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the exiled ace and the knight who chose to join him

maybe someday these won’t just be sketches

referenced a shitload of lotr online concept art

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An awesome shot of Link in BotW ?? He's really cool, wish I could play the game *-*

Nothing is cooler or more awesome than the Gerudo outfit. You’re welcome. (I dare you to look in my eyes and tell me you did not see this coming)

I kinda like how it turned out, so I think I’ll finalize it and post another version later !

carol danvers/jim rhodes: a post

what’s the deal with carol and rhodey? have they ever dated or flirted in the comics??

  • no but that’s possibly an oversight on the part of a lot of writers at least thus far because they have interacted and they have a lot in common let’s talk about why these dumb colonels would be cute together

ok so why do you ship this???

  • both fighter pilots. both of whom also have ways of flying independent of airplanes can you imagine the flirty airborne banter
  • carol’s ex-air force. rhodey’s a marine. this means 1. they have a common background and point of reference, hugely important in military culture, they’d be each more likely to understand where the other’s coming from but most importantly 2. military branch rivalry air force-navy football games and smack talk, antagonizing the heckie out of each other GUH CUTE
  • rhodey’s a lieutenant colonel still in 616 and carol retired a full-bird colonel. she’s retired so of course it doesn’t mean anything more than symbolically but she outranks him how alternately cute and hot is that she’d pull rank all the time and he’d probably laugh and go along with it until he didn’t and wow the banter opportunity here is so important
  • no but did i mention all the opportunities for banter-flirting
  • possibly the two lamest, most cornball senses of humor in all of marvel (a tiny sampling here, cw dad jokes), which would be probably torture for everyone else but super fun for them CAN YOU IMAGINE someone finally laughing at rhodey’s jokes somone finally laughing at carol’s jokes

ok but be serious for a second, could either of them actually as opposed to just hypothetically be into it??

  • carol is! 
  • all the memory loss in the world isn’t gonna erase the attraction to rhodey trust me here i’m a scientist
  • look i’m not saying rhodey has a type but
  • it isn't not blonde colonels

  • ok now before you go. do me a favor and go listen to this. picture with me, if you will, post-battle, a summer evening. exhausted carol and rhodey all sweaty and dirt- and alien goo- streaked standing outside post-avengers briefing. the other heroes have scattered. this comes on the radio and they sort of stand there leaned against each other tiredly sway-dancing and laughing.


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Hmmm, can we talk about Carol as introvert though? Because that makes a lot of sense to me but it also seems like she’s someoen with an above average number of friendships for a superhero

yes we can! like ok we all know it’s not like introvert = antisocial/extrovert = has friends because obviously there are extroverts with only some friends and introverts with many those exist

but my favorite explanation of that line has always been: what do you do to recharge your batteries when you’re drained? be alone or seek out other people?

and taking that:

“you and me’ve always been like this. always a little removed. always… dreaming.”

she is hella connected with other superheroes (and she’s probably kind of borderline too) but i do think in terms of recharging, finding perspective, she’s fundamentally self-reliant. not necessarily always in a healthy way.