be boulder

With massive granite towers stretching skyward and building-sized boulders scattered in valleys, there’s no need to ask how City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho got its name. Dramatic geological features make for excellent nature study and even better climbing. You can also learn about unique plants, wildlife, and the history of Native Americans and early settlers at this fascinating park. Photo by National Park Service.


This is a house in Boulder, CO. This was taken in 2014. Super weird. If you’ve ever been to Boulder you know just how much this house would stand out on a street of homes. There’s all these odd sculptures, skulls and the house is surrounded by a wrought-iron gate. It was across the street from a high-end deli and I couldn’t help but snap pictures. By the way, this was not near Halloween. This was in August.

Now that’s some @sixpenceee shit.

  • natgeo Video @ladzinski / Waves, played in reverse, rolling under a vibrant sunset on the stunningly beautiful island #Martinique at the foot of Mont Pelée. Mont Pelée is the island’s prominent volcano and last erupted in 1902, destroying Saint-Pierre and killing over 28,000 people in 2 minutes! 🇲🇶

Gorgeous drone view of a waterfall-carved valley in the Lake District, England