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Good Weekend

Beautiful weather, wore the kids out with a lot of playtime, made some yummy food, got a lot of stuff cleaned, and feeling positive about myself. There’s still a bunch on my to-do list, but it’ll get done, and I’m going to try and keep ahead of stuff the rest of this week in the hopes of trying to prioritize some time for long overdue self-care in my free time next weekend. We’ll see what happens. Either way, it’s time for a bath and then bed, Monday will be coming back around soon enough.

Receipt In the Bag? (Part 3)

Screaming Orgasm

SUMMARY: Everyone in town dreads checking out at the Dark Star Pharmacy when Lacey French is working the register. Well, everyone except Mr Gold.
THIS CHAPTER: These two needed to bond someplace other than the checkout line. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever written. Sorry.
WORDS: 1,357

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Part 1: Duct Tape and Rope
Part 2: A Gallon of Bleach

The Rabbit Hole is generally the last place where Mr Gold would care to spend his free time, but with Lacey French seated next to him, he can’t help feeling like the luckiest man in the world. She’s told him all about the various customers she’s gotten all day, and how this one guy bought like, five hundred scratch-off tickets and held up the line while he scratched them all off. Worse still, the next person in line had the fuckin’ nerve to blame her for the wait.

That Lacey is still able to consistently bless everyone with her delightful sense of humor while dealing with such utter reprobates all day long speaks highly of her character, Gold thinks.

“One Screaming Orgasm.” The bartender says, sliding the cocktail across the countertop and tucking the tab under the glass. Lacey checks the total and reaches for her purse.

“No, no.” Gold insists, plucking the tab off of the counter. “I’ll get it,” he says, sliding his wallet out of his coat pocket.

“Aww. Thank you, baby.” Lacey stretches toward him to plant a kiss on his cheek. “You’re so sweet.”

“Not as sweet as you, Miss French.” He croons, drawing a finger along her jawline and inviting her in for a soft kiss on the lips. “Not even all the candy in aisle seven can compare…”

Lacey bites her lip and they gaze into each other’s eyes. After all, it was in aisle seven that they first met. Mr Gold remembers that glorious afternoon like it was only yesterday.

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I was going to draw something cute/happy/romantic after finishing Season 2 but… (╥﹏╥)

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If you haven't already done this, DA:I love interests reacting to the Inquisitor falling unconscious in battle?

Cassandra: Her heart nearly jumps out of her chest to see him fall. She finishes off the enemies with the others and hurries to his side, trying to rouse him in something of a panic. She hoists him into a sitting-up position, rouses him, and makes him ingest a healing potion. She breathes a sigh of relief as he dazedly opens his eyes further and gives the others a quizzical look. “Thank the Maker. Be more careful next time.”

Blackwall: As soon as he’s killed whoever did it, he’s at her side. “Maker, no, don’t take the best thing in my life away from me, please, no.” he says under his breath, working rapidly to try to get her awake to give her a potion. As soon as her eyes open and he gets the potion down, she coughs and groans in disdain, and he realizes she’ll be okay. “Thank you.” he says under his breath.

Iron Bull: He knows panicking won’t solve anything. He quickly kills whoever knocked them out, then pulls his kadan to the side and moves them into the recovery position. He calls one of the mages over to wake them up, and he has them lean against him as they’re given a healing potion. He kisses their head and heaves a sigh. “You alright, Kadan?”

Sera: She lets out a scream of terror and panics, rushing to kill whoever knocked them out. Then she hurries to her girlfriend’s side, lightly slapping their face in attempts to wake them up. “Honeytongue? Wake up! Wake up!” She starts to awaken, and she shoves a potion in their mouth. When she sees they’ll be okay, she lets out a huff and very lightly bops her on the side of the head. “Don’t do that again.”

Dorian: He curses, a steady stream of numerous Tevene swears exiting his mouth as he darts over to his side. He casts a lightning spell that strikes the heart of the enemy, then turns his attention to his amatus. A brief flash from his staff has the Inquisitor awake, although barely, just enough for him to get the potion down. With a cough and weary groan, they sit up, leaning against him for support. “Festis bei umo canavarum.” he curses to himself. “Don’t do that again.”

