be enchanted body spray

flavoracle  asked:

Have you guys ever considered marketing your own brand of body sprays with enchantments for names? I could imagine many players being excited at the prospect of wearing "Fiery Mantle," "Telepathy," or "Verdant Embrace" to their next pre-release or tournament.

“What are you wearing?”

“Unholy Strength.” : )

Kat: I made US reservations

I’m not even gonna freak out about Kat using ‘US’ freely now like she and Adena invented the word, a word that once gave her a massive panic attack. So, I was randomly thinking about Kat telling Adena 'I made us reservations’ and it left me wondering that she may have done in addition to dinner reservations, a fancy hotel room (since her house was recently infested and Adena’s of course would need cleaning since she had been away for long), movie tickets or Broadway tickets… So, my mind traveled to the fact that Lil Miss Edison must have shaved all the shave-worthy places on her hot bod, picked up the sexiest lingerie from Victoria’s Secrets, the most enchanting body spray, some essential oils and maybe extra underwear in her handbag; I can forgive her for the fingernails, she was just a rookie or maybe hoping that Adena would have one of those 'contrabands’ (lol) but I’m telling ya: Kat 'I could never really get past this’ Edison definitely knew she was gonna get past a lot of things when Miss Adena 'I would never ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with’ El Amin arrived New York and she was oh so prepared. Blame this on Episode 9.

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Bath and Body Works mini shimmer Be Enchanted spray and shimmer Be Enchanted body butter.

I absolutely LOVE this scent but I have no desire to sparkle.

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Victoria’s Secret & Bath and Body Works semi annual sale haul! I had a $10 off a $40 purchase coupon from B&BW & VS was having a 5 for $20 sale :)

Bath and Body Works:

Carried Away Body Wash - $2.57

Malibu Heat Body Wash - $3.29

Paris Amour Body Wash - $2.47

Sweet Box Set - $10.09

Sky Lotion - $1.03

Berry Sangria Hand Soap - $2.47

Hawaiian Hibiscus 3-Wick Candle - $10.00

Peach Bellini 3-Wick Candle - $10.00

Victoria’s Secret:

Pure Seduction Bloom Body Wash - $4.00

Pure Seduction Body Lotion - $4.00

Passionate Kisses Body Spray - $4.00

Secret Crush Body Spray - $4.00

Enchanted Nights Body Spray - $4.00