mouth is hanging open in a O-like figure as I study the plane through the toned window. Gracefully I step out of the car and immediately catch sight of two objective beautiful young ladies waiting next to a plane. They must be one of the selected, that would explain their unnatural beauty. Lola companionably follows me as I approach the two girls happily chatting with each other. Before giving their conversation my full attention, I hand Bob Lola’s leash and politely thank him for his work and ask him to take good care of her and Zuzu. “Oh.. Hi”, a timid girl with long black hair and asian features gracefully greets me. A “You must be Ruby” follows by the brunette who beams at me with a genuine smile. “Yeah that’s me”, I politely answer, surpressing the urge to roll my eyes, “and you are Nina and Jyn, (…) am I right?” They both kindly confirm my assumption and are staring awkwardly at their feets. Well now what? “Eughh..  So did you have a good trip?”, I try to ease the silence while testing my social skills. “Thrilling”, Jyn sarcastically replies. Wow, this is getting more and more awkward. After a few seconds Nina answers with a simple “It was fine.” I turn around and study the gorgeous vehicle infront of us, gently brushing my finger tips against it white wings. “So do you think we can just board the plane on our own or do we have to wait for someone else?” I think out loud and patiently wait for the girls reactions. “I think a girl named Florence was on our plane too?”, Jyn silently comments as Nina nods in agreement. “Yeah I heard about that”, I exclaim before adding: “To be honest, I thought I was already way to late and I would miss the flight”, while awkwardly grinning. Jyn smiles at my apparently hilarious expression and comments: “Well, I’ve been here for a while so…” After a few more minutes of awkward glances and empty silence, we decide to wait a couple of minutes more for the last selected to arrive. Nina starts off a soothing discussion about our age which is abrupt interrupted by a petite brunette running towards our little group, gretting us while heavily panting. “Hello, I’m Annette”, she introduces herself. Nina and I greet her with a simple “Hello”. Wait, wasn’t the missing selected’s name Florence and not Anette? Jyn voices my concern by asking her: “Wait, if you’re not Florence then we had a fifth person on our plane?” Annette just stares me into the eyes like a scared deer and and immediately runs of. “Well that was… Interesting”, I comment a bit dumbfounded and loudly suck in air between my teeths, creating a strangely calming sound. Jyn slightly tilts her head as she watches her leave while whispering a simple “Indeed”. Shortly after, we continue our conversation and talk about our home provinces, although Jyn’s comments about Denbeigh weren’t all that positive, I can’t help myself but wonder how she can’t see the beauty of this province. I get that it probably isn’t the most exciting province to live in but it’s natural beauty adds it’s own uniques to this place and makes my heart beat a bit faster everytime I close my eyes and see it’s gorgeous landscapes passing bye.