Solas: Fenedhis lasa!” he yelps as they crash to the ground, and he fade-steps through whoever did it to get to them, leaving a frozen corpse behind. He wastes no time, his fingers glowing with creation magic, which works quickly and heals her wounds. She gasps and awakens, and he takes her hand gently, squeezing it reassuringly. “It’s okay, Vhenan, you’re going to be alright.” he reassures, more for himself than her.

Josephine: She hears about it after the fact in a report, and her heart swells with worry. When the Herald arrives in Skyhold finally, wrapped in bandages, she hurries to their side and fusses over them, asking how they are, kissing them repeatedly. “My love, are you feeling alright? Were you badly hurt? Please, be more careful, I worry so much about you…”

Cullen: NO!” he screams, and he fights even harder than ever to get to her side as quickly as possible. Templars are trained in first aid, so he steadies her in his arms and calls to the mages in the party for help as he wraps wounds and tries to rouse her, repeatedly, in increasing panic. When she awakens at last, he breathes a deep sigh of relief and thanks the Maker for not taking her away. “Andraste preserve me. And you. I’m… I’m just very glad you’re alive.”

[161020] Love Game Radio w/ BTS

Jungkook explaining how he ended up bleeding on stage ©

Jungkook: During the stage, my hand collided with someone’s foot.. it was painful but since we were in the middle of recording I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I noticed that my hand began to feel moist

Jhope: ..I’m sorry that was my foot

I love her

(A/N): Just give this man a family already damn 

Request: Can you write something where Steve and the reader are together for a while and they find a baby on a mission or something and the police says they have to take care of it till they find the parents? And Steve doesn’t want to give it back then?

Warnings: nothing other than this tore my heart out

Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

     “(Y/N)!” Steve called out to his teammate as a number of Agents head their way, guns aimed and ready to kill. “Dammit,” He whispers as he charges towards the unsuspecting body, crashing against them in an attempt to save them from the oncoming soldiers, his shield held right in front of them to block any bullets that were thrown their way. From above Sam fires at them, taking them down before any of them could truly hurt Steve or (Y/N). 

   “Be more careful next time,” Steve mutters, his tone harsher than intended. “I don’t want to be carrying your ass back to headquarters dead,” (Y/N) stares at him wide eyed and jaw dropped and Steve is sure they may break down and cry but instead they clench that jaw and their gaze nearly freezes. 

    “I was doing my job Rogers,” (Y/N) mutters through gritted teeth, damn  near seething at the all american man. “And If I die during the line of work then so be it,” 

   “No,” Steve states, shaking his head at (Y/N)’s little comment. “You’re my responsibility and I’m not going to be letting you die on my watch-” 

   “Oh really?” (Y/N) chuckles dryly as they roll their eyes. “I’m your responsibility? Last time I checked you don’t own me, so stop acting like you do,” Steve leaned in, his face dangerously close to (Y/N)’s. 

   “You became my responsibility the minute you decided you loved me,” 

   “Well maybe I should stop then,” Steve pulls back, looking a bit wounded before his expression glazes over with that menacing look again. (Y/N) is sure he’s about to say something so hurtful the two can never recover from it but suddenly, a quiet, albeit painful little cry interrupts their little fight. It was shrill and so quiet in pitch the couple realized that it could only belong to a child, a really small child. 

   “Oh my god,” (Y/N) breathes out, having whipped their head around to the area in which the noise came. Their angry facade immediately melts away as they nearly bolt into the wreckage of their battle, already seeking out those small cries. 

   “Wait (Y/N)!” Steve’s anger has melted away too, replaced by concern for whoever that tiny cry belonged to. By the time Steve catches up (Y/N) is already searching for them, ripping up chunks of metal as though they were nothing, desperately searching for wherever that voice came from. 

