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  • "It's very rare that you get to do something that you love, something that you're truly passionate about and have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for. But, to have that- have such a wide reach and have such a positive influence on so many other people is absolutely unheard of. And there's very few careers that allow people to do that kind of thing so the fact that it went from hobby, to passion project, to job is another thing all in it's self. So everything just- I got very, very lucky and I'm very lucky to have everyone here." -jacksepticeye
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To Skam, with love

I still remember the first gifset I saw of Skam on my dash. It was the girls, discussing the russ at Eva’s place. Sana was planning for them to get some “cred” and I laughed out loud. It was an anomaly for me at the time - I have severe anxiety with depressive tendencies, and that was one of the lowest periods in my life. But there I was, laughing, everything forgotten for that one moment, the voices in my head miraculously silenced for that one moment.

I looked the tag up on tumblr. A group of friends, laughing and crying, all together.

Uhh, Norwegian teen show? How will I ever watch this? I remember thinking and closing the tab, believing that was that.

But I was intrigued, despite the many teen shows Hollywood has thrown at me. I was intrigued because of Sana (Sana! A hijabi Muslim girl on tv with a regular teen life?! Consider me, a woman of color, in tears), because of Noora and William (yes, I know, let’s move on), because of Isak and Eva, Isak and Jonas, Jonas and Eva, Vilde and Eva, Chris(tina) and Vilde, Eskild and Linn, Chris and his ‘Halla!’ ‘Awkwaaard!’ and the beloved ‘Draaama!’, and later Isak and Even, Mahdi and Magnus, because of the Hartvig Nissen building, because of everything.

When I finally started watching the show, that first shot of Jonas criticizing capitalism, made me sit up. This isn’t your average entertainment, I thought. And even as I was still amazed at Jonas’s speech, the loneliness that was apparent in Eva within the first few minutes dug its hooks in my heart. And from that moment, I didn’t turn back.

Eva, Chris, Vilde, Sana, Noora. All of them were lonely. Every single one. And together, they’ve become the family that holds your hand through the worst of the worst.

We don’t all agree with some of the characters and that’s okay - I love them all. (With the blatant exception of Nico, of course.) Every one of them gave me something to keep in my heart forever.

Eva gave me strength to persevere and find myself, Vilde taught me to continue believing, Chris taught me to understand my friends, Sana taught me to stand my ground and take no shit, Noora taught me it’s okay to hurt and doubt, William taught me to love and be better even if you’ve been a drittsek, Isak taught me to face my internalized prejudices, Even taught me to accept my mental health does not define me, Magnus taught me compassion, Mahdi taught me sometimes simply being there for your friends can mean the world to them, Jonas taught me to stay true to my convictions, Elias taught me the love of family, Yousef taught me that goodness isn’t always about social rules and faith can come in different ways, Linn taught me that I can despair if I that is what is in my heart that moment but those who truly care for me will be there, and Eskild, sweet Eskild, taught me that good people are everywhere.

To the editmakers - I don’t know whose gifset I saw that first time, but whoever you are, know that because of you, my life is that much brighter.

To the cast - you are some of the most beautiful people, inside out, thank you for bringing these characters to life.

To the translators and Google Drive heroes - thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys didn’t have to do this, but you shared the joy of this story with the world.

To Julie Andem - what can I say that I haven’t already? You gave us a story that we will carry in our hearts forever. You’ve impacted people’s lives around the world with Skam, and you are forever.



OMG look how far down they go. Sandboarding, Peru.

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So I L O V E the mermaid bmc au and I wondering if you had any ref sheets of the boyfs as mermaids? May want to eventually do some fanarts but idk whuts their full design is,,,,,,,, sorry ;-;

dont b sorry amigo here u go