“Shall we get going?”, I suggest while nodding towards the plane. “Let’s go”, Nina says and takes the lead. She walks up the stairs towards the plane with a amount of confidence I can only dream of and still politely greets the pilot, before letting herself fall down onto one of the seats in the back of the plane. I make myself comfortable in a cozy seat near the front next to a huge window with a beautiful view and grab a biscuit from a plate decorating the tabel. Florence sits next to Nina and Jyn takes a seat opposite of me and grabs a cookie as well. I just hope she isn’t as interested in talking the entire flight as Florence seems to be. The conversation at the airport already ovestrained my social skills and energy and probably has been the longest one I had in over a year. I am pretty sure that says a lot about my social life. With a deep sight I turn my attention towards the view outside my large window, we just took off and so I can get a pretty good picture about the whole province from my position. Denbeigh seems even more beautifull from above and I definitely can’t hide my love for this state anymore as a small smile creeps up my face. Apparently Jyn is just as mesmerized by the view as I am. Her genuine smile and her whispering: “It’s breathtaking… ”, gives the selected away. “It definitely is”, I whisper loud enough for Jyn to hear. “Sorry, I was thinking out loud”, she explains herself. “Ohh no, I am sorry. I thought you were talking to me”, I cough awkwardly without trying to laugh. Wupps. “Uh”, she clears her throat and stares down at Cassian, her ferret, in her lap for a moment, “my mistake… have you been on a plane before?” Before I can answer she already continues to babble again: “Oh, what am I saying?”, she awkwardly laughs, “of course you have. Best gymnast in all of Illea.” I laugh a bit as well before answering: “Maybe I am the best gymnast of Illéa but I still haven’t been on a plane before. We always went by car or took the train for long distances.” Jyn tilts her head a bit confused and states: “Really? Unexpected”, after a short pause she continues her question, “Why’s that?” “My mother hates flying and she always insist on coming with me, so no flying for me”, I honestly answer while starring out of the window. “A shame really…”, she exclaims while looking out the window as well, “I’ve always wished to fly on a plane… uh, or in any other way to be.” With a chuckle of mine I joke about her nearly being an as marvelous bird as Zuzu. We continue to talk about my pets and try to figure out which breed my dog is, due to me admitting that I actually forgot what breed Lola is. “I guess getting pets like that on a plane is harder than getting a ferret in”, she laughs a bit after I explained to her that Bob the chauffeur is taking care of my little friends. “So, did you have a nice farewell? I heard some provinces went overboard. To be honest the farewell at my town and with my friends was more enthusiastic.” What exactly does she mean by “overboard”? “I don’t have any friends so I can’t really relate to that”, I laugh a bit bitter “but I had quite a lot of people greet me at my farewell, ask for pictures and hugs. It was nice, especially seeing the little children beaming of joy. But I guess you do you. And to be honest, with a lower caste and actual friends I would have enjoyed that as well”, I state, fumbling with the hem of my blouse while grinning at her. “My enjoyment of the farewell had nothing to do with my caste mind you.” As she very obviously clenches her jar, my smile falls a bit. “Euhh yeah sure.” Why do I always mess up? Jyn’s eyes narrow a bit, before she turns her gaze back towards the window, while crossing her arms. “Whatever. At least people where honest in one of my farewells.” Oh yeah sure. “If you knew (…)”, I mumble and pluck my headphones in, blasting loud music.

The following hours just fly by in a big blur. My mind keeps spinning around different scenarios of the past, present and future. Words of my mother keep reentering my mind, her advertising treason, Prince Dominic’s smile keeps popping up and Jyn’s disappointed face makes an appearance as well. I nervously gulp as I reach for the sleeping mask on my face, craving to touch the soft fur of my tiny puppy. My stomach is hurting and dissyness is clouding my brain. In not even 24 hours my mind became a total mess, although my journey just started. I genuinely don’t know how I’ll survive this.

Just after being greeted by hundreds of excited faces at the airport, starring at us with a sparkle in their eyes and arriving at the palace, we got dragged to a surprise makeover by our supervisor, whose name I already forgot, without even getting a glimpse at the stunning and impressively huge castle. From a big crowd of stunningly different loking people running around, a friendly looking man comes over to me and takes a “before” picture for the upcoming report, before escorting me towards an empty seat. While waiting for a stylist team to devote themselves to me and my makeover, I let my glance wander across the room full of stunning girls getting new haircuts and flattering makeup. A dark beauty right next to me catches my eye due to her sitting infront of a shattered mirror, looking angry at her distorted complexion. She is starring at it as if the mirror is showing her a new reality, a different dimension, cursing her current life. I don’t even know if I want to find out what exactly caused that mirror to break. Softly I shake my head and catch a glimpse of a beauty team of three making their way towards my seat. A young maid with curly red hair smiles at me and asks if I had a name. “Yep, and it’s Ruby”, I answer a bit exhausted while looking in the mirror. “So Ruby, tell me, what are your favorite features about yourself”, a young blonde man asks me while studying my complexion. A bit taken aback, I take some time to think about that question. What are my favourite features about myself, do I even have any? “Mhhm, probably my curly hair and my toned, long legs?”, I list with a fairly high pitched voice. The second maid starts taking of any makeup residues from earlier this morning, meanwhile the blonde guy still eyes my appearances and examines my frizzy hair while a redhead shapes my now fake fingernails into almond like figures. She carefully paints my nails with a blood red mat nailpolish and exfoliates my skin with moisturizing lotion. I close my eyes to give the brunette a better access to my now clean face and finally get some time for me to calm down a bit.