   “Where are you?” (Y/N) calls out, snapping up and looking around the battlefield. Another shrill cry followed, followed by a helpless little, 

   ‘Help me,’ Immediately both of them run towards the voice, continuing their little game of marco-polo as they ripped up any debris that could be blocking the child they were looking for. 

   They had been searching for what felt like forever when (Y/N) heard from some ways away, “I’ve got ‘em!” Immediately they charged for Steve’s voice only stopping when they came to a skidding halt beside him. There, wrapped up in his arms was a child, no more than a six years old. Perhaps maybe 4 or five, covered in dust, blood, and gravel. They sobbed against Steve, their little body heaving with each sob. 

   “Shh,” Steve consoled, gently running a gloved hand up and down the child’s back. “It’s okay, you’re okay now, We’ve got you,” This seemed to soothe the child only a bit, their sobs quieting down slightly. 

   “My legs hurt,” They whimper softly, nuzzling into Steve’s neck as though he were their lifeline. 

   “It’s okay, we’re gonna get you home and then we’re gonna patch you up, how ‘bout that?” The child nods against him, humming softly in response. Steve casts (Y/N) a side glance, his eyebrows raised in questioning. 

  “Yeah,” (Y/N) agrees softly, nodding their head in agreement. “Let’s get you cleaned up cutie,” 

    “Nope, we can’t find anything on anyone for a few months at the most,” The police officer shook his head as he sipped away at some nasty coffee. After cleaning the poor kid up they’d taken her (they found out she was a girl after getting her to open up to them a bit) to the police station in hopes of finding their parents but the more they investigated the less hopeful they were starting to become. “We can’t get anything in order until we clean up and even after that god knows how long until we can get everything in order,” 

   “So what do we do?” Steve asks as he turns to look outside the window of the office, staring at the little girl sitting on the bench, swinging her legs merrily. He can’t help but smile at her, giving her a little wave before redirecting his attention to the officer. 

   “Well, we can put her in a foster care system outside the country for awhile, just until we can find her family or until her family calls in, or…” He trails off, scratching at his beard a bit. “You guys could take her in, I’m sure she’d be safe with a couple ‘ole avengers,” Steve seems to brighten at this, perking up slightly as his eyes twinkle with some emotion. 

    “Really? You- You guys would be okay with that?” The police shrugs his shoulders taking another sip of his drink. 

   “Sure, we got nothing else for the kid,” Steve turns to look at (Y/N), a nearly pleading look upon his face. 

   “Please, pretty pretty please?” God, he sounded childish, but he couldn’t care, not with that sweethearts happiness on the line. (Y/N) gives him a side glance, one accompanied by a smirk before they nod, succumbing to his puppy powers. 

    “Fine, but you’re buying all the stuff and-” Steve nearly squealed as he picked (Y/N) up, twirling them around before setting them back down, kissing over their face repeatedly. 

   “Thank you,” He murmurs between kisses, “Thank you so much,” (Y/N) merely smiles, appreciating this one moment of peace between the two of them, no fighting or yelling, no rude comments or anything, just Steve and his pure happiness. 

   “Okay well,” The officer stands, brushing some crumbs off his pants from the bagel he’d eaten a little while ago. “Just grab her and go, no paperwork or anythin’,” Steve smiles, giving the officer a polite head tilt before dragging (Y/N) out of the office and towards the little girl. She smiles at the sight of Steve, her eyes alighting with something (Y/N) could only describe as hope and adoration. 

    “Am I going home?” She asks, her sweet little voice nearly too much to handle. 

    “We were actually thinking,” Steve gives her a smile, his eyes twinkling with that same hope and adoration. “Maybe you can come live with me and (Y/N) for a bit, just until we can get your home rebuilt and stuff,” 

    “So I can come live with Captain America?” The little girl has a wide smile on her face, showcasing all her tiny teeth. 

    “Sure you can,” Steve smiles, reaching out to ruffle her hair a bit. “You can get your own room and everything,” The little girls squeal, launching herself off the bench and into Steve’s arms, nuzzling into his neck excitedly. 

