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I feel like there's there's SOMETHING between Vadelma and Angelo. Not necessarily something romantic, but at least a "I can tolerate you" vibe

They’re both probably the oldest of these characters so I think there is this mutual mature respect between them. I see them getting along well. 

Outside of the battlefield that is. For some reason I see Vadelma being Angelo’s worts opponent from the blue team.

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As awesome as a female voiced Mewtwo would sound, it's worth noting that any "voice" we hear is strictly telepathic. A Pokemon's actual voice sounds the same regardless of gender, so Mewtwo, who mostly makes vocal grunts in Smash, would most likely sound like the one from Melee. Still, victory poses and taunts could feature speaking, so fingers crossed for female voice there

Lol I don’t want to get too technical. This isn’t about Pokemon lore and the abilities of psychic Pokemon, it’s simply about voice actor choices. That’s all I’m referring to. And yes Mewtwo being genderless is exactly why I wonder if they will choose a masculine or more feminine sounding voice for SSB4. They may choose to make it very similar to Melee, or perhaps play off of the latest Mewtwo in the anime and make the voice more feminine. I mainly think of Lucario who in SSB4 has the same voice as the anime counterpart from the movie, which is the only time a Lucario is shown speaking for reasons in the movie.

I also wonder if they will choose more grunts and just sounds like Pikachu or Jigglypuff or again will choose to have it more like Lucario. The fact that it’s very likely one of the Megas (likely Mega Mewtwo Y I think, because it was the first one announced and given the most attention) makes me wonder if they will choose to connect to the Mewtwo from the more recent anime movie who was voiced by a female and had a feminine voice.

It really depends on what they want to do and if they want to reference the anime at all. I’m up for anything, but it would admittedly be cool to see Mewtwo with a feminine voice.