be careful who you trust the devil was once an angel

The truth is…


  • is a sassy bitch, let’s just accept that. always answering back, they’d even answer back to any god (may it be diplomatically or sarcastic)
  • always give people cheap gifts not because they’re broke but because they think that’s the only standard or gift you deserve
  • has a huge disgust with humanity so they either get delusions of controlling the world or they avoid/limit their human interactions
  • their logic is out of this world: it’s either you get mesmerised and see a new horizon or you end up getting crazy because you can’t get it
  • beneath all their layers, they’re one of the smartest and hardworking people out there… always willing to help you study/work/etc.


  • their trigger word is literally food and all its proper nouns. they’d sell their souls for a ceaseless supply of food and they’d won’t regret
  • literally possessive as fuck, aphrodite lives in their titties cos they dun calm down if they see someone circling around their man/woman.
  • obsessed with getting shit organised y'all don’t even know. they will never move unless a very detailed blue print is in front of them.
  • they will keep hustlin more than a twenty of you combined. they know and prioritise how precious time and money are.
  • when they say they can’t do an errand/plea, dun quickly believe them at all cost or you’ll get a small surprise: they’ll do it after some while. 


  • know that archetype of a kind person who’ll obey & follow you to the death but has so many fucking personal motives? yep, that’s gemini.
  • their knowledge and expertise are vastly scary; multilingual people and historians. they aint called GEMinis for nothing, hunty.
  • for them, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. if you don’t match their pace, you’re basically out of their surviving list, whatever list that is.
  • insanely in love and proud making other people swoon over them (oh the oozing warmth of being loved and respected) but says otherwise
  • bad at remembering dates but that dun mean they love you less or you’re not that important to them, just believe in them.


  • they dun talk much but best believe me, whenever they speak it’s either they gon hand you your ass or roast the living shit out of you
  • are all terminally sarcastic bless their souls. they don’t have time for your bullshit, they don’t even have time for their own.
  • they will never side or they will avoid picking a side. they’re the best people to rant cos they will literally get where you coming from.
  • one of the sweetest and loving signs out there but for some reason, they tend to have some problems making real long time friends.
  • always look brooding or even out of reach. that’s cos they’re afraid words/actions won’t come/show they way they really want them too.


  • so demure but once you get close to them/they know they have the upper control, they will fucking nag & bully everything
  • but after the searing primadonna stage, these lions are all just smol precious clumsy beans who must be protected at all cost
  • knows the traditional ways or romancing someone, like the flowers and cupcakes and shy yet formal asking you out for events/dates
  • easily clouded by false/dark ideas and hard to snap them out of it. it takes another brave alpha who can help them out of the cray
  • but don’t be fooled, these lions can be tamed and would be willing to tag along the right people for the rest of their life line.


  • dont slack off in front of them, they will give your ass a whoop back to reality. trust me, they give so much vigour and moral to people.
  • not easily scared of pretty much anything because they always think about the story/reason behind it, for this one, what made it scary?
  • they can get super fucking salty and shady and they aint afraid of being salty and shady, for a good or bad reason whatsoever.
  • they never fail to always see the bigger picture, that also means they’re not afraid to do everything to get to the biggest picture.
  • loves having fun and enjoying life without taking advantage of things or forgetting to be humble and well-grounded.


  • too pure for this world but these people have a skyrocketing tendencies to becoming a yandere (lol they probably already are)
  • their aesthetic perfectionism sickness is practically beyond all earth signs combined: they’ll set fire on anything lower than their standards.
  • too kind and angelic we dun deserve them. we also dun deserve their life sucking flirtatious killer charms. we just dun deserve then all in all
  • these bitches love to meddle with other people’s business tho. either they save the situation or aggravate it, there’s no in between
  • even with all the hate on their kind, libra people just keep their heads up and tryn’a understand and accept other people’s view of them.


  • for the vagillionth time, y'all have to remember that these “””devil children””” are all just 4D weird bastards who easily space out.
  • the sexy airheads we all get from anime. but dun cross them & their fambam, they won’t think twice about apathetically cutting you.
  • everyone’s fairy godmother/father cos if they love you & they see you deserving, they will lavish &treat you so great. aint lying, dis the truth
  • willing to learn from others but is obsessed with “i am the most mature one so my wisdom is the greatest and the only effective one”
  • so many layers, like they’re literally never-ending. but after plucking all these layers out, you’ll see a fragile marshmallow baby inside 


  • they need like a dozen of hobbies as outlets for their energy. if they don’t get the energy out, they become a host of a time bomb.
  • insatiably absorbs all information of all kinds like a baby on his mom’s chest or a tic sucking out blood from a fresh catch: you choose
  • no one really knows if they’re showing genuine reaction/emotion cos you don’t know if they’re forcing it or not or they dun even know too
  • is the jack of all trades cos they have so many talents but can’t focus and drill hard on one cos they jump from different talent to another
  • may come arrogant but always they always want everyone to be happy and enjoying the time, probably more than how libra wants it.


  • always late on almost everything. insomniac children of the night, so no matter how dire the situation is, they’ll always be late. deal with it.
  • condescending as fuck cos they know they can do pretty much anything please beware they are vicious machiavellians
  • obsessed with segregating people in their lives; they don’t want their friends to socialise with their family, this group with that group, etc.
  • avoids and gets easily tired with human interaction, but is magically brilliant with human interaction. their magic? idek ask them.
  • after you pass their scrutinising sifting of people in their lives, you’ll just see a funny, dependent, happy-go-lucky, perverted side of them


  • also don’t like taking sides, will never jump onto anything without all the cards are seeable, yet also not afraid to speak up in the end.
  • obsessed and deranged with their fanaticism of any horror shit idk how they can carry on with a fine stomach after all that scary jazz
  • can never be controlled, they might seem controllable or easy to manoeuvre but spare your ass and don’t be fooled by this sign
  • disappears and reappears at their own will, and doesn’t care about the consequences of their absence, they literally don’t care.
  • in the end of the day, aquarius has no fucks to give any of the other signs. they don’t ask for a lot and they just wanna be left alone.


  • are quiet little shits who looks way more gorgeous when they’re mad cos they just turn fiendish but still in a cute way, like wtf how???
  • needs a fuck ton of guidance from older or more mature people cos they tend either the laziest, silliest, or most annoying things ever. 
  • how fucking annoying it is whenever they pull out the victim card like dude shove that thing back where it belongs or so I will.
  • are actually sensible people, kinda shocking for some but it’s the truth cos these people stay in tune with their emotions, they dun run away
  • break them to pieces and you’ll see a child needing to be loved and wanting to know what are the things that they can improve and learn
advice for the signs
  • aries: you're full of ideas and they're always amazing! you are so much smarter than you give yourself credit for, even though you try to appear like you're a bit of a daredevil, you don't always like to come too far out of your cozy little comfort zone. but I promise, if you come out a bit more you can experience so many exciting things, and your abilities will make you shine like a star in the night sky.
  • taurus: not only are you are a badass, you're also super cool. if there are any haters its only because they want to be like you - really though. you just have an aura about you that pulls people in and once they get to know you, they don't ever want to get away. people want to overindulge in you, and if that wears you out then take a break and don't feel bad about it, your friends know you'll come back at the end of the day.
  • gemini: you're not a two-faced backstabbing bitch, you are a beautiful person who struggles with having to listen to an angel and a devil on your shoulders all day, which I can only imagine is super tough but you've done an incredible job to even come all this way and you should be so proud of yourself, I know I am. and lets take a moment to appreciate how you can walk into a room and suddenly be everyone's best friend with your natural charm and easy-going nature. you could take a bullet in the chest and your smile won't even falter. you're so determined to get what you want and you're so passionate and just everything you do is admirable. keep going, you rock this world.
  • cancer: if we're being real here, you don't actually cry *that* much. this is what it is - you have so many emotions swirling inside of you and they are like a beautiful storm of bright lights. and you should continue to let that out and share that beauty with everyone! but even with all that, you can be pretty hardcore and you are so strong, inside that whirlpool is a fire than burns bright, you should show people your intense passions as well as your caring side.
  • leo: you are amazing, and everyone around you knows it. if you're being too hard on yourself, lighten up a little because so far you've done everything right. everything happens for a reason, and if you feel guilty or sad about something just remember that your experiences have shaped who you are today - a beautiful, wonderful, magical creature with sparkling eyes, a loving soul and fabulous hair.
  • virgo: you work so hard to be on top of the game and I know how stressful that can be, but trust me when I'm saying that if you're doing the best you can, please don't push yourself any further. I'm sure you know what it feels like to get 3 hours sleep only to just scrape everything in on time, but you're doing just fine and please remember to reach out to your friends and loved ones and talk about how youre feeling. honestly, letting out any negativity makes you feel so, so much better, and you deserve the best.
  • libra: it's not that you're indecisive, you just like to weigh out all the pros and cons of a situation before you go into something - which is such a good idea, and I admire you for that. I bet you wish you had a crystal ball and could see the future to know how your decisions will turn out, huh? but the reality is that you should stop worrying about about the future and live in the moment. if you're not focusing on the present, you won't get to where you want to be in the future, and we definitely don't want to see you somewhere where your talents aren't being showcased.
  • scorpio: your personality is just so magnetic and you're so hypnotic, so many people absolutely adore you and would do anything for you - but sometimes they might not be 100% certain that the feelings are mutual. now, I know you love your friends and family so, so much with a fiercely strong love, but would it kill you to tell people that you love them and how you're feeling sometimes? everyone is here to help you and guide you on your journey to reaching the stars, but you can't build your rocket ship without the help of others.
  • sagittarius: you are incredible and so smart, it actually makes people stop in their tracks when you open your mouth and spout some beautiful, philosophical words of wisdom. or even just opening your mouth to say anything. everything about you is great but I'm not sure you appreciate yourself as much as you should. all the friends you have who love you should be an indication of how great you are. if you don't learn to love yourself, you might not be able to see through and out of your own little bubble and actually notice how much people care about you. because they care so, so much. don't you ever doubt that.
  • capricorn: your motto is work hard and don't take shortcuts, which is amazing and everyone admires you for that. it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be you, and even if nobody mentions it, everyone is impressed. you're gonna go far, kid. but know that even if you're stuck in a rut right now you just need to jump a little higher and climb out. if you're stressed, talk to someone you trust and just open up and tell them what youre feeling. help them help you, and everything will be okay.
  • aquarius: we're not emotionless, we have a lot of feelings and we just choose not to express them because we're scared of people being overwhelmed by us, and we like to trust someone 100% before we open up. and there is nothing wrong with that. you're so good at listening to people's problems/how they feel and your advice is 10/10, but if you don't take time to talk to people about how you're feeling, you bottle everything up and one day it'll get so full that the lid will burst - and I know you're afraid of letting out all your feelings in one go, I definitely am. the only way around that is to let it out, bit by bit, slowly and over the years, to maintain your composure and sanity. and nobody will see you any different or judge you if you open up to them.
  • pisces: you're passionate, your creativity is out of this world, you're so good at helping people and you don't have a selfish bone in your body. you're always so up for helping people, and that is amazing! you're compassionate like no other, and your ideas are off-the-charts crazy cool. and you're not weak! you are perfectly capable of putting up your barriers, you just like to trust people enough to keep them down a lot of the time. and you're definitely not weak either, you've probably lived through some heartbreaking experiences, and you're still able to walk around with your head up and your heart open. now thats real strength.
“I Don’t Get Jealous”  Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,754

Lucifer x Reader

Request from Anon: Jealous Lucifer x reader please! Maybe where reader helps another Angel groom their wings and doesn’t understand how intimate it is or why Lucifer is so jealous.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, angst

A/N: omg I’ve never wrote Lucifer before, I hope you like this, I was very nervous to write it lol. also i prefer mark pellegrino as lucifer better so i’m gonna use him for the gifs

Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

Being in a relationship was hard.