   (Y/N) would never admit it but seeing Steve caring for this kid so sweetly and wonderfully made their heart ache. The two had always wanted a child but with the job occupation it made it rather hard to raise a child safely, so the two had to been putting it off for sometime. Maybe this was like a little test run to see if they were prepared to have kids? This could either go wonderfully and possibly lead to some Rogers babies or it could really wrong and end in tears and hysteria. 

    (Y/N) awoke with a start, jolting upright in bed as a small hand tugged on their dangling fingers. Rubbing the sleep from their eyes (Y/N) yawned, looking over to the side of the bed where Clementine (they’d nicknamed her that because her european name was far too hard for anyone to pronounce) was now standing, staring up at (Y/N) with those damn puppy eyes. 

   “Can I- Can I sleep with you and Steve…please?”

    (Y/N) smiled as they patted the spot beside them, motioning for Clementine to crawl up on the bed and under the covers. She nestles against (Y/N)’s chest, burying her face in the crook of their neck.

    Clementine had been staying with (Y/N) and Steve for a little over a month now and it was by far the best decision the two of them had made. They loved having Clementine around, she was so sweet and so caring that (Y/N) wondered why they didn’t think of taking her in in the first place. 

   Steve absolutely adored Clem, from making her pancakes in the morning to watching crappy disney shows with her at night, this man showed his love in so many different ways. (Y/N) could see the adoration for that little girl in his eyes, the way they’d light up whenever they were together. Or they way he’d hold her, as close to his body as he could as they would watch TV or read. (Y/N) could see it in his smile, the way it shined so brightly when he looked at her or when she said something cute. That man adored that girl and it was by far the sweetest thing they’d ever seen in your entire life. Perhaps that’s why it was so painful for the two them to say their goodbyes, for when Clementine had to finally return to her real family. 

    The three had been eating breakfast, Bacon and eggs, when the doorbell rang. Both (Y/N) and Steve looked at each other in confusion before they swallowed their food and made their way to the door, throwing it open only to be met with the police officer the pair had talked to all those months ago. 

    “Good news,” He smiles, pushing his way into (Y/N)’s home without any invitation. “Found the family you were looking for,” On cue to people, a man and woman, walk in, small smiles on their faces as they look at (Y/N). “They’re here for that little girl,” (Y/N)’s mouth runs dry and they’re sure their heart plummets to thier stomach. So today was the day they were finally going to have to say goodbye. 

   “Um,”(Y/N) clears their throat, giving the parents a nervous smile as they look at them. “This is so sudden,” 

   “It’s been 6 months (Y/N),” The officer states, obviously not in the best of moods. “Where’s the girl so we can get her back home, her siblings dying  to see her,” 

   “Um, uh, Clementine!” (Y/N) calls over their shoulder, much to in shock to actually walk over and grab her. She comes bounding up, a huge smile on her face as she chomps down on some Bacon. 

   “Yes?” She asks happily, not even casting a glance at the people beside them. 

   “There’s some people here to see you,” (Y/N) points to the people ahead of them with the utmost heaviest heart. Clementine looks forward, nearly dropping her food in shock. 

    “Mommy! Daddy!” She cries, jumping up into her father’s arms, nuzzling into his neck. At her words Steve walks into the room, drying his hands on some towel. (Y/N) can see he’s forcing a smile, his laugh lines are drawn tight and his eyes have lost that shine, leaving them dull and watery. 

    “Thank you so much for taking care of her,” The mother whispers, her eyes full of tears as she pets her child lovingly. 

   “It was no problem,” (Y/N) smiles, nodding their head a bit. “It was our pleasure really,” 

   “Well, we better be heading off, gotta find a home for us,” The mom gently boops her daughters nose, causing her to giggle and wrinkle it up, something (Y/N) used to do to Clementine. 

