be cool


When you try not to be cool

another thing I noticed yesterday

lots of body-shaming Melania and criticizing her fashion choices.  don’t fucking do that? I don’t give a shit if she has had a nose job or wears bad dresses or not, that 1) is her business 2) has zero bearing on her political or social standing and 3) is completely irrelevant to everything wrong with the Trump administration  

also don’t pick on Barron or armchair diagnose him or make memes out of him, he’s a fucking ten year old and completely under the control of his parents.  He might grow up to be awful but he is currently still a child and we don’t know him and we shouldn’t know him because He Is A Child.

if you are truly against this human dumpster fire and what he stands for, you will not resort to the same bullying and misdirecting tactics of which he’s so fond

I hate seeing discourse in the MCL fandom. Like can we all just get along

Headcanon what you want to headcanon

But don’t push it onto other people and make hateful posts about it.

And understand that Chino cares about us all and works super hard for us. It’s extremely hard and tiring to work on a game (especially one that’s updated as often as both MCL and Eldarya) and we should all really appreciate the work she puts in for us.

We’re all equally obsessed with fictional characters and romances…we are all on the same playing ground here

So let’s all get along

Be friends

Be pals

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Also, I may be reading entirely too much into it, but, I think it says a lot that Kate walks out from behind Seth! Kate was obviously inside in the bank before the brothers entered and blending into the crowd that was on the right side of Seth. I think the position of the brothers of where they stood upon entering the bank was pre-mediatated. Personally, I think that Kate walking up from behind Seth not only shows their connection, but it also signifies that while Kate may be the woman he loves, she is also the woman who is strong enough to stand by her man in any situation. Figuratively and literally. What do ya’ll think? 

Be Cool Scooby Doo

So, I have not watched ALL of the episodes, but I have watched two of them. I will now tell you some things.

What People Think It is:

  • Teen Titans Go for Scooby Doo
  • Family Guy
  • Attempt at being ‘cool’ but failing.
  • A load of trash

What It Really is:

  • Good morals, which are taught before they mention it being a problem.
  • A good twist on the regular scooby doo.
  • Funny, but not random. (I have actually laughed a lot at the jokes)
  • Bad designs, but art cannot really be judged. (I got used to it)
  • Great writing, like Phineas and Ferb team work on it!
  • Characters are people, they have flaws.
  • There are actually two problems going on, usually one with a mystery, and the other with friendship. (Take in mind, I have only watched two episodes.) And each get solved in the end!

Basically, the show isn’t half bad. Don’t judge a cartoon by its design.