Being a human in a relationship with an angel, let alone Lucifer himself, was even harder.

When you and Lucifer had met, you knew who he was, what he was. You’d been helping Sam and Dean hunt him down for god’s sake. You hated him to his gut, and wanted him back into the cage. That certainly didn’t change when you had first met.

He had taken you captive to hold you as bait for Sam and Dean, as you were their cousin and he knew that they would do anything for you. He kept you locked away in a room and only visited a few times a day when he would be giving you food. Those few times a day turned into several times a day, and the two of you started having meaningful conversations. You realized that he wasn’t as bad as everyone made him out to be- he just wanted to be loved by his dad, and he was honestly just hurt by the situation.

Lucifer eventually let you out of captivity, but you didn’t want to leave. You chose to stay there with him, much to Sam and Dean’s liking. But you couldn’t leave Lucifer. You felt like you had a connection with him, like you understood each other unlike anybody else.

Lucifer felt the same about you. When he had first taken you, he didn’t see you as anything but a piece of meat. You were beautiful, but you were nothing. Just a way to get Sam and Dean crawling into his lair so he could kill them, and then you. But once he started talking to you, he grew a liking towards you. He started to feel like he could trust you, which was something huge with him. He didn’t trust anybody. Eventually, when he realized that maybe his hiding place was too far out of reach for the boys, he decided he was going to let you go. He was genuinely sad once he realized that this woman that he had grown to like was leaving him, but that was immediately gone once you told him that you were staying.

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Religion is Complicated

gif is not mine

Title: Religion is Complicated

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,583

Warnings: angst, and small amounts of fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy Satan Sunday <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

The rain pelted your clothes as you sat on the curb outside your house.  You weren’t sure where you were going to go.  Your family had always been strict with their religion and their rules.  You didn’t mean to upset them with your opinion.  Apparently having an opinion was earned in your home.  You realized this a little too late.

Tears streamed down your face as you sat in the rain.  It didn’t matter what happened, you now had nowhere to live, nowhere to eat, and nowhere to bathe.  This had to be one of the worst days of your life.

“Religion can be so complicated,” an unfamiliar voice uttered, as a tall man towered over you.  His hair was blond and his eyes were blue.  He was wearing jeans and a brown shirt with a green over shirt on top of it.  “I broke too many rules once.  My father kicked me out too.”

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Winchesters in Riverdale (Part Ten/Finale)

After a hunt gone wrong, Y/N Winchester, the 17 year old half-sister of Sam and Dean Winchester, her older brothers, and Castiel are transported to Riverdale, a town in a different universe. While Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to find a way back home, Y/N struggles to fit in in the community of Riverdale. In a universe with no monsters to worry about, there’s so many questions that need answering.

Can she ever try to be normal after hunting for all of her life? Who’s the good-looking, mystical teen with the beanie who’s always at that diner? And will anyone discover that secret she’s been hiding for the last year and a half?

Masterlist for the other parts of this story


There was comfortable silence between you and Jughead as the two of you walked hand in hand together down the street. Your feet were cold on the gravel, your heels forgotten and swinging from your free hand. You didn’t know where you were going but you didn’t care. The dance was forgotten about although you could still hear the faint music. You were with Jughead. That was the only thing that mattered. Every now and then you would sneak a peek at the raven-haired teen. You tried to memorize the way the moonlight bounced off him. The way he smiled at you when he thought you weren’t looking. Everything.

Suddenly, Jughead stopped and turned to look at you.

“Okay, close your eyes.” he said.

You rose your eyebrows at him and he rolled his eyes.

“Trust me.” he said, smiling.

You sighed but closed your eyes nonetheless.

“Making me the next Jason Blossom?” you joked.

Jughead snorted.

He began to lead you off the gravel road and soon enough your feet felt the hard ground turn to grass.

“Over here.” Jughead said.

Eventually he stopped.

“Can I open my eyes now?” you asked.

“Not yet. Take a seat first,”

You sighed again and sat down, putting your shoes next to you. You heard Jughead sit next to you and felt his warm palms on your shoulders.

“Okay,” he said quietly. “Open them,”

You opened your eyes.

As you looked around, you saw that the two of you were in the middle of the park, surrounded by swing sets and jungle gyms and money bars.

You looked up and your mouth dropped open.

The sky, which had previously been covered by trees as you walked in the street had opened up, revealing the beautiful night sky. The full moon shone brightly and there were millions upon million of stars to be seen.

“Not bad, huh?” Jughead asked as he removed his hands from your shoulders.

You looked at the beaming boy whose face was inches away from yours.

“It’s beautiful.” you said.

Jughead smiled shyly before he leaned in, kissing you softly. You smiled into the kiss as your arms wrapped around Jughead’s neck, your fingers running over the few black locks of hair resting on Jughead’s neck that had escaped from his beanie. He stopped kissing you when a sudden gust of wind hit your bare arms making you shiver. Jughead frowned as he looked at you.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

You shook your head.

“No, I’m fine,” you said. “It’s just—”

You were cut off when you saw Jughead quickly taking his jacket off, draping it over your shoulders.

You smiled as him as you pulled the warm fabric closer to you.

“Thank you.” you mumbled.

Jughead smirked and draped his arm around you. The two of you lied down and you snuggled into the younger teen’s warm chest, Jughead’s arm pulling you closer to him. The two of you looked up at the night sky, looking up at the sky.

You didn’t know how long you laid there for before Jughead spoke again.

“What’s her name?” Jughead asked suddenly.

Your eyes widened as you looked up at him. Jughead looked panicked.

“I, uh, I-I didn’t mean to say that out loud,” he rambled, convinced he had ruined everything. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said—”

To his surprise, you giggled, cutting him off.

You changed your position so you were facing him, your elbow supporting your head as you rested it on your fist. Jughead mimicked your position, watching you warily.

“It’s okay,” you said. “After what you said to me earlier, um, I feel like it’s easier to talk about. Still hard, yeah. But it’s easier,” you said.

Jughead nodded.

“Her name is Lily,” you said. “Her father… he used to get me flowers. Almost everyday. He’d go outside and pick a whole bunch of them for me. They were lilies. He, um, passed away before Lily was born and I guess I just wanted to find a way to connect her name to him. Even if she would never know who he was. Or who I am for that matter.”

Jughead’s eyes widened.

“I-I’m sorry,” he said again. “I didn’t know he died.”

You smiled softly at him.

“It’s okay,” you said quietly. “It’s… been a while. The ache never really goes away but I’m making my way. One day at a time.”

Jughead nodded again.

“Do your brothers—”

“No,” you said, shaking your head. “They don’t know about Lily. Castiel, you know, the one always wearing that trench coat; he knows. He helped me run away and kept me hidden unless Lily was born.”

Jughead’s eyes widened.

““Hidden?”” he repeated. “From what?”

You sighed.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, Y/N, it does,” Jughead said. “Are you in danger?”

You sighed, tried to figuring out a way to phrase your job.

Hey, Jughead, I kinda sorta kill monsters for a living, and I’ve occasionally fought the Devil himself. No big deal. Oh, and my dead boyfriend was killed by a rogue angel using my brother’s body as a vessel.

You shook your head again.

“No,” you said.

Not immediate danger.

“I told you how I had kind of a weird job, right?”

Jughead nodded.

“Well… sometimes that job’s dangerous,”

Sometimes? Try all the time.

“There are thi— people out there who want to hurt me,” you corrected yourself. “But it’s okay. It’s part of the job. Besides, my brothers have my back. So does Castiel.”


“Jughead, please don’t worry,” you nearly begged. “I’m okay, alright?”

Jughead looked like he wanted to say more. And he did. He wanted to beg you to tell him everything. To stay with him and Archie so they could protect you from whatever wanted to hurt you. But as he looked into your pleading eyes, he melted and couldn’t say anything else.

“Okay.” he said hoarsely.

You let out a sigh of relief once you realized Jughead wasn’t going to press you further. The two of you lied back down and you snuggled back into Jughead’s chest, closing your eyes. The silence returned but Jughead felt tense under you. Like he wanted to say something else.

“You’re leaving, aren’t you?” he suddenly asked softly.

You froze in his arms, eyes opening as you looked at his sad expression.

“I, uh, saw your brothers in Pop’s the other day. I, um, decided to eavesdrop a little bit. Thought I could maybe find out how you were doing. Instead I heard them talking about going home or something.” he said.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and nodded slowly.

“Yeah,” you said quietly. “We leave tomorrow.”

You heard Jughead give a defeated exhale.

“W-Will I ever see you again? I can still text you, right?” he asked weakly.

Tears welled up in your eyes as you slowly shook your head.

“I—Jughead, I wish. It won’t—It can’t—” you stopped before you began to cry.

You would never see Jughead again. He wouldn’t be able to contact you. Texting someone from a different universe? It was impossible.

“If you don’t want to see me—”

“No!” you exclaimed. “Jughead, I…”

You felt tears rolling down your face.

“I-I love you,” you said.

Jughead’s eyes widened at your confession.

“I love you,” you said again. “I never thought I could love someone the way I love you again. I don’t want to leave. But it’s my home. Everything I know is there. Family, friends, my life. And I can’t just leave it. I-I need you to understand that.”

Jughead was silent as he contemplated your words. and you got more and more nervous as the silence stretched on and on.

What if this was it? What if he just got up and left? What if he didn’t understand? What if he decided—

Jughead’s lips crashing against yours snapped you out of your thoughts. The freshly fallen tears on his cheeks mixed with yours and you could taste salt. You immediately kissed him back roughly, your teeth clacking together. But neither of you cared. When you pulled away for air, you were filled with relief when you saw Jughead smiling softly at you despite the tears in his eyes.

“I love you, too.” he said.

There were no more words to be spoken. He understood.

“Just… do me a favor, okay?” Jughead asked.

You nodded as you turned around to face the teen.

Jughead had walked you all the way back to the motel. He offered to get the car and drive you home but you declined. The more time you could spend with Jughead the better. You had walked hand in hand the entire way back. You talked about your favorite moments together, teasing each other with your little inside jokes, and had even stopped for a quick milkshake at Pop’s. One last time.

“Of course.”

Jughead sighed.

“Tell your brothers. About Lily,”

Your opened your mouth to protest but you were cut off by Jughead again.

“Please,” he said. “You’ll feel a lot better. And I know they’ll listen to you and help you out. I’ve seen the way they look at you. They look terrified. Like they think you’re gonna leave again without any warning. Y/N, I don’t think they’ll be able to handle that again.”

