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Just one shadow

The Crimson Odyssey – Chapter Index }

I must say, I knew Gharial had a liking for photography, but I didn’t know he would go as far as getting all these photos together in one book – especially photos of me.
Seems like I had a particular meaning to him. Perhaps… him being a lonely dragon made a buddy like me worth enough to be remembered.

More landscapes. An erupting volcano. A Hunter aircraft roaming the skies; and… a broken cart with a lifeless armor on it… Had he just won a fight? Most likely.

And then the past me, playing his old guitar. Oh gods… the guitar might even still remain in this house. I couldn’t have brought it with me when I moved out anyway.

I could literally make comments out loud about every photo showing up, but… the simple view of these pictures, and the sound of silence are so relaxing. The pages slowly flipping along with Ely’s breath are the only noises that can be heard for minutes.
It’s nice.

I must admit, it’s hard to hide the awkward feelings these pictures give me. Still, I can’t help but keep looking, letting my mind deep dive into old-time memories and Gharial’s view of life.

All of a sudden, on the very last page, the Crimson one makes his first appearance. Actually much to my surprise. And moreover in a rather… intimate setting, I would say.

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anonymous asked:

I'd support you!!!!! But please write Byrne first? It's really good and suspenseful and it's driving me completely insane!!!!! You're a really good writer and I want to see more of the characters you made. And are you going to be writing the ACOTAR story thing? By the looks of things, you have a lot of things on your mind to write. Please pace yourself. .

Omg thank you for your support! 

Byrne is definitely meant to be suspenseful, because for every chapter you get small clues, but it doesnt feel like its going anywhere. Trust me. It is. That took forever to plan, but it’s worth it. Still undecided on when I’m going to write Part Six. 

Which ACOTAR story thing? The re-write? The Next Gen with Caitlin? Which….my god we have so much planned. The Cyrian and Tania Chronicles? 

And….now that someone mentions it, I do have a lot of things on my mind to write. Like…a lot. Wow. I have Cassian x Azriel to write, more of Chiara (and with that comes Tamlin), and then I have….oh my god I still have my ACOTAR universe book I have to write…(is that what you meant?)

Maybe you are right to be concerned, but I do not know how to pace myself. It shall be my downfall. 

thank you~

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