be careful with yourself

How to Take Care of Yourself

1. Be kind and understanding with yourself. Don’t beat yourself or put yourself down.

2. Be assertive, and be willing to stand up for yourself. Express your personal view points, opinions and desires.

3. Don’t be a doormat, or be used by other people. Demonstrate self respect, and demand respect from others.

4. Say “no” if you want to – you don’t always have to please. Your life is your own, so decide and choose for you.

5. Seek help if you need it – that’s a sign that you’re mature. And we all need support and advice from time to time.

6. Be a life-long learner who finds life fascinating, and is always keen to learn and try different things.

I dedicate this one

To the outcasts

The ones who can’t believe in themselves

Because no one else does it

And if you’re reading this,

I advise you to keep working on that masterpiece

And if you don’t wanna do it for yourself,

Do it just so you can shove your success

In the faces of the ones who always

Doubted your work in progress!

I won’t say that I know

How it feels like to be you

I’m telling you that I know

How it feels like to wanna give up

I know how it feels like

To lose all of your hopes and motivations

I’ve had no will

To pick the brush up

I’ve had no will 

To pick the pen up

I’ve had to will 

To get the fuck out of bed

But I got better

And I’m writing this to let you know

That you can get better too

Regardless of what you’re going through

hardcore-heichou  asked:

HECK I'm so happy your ask box is open! I love you mama and I hope you've been taking care of yourself! 💞 Also out of the vets, do you think any of them would do drugs? If so, which one(s)?

Hey there! I’m good thank you so much <3 <3 <3 

I can definitely see Hanji doing drugs! Also Mike would probably smoke weed from time to time and the other vets might join in. Erwin would stay away from hard drugs though, as would Nanaba. Levi might have a drug past, but he’d be sober now.

please don’t blindly trust people on here, they can do really messed up shit. take care of yourself. i know it’s hard to see people struglging and not want to help but not everyone has your best intentions in mind. just remember that if someone keeps getting dropped by really close friends, that it can be a red flag and proceed with caution. some people on here may seem safe but should not be trusted. they lie and manipulate and hurt people regarldess if they’re close friends or distant acquaintances. be safe. please.

anonymous asked:

how does jimin manage to have sweater paws even while wearing a suit omg

if i were him i’d be requesting sweaterpaws from the stylists for every outfit ;;

Anonymous said:I even stitched in shading for the individual flowers but did u care did u notice? no. You only care about yourself. disgusted

🙏🙏🙏🙏 please forgive me


It’s okay to feel lost.

Because of @markiplier‘s recent video, I wanted to post a star concerning this topic.

It’s completely okay to feel lost, friend. We all feel lost sometimes, from younger kids to celebrities to older people. It’s okay to not know the direction you’re headed in 100% of the time, and it’s okay to pause for a bit to figure things out. You’re not doing anything wrong, and I guarantee that there are others who feel exactly as you do.

Take your time and take care of yourself, you’ll find your way <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

anonymous asked:

Take care of yourself and rest all you want. You are a gift to this fandom 💛💛 but your own health is way more important

Thank you so much! 💙


Part 1

You decide none the less to confess to Jungkook. (This hurt my heart to write)

You look at both the boys standing before you, no matter how hard you tried though you couldn’t picture yourself with Yoongi, you cared about him but not in the way he felt about you, upon realizing the awkward silence in the room you cleared your throat and forced yourself to do the hardest thing, break Yoongi’s heart. “Yoongi, I am so sorry. I never realized but I don’t think I can stand here and say I feel the same.” You said as tears threatened to spill.

He looked up at you, his heart audibly cracking in two as he saw the tears on your cheeks, he wish he could take it all back just so he could still be your best friend but he couldn’t find the right words. He just nodded “I know.” He muttered vaguely and saw Jungkook’s shocked face in the corner of his eye. 

“Yoongi I am so sorry.” You nearly sobbed as he left the room not wanting to be around anyone at that moment. 

Jungkook came to his senses and strode over to you and engulfed you in a hug “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. He cares about you too much to hate you.” He comforted as you cried into his chest.

You pushed him away and prepared yourself for the same heartbreak Yoongi was suffering in that moment “I don’t like Yoongi because….because I like you.” You spoke quietly.

Jungkook’s face fell back into the shocked expression it was sitting in only moments ago “Y-you like me?” He asked you to make sure he heard you correctly.

You nodded and stared at his shirt, the one you had bought him a few months prior for his birthday and you almost smiled at the fond memory. Jungkook had to think for a moment as he remembered all the times you had done things that at the time had seen awkward or unusual that now made sense to him. It gave him a warm feeling however to hear you say that you liked him “Jungkook please say something.” You mumbled interrupting his thoughts.

He pulled you back into a hug and pressed a kiss into your forehead “The first time I met you, I had the worlds biggest crush on you. Over time I lost it because you became more than just some crush, you became my best friend. I think I’ve liked you ever since our first kiss but I pushed it away, I didn’t want to loose you but now I realize I am not loosing anything but  in fact I am gaining a relationship with you.” He spoke, surprising himself at his ability to form sentences after being so shocked.

As his words hit your ears they brought more tears to your eyes but this time they were happy tears, you still felt terrible about Yoongi and you only hoped he could forgive you “I don’t want to ruin your friendship with Yoongi though.” You said.

He pulled you away ever so slightly to look at your face, holding your chin between his fingers delicately as if you might crack under any more pressure “Yoongi Hyung is hurting right now but he will be fine and I think he will be able to support us, just don’t worry about that. I can talk to him and make sure everything will be fine.” He assured.

You nodded and pressed yourself into him once more and just clung to him as if it was the last time you were going to hold him.