You let out a shaky sigh.


“Just talk to them. Please?” Jughead asked.

You nodded.

“Okay,” you said. “When we get home, I’ll talk to them.”

Jughead let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you.” he whispered.

You gave a small smile to the teen.

“I, um,” you began, unsure of what to say. “I guess I’ll see you around, Mr. Jones.”

Jughead smirked as he took a step closer to you.

“I’ll see you around, Ms. Winchester.” he said softly.

He dipped down, capturing your lips in one last passionate kiss. You kissed back with just as much fervor, neither of you wanting this moment to end. When you finally pulled away, the two of you looked at each other sadly. Jughead began to back away, eyes never leaving yours.

“Goodbye.” he said softly.

Tears welled in your eyes again.

“Bye.” you said back, watching him as he turned around, beginning the walk back to the school.

You closed the door, back sliding down on it. You dropped your shoes next to you and looked at the clock.


You needed to get to bed. You had to be up bright and early tomorrow. Willing yourself not to cry again, you took a deep breath again and got under your covers, not caring you were still wearing your dress or makeup.

The next day. 12 pm.

Jughead Jones sat at his usual booth at Pop’s, staring at his computer. No matter how hard he tried to concentrate, he could seem to get any words out. He looked down at his phone, debating about what he should do. You were gone. He had tried to visit your motel room around noon only to find everything gone. There was no trace of you or the others. You had just… disappeared. It was like you were never there.

Eventually deciding he had nothing to lose, he typed a quick message to you before sending it out, taking a deep breath. 

A guy could try, right?

Across a million billion trillion universes, you settled into one of the chairs in the Bunker, smirking at Dean as he strutted around the main area.

“Ah, it’s good to be back!” Dean exclaimed as he took a swig of beer.

Sam chuckled while Castiel just looked at the eldest Winchester blankly.

After transporting back to your universe, the four of you were now back home after you finally killed the witch who transported you there. You wished that your brothers wouldn’t have to kill her but once you found out she was terrorizing the rest of the town and killing more and more people, you had to put a stop to it.

Your phone’s screen lighting up made you look down at it.

(1) New message from Mr. Jones

Your heartbeat quickened.

Could it be?

You reached for the phone before you stopped yourself. Despite the fact that you were dying to, you didn’t dare open the message. Not yet. Jughead’s words from the night before resonated in your head and you took a deep breath. You had something to do first.

“Hey, guys?” you asked.

The three men turned to you.

“I, um, I have something to tell you.”

Chuck smiled as he watched you and Jughead each in your respective universes.

“Father…” an angel beside him began. “Pardon me for questioning you, but why have you allowed contact via technology between the Winchester girl and Jones boy? They live in different universes. How will they ever see each other again?”

Chuck’s smile didn’t falter.

“They’ll find a way. It’s what Winchesters and Joneses do.”


A/N: That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed it!! I originally was going to have a much more angsty ending, but I just couldn’t do it (and I love writing angst!)


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Hunchback of Notre Dame Starters

taken from the musical adaption. feel free to change pronouns as necessary.

  • We are blessed to find our sanctuary.
  • Let me take you back. I’ll bring you home.
  • If you have truly discovered charity at this late date, there is someone you can help.
  • A baby? Yours?
  • It’s God’s judgment on you! 
  • The wicked shall not go unpunished!
  • He has nobody else. Take him, if you can find it in your heart.
  • Oh, Lord, you’ve sent me a test. 
  • This child is my cross to bear. 
  • I may not have saved my brother, but I will save this… thing.
  • What makes a monster and what makes a man?
  • The world is cruel. The world is wicked.
  • It’s I alone whom you can trust in this whole city.
  • I am your only friend.
  • How can I protect you, boy, unless you always stay in here?
  • These are crimes for which the world shows little pity.
  • You’re my one defender.
  • Out there, they’ll revile you as a monster.
  • I am a monster.
  • All my life I wonder how it feels to pass a day not above them, but part of them.
  • Give me one day out there, all I ask is one.
  • What I’d give, what I’d dare, just to live one day out there!
  • Every day they shout and scold and go about their lives, heedless of the gift it is to be them.
  • If I were in their skin, I’d treasure every instant.
  • No one sees I’m here now.
  • Once a year we throw a party here in town.
  • Every man’s a king and every king’s a clown.
  • It’s the day the devil in us gets released.
  • Give me your girls of pleasure.
  • I have born the brunt of a soldier’s test.
  • Whoever pays the most I call ‘My Liege.’
  • And whatever I do I’ll make sure this is true: I will never go back again.
  • Darling, to be blunt you are with the best.
  • Like other true knights I’ve got ambition.
  • For a few nights fun is my mission.
  • Care to share a day of rest and recreation?
  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve you, my Lord.
  • I see how you stare.
  • Come see me dance.
  • She dances like the devil himself.
  • She dances like an angel.
  • Before we get old, come feel the heat.
  • Come taste the desire.
  • Put your foulest features on display.
  • Wouldn’t you like to be crowned King for a day?
  • It’s a day we do the things that we deplore.
  • See how I’ve sheltered you from having to go through this.
  • You don’t belong with normal men.
  • I don’t know if you can hear me or if you’re even there.
  • Yes, I know I’m just an outcast. I shouldn’t speak to you
  • I see your face and wonder, were you once an outcast too?
  • God help the outcasts or nobody will.
  • I ask for nothing. I can get by.
  • Please help my people, the poor and downtrod.
  • I thought we all were the children of God.
  • When you look from high above everything seems pretty.
  • Thanks for giving this moment to me.
  • For all these years you’ve stayed alone and free from danger.
  • Be brave and say something.
  • Come keep me warm until morning.
  • Hold me close while we’re dancing.
  • I cannot bear to watch and yet I cannot turn away.
  • So many times out there I’ve watched a happy pair of lovers walking in the night.
  • I knew I’d never now that warm and loving glow, though I might wish with all my might.
  • No face as hideous as my face was ever meant for Heaven’s Light.
  • Suddenly an angel has smiled at me and touched my face without a trace of fright.
  • I dare to dream that she might even care for me.
  • I swear it must be Heaven’s light.
  • Of my virtue I am justly proud.
  • You know I’m so much purer than the common, vulgar, weak licentious crowd.
  • I feel her. I see her. 
  • This burning desire is turning me to sin.
  • It’s not my fault! I’m not to blame!
  • It’s not my fault if in God’s plan he made the devil so much stronger than a man!
  • Let her taste the fires of Hell, or else let her be mine and mine alone.
  • Choose me or your pyre.
  • God have mercy on her.
  • God have mercy on me.
  • She will be mine or she will burn!
  • Don’t let her flee and vanish in the night.
  • Are you disobeying a direct order?
  • I knew it. She’s bewitched you, too.
  • I’ve heard the calling of the Lord.
  • In the dark, I call your name.
  • Why did I hear her words inside my head?
  • You have to save her!
  • Oh, what’s the matter? Are you afraid?
  • Of course he’s afraid! And he should be!
  • That’s what makes you a hero – doing what you’re afraid of.
  • She gave it to you because she nows you’re smart.
  • For her I will be strong.
  • You’re very clever to have found our little hideaway.
  • We have a method for spies and intruders not terribly different from bees in a hive.
  • My apologies for your imminent demise. 
  • It’s our lives or yours.
  • Here we are, nearly strangers from two worlds that’ve rarely met.
  • Somehow, you have made me someone new.
  • I’m asking if you will let me come with you.
  • I must be in a place of miracles.
  • A miracle you’ve brought to me.
  • All this time I’ve been certain that my life would be spent alone.
  • It’s time I’ve learned no love will be returned to one who’s born to be alone.
  • Now I know there’ll be no miracles for me.
  • No more need for a heart of stone.
  • Better to have a heart of stone.
  • Though we’ll set out for lands unkown, they’re lands we’ll share.
  • Will we find a haven once more?
  • Could there be a country kinder to our race?
  • Where’s my place of miracles?
  • I used to believe, in the days I was naive, that I’d live to see a day of justice dawn.
  • I’ll die while believing still.
  • Someday we may yet live to live and let let live.
  • Someday, life will be fairer.
  • Someday these dreams will all be real.
  • You must try to free yourself!
  • Quiet! Go away!
  • You’re the only one who can save her now.
  • You know what happens when I try to help. I only make things worse.
  • How do you know what I believe?
  • What do you know of all the things I feel?
  • Who is it that you see instead of seeing what I am for real?
  • You’re a liar!
  • Would that I were made of stone like you.
  • You give such good advice, so why has not one single word you’ve said been any help at all?
  • The more your dreams and fancies fill my head the farther that I fall.
  • If I were senseless, I’d prefer it.
  • I’ve wasted my faith believing in saints of plaster.
  • His words were cold as stone, but they were true.
  • Take all your lies and leave me alone.
  • We’ll trouble you no longer.
  • We’re only made of stone.
  • We just thought that you were made of something stronger.
  • Now I’m on my own, never again to wonder what’s out there.
  • Think of what I’ve offered. What is your answer?
  • Open the doors! Ram them through if you must!
  • How mch oppression will you allow?
  • Why not make someday come right now?
  • Oh, saints and monster, show your power!
  • You are home.
  • In my eyes, you are beautiful, too.
  • You’re such a good friend.
  • Is she dead?
  • Now we can finally go back to the way things were.
  • Now that she’s gone the poison dies with her.
  • We can go on as close as once we were.
  • No sanctuary without her!
  • I could have helped her. Even loved her.
  • Love? What do you know of love?
  • Who have you ever loved?
  • I loved… I loved my brother.
  • He was wicked, weak!
  • No – you are the weak one.
  • I told you – I am very strong!
  • You don’t want to hurt me!
  • The world is cruel. the world is ugly. But there are times and there are people when the world is not.
  • At it’s cruelest, it’s still the only world we’ve got.
  • Here is a riddle to guess if you can.

Ok but can we please talk about Slytherin Yoon Jeonghan?