   “Wait,” Clementine whines, wriggling in her father’s grip. “I want to say bye,” Her father nods, putting her on the ground to let her wander back to Steve and (Y/N). She gives Steve a smile, gently clasping his cheeks in her tiny hands, 

Originally posted by luvinchris

    “I’m gonna miss you,” She whispers, squishing his cheeks a bit. 

   “I’m gonna miss you too Clem,” Steve whispers, giving her a long hug, nuzzling his face against her. 

   God he loved that child so much that their goodbye was painful to watch, much less listen to. 

    “Can I come visit you sometimes?” She asks hopefully, smiling against the man that had come to be her second father.  

    “Of course you can,” Steve whispers, his voice nearly cracking in restraint as he buries his face in the crook of her neck. “Every weekend if you’d like, we’ll even pay for it,” (Y/N) nods their head, agreeing to his statement. 

   Steve has to reluctantly let go of her so she can say goodbye to (Y/N), which is just as painful for Steve to watch as it was for (Y/N). The two embrace, talking about the visits before (Y/N) lets go as well, allowing Clem to scurry back over to her parents, giving the two one last smile before they leave, the officer not too far behind. 

    “Steve I’m so-” (Y/N) begins only to stop when Steve turns to them, enveloping them in his arms as he buries his face in their neck, most likely on the verge of tears. 

    “She’s gone,” He whispers, gulping softly. “She’s gone and I’m never going to see her again,” 

    “Steve, she can come visit whenever she likes and-” 

    “I’m not going to get to wake up and make breakfast every morning, I won’t get to stay up and watch Tangled ten times, o-or I won’t get to read her bedtime stories every night-” 

   “Shh, it’s okay Stevie,” (Y/N) presses a kiss to his neck, attempting to soothe the poor man. “Maybe- maybe we can start having kids of our own? Maybe we can adopt or-” 

   “No,” Steve shakes his head, allowing his tears to hit (Y/N)’s skin. “I want a Clementine,” (Y/N)’s heart breaks a little in that moment, seeing how sad and vulnerable Steve was. He had loved that little girl with all his heart and now she’d been ripped away from them, taken right from their fingertips. (Y/N) could only imagine how much pain Steve must have been feeling right now. 

   “I know Steve,” (Y/N) gently runs a hand over his hair, scratching along his neck as they do so. “Me too,”

