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The Tide Is Turning On The Hyde Amendment, Thanks To Women Of Color Activists
Destiny Lopez is the co-director of All* Above All and the All* Above All Action Fund, where she co-leads All* Above All’s work to end the Hyde Amendment. She is a strategist, communicator and thought-leader in reproductive justice. Six years ago,…

Planned Parenthood strongly opposes the Hyde Amendment. And we support the women of color and our partners who have always been leading the charge to eliminate this unjust policy. Everyone deserves the right to access safe, legal abortion.
The dark, insidious history of Hyde: Why lawmakers must question their acceptance of this archaic…
As yet another year of Hyde passes, it is surreal to see anti-choice politicians still tirelessly working to take away the same rights over…

Henry Hyde was furious with the outcome of Roe v. Wade. So in 1976, he created a policy to prevent low-income women from accessing abortion. 

We have voted to reauthorize this discriminatory policy every year since.
The Woman Who Raises Money to Fund Abortions | Broadly
Brittany Mostiller, the director of the Chicago Abortion Fund, is working to make sure reproductive rights aren't just for those who can afford it.

Meet Brittany. She called the Chicago Abortion Fund for help paying for her abortion – since the Hyde Amendment restricts people from using Medicaid to access abortion. Now she runs the fund to help her community access abortion.