  • Yoon Jeonghan who everyone kept saying was a veela
  • Because no one can be that beautiful
  • He was only a first year though
  • So when he got into the train he felt a bit out of place
  • His wand is made of veela hair though so maybe they had a point
  • Yoon Jeonghan who was quick to find an empty compartment
  • Soon enough it wasn’t empty though because a boy who looked larger than life and boy who looked like God’s favorite angel sat next to him
  • Soon enough he was swearing eternal friendship to both Seungcheol and Joshua
  • Yoon Jeonghan who sat with the hat in his head for a good five minutes
  • Until the hat finally decided Slytherin, because of course
  • Yoon Jeonghan who genuinely cant care less about house sitting arrangements
  • He sits where he wasn’t when he wants because honestly no one is going to stop him
  • He is just that loved
  • Yoon Jeonghan who is secretly good at quidditch but can’t care enough to play for the team
  • He is Slytherin’s biggest hype man though
  • Is always giving the team pep talks as if he was the captain and not Minghao
  • “Okay people we’ve worked very hard this season!”
  • “You’re not in the team…”
  • “Shh my sunflower, now as I was saying WE worked really hard…”
  • Also supports gryffindor’s quidditch team because of his baby
  • No one is as hyped for a Gryffindor game as Jeonghan
  • Yoon Jeonghan who charms his way in and out of everything
  • Honestly he became head boy because he sweet talked Snape too much
  • Also because he really, REALLY wanted access to the prefect’s bathroom
  • Yoon Jeonghan who is constantly letting the boys out of trouble
  • Specially Minghao and Chan because he can’t afford them getting caught and loosing house points
  • Also won’t admit it but constantly helps Gryffindor by not turning Chan in whenever he goes for night walks
  • This happens at least once a week
  • “This would be fifty points less Chan you know this.”
  • “Yes hyung.”
  • “Then why would you do it?”
  • “It won’t happen again hyung.”
  • “I hope so, now whose baby are you?”
  • “I’m no one’s…”
  • “Fifty points Chan.”
  • “Jeonghanie’s baby.”
  • “Yes you are!”
  • Yoon Jeonghan who has way too much fun with divination
  • Like way too much fun
  • Someone please stop him
  • Yoon Jeonghan who loves reading everyone’s tea leaved
  • Seungcheol stopped drinking tea because of this
  • “Here it says you’re about to find love.”
  • “No it doesn’t! Show me.”
  • “Here see this leave specifically positioned that way either means love or death.” 
  • “DEATH?”
  • “I’m sure it’s love though.”
  • Everyone things he’s bullshitting his way through divination
  • Even he thinks he’s bullshitting his way through divination
  • But somehow he always gets his predictions right
  • And it drives everyone insane
  • “You devil!”
  • “Hi Joshua how are you? Good? That’s…”
  • “You said it was going to snow!”
  • “And…”
  • “It’s the middle of summer Jeonghan, it can’t snow!”
  • “But today you woke up and…?”
  • “It’s snowing! You’re the devil; I’m so done with you!”
  • Yoon Jeonghan who swears he has never charmed anyone to do their bidding
  • But he might be part Veela so no one actually trusts him
  • Chan swears Jeonghan charmed him into calling himself Jeonghan’s baby
  • Of course Jeonghan firmly denies this
  • Yoon Jeonghan who took 12 boys under his wings just because
  • He genuinely just picked boys at random and decided he would take care of them
  • No one knew how he picked them or why
  • But those 12 kids practically ran the school so no one really cared
  • Yoon Jeonghan who is pretty good at herbology
  • Professor Sprout says it’s because plants like pretty people
  • Which might be true because he doesn’t even try
  • It became a bit worrying when even the Whomping Willow refused to hit him
  • He started calling himself king of plants third year, thank merlin it didn’t stick
  • Yoon Jeonghan who has a way to get into everyone’s common room
  • He does it for fun mostly
  • Also he likes leaving gifts in peoples pillows just because
  • Chocolate frogs, licorice spiders, candy in general
  • His favorite is the hufflepuff common room
  • Because: “At least you kids have everything tidy! Have you seen Gryffindor! I keep telling Vernon he needs to clean up! I can barely see the floor!”
  • Yoon Jeonghan who is big on Christmas at Hogwarts
  • He naturally stays to keep the boys company
  • Also because he would rather spend Christmas in Hogwarts than at home
  • Since first year he helps the house elves cook Christmas Dinner
  • He also helps them clean up because he might be mischievous but he’s also a decent human being
  • Yoon Jeonghan who is big at holidays in general
  • Halloween with him has no chill
  • He once managed to make the whole school, including teachers, to dress up for Halloween
  • The next year he took it to the next level and turned everyone into himself for Halloween
  • He’s generally just wild for holidays
  • Also Jeonghan’s underground house of horrors IS A THING
  • Yoon Jeonghan who runs the betting poll for quidditch games
  • He made a small fortune out of it
  • He naturally uses the money to buy candy and help Soonyoung’s firework supply
  • Yoon Jeonghan whose amortentia smells like fresh cut grass and cologne
  • Yoon Jeoghan whose boggart is none other than his friends abandoning him
  • Yoon Jeonghan who might be intimidating but really cares so much about everyone
  • Yoon Jeonghan who is ambitious and cunning

Ravenclaw Wonwoo   Hufflepuff Seungkwan   Slytherin Minghao  Ravenclaw Jun  Gryffindor Hansol   Hufflepuff Seokmin Ravenclaw Jihoon Hufflepuff Jisoo   Gryffindor Chan   Hufflepuff Mingyu  Gryffindor Hoshi  Slytherin Jeonghan

Daddy Devil  { Teaser }

Words: 1,290

A/N: I was chatting with @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff the other day about demon/devil!AU’s, and ended up calling Namjoon Daddy Devil. Now here we are.

Here is the teaser–aka my little build up to the main course–my dears. Hopefully the next part–the actual fic–will be up soon~ But first I have to write it ;*


Quite the interesting place. Maybe not for forsaken humans, but for demons, and beasts, and all hellish creatures alike—it’s home.

Like the layers of corrupt human society, there are levels. 7, to be exact. Each level has a…guardian. A demon chosen by the Devil to make sure there’s no excessive mischief—that everyone follows their orders and stays in line.

The seventh level is the worst. For the scum, the insane—home to the monsters that even the Devil himself can’t match. Such monsters remain trapped in the 7th level, the appointed guardian—Yoongi—only present to make sure the door that traps them remains locked tight. He’s the strongest of the Devil’s guardians, but also the laziest, and therefore the job fits him perfectly.

The remaining 6 levels are free to interact—but you live where you live. Prolonged stay in one level will get you kicked back into your assigned one, because you can’t betray your human sins, and the Devil picks a new spawn’s home with astute scrutiny. And he is not wrong—for he is the Devil.

The sixth level is guarded by Taehyung—mischievous in his own right, but undeniably dangerous. People have learned not to trust his handsome face, because despite his boyish wonder, he is a snake.

The fifth level is kept tidy by Jin—a man with the features of an angel, but the strength of an inferno. And the fourth level is carefully watched by Hoseok—a friend to the Devil and a friend to many, but his blinding smile is all a ploy. It’s said he decapitated a man whilst gigging, but that anyone around to witness the scene had met the Grim Reaper a second time.

The third level is overlooked by the youngest of the guardians—Jungkook. The innocent looking boy had met criticism from the long-term residents of the level—his image not living up to their dark-hearted tastes—but after a few years to mature and establish his power, those who opposed him soon learned that beneath his cute smile laid miles of muscle and strength—enough to send a man flying and to break a bone with little effort.

The second level is guarded by Jimin—pleasant, yet deceptive. He is loved by all and praised as a rightful guardian, but when push comes to shove Jimin always manages to reestablish order—whether he does so through violent methods or otherwise. Luckily, the second level is a peaceful realm, as is the third, and neither Jungkook nor Jimin are forced to show their true strength too often.

The final level—the first—is under watch by the Devil himself. There is no violence—no disobeying of orders. The fear of punishment is too high. Most residents are trusted generals, innocent pawns that missed their chance to run for the golden gates, or…servants. The Devil needs a thrown and a palace, after all—and it’s not like he’s going to take care of it himself.

And so, that’s how the hierarchy remains—at least, until someone manages to strip the Devil of his thorny crown. But god knows that won’t happen anytime soon.

Jungkook is performing his usual nightly rounds when he hears it—a slightly intoxicated statement from a female demon leaning against the alley wall outside a bar. She’s with her two friends who seem worse off—but none have lost their dinners yet.

“I can’t believe you keep calling Him that,” one says, and you roll your eyes.

“What? Daddy Devil? Oh give me a break, he’s the lord of all demons—of course he’s Daddy material.”

Jungkook clasps a hand over his mouth, stifling his laughter, and hurries to hide behind the chimney spout when the girl currently referring to his Lord and friend as ‘Daddy Devil’ narrows her eyes and begins looking around. Luckily, Jungkook is quick enough to evade her suspicious glare.

“For all you know he’s an old man with red skin and devil horns.”

You roll your eyes. “I know he’s not. I saw him in passing—once. When he came to the third level for a visit. He’s…tall…”

“And being tall makes him daddy material?!” your friend laughs, and you sigh, waving your hand in the air.

“Whatever. He’ll never know I said it anyway, so let’s just drop it. You can keep thinking he’s an old man, and I’ll keep dreaming that he’s tall and handsome.”

At that, all three girls share a laugh and begin to stumble out of the alley—leaning on each other for support. Jungkook watches them go, his lips split into a playful grin, a hint of impishness sparkling in his dark eyes.

He’ll never know I said it anyway.

Jungkook laughs. “We’ll see about that.” After all, this is just too funny of an opportunity to pass up.

On that note, Jungkook hops down from the roof and disappears into the evening shadows.

Jungkook doesn’t bother using the front door to the Devil’s mansion. That would require him to bypass the guards and be questioned on his intention in being here—and that’s all too much of a hassle. So, he hops up to a second story window and MacGyvers his way in—smiling once his feet touch the dark tile floor.

Whistling his way up the hall, Jungkook starts towards his Lord’s private quarters, but then pauses. This late in the evening, maybe he’d better check the Play Room.

Diverging from his path slightly, Jungkook slides down the banister to the main floor and approaches the thickly lined double doors in front of him. From his standpoint, everything is silent—no sound managing to slip from the room—but the minute Jungkook opens the door a sliver wanton moans and screams flood the hall.


“What are you doing here?” A low voice asks, a hand reaching past Jungkook and grabbing the door handle tightly. Jungkook manages to see one woman choking on cock and another in the reverse cowboy position before the door shuts in his face.

“I came to see you, hyung,” Jungkook replies, grinning, and he turns to find the Devil sighing and walking away from him. Laughing, he steps forward and launches himself onto the Devil’s back, wrapping his arms around the male’s neck tightly, his cheek resting against his shoulder.

“Namjoon hyung~ C’mon~!”

“It’s too late for this, Kookie,” Namjoon sighs, Jungkook’s weight not impairing his long strides in the least. “You should go back to your level and sleep.”

“But hyung, I came because I heard something interesting. Concerning you.”

At that, Namjoon’s interest perks a little.

“Good or bad?”

“Knowing you, I think you’ll like it,” Jungkook snickers, slipping from his hyung’s back. Namjoon cards a hand through his hair, watching his youngest guardian as he leisurely floats in the air in front of him.

“I should have never granted you flight.”

“It’s fun, you should try it sometime,” Jungkook grins in response, and then gets back on topic. “I was doing my rounds earlier when I heard a girl mention you outside a bar. Her nickname for you was quite interesting.”

Namjoon raises an eyebrow, and Jungkook can see the curiosity slip into his gaze.

“Do tell.”

Daddy Devil,” Jungkook whispers, snickering when he sees a chill run up Namjoon’s spine, the elder’s body turning to ice almost immediately. The hall sits in silence for a good five seconds before finally Namjoon releases a shaky breath and rolls his shoulder, the bones cracking as he turns on his heel and starts for his quarters.

Jungkook is licking his lips happily before Namjoon even gives him the order.

Bring her to me.”

|  [Dominance] –>

❝ Slow Descent to Hell ❞

❝ Be careful who you trust; 

Even the devil was once an angel. ❞

FallenAngel!Yoongi Moodboard 

Hope you like it; - M.

