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This is what a anti feminist looks like.


People ask me why I don’t support feminism. Because it’s stupid that’s why. Seriously. Girls bitching about how they want to be equal to men. Ok first of all if you have to tell everyone your as good as a man and equal to him clearly your not. I don’t think we are like worthless or like less important than men. Just we are way to difrent to try to be equal to men. Look at like every country in history. Men were in charge. Men made all the buildings. Men wrote most the books. Men made the art. Men do the science and maths. Men did all that stuff. What did girls do? We raised the kids cooked dinner and cleaned the house. Oh ya and we tried to do it all looking pretty.

That’s not equal doll. Sorry to rune it for you. We aren’t supposed to be equal. I don’t want to have to try to like compete with men for stuff. Like in sports girls play against girls. So why should I be expected to go work in a mans world and try to be as good as him at like business or what ever? Ya some girls can do it. Like the most smartest girls. Most of them want to be men i think. You lose something when you try so hard to beat men at there game.

People always ask if I’m gonna go back to school and get my GED and go to college. Why would I? Last time I checked you don’t need a degree to be a housewife. It’s what we are supposed to do. Anything else is just lying about your nature. Feminism has done wayyyy more bad for girls than good. It’s stupid and I hate it.

I’m working on Shadow hats past and I want to introduce you his family. His dad name is Victor or “big guy” as others call him on a street he’s eldric creature. I like the period of the time organized crime groups or mafia was around so I gave him ‘this man means business’ look. But he’s a kind father figure at home spoiling his little boy when he has time. Now mom name is Sayah a demon that wanted to run away from home and start her own family with Francis. They moved from europe to america to get away. SH name was Samuel but he hates this name. He has eyes of both his parents that’s why they are difrent. And yes he has a little brother named August still working on him. So this is a little update I wanted to do for parents. I hope you guys like them. Stay tuned I will try to update more on the story. 😊👍

The Calling of A Demon (Part One)

A/N: This is for the Anon who asked  Alec/ Jace where he sees you after the break up and you’re really weak and not eating and almost die on a mission but he takes care of you and cries, he still loves you! Please make this a fluffy and sweet and angsty imagine please, ily! Xo. It is a bit difrent than what you asked.

I need to give a big shout out to @jessiedangerous for all your help on this you are one amazing person!

Summary: The Reader goes on a mission after her break up with Jace. Now she will have yo find if she will come out of it alive

Warnings: Violence

Paring: None

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Hi there, I'm reading up a lot on the ways women commit violence diffrently from men and I just don't feel like I have a full understanding of it without looking further into how it's committed difrently by race among women, if you could just throw me a few links to articles or books you have bookmarked that in your opion would be a good starting point I would really aprecaite it, thank you.

There’s a lot more but I just went through my readings tag and picked out the ones most relevant. I don’t have time to list everything I’ve ever read or come across. 

Also check out: 


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Hey, i was just browsing som lgbt stuff and.. I feel Kinda bad... Im sure The reson is just stupid bit like.. Ppl always say stuff like "If you'r poc/chubby you'r valid/you'r still beutyful" ugh, i just feel stupid feeling bad cus my white thin ass arent on the same lvl as others.. Like, the fact we still put uss in difrent groups in our group just feels wrong and that some groups are told spefickly that they are valid while the others are left in the dark. Why these groups? We are all People

i think that bc poc/fat/etc have faced a lot of discrimination for a Very Long Time is why. and there is still a lot of hatred around fat community and a LOT of fatphobia and racism is a Very Real Problem. so it will continue on. but you are still valid. no matter your size or color. 💗💗 -mod ellie

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I Did like Ultraman Geed Frist ep just the fusion thing of his it looks to much the toy they sell I thought they least give a more difrent kind of look more like a prop than they just got it out the box.

That’s actually a trend I’ve noticed a LOT lately with the role-play toys from various series, they look more and more like the toys based on them.  Just look at the Gamer Drivers from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid:

Aside from being the most toyetic henshin belt in the history of Kamen Rider, it’s pretty much EXACTLY what we see on screen.  There is something to be said for what you see on screen is what you get and it does tend to prevent a more expenseive, higher-end version of the same device being sold later but at the same time it takes a bit of the wow factor away from the in universe version when you realize Ultraman could be thwarted by a couple of bad AA Batteries in his fusion device.