be be us trouble time

Just some old ghosts on the fridge

My excuse for the 2nd image being black/white is that they printed it on a shitty school computer :p

I really wish we got to see more of Casey, my impression of him was that he mainly hung out with Gregg because he didn’t show up in the longest night supplemental

and probably had a skateboard :v


“I’ve tried to leave it all behind me
But I woke up and there they were beside me
And I don’t believe it but I guess it’s true
Some feelings, they can travel too”

Loosely inspired by “From The Desk Of…” by @bridgetteirish and @fictorium. Thank you for such an amazing, and (obviously) inspiring work of art <3

You will not be able to convince me that Blackwatch isn’t actually full of children. Sure all the agents are 100% deadly and efficient at what they do, but when they ain’t on missions or not doing their god damn jobs, they all degrade to fucking 5 year olds.

Reyes is less of a commander and more of a glorified babysitter.

I really wanted to post at least one picture of the gajevy twins so

apparently they got their dad’s fondness for kitties

If elected officials in your state are not immediately standing up for public schools and education like this after Devos’ confirmation, call them out and let them know they won’t have your vote in the upcoming elections. 

The evidence of faith isn’t perfect circumstances, that’s a lie. Faith has nothing to do with perfect circumstances; faith has to do with a perfect heart in the midst of trials. The pure in heart shall see God, and God said He’ll be with us in time of trouble; He didn’t say He’ll keep us from trouble.


@mittensmorgul and I got into a discussion about reading the subtext of season 12 so far and as usual I drifted straight to my “shipping moment” of horrified realisation I’d not been paying any attention to what had been under my nose since season 4… Obviously I’ve crammed Dean and Mary in there platonically and this isn’t a Destiel meta per say but I’m never not going to mention how Metatron nearly added ME to the body count of season 9 as why these words mean so much to me :P

Anyway, in times of trouble Robbie Thompson comes to us, speaking words of wisdom:

What makes a story work? Is it the plot, the characters, the text? The subtext? And who gives a story meaning? Is the writer? Or you?

Tonight, I thought I would tell you a little story and let you decide.

I think Robbie comes firmly down on the side of “you” - the author is dead, long live the fandom - if we look at his contribution to the show as a whole. Or, you know, analyse how Metatron is literally giving us/Cas the chance to decide the answer himself, ironically immediately making it our/his decision that gives the story meaning.

Specifically for season 12, Mittens and I were talking about expectations, and those that we build up - I’m using a general “we” here but of course everyone has their own interpretations, and to be honest we were prodding at the mixed and sometimes fearful or disappointed reactions we’ve been seeing around on our dashes about character development (specifically Dean, probably not ALL to blame on the apparent immediate regression to projecting about chick flicks and assuming they’ll die young and bloody because that’s not the first time some people have been worried about Dean’s perpetual character regression this season, but 12x06 having some apparently strong examples hasn’t helped)

I feel like the way we give the story meaning ourselves, in the way we read the plot and characters and text has, ironically, over the years sometimes got into a “the story became the story” way in our readings. I know my instinct on some things immediately is to leap to a conclusion based on what would have happened in seasons past, and the episode itself proves me wrong before the end. Mittens said this about trying to analyse it:

Assuming the show is following all the old formats [re: narrative patterns that never led to development] and attempting to hit the exact same development beats that it typically has in the past.. I don’t think that works anymore.

And then I started talking about Dabb putting his cards on the table with 11x23, which set me wondering about season 12 so far, and I remembered Dean and Mary’s silent exchange over the backseat of the Impala.

This has been meta’d to death already about Dean’s expectations of her being shattered, but I suddenly find it really important as well just for the fact it was all done in silent delivery (which I think was ALSO meta’d about immediately after the episode just for the joy of subtext as you needed to be able to read between the lines to understand what passed between them). Now we have a bit more season 12 to work with, I like this moment all the more because of its importance in the overall way we - or Dean - should be looking at the story - or Mary - right now. Metatron is just here to remind us that this story is told so much in subtext and our important role in reading it to find what is important to us.