An Arranged Marriage Chapter 14

Dean Winchester x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“So, you’re telling me that hunters have their own communities? With their own beliefs and schools? And they still arrange marriages? That is crazy!” Lucifer exclaimed, bouncing on his spot on the couch as soon as you finished with your explanation. You hadn’t expected Lucifer to be such an eager listener, but he had hung on to your every word, his eyes sparkling as you told him everything.

“Yeah, I guess.” You muttered. Truthfully, as time passed away from the compound, you began to see how crazy, how ridiculous life inside them truly was. No one should be forced to live like that. Forced to marry someone just to keep a strong hunting line going. Sure, you had gotten lucky. Marrying Dean, who didn’t care for the hunting communities. Giving you a chance to see that life outside the communities wasn’t nearly as bad as people told you.

Keep reading

She Sets the City on Fire

Request: A Sebastian smthye imagine with the reader being small and a part of new directions (I’m 4'9"½) and they are secretly dating and he sees some carry the reader during a performance and he gets jealous so he sings she sets the city on fire or closer (in front of new directions) and then he kisses them saying she’s is his girl(?) -Anonymous

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Notes: PRETEND FINN IS NOT WITH RACHEL RN. Hope you like it!

“Babe.. babe.. baaaaabe!”


*record scratch/freeze frame*

“Hi. My name is (y/n) and this is my boyfriend Sebastian. I’m currently trying to study for the big history test coming up and someone is not being very helpful.” 

“Sorry, babe, but I can’t help the fact you’re incredibly gorgeous, you look completely adorable when you’re concentrating and the whole.. situation we have working here isn’t in fact.. working.”

“Yeah. I should probably elaborate. I’m in a club in my school-McKinley High-called Glee. You’ve probably heard of it. We’re called the New Directions and are currently in the middle of a legendary battle with Seb here’s glee club from a neighboring school, the Warblers. Somehow this little idiot convinced me that it would be a good idea for him and I to date.”

“I don’t know, babe. Even if I were the one to convince you, it was pretty easy.”

“Whatever, Warbler. So, now we’re hiding it from our teams because we don’t want any unnecessary drama between the already feuding clubs. Dating in secret definitely has it’s perks, but Sebastian doesn’t exactly like the fact that he can’t ‘flaunt’ me around in public. His words.”

“I just want to be able to show off my best girl like any other sane guy in this world. I don’t really care what your.. friends think of us as long as we can be together. It would be so nice to be able to take you out without having to always be on alert or driving over an hour away.”

“I know, honey, but I don’t think I’m ready to hear what they have to say. Especially Santana and Finn.”

Sebastian scoffs. “Finn? Why would you care what Finn thought? I’m sick of him always hanging around you. It’s time he realizes that you’re mine a-and taken and.. mine.”

“Aww. Is someone getting a little jelly there, baby?’

“No! I just.. want people to know you’re mine.”

“I know, Seb. We’ll tell them soon. I promise.”

“Ok. As long as it’s soon. I’m tired of sneaking. Although, it is kinda hot isn’t it, babe?”

My cheeks turned bright red. “Seb, hush! We don’t talk about that!”

-The next day-

“5! 6! 7! 8! And step! And step! And spin! And drop! And step! And-hey! Guys we have to focus if we want to win at Nationals and beat those wiry Warblers!”

The high and slightly squeaky voice of Rachel Berry rang through the auditorium as she directed the glee club and led everyone through their respective steps.

“Rachel. We’re working really hard and I just think that everyone could use a little break,” Tina tried to reason with the diva, but when does reason ever work with Rachel Berry?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know my passion for this team and club was too much for you. I just want to win. Us! I want us to win.”

Everyone tried to hide either their annoyance or amusement at their female lead. Most failed.

“Ok, Rachel. You win. Let’s run it again.” “Thank you. 5! 6! 7! 8!”

The first notes of Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me reverberated across the auditorium and the stage came a live with song and passion. Mr. Schuester gave me the ‘role’ of Taylor with Finn as respective love interest. Go figure.

The glee club did a wonderful job of playing out the events of Taylor’s music video. Too good of a job. At least according to Sebastian who was hiding in the back of the first floor. He watched as his girlfriend was paraded around the stage portrayed as a love struck girl who had the hots for the exact guy he wanted her to stay away from. As (y/n) stole the stage, Finn held up the newly added male vocals. Sebastian could start to feel the anger and jealousy seeping into his veins. He was about to rage. At the end of the performance, Finn and (y/n) strutted up to each other and demonstrated a stage kiss. You know. The thing where the guys brings his hands up to girl’s face and places his THUMBS OVER HER LIPS AND KISSES HIS FINGERS! Sebastian was mad. He stalked out of the auditorium and made his way to the glee room where he knew everyone would be going after the performance. It was time.

The voices and laughter of the members of McKinley High’s glee club were nearing closer and closer. Sebastian recruited the instrumentalists for a very special performance. She Sets the City on Fire by Gavin Degraw began playing as the New Directions came into sight. (Y/n) was at the front of the group with Finn not far behind. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Sebastian standing in the middle of their choir room.


“What’s the devil doing here? In our school? In our practice room?’

“Hello to you too, Santana. I’m here to serenade my girlfriend so if you all could take a seat.”

“GIRLFRIEND?!” Everyone was very confused including yourself, but everyone surprisingly listened and took their seats.

“Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten
And I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends
Cause New York sky don’t get much brighter
She sets, she sets the city on fire.”

Sebastian walked up to the group and pulled (y/n) onto her feet. 

“Somebody told me if I’m not careful
Well, this one’s gonna roll me
I got my hands full and this one’s gonna own me and control me
I’m so mystified
She caught the last train last night, left another note
Saying “see you next time; miss me if you don’t”
You look good in your bed; til we meet again
You went through my head and nobody told me so.”

The New Directions were all very confused. How could their sweet little (y/n) fall for such a cold-hearted jerk?

“Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten
And I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends
Cause New York sky don’t get much brighter
She sets, she sets the city on fire
She sets the city on fire
Burns like a million lighters
I’m going up, I couldn’t get much higher
She sets, she sets the city on fire.”

As the song went on, the glee club actually started listening and watching. The whole time Sebastian was staring into (Y/n)’s eyes and twirling her around. He looked like a love struck little boy who had fallen in love with what he thought to be an angel. He looked.. kind.

“New scene, next block
She’ll be jaywalking right across while the cops talk
Make you feel like a boss when your eyes lock
And you can’t stop staring endlessly
She got the whole thing figured out; hits me where it hurts
And I know I might be swinging at a curve
I don’t mind it, though, when the lights are low
She can hit the notes wearing my T-shirt.”

Sebastian ended the song with the chorus and everyone was either deep in thought or their jaws were on the ground. Sebastian then began speaking.

“Hello, New Directions. If your public school brains hadn’t caught on yet, (y/n) and I are dating. We’ve been together for 5 months and I felt it was time everyone knew.”

The choir room then exploded with yells and screams. Everyone was upset at because not only did (y/n) not tell them she was dating, but she was dating Sebastian Smythe-glee club enemy #1 and who Santana called Satan.

“Guys, guys! Calm down! This is exactly why we-I-didn’t want to tell you. I knew you’d freak out and basically forbid me from seeing him. It’s just.. I know he hasn’t been on your best sides.. ever, but I really, really like him. As in more then I’ve liked any guy before. He’d kind and caring and apparently overprotective and I love him. I just hope you can support me in this and trust that I know what I’m doing.”

All was quiet among (y/n)’s friends. For about three seconds.

“But (y/n), he’s the enemy!” “He’s caused nothing but trouble for this team!” “Do you not remember all the insults and threats that came from his own mouth?!’

A loud whistle pierced the shouts and hollers of the enraged glee club, effectively silencing all the voices in the room.

“Excuse me. I’m still quite confused as to what’s happening here. Our little ray of sunshine, (y/n), has chosen the devil himself as her lover. That’s complete bull!”

“(Y/n) was trying to say that she cares about all of you just as much as she cares about her own happiness. Actually more! She was scared to tell you because she didn’t want to disappoint any of you, but I’m telling you that there is nothing you have to be disappointed in her about. I love (y/n) with my whole heart. No one has ever made me as happy as she does. She’s loving and passionate and the cutest little alto I have ever met. She completes me and makes be want to be a better person.”

“And he’s gotten better,” you jumped in. “Sebastian has been nothing but swoon worthy throughout our whole relationship. Just a bit annoying sometimes.”

“Hey! I have been a great boyfriend!” “Yes you have, dear, but everyone has their own faults.” “Whatever,” Seb scoffed.

Everyone was watching Sebastian and (y/n) with mild interest and disgust.

“Guys, please. I’m a big girl. I’m not a baby like you all sometimes treat me.”

“We know that, (y/n). We’re just shocked you chose our competitor who has tried to demolish us to date,” poor Finn muttered.

“I think they’re cute.”

Eyes widened and stared at Rachel as the seemingly traitorous words slipped from her mouth.

“What? It’s not because Finn has a puppy crush on (y/n). I know she doesn’t like him like that. Obviously. But haven’t you been listening to what they’re saying. They love each other. Who are we to get in the way of that?”

For once everyone agreed with Rachel’s statement. The last bits of resistance drained from their eyes.

“OK. We’ll support your relationship as long as you know one thing. If you’re doing this to mess with us, hurt our team or just screw up like every guy does and hurt (y/n), you’re are going to suffer. Do you hear me? I will make you want to have never been born, much less have ever met us,” Santana threatened.

“Message received, but my intentions with (Y/n) are completely- ok mostly- innocent. I genuinely love her and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Ever.”

“Fine. Then we give you our blessing. Treat her well.. or you’ll regret it.”

“Ok, Santana. Thanks for you approval,” you tried to calm her.


“Thank you all for your cooperation. I was just ready to let everyone know that this angel is mine. I want her to wear my jacket, go on public normal dates with me and not have to hide anything.”

“I love you, my Warbler.”

“I love you too, my angel.”

“…you were a little pitchy in areas.”


Luck of the Draw

word count: 1431

Reader x Jin

Genre: fuckboy!Jin, soulmates name on wrist!au

A/N: This may be the first in a series based on how well you react to it, also please note that fuckboy Jin can be a dick, but the main reason Y/N hates him is because she knows she can’t resist his charms, and she hates him and herself for it.  

The silver balloons wafted from side to side between the clutter of people in the room. The gentle glow of the strobe lighting illuminating them. Banners reading ‘Happy New Year’ hung gently from every doorway and staircase, drawing attention to why I was here. In the middle of the dance floor my best friends were dancing. The silver in each of their dresses, glittering like stars as their bodies swayed to the music. And usually I would join them, making an effort to seem outstanding. But tonight I was completely rattled. The golden sequins on my dress drawing attention that was undesired. The only thing that calmed the rapid beating of my heart was the overbearing nature of straight vodka. And I consumed another heavy gulp.


I groaned, every five minutes there was a constant reminder of why my anxiety levels had skyrocketed. A reminder of everything I was trying to forget. On the contrary I had always wanted a tattoo, but not like this. I’ve never wanted someone’s name imprinted on my skin. I sighed as collapsed back in my chair in the corner of the room, every so often grabbing unsuspecting people’s drinks  and chugging them as they turn away to dance.