My lungs deeply inhale the scented air around me, going as slow as they possibly can, while I am trying to blend out all the noise around me, just focusing on my breathing. I can hear my pulse beating behind my ear, calming down and picking up a new and slower rhythm. When I pick up a strange plea to open up my eyes again, I can barely recognize myself. I blink a few times before realising all the tiny details about my new complexion. My hair is strategically placed along my back in fine defined curls, with a lot of volume at the top, in contrast to the dramatic hair, my eye makeup is kept relatively simple compared to the girl’s surrounding me. Just a bit of a gold shimmer is gracing my eyelids, which is definitely more flattering than the lilac eyeshadow I usually wear to competitions. A light berry red lipstick is gracing my suddenly full lips and my eyebrows have gained an interie new shape. “Are you ready to see your first day dress?”, one of the maids asks with a small smile gracing her rosey lips. I simply nod as an answer, not fully trusting my voice just yet, as I follow her to a small changing room with a short metallic clothing rail inside. The redhead picks out a tight black dress with a three quarter sleeves and gold detailing on the side and asks me to turn around. “Although Ram decided just a few minutes ago that he wanted you in pretty little girl dresses, to soften your imagine apparently”,wait what, I wonder as I step out of my robe and into the dress the maid is holding out for me, “We already had this one picked out for you. So, enjoy this elegant dress for the rest of the day before you have to get used to the bright, colourful dresses you’ll be wearing”, she states while zipping up the back of my dress. After gazing a bit to long into the full length mirror and definitely to much weird posing infront of a complete stranger, I suddenly get dragged out of the changing room by our supervisor without even accessorising and stuck into a group of over 30 girls, excitingly waiting to finally see the castle and getting a full length tour of exiting stories and inside jokes.

Once we got introduced to the basic rules and etiquette, explored half of the huge castle and listened to interesting and scary stories of ghosts and hilarious mishaps, I gingerly knock at a door leading towards to my alleged room. A brunet with a nearly as deep skintone as mine, opens the door and calls out for two other girls with a shocked expression gracing her soft features. “Ohh Lady Ruby, we didn’t await you so soon”, a blonde girl in a simple dark grey dress with a white pinafore knotted around her waist, exclaims. “But that’s totally fine, come in and settle down you must be very tired”, a redhead which resembles the girl from earlier, interrupts the blonde and pulls out a chair, “here sit down.” A bit awkwardly I take place and look up to the three girls surrounding me. “Ohh yes”, the redhead speaks up again, “I am so sorry Lady Ruby that I forgot to introduced ourselves. My name is Aurelia, to my left is Luna and the petite girl to my right is Radia”, she points at the blonde and brunet, “we already received your luggage and I hope you don’t mind that we packed it out already.” I gaze at the walls surrounding me, see the little trifels I brought from home gracing the shelves, jewelry and makeup are neatly placed next to a huge mirror on a light pink counter and dresses are hanging in a open wardrobe. “If you want to change anything in your room, from the colour of the walls to the curtains and the shelves beside your bed, we would happily rearrange it for you”, Aurelia shyly comments. I just shake my head and keep searching the room for a sign of other trinkets I brought from home. Next to the door a big dog bed found it’s place with a food bowl and water dish beside it. “Wait, where are my pets?”, I exclaim loudlly and jump up from the fluffy chair I’ve been sitting on. “I don’t k-know, Miss”, the petite brunette stutters.

