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Being Mycroft’s Daughter Would Include

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  • Baking him cakes, when he has time he sometimes, maybe helps you
  • Having a rebellious teenage phase because Mycroft wouldn’t know how to stop a teenage girl from not doing that. He’d have no idea what to do when you were a teenager (especially 14-17) so this would be the stage in your life when you were furthest apart.
  • Mycroft would forgive you for most of these rebellions, but if you ever smoked, he’d be furious, because he’d know how much that inconvenience’s people.
  • You’d be a complete smartass, just as smart as him. You’d remind Mycroft of Sherlock so you would occaisonally drive him mad. However, Mycroft would constantly worry you and him would become like Sherlock and Mycroft, and hardly ever talk, so for this reason he would try so hard with you.
  • “You’re acting like your Uncle. Stop it.”
    “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
  • You’d be spoiled by your Grandparents, who assume that Mycroft, knowing him, doesn’t spoil you enough. In truth, he spoils you quite a bit.
  • When/if you started dating, Mycroft would be a very protective father, because no one was good enough for you in his eyes. 
  • Sherlock would love you, although he hated you as a child. But once you grew up and he realised how intelligent and interesting you were, Sherlock would love you.
  • Obviously you’d help Sherlock on cases, because Mycroft often didn’t have time for you when you were older and you would get bored.
  • “Sherlock! She’s too young to be involved in your dangers.”
    “Oh and I suppose at her age we weren’t getting involved in dangerous activites at all.”
    “She’s my daughter!”
    “She’s my niece!”
    “Father trumps Uncle.”
  • When Moriarty came on the scene however, both Sherlock and Mycroft would agree that you had to stay out of it. Mycroft would even go as far as to employ bodyguards for you. You would inevitably escape these bodyguards however and because Mycroft had put so much protection on you, Moriarty would have got interested in you. This put you in a lot of danger.
  • Once you were safe, Mycroft would tell you how proud he was of you, and how much he worries about you. He’d tell you that he knows you’re older now, but he sometimes forget’s you’re not the little four-year-old dressed as a pirate princess anymore.


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Model Broderick Hunter said people are constantly mad at him for supporting black women. So it’s true that people hate black women that much huh? So people are happy when black women aren’t being supported? Individuals who constantly bash and belittle black women are never short of supporters, interesting...

Being married to Dallas would include:

1. Extremely late nights with him working/partying

2. He doesn’t party as much, but he still does

3. He tries to come in quiet trying not to wake you, but he fails every time

4. Being the only person who can calm him down when he is mad

5. Constantly comforting him

6. Have to give your care 24/7

7. Constantly fixing him up after rumbles

8. Extreme cuddling

9. Having to dig deep to figure out his feelings

10. You being the only person he has ever loved or trusted

storm in the room was an eh episode, i was so glad he was finally calling her out. but the ending just ruined it and knowing the crewniverse, this is the last ep steven’s feelings will be talked about.

what we need is steven to get mad more often. this show paints him to be constantly happy (occasionally sad), but never mad about logical things. rose isn’t perfect, she’s a hypocrite and a liar and it was finally being addressed. the unnecessary inclusion about the tape made me confused. if i were him, i would have said “ok but you’re still awful.” not “ah ok.”

i hope he can be allowed to get mad more because that is an emotion he can express, right?

You Can (Not) Receive

Im so sorry, I need to make some space in my brain, so Im putting this AU idea here. Dont mind me… (/o\)

Kawoshin volleyball AU where Gendo is the chairman of a school with a successful volleyball team and he forces Shinji to play for them. He is

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Relationship with Big Cass would include;

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  • Watching football games in his hotel room between shows as you lay lazily on the bed
  • Giving him shoulder massages after long days
  • Kisses with you sitting on top of the kitchen counter
  • Or the bathroom counter
  • Or any counter because he’s so damn tall
  • Going to different halls of fame when you are around the country
  • Making meals together while you sing
  • Braiding his hair when you are tired and giggling when he makes a face when seeing himself in the mirror because there’s so many braids
  • Random boob grabs
  • The days that you try to be mad at him because Enzo is constantly walking in on the two of you and you grumble every time because Cass just laughs and kisses your cheek
  • Picking you up and carrying you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch waiting for him to get home from RAW
  • Snuggles in bed when you feel so safe
  • You not understand how he does certain things and he just mocks you by saying ‘You can’t teach that.’
  • Heavy kisses where he picks you up and presses you tightly to the wall, leaning his body against yours as his hands go to your hair
  • Being fascinated with how big his hands are compared to yours
  • Eskimo kisses
  • Riding his thick thighs with heavy sighs, his lips nipping at your neck

This  can’t be real, Leonard thought as he wiped the spittle from his lips. He didn’t mean to be true to his word and throw up on the kid’s shoes, but when the shuttle jerked a little too hard a few minutes into their flight, he couldn’t stop it. The kid - what was it, something Kirk? - only murmured calming words and rubbed circles on Leonard’s back until he had pulled himself together enough to apologize for the mess. 