I glanced around the room, my gaze lingering on the people I knew, but I managed to lock eyes with the one person I despised. I may have been hysterical, but Jin looked far more nervous than me. Although that’s due to the lack of a soulmate at the age of 24. A cheeky grin appears on his face as he gestured to the swarm of girls glued to him, seemingly suggesting I should join them. My eyes roll out of habit, as I push myself off my chair and grab another drink. Without thinking I’m wandering through the party, and as my head turns back to where he stood I notice him laughing. He seems to be talking to one of his goddess like companions. Yet his eyes wander constantly and when the find me once again he chuckles. My eyes crinkle, almost shut, trying to wrap my head around the deceitful boy. He chuckles once again, his mouth raising higher on the left side, clearly finding our facial-expression-across-the-room-discussion amusing. My eyes lower, and I quickly find Mina dancing in the centre of the floor. ‘Hey,’ I call to her, gaining her attention quickly, ‘I’m going to head over to where the boys are drinking, okay?’ My cup filled hand pointing in the direction of my plans as she nods softly.  

Nevertheless, Jin cuts me off before I reach my friends. ‘Hi Y/N.’ He smirks, his glasses generously grazing the tip of his nose as they fall. ‘Nervous?’ His tongue grazes his lips painstakingly slowly as his eyes flicker between my eyes and lips. ‘Bet I’m still doing better than you.’ I mock pushing his glasses back up his nose. ‘Oh really?’ He holds his bottom lip between his teeth, as he leisurely leans his face into the crook of my neck, his cologne lacing the air around us. ‘Prove it.’ His voice adorned with lust and breathlessness, his fingers beginning to drift up and down my arms, causing small shivers to run through me. I push Jin’s body away from me, and he pouts, showcasing his bright pink lips. ‘Come on angel face,’ the nickname rolling off his tongue naturally, as a wave of small goose bumps flush over me. ‘I could make you feel so good.’ His hands moved towards my hips, but I interrupted his longing by intertwining our fingers and raised them up to my face. I sighed, trusting myself to resist the delicious charms of a fuckboy, ‘I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request.’ His eyes scanned the way my eyes widened at his huge hand enveloping my own, his brow furrowing in confusion of my statement. His face contorted making the smallest creases around his nose and his eyebrows. I decided to see how far I could push him, pushing onto my toes and letting my lips graze over as his, letting them follow mine until I reached his ear.  ‘Means no.’ I looked back at him and dropped back to flat feet, staring into his disconcerted eyes.

I could feel his lips tug into a smug smile as my back turned to him. ‘Hey, Y/N!’ He jerked his head up to call me as I took a few steps away from him, his smug smile boring into me, ‘Did it hurt?’ I turned to him and rolled my eyes slowly, ‘When what, I fell from heaven?’ my disgusted gag was obvious as he slowly approached me, gradually intertwining our hands again, ‘No.’ he smiled, shaking his head slightly, the smile slowly dissolving into a pout as I sighed exasperatedly, ‘What then?’ my gaze shifted into a distrustful glare fixed on his eyes. A sly grin crept onto his face, looking like the devil had placed it there himself, ‘When you fell for me.’ His hands gripping mine softly and bringing them into our view as his grin only grew.

I immediately dropped his poisonous hands and ran as quickly as I could to my friends, hearing his devious laugh ring in my ears.

Before anyone could even greet me I grabbed Jacksons cup of vodka and chugged the entire thing. ‘Looks like someone’s a little nervous.’ Jackson chuckled, as he poured himself another one. ‘I don’t care if the person’s one of you guys, I don’t want to know that my life is promised away, that I’ve been genetically modified since birth to be with this person.’

‘Y/N if it makes you feel any better you know that you don’t have to be with whoever your wrist shows up with.’ Yoongi says, speaking from experience. He had the name show up the year he turned 21, two years ago. Just like everyone else his age.

‘But everyone else will want to be with their soulmate right?’ I finished his next sentence for him, taking another Jaebum’s cup before he could protest and emptying it into my all too eager stomach. ‘By the way, how is life with a soulmate?’

‘It sucks, even though they know they’re the only one you love they still get nervous when you go out. Mine seems to think I’m going to cheat.’ He ran one hand through his hair, dishevelling it as he released a very heavy sigh. ‘Anyway, soulmates are supposed to be either someone you’ve been in love with for a while, or you were destined to be with. So you’ll be fine.’ He patted me on the back, but it was the least comfort I’d felt in a while. The more the night moved on the more agitated I felt, the more tense I became.

And all too soon, it was the countdown to New Year.


My immediate reaction was to begin downing as many drinks as I could and I grabbed Yoongi’s hand and gripped it tight.



His thumb ran over the back of my hand, caressing it softly so that I could calm down, as I muttered the words ‘Save me’ to him.




I saw Mina run over to me and grab my other hand, because she was so overwhelmingly excited that she’d finally see who her soulmate was.



‘Good luck.’ Yugyeom whispered to all of us as he and the rest of the Maknae liners ran off giggling.



That’s when I saw it, the black ink that faintly began to rise on my right wrist, and seeing the name in person made me practically faint. Mina leaned over to me and got me to breathe properly. ‘Remember the first name that appears on your wrist is your worst enemy. Look mines changing now.’ She called. And as I looked over I saw the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

It was unmistakeable but the name ‘Byun Baekhyun’ written in bold black letters faded away to reveal the name ‘Jackson Wang’. But the colour was wrong, it looks like someone carved it into her skin with a knife. It’s supposed to be black. 

I looked back at my wrist but it hadn’t changed. I waited for five minutes, slowly moving up to ten but the name on my wrist never changed.

There written in black in perfect cursive was the name,

Kim Seokjin.


(notes! Okay so I kinda cheated on this lol, it’s two members, but whoops a fucking daisy)

•soulmate au where on your own body and on your soulmates body, you have a matching tattoo
•when you meet, the area where the tattoo is burns
•people normally have one but having multiple isn’t unheard of
•they are people who have platonic tattoos instead of romantic

•as a child, you wanted to be a singer
•but then you realized that you sounded like a dying cat and that dream died
•you decided if you couldn’t sing
•you’d learn to play instruments instead
•so you often went to competitions, that’s where you meet a boy named lee jihoon!
•he plays the piano, and he’s amazing!
•but he’s your rival, yet older brother mentor??
•it’s complicated for two six year old but it’s fine
•so you get used to seeing him in every competition you’re in
•and from being at the same place so often, your parents have become friends
•so you now hang with jihoon pretty often
•and you’re just always talking about soulmates
•and jihoon fondly smile because ‘I can’t believe we’re the same age’
•so growing up, even though jihoon and you went to different schools you were close
•you slept over at his house and vice versa
•you guys were pretty inseparable
•the dreaded high school years
•it wasn’t anything bad
•you just drifted apart y'know?
•like you went your separate ways but if you see him you’ll wave and he’ll do the same
•but you just realized that you weren’t very compatible people
•if it wasn’t for you parents, you wouldn’t have been as close most likely

•so you’re a teen
•the cursed phase
•where you’re not sure who you are, what the dream is, or where you’re heading
•but that’s okay!!!
•you still play your instruments, but you have also spread out to other forms of art!
•whether it’s lyrics, poems, or stories you like having a pad of paper in your hand and a pencil tucked behind your ear
•it also comes in handy for drawing!!!
•other teen find you odd, you walk around like a reporter, a camera can be found around your neck some days as well
•but you couldn’t care less, it was what made you happy!
•so you were in quite a few clubs
•the poetry club, the music club, photography and yearbook!
•you were everywhere really
•so it’s the around the end of the year and you’re supposed to be taking pictures
•but of course you can’t listen to instructions and you’re helping out the newspaper club
•interviewing the basketball vice captain while taking pictures
•so basketball captain is lowkey douchey
•like he’s being super sexist and all you wanna do is finish this and get out of school
•but he just droning on and on over how good he is
•over how many baskets he’s made this season
•so you’re pretending to listen, until you can’t take it anymore and spit you’re way out
•jihoon is sitting with his group at one of the tables that’s pretty close
•looking for a foot time to cut him off, you plan you’re escape
•"oh sorry, my friends are over there and I completely forgot that I was supposed to meet them!“
•smiling at him, you quickly packed up your stuff and waved to him
•before rushing to the table jihoon was sitting at
•"Lee jihoon, you’ve saved me once again!”
•and ten heads turn toward you
•and the green haired boy looks at you and smirks, as if he knew something you didn’t
•waving at you, he patted for you to sit down next to him
•placing your camera on the table with your notepad you sit on the metal bench
•"what’s up hoonie?“
•"don’t call me that, shit head.”
•letting out a giggle, you introduced yourself too the other boys
•"hi I’m y/n! I’m not sure what I want to be but I’m working on it!“
•you said waving at them
•all ten boys are smirking, and it’s honestly v unsettling
•so you’re looking at jihoon like ‘please don’t skin me and wear my flesh as a coat’
•before you can question them
•three boy approach with their arms full of drinks
•and you look at the first boy and instantly know who he is
•yoon jeonghan, devil who looks like an angel. Not to be trusted
•but when you look at the other two, your right wrist and your hip starts burning
•so you scream
•starting eleven boys and people nearby
•but the other two understand immediately
•you’re their last soulmate
•the person they had been crushing on was their soulmate
•and now was screaming in front of them
•slowly the burn went away, you kept your eyes on the taller boy
•he had his eyes locked onto you
•but with a glance to the male who was next to him, so were his
•everyone’s eyes in the vicinity went away, leaving only thirteen pairs on you
•"what the literal fuck?”
•you questioned the tall males who were standing with the juice in their arms
•"you’re our soulmate!! The camera! You!!“
•the tall boy who resembled a puppy exclaimed excitedly
•whilst the other male smiled, somehow you knew he was just as excited
•and you stood up from the bench and looked at the two of them, then the eleven boys who were sitting (jeonghan moved, he’s not standing for anyone)
•"I’m gonna take them, bye hoonie!”
•take them you did, but not before taking your camera and notepad
•grasping their giant hands in your own, you dragged them to an empty classroom
•when you arrived, you sat on the teachers desk and pointed at the boys who were still staring
•"who’s the cloud, and who’s the pen?“
•causing mingyu to laugh, because that’s what you wanted to know??
•"im the cloud.
•the giggling puppy said, to both of your amusements
•looking at the boy who had dark eyes, and was wearing glasses
•you waited for someone to say something
•"I’m kim mingyu! That’s jeon wonwoo!”
•the youngest cut off your staring competition
•and somehow the world seemed a little brighter

•you got close to jihoon again, much to mingyu’s chagrin
•but wonwoo had reminded him often
•"at least it’s not minghao"
•and that shut up the younger
•you had found out that they were childhood friends and met when they were in elementary
•mingyu had sneezed and the kids had ran away
•but wonwoo had introduced himself to the boy
•they had never met since he was a year younger
•but when he did, wonwoo’s shoulder hurt
•and mingyu was crying because his ankle was burning
•but they stuck it out and stayed with each other

•when you go to your music competitions, it’s no longer just yours and jihoon’s parents cheering
•no, you have a hole row cheering for you
•but your boyfriends are cheering the loudest
•completely supporting even if you don’t know what you want to do
•wonwoo will sit next to you and wrote his own poetry while mingyu cooks dinner

•for your art final, you picked out of a hat for the topic
•it was love
•you had complained to the two of them on one of your cuddling sessions
•"how do I show love, how am I supposed to show the way woo’s eyes shine when he watch gyu’s food?“
•and they laughed, making you pout
•pulling you closer into their grasp
•they held you tight, making your fears worse because
•really how were you supposed to explain this warm feeling?