Hectically I turn around in a half pirouette, grab the handle of the wooden for and let it fly open. I passively let my dizzy head swing from left to right and try to figure out which way I came,ohh fuck it, I think and just run down the long hallway. In the distance I hear my maids screaming my name full of worry and anguish, but my feet keep carrying me down the long felty floor, following the row of antique paintings embellishing the walls beside me. As I arrive at a fork I instinctively turn to my left and continue to shuffle down the hallway, my eyes flicker across the walls, starring at the chandeliers hanging above. Their jewels reflecting the light, making the corridor shine like a rainbow, hitting the antique frames and drowning the hallway in a mysterious atmosphere. Still surrounded by my fascinating thoughts, I don’t register a girl making their way towards me until I feel her warm body colliding against mine. “Eughh, look where you’re going”, I declare in a squeamish voice. Couldn’t she at least look where she was going? I am losing time finding my precious children. The slim girl infront of me looks very taken back and takes a moment to regain herself. “As you can SEE, I can’t see!”, Calista, at least that’s what her name tag says, speaks up. Of course, can’t she just apologize and move on? “Yeah sure, honey. You have perfectly healthy eyes, so I am pretty sure you can see. Just watch your surroundings next time,” I laugh quietly. “Ugh, you’re just ignorant as the rest. I’m blind, Lady Ruby it wasn’t a joke”, she groans while rolling her eyes. Ohh shit. That’s the second time you fucked up in the last twenty-four hours, congratulations. “Ohh whatever”, I mumble and turn around embarrassed, as I continue to walk down the endless hallway and finally end up at a huge flight of stairs. Okay, Ruby, one foot after another, you can do this. Just don’t remember every embarrassing or obviously wrong sentence that came out of your mouth today. You’ll soon be reunited with your pets, just think of Lola and Zuzu and that time you became entirely evil just for the sake of not feeling so defenseless and shit (…), I think as I fall down the flight of stairs.

At least no one saw me falling down the stairs, I sigh. Gosh what would people think of me, “Lady Ruby, best gymnast, is not only capable of making triple backflips in the air but also manages to fall down an entire set of stairs.” I slowly shake my head as I unzip my shoes and throw them across the hall, not carrying about their value and try to regain my composure as I stamp with a very displeased expression through the entrance hall. At the wings to the garden, at least that’s what I still remember from the tour earlier, I sight a nice looking guard and make my towards him while trying to scratch together my remaining dignity. “Ehmm excuse me sir”, I bluntly announce, “could you tell me where the Selected’s pets are staying at?” I present him my nicest smile I can bare and even seductively wink at him. That’s what they do in movies, right? “Ohh yeah Lady (…)”, the Guard answers while looking at my shiny silver nametag, “(…)Ruby, some of the pets were brought to garden. Princess Callie brought them there with her maids to look after them.” With a simple “thank you” I step trough the port into the loud green garden, full of little birds telling their stories through their own melodies and colourful flowers swaying in the wind. I hear a soft and simple melody, with easy tunes and notes, sung by a child. With short steps I follow the music, carried by the wind, and find a little girl in a princess dress, and two maids surrounding her, sitting in the grass. At her side my dog Lola playing fetch, laughter disrupting the lovely melody as Lola licks her tiny face. “Good day, your highness”, I approach the little girl with a small bow. She looks up to me, her tiny green-yellow eyes glowing full of life and love, shinning bright like the sun and are full of warmth. What a happy child. “Would you mind if Lola would come back to her rightful owner”, I ask the little girl with a genuine smile while pointing at myself. Maybe mother taught me well, maybe I am not as rotten as I think I am. Callie just nods and hand’s me Lola’s leash who arrives at my command as I whistle for her. God how much I missed my little sunshine. Still with a genuine smile plastered to my face I ask the maid where my bird is hiding before I get interrupted by the little child still sitting at my feet. “No, please don’t take the birdie away. I wan’t him to be mine”, she fusses, looking at me with big teary eyes. Okay, maybe she is not a brat but definitely spoiled. I sigh as I try to explain to her why she can’t keep my little music wonder Zuzu: “You don’t want that little bird to poke your eyes out, Princess Callie, do you?” Due to her appreciating her sight and not wanting to lose her little eyeballs, she agreed to let her “new favourite pet” go. With a little wave I say my goodbyes and settle down in a different part of the gardens.