Mary’s look tells Dean something new - something he never actually imagined or even thought of before, but suddenly it’s unmistakably there in the “text” of his life and he has to adapt his thoughts to it and accept the way the story of Mary has changed with new info. With Mary existing on screen, given how little we ever had of her before despite her importance, with a blank slate pretty much everything she does is new and exciting and shakes up the past image of her. I think discovering her hunting in 1980 is the most important instance of outright showing the way the story is being re-written around her to completely defy expectations and to present an entirely new narrative.

On the wider scale, when it comes to all our other characters and plot stuff, I think it’s interesting to look at what Mary means for her part of the story, and how it could apply everywhere. That the story may look superficially like what we expect of it, and to be fitting patterns of what came before - but actually the narrative is extremely disruptive and not telling us the same things that came before. 

It’s making me very skittish about plot speculation, especially for the emotional arcs, but since 11x23 I’ve been certain Dabb era can’t regress the characters and doesn’t really WANT to since Dean found a different, better way to resolve the conflict peacefully. Of course he’s still Dean so he’s not going to transform into a new person overnight, but there have been positive signs, some of which are simultaneously being read as negative signs… which is how we ended up here in the first place. 

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when my sister & i were little we used to get in trouble for staying up past our bed time reading... now whenever my dad shares that story he always says "I couldn't get mad at them! they were reading!"


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Some of my favorite childhood memories include staying up late with the Harry Potter books! It was so relaxing to just be safe and warm, everyone asleep, and only my small book light on!

Then, to my sister’s horror(the one who shared a room with me), my dad gave me his old IBM laptop. Reading is silent. Typing is not!

Writing Prompts

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01 “I need you.”

02 “Just tell me that you love me.”

03 “Please wake up.”

04 “Why are you at my house at 3:00 AM?”

05 “I think I’m in love with you.”

06 “Are you going to kiss me?”

07 “Wait, you like me, too?”

08 “I know it’s late, but I just needed to tell you that you’re great.”

09 “If I could, I would get you a million puppies just to make you happy again.”

10 “I know you don’t want to, but you’re going to have to wake up soon.”

11 “We’re going to be in so much trouble if somebody catches us.”

12 “Every time I see you, you have the same exact book as me, and I just need to ask, are you a spy?”

13 “What’s the difference between love and infatuation?”

14 “Can I kiss you?”

15 “Just breathe.”

16 “This is the sixth time you’ve spelled my name wrong. Are you doing this on purpose?”

17 “I love you, but please never break into my house again.”

18 “How many times do I have to tell you before you believe me?”

19 “Let’s just stay here all day. Yeah, that sounds good.”

20 “How would you feel if I told you… that this is for you?”

21 “I just want to hold your hand, and tell everyone that we’re together. Is that too much to ask for?”

22 “You know, you really suck at this.”

23 “Are you scared of me?”

24 “How many times do I have to ask you before you finally say yes?”

25 “Let’s adopt twenty cats together and treat them like our children.”

26 “I swear I didn’t see anything!”

27 “I won’t tell anyone. I swear.”

28 “Hey, can I ask you for a favor?”

29 “What if I kissed you right now?”

30 “Let’s just stop to think about the fact that you’re actually holding my hand right now.”

31 “Shut up. Just, shut up.”

32 “I don’t think I love you anymore. In fact, I’m very much sure that I hate you.”

33 “You’re a terrible person. Why do you have to be such a terrible person?”

34 “I’d love you if you weren’t so nice to me all the time.”

35 “It was part of the deal.”

36 “I can’t explain right now. I just need you to pretend that we’re dating.”

37 “Wait, your name isn’t Eight Ball?”

38 “Let’s play a game: How many more times do I have to give you these until you realize I’m flirting with you?”

39 “I’m sorry, okay? You’re just really cute, and I get nervous around cute people.”

40 “Was that supposed to hurt?”

