be caution

And one more pic for @bungee-gumu!!! I present to you, a “Positive Pancake”! See, I will start to give these to whoever needs a bit more happiness and smiles in their days! Thanks for everything! And here’s your pancakes! (Don’t forget to share with Skylar, June, and all the rest of your awesome OCS!!!)

Ciaran (playing Brother): Okay, now that we’re all out, I don’t understand the last line of the note. Why wasn’t I allowed to give it away? Brother would 100% have gone over and told them they were under a spell.

DM: Did you read the second-last line of the note which says “They cannot see, hear, or feel you in character”?

Ciaran: Apparently I can’t read.

DM: *sighs* Well, at least you can follow simple instructions.

caution-animalcrossing  asked:

I just ordered a tarot deck, and I was wondering if you had any beginner tips for me? I'm super excited to start learning and doing readings!:)

Hello!!! First off you should check out my resource tag, it’s got some decent stuff in it.

Second, introduce yourself to the tarot community! We’re all super nice and love helping newbies join our cult family :) I’m paging tarot-sybarite, innerselfnotes, and arcanemysteries who all have excellent resources for newbies.