marriage proposal: changkyun
  • ok this one’s the worst, honestly
  • i mean it’s not changkyun’s fault, but you see the thing is
  • it had started out as a joke.
  • it had been teasing at first, really
  • you and changkyun had been at the dorm with the boys and you’d just been hanging out, both lying on the floor in the living room on your phones, showing each other memes and laughing and talking about stupid things
  • and whatever it had been you two had been about, you don’t know, but you’d both been giggling happily
  • and when wonho had come into the room, fake gagged and told you
  • “just get married already”
  • you both had exchanged a look, and,
  • “okay. let’s get married”
  • wonho had groaned as you’d broken out in laughter once again and actually. started talking about it??
  • “we should get married at the beach or something”, changkyun had started
  • “ohhh, definitely. like one of those super fancy beach weddings. we could go to busan or”
  • “or europe? spain would be amazing”
  • “oh my god. let’s go”
  • …..
  • you’d laughed so much talking about your imaginary wedding and somehow
  • the joke just. stuck, and it became more or less of a running gag between you two
  • in the most random situations, one of you would just go
  • “let’s get married”
  • and you’d start talking again, planning weddings you’d never have
  • spontaneous weddings in the weirdest places, big weddings in fancy castles, beautiful weddings in countries you’d never been
  • talking about it, about your wedding and getting married and all, became a thing for you two, when you were bored or when you didn’t wanna think about reality for a moment; it became normal
  • which, kinda
  • ….turned into the problem.
  • he’s eating together with the members and he’s talking about you, something about a story you told him, when he gets interrupted by kihyun mid-sentence
  • “you two should really get married”, he says offhandedly, slurping down more noodles
  • changkyun only laughs.
  • “yeah, we should. i’ll have to ask her though”, he grins
  • kihyun hums. “please do”
  • the other member mumble their agreements as well, leaving him dumbfounded because…….they’re not just joking are they
  • he swallows.
  • “…what?”
  • kihyun puts his chopsticks down and looks at him with a serious expression. suddenly, he feels kinda small
  • “look. changkyun”, kihyun begins, “you love her. for reasons i cannot figure out, she loves you, too. you’ve been together for so long now but you’re still so happy. just”, he picks up his chopsticks again, picking at his food, “buy her a ring. get married.”
  • ….
  • and with that, the conversation is done. everyone resumes eating and changkyun is left with those two sentences echoing through his head
  • buy her a ring. get married.
  • ……….
  • he thinks about it.
  • thinks a lot, even though there isn’t really anything to think about
  • kihyun’s right. the others are right
  • you make him happy. he’s never been so happy and honestly he can’t even remember what it was like without you
  • i should buy her a ring. we should get married.
  • ….so a week later
  • he just goes and. buys a ring
  • and another day later and he’s at your apartment and has ordered your favourite take out
  • he wanted to cook but after last week’s incident….,,
  • he even lights a candle, making you snort and wiggle your eyebrows at him when you come home
  • “trying to get laid?”, you joke
  • “……why do i even bother”, he rolls his eyes, suppressing his smile
  • (you were a pest. but you were his pest)
  • …you eat. you’re almost finished and eating in comfortable silence when changkyun pauses and looks at you
  • his palms are sweating and to be honest, he didn’t think it would be so nerve wrecking???
  • god he’s so nervous
  • ….you don’t notice, happily eating your food
  • “y/n”, he says and you pause mid-bite
  • he takes a deep breath.
  • “….let’s get married.”
  • ….
  • you look at him for a moment longer, changkyun basically dying from anticipation
  • you smile
  • “sure”, you say, continuing to eat, “let’s wait until next week though, i’ve got a test on friday and it’s like, half my grade, so”
  • ………….,,
  • changkyun just stares in disbelief
  • did you just…you just……..
  • “do you know if it’s possible to get married on a boat?”, you ask in between bites
  • oh my god.
  • “no, i mean”, he starts rummaging through the pocket of his jacket, he needs the ring, the ring, the ring, where is that goddamn ring??
  • seriously changkyun of course you’d need the ring what else did you buy it for, you dumbass
  • you’re so focused on your food you don’t even notice his frantic searching
  • “ohhhh right. sea sickness is a thing. damn, you’re right”
  • the ring, the ring, where is that ring oh my god, the-
  • “…are you looking for something?”
  • …the ring. fina l l y
  • “what i meant, is”, he exhales
  • he opens the box and turns it so you can see the ring inside, “marry me. please?”
  • you’re staring. you know you are but holy shit
  • changkyun’s waiting and sweating and can you-
  • “is that…?”
  • “a ring.”, he confirms.
  • (still waiting for you to say yes)
  • “and you’re…”
  • “proposing”, he nods.
  • (still sweating)
  • “…”
  • you’re so in shock, you just keep staring at the ring in front of you
  • “i thought”, changkyun begins again with a shaky voice, “we had so many imaginary weddings…”
  • he takes the ring out of the box with shaky fingers and takes your hand in his and slowly slides the ring on, “maybe…”
  • and he looks up at you and you finally take your eyes off the ring and stare wide eyed at your boyfriend instead
  • “maybe we could have a real wedding this time.”
  • you keep staring for another moment
  • is this real? is this happening?
  • you look at the ring one more time, your hand in changkyun’s, and then at changkyun, who’s biting his lip and looking at you expectantly, seeming more nervous than he’s ever been
  • you feel a warmth blooming in your chest, a smile creeping up your face
  • “…okay”, you say, “let’s get married.”
  • changkyun starts breathing again and his expression shifts into a smile so wide you’re sure it must hurt
  • you take his other hand in yours, too, and scoot closer
  • “what do you think of the mountains?”