41 “Out of all the lies I’ve told, loving you was probably the biggest one.”

42 “Don’t say anything. Just… just dance with me. Right here. Right now.”

43 “Of course you can forgive me. That’s all you have to do. Just forgive me.”

44 “I… I thought you were dead.”

45 “Let’s go on a road trip together, and never come back.”

46 “Run away with me.”

47 “You couldn’t have possibly stolen my heart.”

48 “Please don’t tell me it’s you I saw on the World’s Most Wanted list.”

49 “You’re leaving? Again? Why do you always have to leave me?”

50 “If there’s two things I know, it’s that I love coffee… and I love you, too.”

“The more I learn, the less I really want to know.”

“Do you ever want to drift away on your own? I do.”

“You don’t look like a hacker, but I guess movies and books exaggerate things." 

"This has got to be the last time I let you get us into trouble.”

“To the unknown! Follow me, strange mortal." 

"I can’t believe you aren’t human. The signs were all there right in front of me. I just thought you were quirky.”

Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore: ‘I Can’t Claim That the Songs Were All Written for Trump’

Thirty years after they gave us Music for the Masses, Depeche Mode is giving us music for the moment, taking on these troubled times on their new album, Spirit. But while their follow-up to 2013’s Delta Machine plays like a timely commentary on the state of the post-Trump world, it wasn’t conceived as such.

“It’s quite coincidental that the album has come out right now. I can’t claim that the songs were all written for Trump,” says Martin Gore, principal songwriter of the British electronic band. “It just seems like such perfect timing, because the world is in such a mess. But the majority of these songs were written in 2015-2016, so the world was in a mess then too. It’s just gotten a little worse.”

Before last year’s divisive U.S. presidential election, Gore felt compelled to tackle other political and social issues on Spirit. “We canceled a show in Kiev on the last tour because that was when things first started to kick off in the Ukraine [crisis],” he says. “And just after our tour finished, the Russians went into Crimea. And then there was the Syrian war going on — I can’t believe the world has just sat back and let that happen. In America, a constant battle was going on for rights: gay rights and transgender rights. There was the police violence against blacks. That was all happening during the writing period.”

Since both Gore and lead singer Dave Gahan live in the U.S., what was the band’s reaction after Donald Trump won the presidential election? “I think we were all just as shocked as all rational people,” Gore says. “On the day of the election I texted a friend of mine because I was a bit worried, and he said, ‘Don’t worry about it. Just look at the polls.’ So that night I sat watching it, and my jaw just kept dropping and dropping and dropping. I could not believe that so many people could vote for such an idiot. After everything that he did and said — things that we have tapes of him saying — I just don’t understand. It’s crazy.”

Adds keyboardist Andrew Fletcher: “I just hope he turns out better than we think. But we’re quite worried about the direction things are going at the moment.”

Depeche Mode was unexpectedly dragged into the political arena in February when alt-right leader Richard Spencer, who is a big fan, dubbed them “the official band of the Alt-Right.”

“We were quite shocked, I have to say,” says Fletcher. “We’re the opposite of that if anything.”

Gore was just as baffled: “He says he’s a big fan, but he obviously hasn’t completely listened to our lyrics. I just think he’s not all there. I think people always kind of know where we stand politically — everyone in the world except Richard Spencer.”

Gore says the new album’s title comes from the line “Our spirit has gone” in the haunting closer, “Fail.” “That [line] is one of the themes of the record,” he says. “And I’m hoping that by saying that and pointing that out, it helps people to think, and maybe we can get some kind of spirit back.”

As for the inspiration behind the politically charged single “Where’s the Revolution,” Gore says, “I think a lot of people are very frustrated and very angry, and I think they’ve just misplaced their anger. I think the system is broken and it needs to be fixed, but with the Brexit vote and by electing Trump, some of the decisions that are being made are not helping anyone.”

Meanwhile, “Going Backwards” reflects on the regression Gore has observed in the world. “Syria is like the Middle Ages at the moment,” he says. “And America is not quite in the Middle Ages yet, but it could easily be turned back 50 years very soon.”