•the answer came two weeks later, in wonwoo’s house when all of you are in the kitchen studying
•slamming your hands on the table
•"idea! Idea! Good idea!“
•making mingyu laugh while shutting his science book because he knew he wasn’t gonna be studying
•and wonwoo gently hush you with fond look on his face, knowing that both of his soulmates were happy •
•you got an A
•and your picture was displayed in the art show

•hanging with bright lights over it, a painted canvas
•there are big fluffy white clouds hiding the sun, over three bodies who lay on a plaid blanket, limbs on each other, smiles and closed eyes on each face
•with crumbled up papers, and pens and pencils thrown on the blanket
•a camera lay on a notepad, on the grass, forgotten while the three bathe in the sun
•This was love for you three
•ove between a bookworm, a reporter and a dreamer
•and it was beautiful

Lucifer imagines - The Devil’s all around you Part 1

Originally posted by mooseleys

A/N - I actually came up with this idea earlier today so I hope you like it. Just another supernatural series cause why not? ‘Seven Devils’ by Florence and the machine inspired this fic.

Summary: When there’s a way to transfer Lucifer’s damage from Sam to Cas. Surely, there’s a way to transfer that same damage from Cas to you. When you take the damage from Castiel and Lucifer wriggles his way through your mind, can you handle it? What if things get too personal or just simply go wrong? You knew the risks but you didn’t care. If it will help the boys, you’ll just about do anything.

LuciferXreader fic. AU: Lucifer is actually in your head, he isn’t a hallucination. 

Italics is Luci speaking inside your head

Word count: 2,198

Warnings: Some Destiel, none really.

It’d been years since you met the Winchesters, you’d been through hell and back with those two, sometimes literally. You were family and that’s what mattered. Family to the three of you always seemed to shrink and grow, Cas joined, Bobby left. The cycle went on and somehow you were still there. You had no idea how. 

For a while you thought you were going to permanently lose Sam. Lucifer was in his head, hallucinations, things only he could see. The devil was torturing Sam through sleep deprivation. It got dangerously close to pure insanity, Sam couldn’t tell what was there and what wasn’t. You and Dean genuinely thought Sam would be a few cards short of a deck. Until Cas thought of a way to help Sam. Cas could shift the damage done from Sam to himself. 

Keep reading

I love Deckerstar...

But regardless of that, I also love the idea of Lucifer’s redemption, and him doing that through his exploration of humanity, as well as his self reflection. I love that him falling in love with Chloe is only a part of Lucifer’s story in finding his redemption, yet it also impacts his life greatly by pushing him towards that redemption. 

I love that regardless of whether or not Deckerstar becomes official next season or 6 seasons after, Lucifer has still learned things from Chloe that he wouldn’t have learned in any other way. And he will keep growing in character because of the things he’s had to experience on Earth, and through the way Chloe speaks to him and challenges his way of thinking.

I love that we see just how much of an impact Lucifer’s relationship with his father has on Lucifer’s current state, and how their history greatly affects Lucifer’s decisions when he works on cases with Chloe. I love that ultimately God’s opinion of Lucifer matters, and God’s love/forgiveness is the one thing he needs to truly move on from the past so he can finally be with Chloe and accept she truly cares for him unconditionally.  

I love that Linda has essentially used the same tool humans use to cope with life and death and the fear of the unknown and applied it to helping the one being labeled as evil and irredeemable, and taught him dozens of ways to help better himself. I love how Lucifer always comes around no matter how bullheaded he’s behaving at the time, how he eventually sees his errors and answers for his mistakes. How he tries to atone. I love how Lucifer’s tainted image has caused him to put a lot of value of the opinions of those that he cares for the most; he can’t stand to think that any of his friends or lovers would ever think poorly of him. And he certainly was heartbroken to learn that all those humans were only interested in him for the sex and nothing more, when all that time he was convinced they cared for him. 

The inevitable romance between Lucifer and Chloe is not what leads Lucifer to his redemption. But rather, Lucifer’s redemption will lead us to the romance between Lucifer and Chloe. Each step Lucifer takes towards changing his ways, putting others before himself, self sacrifice, each epiphany, each revelation, each mistake fixed, helps Chloe to see Lucifer in a whole new light. Each time Chloe opens up to Lucifer, it makes him fall deeper in love, and it scares him. Eventually, these two will be able to take time alone, really alone, away from cases and celestial drama, and begin to work on a proper courtship with dating and long night pillow talks. Eventually Lucifer will rise above his fear of Chloe turning against him, a fear that he has thanks to his father, and show Chloe who he is, the devil. But there is a major roadblock.

Alas the words “I’m your son, and you rejected me.” we see here that Lucifer’s greatest hang up, or fear, is rejection. Even when Lucifer is denied by Chloe it drives him bonkers, but there was no love involved in the beginning, so his behavior was rather camp. However once the prospect of a real legitimate relationship comes into play Lucifer loses his damn mind. He starts by not having as much sex, (Stewardess Interrupts)  then by turning down sex altogether. He reminds Chloe that he takes marriage vows very seriously. In other words he’s only interested in her and he can’t reveal WHY he got Candy involved but she needs to trust him as she always does. when he asks if her is he’s ever lied. He then faces his fear of rejection again, When Chloe says she isn’t sure if she believes him, Lucifer is visibly upset. Lucifer puts so much value into Chloe’s opinion of him, that whenever she shows any sign of not believing him, not trusting in him… of REJECTING him, he begins to crumble, he feels lost in purpose. He even becomes reckless about his will to live, not once but twice, (Take me Back to Hell & Candy Morningstar) 

The sting of learning all those humans essentially rejected him by only caring about the sex, is lessened simply by the fact that there was no real effort to make a connection on either side. (Let’s face it Lucifer only ever called back the Brittneys.) His efforts to prove to Chloe that he’s done with that lifestyle exceed his efforts to sleep with her, even when he came out nude and tried to seduce her with his “berries”. He goes out of his way to tell flirtatious men and women, that Chloe is spoken for, and so is he. Whenever Chloe denies the connection between them or speaks in a way that denotes her rejection of Lucifer’s presence, it bothers him because at this point he does love Chloe and being rejected by her is too painful to bear. 

Lucifer won’t get over his fear of being rejected by Chloe, until he rises above being rejected by his father. Until that pain goes away, he won’t be able to get over the fear of Chloe rejecting him for really being the devil. At this point I don’t think Lucifer is scared of traumatizing Chloe in the same way Linda was shook up in Homewrecker. He knows eventually Chloe would recover and possibly forgive him. However the fear of him being rejected by her is what holds him back. Would she still love me? Would she still care? Would she distance herself after I got hurt too many times? 

Then the prospect of her knowing who she is, comes into play. Would she accept or reject the idea of being implemented as a means to guide the devil towards his redemption? Would she blame Lucifer? Would she still want to move forward with him? Would she still trust him and believe in him?

I think Lucifer hesitates to show his true form, because he can’t answer most of these questions, and he fears a positive reaction from Chloe as much as he does a negative one. 

A negative reaction would mean total rejection, her walking away, blaming him for all the mishaps, essentially the things that Lucifer talks about in Favorite Son and Take me Back to Hell, but coming from Chloe’s mouth. 

A Positive reaction would mean she accepts things the way they are, him going along with God’s plan, essentially going along with dad’s little play, and the inevitable question, “Why did my father reject me but not you, detective?” The possibility of Chloe being used as a method to control Lucifer’s path, to influence his free will. Knowing that anyone trying to get to him could easily go after Chloe and vise versa.

Lucifer needs to see his father in his true form, to hear his father’s true voice and to hear for himself that his father has forgiven him. Lucifer needs to see that even his crazy screwed up parents can mend their broken relationship. Then, once Lucifer no longer feels rejected by his father, once he sees that couples can and do get through hardships, he can focus on revealing the truth to Chloe and giving her the choice of staying in his life. He and Chloe can work together through the whole “I’m the devil and you’re a miracle child.” thing without Lucifer getting in over his head or freaking out because he thinks Chloe is rejecting him like his father did. They can both come to a complete understanding of their motivations, and Lucifer will be able to explain things as he always has, without Chloe thinking it’s some crazy metaphor.

Without him realizing it, Lucifer’s actions have been leading him step by step, towards getting back in touch with his father. He’s chosen the path of redemption as opposed to the path of damnation, despite his numerous opportunities to be completely selfish and do away with his growing appreciation of humanity. I think this is what God Johnson meant when he said he was proud of the man Lucifer has become. 

Amenadiel and Uriel seem to remember best just how bullheaded, and self centered Lucifer was in his youth, but even Amenadiel (and Charlotte) admit that Lucifer has changed for the better. The history that is revealed shows us how Lucifer was handed things as a result of being God’s favorite. It shows us that in most cases Lucifer’s ego, pride, and rebellious nature are what led to his fall. However we see Lucifer time and time again, go against his old rebellious fledgling angel, behavior.

When Chloe tells him he needs to follow the rules, he doesn’t object or rebel, though he does find loopholes in her directions when he follows her to confront Malcolm. He actually makes an effort to listen and to follow protocol for the sake of her career and for the sake of revealing the truth. And when his actions cause strife in Chloe’s life, it devastates Lucifer. He reaches a point where his central focus is no longer solely his own happiness. He takes into consideration how his actions affect those around him, not just himself. In this he abandons his selfish behavior as well as his rebellious behavior. 

When Lucifer prays for Chloe’s protection, when he goes out of his way to save her, when he admits how she makes him vulnerable, when he makes every effort to protect her and keep her out of harm’s way, when he accepts that Chloe deserves the very best out of whomever she chooses to love, he is giving up his pride he is casting away his ego.

When Lucifer holds back on punishing humans, when he stops himself after hearing Chloe’s pleas, when he begins to save his abilities for the worst of the worst, he is learning to control his wrath.

Through Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship, we see Lucifer begin to believe in his goodness and his worthiness. We see Chloe begin to believe in herself as a detective, she gets her power back, and she never stops telling Lucifer how she doesn’t believe he’s evil. Lucifer fights for Chloe’s faith and Chloe fights for Lucifer’s self worth. 

Having Chloe in Lucifer’s life, no… choosing to keep her in his life, has helped lead him down his path to redemption. The moment Lucifer began to put Chloe before himself, was his first step. Trusting that she will never reject him or cast him out for being the devil, will be the final step. When Lucifer truly believes that he is good inside, when he believes his father truly forgives him, when he finally forgives himself and accepts that he is worthy of redemption and his parents’ love, when he finally forgives his parents and lets go of his anger; He will finally be ready to accept Chloe’s unconditional love and all the ups and downs that go along with that love.