This can’t be real, Leonard thought with a sigh as he found himself face to face with his shuttle companion, Jim Kirk, when he walked into Starfleet Medical. Kirk looked like he’d gone a few rounds with a boxer or three. Instead of inquiring the how’s and why’s of the situation, Leonard sat him on a biobed and got the regen units going. Kirk smiled and winked at him when he fixed up what he could, mumbling a Thanks, Bones before he left. 

This can’t be real, Leonard said when he came home to find Jim drunk and barely sitting up right outside his door after Remembrance Day. Jim murmured his apologies and something about not wanting to be alone when they made it inside. It was an awkward dance of limbs, but Leonard maneuvered Jim to the bed without a lot of issue. Before he could walk away, though, Jim reached out and grabbed Leonard’s arm, squeezing tightly. Didja know it’s my birthday, Bones? he said, his blue eyes swimming in unshed tears. Leonard shook his head and whispered him a happy one, not realizing until Jim was already passed out that he was George Kirk’s son. He couldn’t believe he never put that together. 

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What The People Don't Know

Kylo is fueled by rage; day and night, and especially during fights, his energy and power is fueled by the anger that constantly ignites inside him.

But he gets especially mad when he sees people flirt with Hux; HIS Hux.

They’ll get a little too touchy, or lean a little too close, and he’ll smile and play it off so they don’t get suspicious.

But, however, is what they don’t know is under those clothes, Hux has deep, purple hickeys that trailed from his neck, across his collar bones, across his chest, and all across his hip bones and between his thighs. He also has finger print marks from where Kylo chokes him, or grabs him extra hard because he gets a little too turned on.

And what they don’t know about Kylo, is that he has scabs and scars all over his back and chest from the deep scratches Hux leaves.

Everyone always wonders why Hux has blood under his finger nails. But they will never find out.

Being Hoseok’s girlfriend would include:

• high pitched scream of happiness whenever he sees you
• him picking you up for a hug still screaming
• him being “your hope and angel”
• dance battles
• girl group dances
• silly jokes
• him embarrassing you in public
• and old couples laughing at you and telling you how cute you are even if they don’t know you
• him making you smell his dog Mickey’s paws because he thinks they smell amazing lmao
• him using aegyo on you whenever you are mad
• attacks of kisses
• him constantly telling you how much he loves you
• lots of skinship
• him trying to cook for you
• and ending up ordering something lmao
• him getting you out of bed early in the morning because “it’s time for a beautiful day”
• screaming together every time you see a bug 
• and calling someone for help
• slow romantic dances without the music
• making a cute videos together
• and him showing it to everyone
• snowball fights
• lots of cheesy nicknames
• you scaring him
• and laughing at him for like 2 weeks
• lots of surprises
• weird couple things like socks lmao
• talking about the universe in bed
• making up silly stories and laughing at them together
• him making you feel like you’re the most special girl in the world

Life update;

I’m in my second semester of college, anthropology is incredibly interesting and if I can find a good way of making that cash being an anthropologist I would do that, but so far it looks like I might go into event planning or film producing tho. Those seem to be the most exciting to me. I miss the theatre tho, I miss performing more and more every day.

Me and my boyfriend (the one I wanted to go to prom with & was trying to watch game of thrones for) recently broke up. Yesterday (Feb 8th) would’ve been our year anniversary. It wasn’t a healthy relationship. We constantly argued, he would bag on everything I liked (music, tv shows, etc) and constantly get mad at me for little things. I was constantly taking care of him, mothering him, and I’m so stubborn and was constantly giving him attitude. Towards the end of our relationship, I started talking more with one of my good friends, and he’s been good company for this difficult time. My ex boyfriend found out about my friend, and has accused me of cheating, and is hurt that he thinks I’ve moved on. Yes, I do like my good friend. He’s a good listener, he hypes me up constantly, and really appreciates the time I spend on him, things that I felt lacking in my last relationship. Me and my friend seem to agree on a lot when it comes to relationships of any sort and he’s nice and I like him. A lot. But I love my ex boyfriend, and I miss him. So idk if I’ve moved on really. All I know that it wasn’t emotionally healthy for either of us,and that’s why I left. I have to keep on going with the flow.

My parents and siblings are moving to Tokyo, and me, my aunt, my oldest brother, and my cousins are staying here in Hawaii. I get sad bc I’m going to miss them a lot, but I’m excited to be more independent.

If y'all want to more just dm me (: I miss a lot of you and idek who even reads these when I do them lol

I was watching an interview with the cast of Supergirl and the hosts were all women (it might have been The View) and they were asking the cast members where they were and what their reactions were when they found out they were cast. They get to Mechad (who is admittedly a total hunk) and he says, “Well I had been sleeping…” and one of the ladies interrupts him to say, “Were you naked?!” and she kinda licked her lips. It visibly made him uncomfortable.

Like as feminists we constantly get mad at men for doing things like this, which is understandable because they are typically the ones who do it more but really women need to stop doing shit like this too because it’s gross and disrespectful.

This is my boyfriend’s rescued derpy fluff called Beauregard–aka Bogey, aka Booger, aka Brak, aka Boggle. He drives us absolutely mad but he also makes us laugh constantly, and we love him dearly through it all.