be catholic

Got asked by my Godfather to do a last minute talk for a youth group tonight. I’m gonna need some help (from both the Holy Spirit and y'all) since I don’t have a lot of time to plan out a talk.

What would you, as a teenager, want (read: need) to hear from the Church?

I’ve never actually seen it being done but the mere idea of someone being like “you have to practice this way to be allowed to call yourself a Hellenic Polytheist” is really funny when you realize the Greeks and Romans thought everyone on the planet barring monotheists worshiped the same pantheon.

I’ve felt so much closer to God for the past couple months?? Like I’ve barely been having doubts about whether or not He loves me and I’ve been more focused during prayer and idk! Since I was confirmed, not only has life in general been better, but so has my connection with God! Idk that’s my happy religious rant for the night, good night

One of my friends has started referring to himself as a RatTrad or Rational Trad because he’s surrounded by RadTrads all the time.

I kind of like it, especially the Rat part mostly because suggesting that demons may not be behind everything bad that happens in life makes you a modernist.