 And that is why I think that Lucifer’s redemption will also give us our Deckerstar endgame, why I think Chloe and Lucifer’s love is guiding Lucifer towards his redemption, and why I love this show so much. 

Only Angel

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: It’s Jughead’s first day at his internship, and he meets (Y/N) for the first time.

Warnings: none

Word count: 2,096

A/N: so if you didn’t know, I’m back from my vacation. Sorry I couldn’t add anyone to the tag list while I was gone, but now I can. Also, thank you so much for 9,000 followers! That is mindblowing to me! Enjoy!

I saw this angel
I really saw an angel

The morning light reflected off of the all-glass exterior of the skyscraper that Jughead approached. Swallowing his nervousness, he pushed the doors and entered the building where he would be spending the next three months of his internship.

The email that he received a week ago instructed him to ride the elevator up to the 6th floor where he would check in with the receptionist and meet his counterpart. It told him to arrive at 8 o’clock. Jughead checked his phone to make sure he was on time; it was 7:55.

“Perfect,” he mumbled under his breath, entering the elevator.  He exited when it arrived at the sixth floor, and he glanced around the area, scanning for a desk where he could check in.

He found one sitting to his left, so he ventured forward and stopped at it.

“Hi, I’m Jughead Jones,” he introduced himself.  “I’m here for the writing internship.”

The lady sitting behind the desk glanced up at Jughead.  “Ah, yes! We’ve been expecting you, Mr. Jones!” she exclaimed, standing up from her chair.

“Oh, am I late?”

“No, not at all.”  The lady shook her head.  “Your counterpart just got here early, so we’ve been waiting for you to start.”

“My counterpart?” Jughead had momentarily forgotten he had to work alongside someone else.

“Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” she announced, gesturing to a girl sitting on a chair against the wall, casually flipping through a TIME magazine.  At hearing her name, the girl perked up at set her magazine down, locking eyes with Jughead.

Open up your eyes, shut your mouth and see
That I’m still the only one who’s been in love with me
I’m just happy getting you stuck in between my teeth
And there’s nothing I can do about it

“Is this him?” (Y/N) inquired, standing up.  

“Yes,” the receptionist confirmed.  “(Y/N), this is Jughead Jones.”

Jughead stuck his hand out to shake, and (Y/N) responded with a firm grip.

“I hope you’re not an asshole,” she blatantly said, ignoring the stunned look on the receptionist’s face, “because we’re gonna be stuck with each other all summer.”

“I was thinking the same thing about you,” Jughead quipped, trying to conceal his own shock.

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow as she released Jughead’s hand.  “Quick-witted,” she noted, a smirk in her voice but not on her face.  “I like it.”

“You better,” he almost immediately shot back.  “Like you said, we’ll be around each other all summer.”

“If we were together any longer, I’d worry about you falling in love with me,” she jokingly warned him. Jughead ignored the flip that his stomach did.  “So be careful.”

“Trust me,” Jughead smirked and casually stuffed his hands in his pockets, fighting the butterflies flapping around in his stomach, “there’s no chance I’d fall in love with you.”

Broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door
I got splinters in my knuckles crawling ‘cross the floor
Couldn’t take you home to mother in a skirt that short
But I think that’s what I like about it

“Alright,” the receptionist awkwardly clapped her hands together, “let’s start the tour, shall we? The sooner we get it over with, the sooner you two can get to work.”

“Work?” (Y/N) questioned. “Aren’t we just writing?”

“It’s more than that, Miss (Y/L/N),” she answered.  “You will be editing some old writing samples, running errands around the building, answering timed prompts.”

“Great,” (Y/N) muttered under her breath.

“Well, I’m Mrs. Williams,” the receptionist introduced herself, “and if you ever have any questions, you can come to me.”  When she was met with silence, she continued to talk as she began to start walking, signaling for (Y/N) and Jughead to follow.  “You will come to the 6th floor every morning and check in with me before you start your day.  You cannot arrive any later than seven o’clock every morning, and you probably won’t be able to leave until around seven in the evening.  Ending time varies, though: sometimes you may be let out early, and sometimes you may have to stay a bit later.  Lunch breaks are not provided, so it is up to you to plan efficiently and find spare time to each lunch here.”  (Y/N) and Jughead shared an exasperated glance.  “On the 7th floor you’ll find our reporters and journalists, and on the 8th floor you’ll find our editors.  On the 9th floor is where our creative team is.  Any questions so far?”

“None at all,” (Y/N) responded, forcing a smile.  Jughead held in his laughter at (Y/N)’s distaste for the excessive amount of work required.

“Excellent!” Mrs. Williams exclaimed, clapping her hands together.  “Well then, off you two go!”

She’s an angel
Only angel
She’s an angel
My only angel

“Where exactly are we supposed to go?” (Y/N) asked Jughead once they were out of earshot from Mrs. Williams.  “She never said.”

Jughead shrugged.  “I think it was in that email that they sent us last week.  You know, the one with all the information?”

“Right,” (Y/N) drawled, pulling her phone out of her pocket.  She scrolled through her emails until she found it.  “Here it is.  Looks like I’ll be on the 7th floor today with Mr. Clark.”

“So am I,” Jughead replied as the two of them headed towards the elevator.  “Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t seem too keen on this writing internship.”

“Listen, I love writing,” she said, “but I hate work.  I understood when I applied for this internship that it’d be a lot of work, but I’m just disappointed that this is taking up our entire summer.  I’m separated from my friends, my family, my home.”

The elevator dinged, signaling that they had arrived on the seventh floor.  Jughead and (Y/N) exited the elevator.

“I get it,” Jughead said as they wandered the floor, searching for Mr. Clark.  “I mean, I’m in the same position as you.”

Before (Y/N) could respond, a man approached the two of them.

“Hello, I’m Mr. Clark,” he introduced himself, shaking both (Y/N) and Jughead’s hands.  “You must be Jughead and (Y/N).  I will be giving you two your assignments for this whole week. Then, over the weekend, you’ll receive emails telling you who will be your supervisor next week.  I’ve already got assignments lined up for you guys.”

I must admit I thought I’d like to make you mine
As I went about my business through the warning signs
End up meeting in the hallway every single time
And there’s nothing we can do about it

Mr. Clark almost immediately sent Jughead and (Y/N) off in opposite directions, minimizing any chance Jughead thought he had to talk with his counterpart.  The way she introduced herself in a blatantly informal manner fascinated Jughead, and he could already tell that she was charismatic.

He carried a large pile of papers around the building, passing them out to those who needed it. He was uncertain as to why Mr. Clark demanded he do this, but he trusted that it would somehow end up being worthwhile.

Since Jughead was given his assignment first, he had no idea what (Y/N) was up to.  He wanted to “accidentally” bump into her somewhere, but he did not know where to look.

“Hey stranger,” a voice said from behind, causing Jughead to whip his head around.  (Y/N) stood behind him wearing a small smirk, holding a big box.

“What was your assignment?” he questioned, nodding his head at the large brown box.

“Deliver this to the 8th floor,” she responded as she continued walking with Jughead at her side. “I’m guessing there’s just some writing materials and stuff here.  What about you?  Anything more important than my job?”

“Pass out papers,” Jughead dryly laughed, gesturing to the stack of papers in his hands.  “Random people are just coming up to me and taking these out of my hands.”

“Ah, so less important than me,” (Y/N) joked as she stepped into the elevator.

Jughead laughed as he watched the elevator doors close.

Told it to her brother and she told it to me
That she’s gonna be an angel, just you wait and see
When it turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets
And there’s nothing she can do about it
Hey, hey

“God, I’m starving,” Jughead mumbled to himself as he searched the building for a vending machine. He had finished his assignment that Mr. Clark gave him, but he hadn’t eaten since that morning and wanted a minute to relax.  He know he couldn’t ask any of the building workers because they would just tell him to get back to work.  

As he turned around the corner, he spotted (Y/N) walking ahead of him.

“(Y/N)!” he called out as he rushed to catch up with her.  Upon hearing her name, she turned around and smiled when she saw Jughead.

“Hey, Jughead,” she greeted. She pulled a candy bar out of her pocket and began to unwrap it.

“Did you see a vending machine anywhere around here?” he inquired, eyeing her food.

She laughed.  “Yeah, it’s right back there,” she told him, gesturing behind them.  When she noticed Jughead’s puzzled expression, she laughed again.  “Here, I’ll show you.”

She’s an angel
Only angel
She’s an angel
My only angel
She’s an angel
Only angel
She’s an angel
My only angel

Jughead spent the rest of the day rushing around the building, running all errands Mr. Clark assigned him.  He barely spotted (Y/N).

Occasionally, he would see a figure pass by him and immediately assumed it was (Y/N), but with closer inspection he learned that it was not her.  He was puzzled as to why he didn’t see her around the building for the rest of the day.

When he was done with his last assignment, Jughead returned to Mr. Clark’s office.  He opened the door and saw (Y/N) sitting across from him at his desk.

“You’ve been in here?” he asked her.  

She looked up at him and shrugged.  “Yeah,” she replied, “Mr. Clark wanted me to sort his files for him.”

“And she did an excellent job,” Mr. Clark praised her.  “You should’ve seen my desk before, it was an absolute mess.”

Jughead slowly nodded. “Right,” he drawled, sitting in the chair next to (Y/N).  He handed his list of assignments to Mr. Clark.  “Well, I finished everything on the list.”

“Excellent,” Mr. Clark said as he took the paper from Jughead.  “Well, I have no more assignments for either of you today. Great job on your first day.  See you two bright and early tomorrow!”

Wanna die, wanna die, wanna die tonight
Wanna die, wanna die, wanna die tonight
Wanna die, wanna die, wanna die tonight

“Bright and early, my favorite words,” (Y/N) grumbled as she and Jughead stood in the elevator.

“You strike me as an early bird,” Jughead chuckled, causing (Y/N) to playfully glare at him.

“Oh yes, you totally get me,” she sarcastically responded.  “Waking up early is my favorite thing, especially so that I can go to a writing internship where we don’t even write.”

“But isn’t running errands helping your writing technique?” he inquired, equally as sarcastic as her.

“Of course,” she laughed, and Jughead broke out into laughter with her.

“Well something tells me these next three months are going to be hellish,” Jughead noted as they got off the elevator.

(Y/N) nodded.  “Definitely.” She paused for a moment as she looked up at Jughead.  “Well, at least we’ll have each other.”

Jughead smiled down at her, just then realizing that she was shorter than him.  “Year, we have each other.”

She’s an angel
Only angel
She’s an angel
My only angel
She’s an angel
My only angel
She’s an angel
My-my-my-my only angel

“When’d you get here?” (Y/N) asked as she and Jughead exited the building.

“Two days ago,” Jughead answered with his hands in his pockets.  “What about you?”

“Last week.”  Her pace was quick, and she seemed determined to get somewhere.  “Are you hungry?  Because I’m starving.”

“I would love some food,” Jughead almost moaned at the thought of food.  His sub-par lunch from the vending machine was not filling, especially for Jughead’s large appetite.

“I know this great burger place,” (Y/N) explained as she led the way to the restaurant.

Neither of them realized the significance of that day or how it would shape the next three months of their summer.  They were unaware that on that day, a relationship was formed that would change their lives.

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