What a day. I close my eyes and let my body glide onto the floor, feeling the cold grass gracing my bare legs. Lola flops herself next to me and whines softly as I message her small ears. I curl my body around her’s and deeply inhale her scent, while listening to the twittering of my lovely bird. I genuinely don’t know how I will make it through this competition without losing myself. But how can I lose myself, if I don’t really know who I am? Maybe over the course of this experience I’ll get to decide on my own who I am, with my best friends Lola and Zuzu by my side. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to fall in love. And try to be nicer.


my baby :^) my sunshine :^) my gentleman :^) jisoo has been on my mind lately… … ..ok im so unloyal like i stan everyone in svt i dont even have a bias cAN SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT IM FRUSTRATED:

  • he’s so dad material he’s going to be a great dad
  • take care of the kids very well like he’s the dream dad ok
  • ok but even tho jisoo may seem calm and chill… .. …he is full of surprises
  • he’s so aggressive about anime
  • still gets excited about the hamster you guys bought long ago
  • okhow many kids does jisoo want to have….. .. ..since he’s an only child i feel like he knows how boring it is bc im also an only child even tho being an only child has its own advantages
  • so i feel like he would want to have many kids and since theres gonna be a lot fricky frackle time going on…… ..he’s down for it
  • i dont think he is innocent… . .. ..i mean this boy is full of surprises remember when a fan ask him for good song and he recommended ray j - sexy can i dont trust this kid
  • so yeah…his favorite place to make out with u is probably on the kitchen counter bed what r u expecting he’s a gentleman
  • JK he lowkey think its hot to make out on the kitchen counter @ JISOO I KNOW UR SECRETS DUDE
  • ok im actually afraid that he might be reading this rn wtf
  • he’s’ gonna try cooking for u bc he thought its cute and romantic but it only results him almost burning the whole house
  • “remind me to never cook again”
  • him serenading you 24/7
  • singing you to sleep =w=
  • i feel like he would just wake up in the middle of the night seeing you still working on a school project that is due in 3 days  and he’s just gonna be like
  • “hey lets take a walk”
  • “at 2 in the morning????”
  • “yes gacha” and just like that he takes ur hand in his
  • and you have no choice??? but like youve never seen this side of jisoo and like waaaAaAaaAAaaah you’re gonna have so much fun that night
  • ok lets get to the point where you tell him taht youre pregnant with his kid HE’S PROBABLY GONNA CRY LOL MY BABY
  • “omg ur stupid, ofc!!!! and its ur kid”
  • talking to ur tummy abt all the things he’s gonna do with him/her when they’re born!!
  • he loves to kiss ur nose and it only made u blush bc he did it randomly
  • and he really loves to hug u from behind =w=
  • and nuzzle his face in your neck!!!!! while mumbling something sweet!!!!
  • and about kids… .. …
  • he’s gonna look at his first kid like “oh my god THIS is our kid our first kid!!!!! i think it has my eyes and ur nose and my lips and ur ear an d oh my goD!!!!! LOOK IT SUDDENLY HOLDS MY FINGER”
  • he’s gonna drive the kids to school when he doesnt have any schedule
  • and play them some song before they sleep or just basically any time
  • “appa!!! can u teach me how to play that!!!”
  • “yes!!! yes!!! teach me too!!!”
  • “AND ME TOO”
  • and he’s just gonna be so exicted about it that he bought little guitars for all of them cUtE
  • youre gonna miss him when he’s away along with the kids so youd constantly video call and he would send many selfies and pictures of a toy store or anything tbh
  • im sure theres gonna be a super cute family selfies
  • and josh is basically a little hamster who loves you to death like “what the hell am i gonna do without you?” yes its cheesy but like its the truth he’s gonna be a mess probably
  • “WOW WE’RE ACTUALLY MARRIED this is crazy”
  • “ok jisoo that was like 3 years aGO GET OVER IT”
  • “I CANT OK YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL THAT DAY HOW CAN I JUST GET OVER IT NO and its been 3 years.. .. ..i thought that was like a month ago”
  • yeah so u should be prepared of this boy bc he is full of surprises and im sure he is?????? i mean if u happen to marry him and he is not like all these things above feel free to contact me u never know riight

im just hoping jisoo is not reading any of this ok good for more husband!au click here