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↳ Yoonji-yah Hi
↳ I’m class president
↳ why are you not attending these days
↳ Is this Jimin
↳ ye come to school and stop sleeping
↳ Jimin why are you like this
↳ don’t show off
↳ I have a gun in my bag
↳ stop acting up
↳ anyway guys
↳ everyone be careful of the cold
↳ are you still on holidays?
↳ ha I want to go to school
↳ guys lets live diligently
↳ because I go to Cyber University
↳ lets chat at my graduation
↳ hahahahaha
↳ you spoke prettily Yoonji
↳ everyone be careful of the cold
↳ see you next time
↳ Just don’t come I don’t want to see you
↳ Yoonji is going bye

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winteriron-is-coming replied to your post “me: *sees zero (0) criticism of a/lec for treating clary like dirt yet…”

Because Clary is a saint. Okay sure.​


lmao show me where i called clary a saint. but actually good job, you just perfectly illustrated my entire problem, which is that this fandom is willing to completely excuse and even praise alec for the same behavior for which you guys have repeatedly condemned clary. 

i.e., when clary was willing to do whatever it takes to save her mother, she was deemed reckless, whiny, and - my personal favorite - self centered (for daring to want to save her only family who had been kidnapped and possibly killed/tortured by our magical fascist villain. weird that she’d go out of her way to save her, right?) (and also i would argue that a lot of the reckless, impulsive behavior can  be attributed to the fact she’s a fucking teenage girl who had her entire world ripped apart in the space of like, a day when her mother was kidnapped, she finds out her father is alive and a fascist, her best friend is kidnapped by vampires, you know. just all those little life changing events. nbd.) (oh and then she had to deal with this grown man constantly up in her face refusing to show her any sympathy or desire to help her find her missing family member)

yet alec is praised for doing whatever he can to get jace back. when he lashes out at magnus and lydia and isabelle, does fandom call him selfish, even though he’s not the only one affected by jace’s disappearance (isabelle lost her brother too, but i don’t see her yelling at all the people around her who are trying to help) ? when he’s very emotional over his missing parabatai, does anyone call him whiny? nope. and that’s probably as it should be. i’d say that aside from the shit he said to clary, his actions have been pretty damn understandable for someone who lost such an important friend and family member. 

it’s the fact that fandom is entirely willing to understand those actions and empathize with his feelings while never extending the same courtesy to clary. that is the problem. people’s inability, or rather their unwillingness to empathize with female characters while praising (white) male characters is a problem that can be identified across pretty much all major fandoms. so hey, at least you’re not alone!

oh and one more thing - a female character doesn’t have to be a saint in order to be treated with minimum decency :))

(oh but i lied, there’s more) (all of this doesn’t change the fact that those events alec described in his little tirade? none of those are clary’s fault in any way shape or form) (but why blame the evil fascist who truly caused all this when you can take your feelings out on a teenage girl am i right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


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While the waiting for YEARS to watch molly hooper and getting a chance to see her for only but only 3 minutes in 3 hours is NOT OKAY for me, and like this isn’t enough for me now some fans are claiming that she may be in danger in season finale…

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oh hey remember that time chloe decker made lucifer morningstar a sandwich and it completely blew his mind so hard that he had to go to therapy about it because he has no concept of what it feels like to have someone care for/about him???

THANKS, EXTRA. As IF I could forget this handsome loser’s face every time he realizes that someone cares about him.

Like the time Chloe came and sat next to him after Father Frank died just to “be there for him” and he looked at her like she was every star in the sky??? Or the time that she saved his home because “friends help each other out” and he stared out her like she was the sun breaking through the clouds???? Or when she kissed him even though he’d just monologued about how not good for her he was and he looked at her like she was all his dreams come true at once???? OR WHEN HE SAID “THIS IS REAL” AND HE LOOKED LIKE NOTHING COULD EVER HURT HIM??????

I hate you (I love you). Someone give me a gifset of lucifer’s ‘what-are-feelings-i-think-i’m-malfunctioning’ face every time he’s confronted by his emotions for chloe.