Elsewhere, “The Worst Crime” deals with environmental issues. “For me, the worst crime is the fact that we are just destroying the world, destroying the planet,” says Gore. “We’ve known about it for a long time, and there are still so many people who deny it and will not accept what scientists tell us. It’s the worst crime because we’re not just destroying it for ourselves, we’re destroying it for our descendants. If we carry on the way we are, there will be no world.”

On Spirit, Depeche Mode worked with producer James Ford for the first time. “We liked a lot of James’s stuff he’d done with the Arctic Monkeys and also his work with Simian Mobile Disco, which is more electronic, so we thought he’d be perfect for us,” says Fletcher. “We wanted a quite minimalist sound in general, and he did that, and he was very fast.” Adds Gore: “We felt that it was time to make a change after making three albums with Ben Hillier, even though we loved every second of making those albums. We felt that we have to challenge ourselves and create a different atmosphere. I think [Ford] is a sound magician. He’s incredible.”

Now Depeche Mode — first-time nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last fall who didn’t make the final cut of 2017 inductees — are gearing up to launch their “Global Spirit” tour on May 5 in Stockholm. As for the set list, Fletcher says, “That’s always a problem, because our back catalog is so large. We can’t play for seven hours. I think Dave might be really exhausted. But we try to pick some of the best moments from throughout our career.”

Gore is philosophical about it: “Whatever we do, there’s always some of our fans who will complain. But I think we’ve got a good set list that will keep the majority of people happy.”

George and I are like brothers, we had never left each other’s side. We complete each other. And my problems at that time separated us a little bit. It catalysed the troubles that he had and solidified all of the issues that I was having in return, and it became this really dark time. And born out of that was The Ballad of Me and My Brain. So, now, retrospectively I can think it was all okay, but it really fucked us up as a couple – because we are a couple, really. The distance that we travelled away from each other turned out to be a really important part of the album. When George got better, the unity we felt when we both got back together was like I’d been away from my wife for six months and I’d just picked her up at the airport and it was sunny and we were going on holiday. I know that sounds mad, but it’s true
—  Matty Healy on George Daniel and ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’

Edward Steichen     Bertolt Brecht     Undated

My business is too difficult. My business is trying to arouse human pity. There are few things that’ll move people to pity, a few, but the trouble is when they’ve been used several times, they no longer work. So it happens, for instance, that a man who sees another man on the street corner with only a stump for an arm will be so shocked the first time that he’ll give him sixpence. But the second time it’ll only be a threepenny bit. And if he sees him a third time, he’ll hand him over cold-bloodedly to the police–Bertolt Brecht, “The Threepenny Opera”  1928

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The manager has a had a habit lately of only scheduling one cashier for, like, 5 hours at a time. Obviously, that makes it difficult for us to check fitting rooms, do go-backs, or anything that is more than 10 feet from the register. That's the crazy part: SHE only schedules one of us for several hours at a time, yet WE get in trouble if fitting rooms are checked, go-backs aren't done, or if we can't clear lines fast enough. We also get in trouble for leaving the register to go do those things.

As a non binary I am sick of seeing people saying that Frisk is 100% non-binary, and can’t be seen as any other gender ever. Toby never said that and I’m tired of you guys giving me a bad name by being “No Fun Allowed” over something that isn’t even your’s.

Frisk is “left as ambiguous so that the player may project themselves through them or see them as how they see fit”. That does not mean they are 100% non-binary. That means that they are in fact outside of even non-binary.

Frisk is male. Frisk is female. Frisk is non-binary. Frisk is trans. Frisk is androgynous. Frisk is genderfluid. Frisk is straight. Frisk is gay. Frisk is a lesbian. Frisk is pansexual/romantic. Frisk is bisexual/romantic. Frisk is aromantic. Frisk is asexual. Frisk is the most frisky being on the planet. Frisk is whatever age you want. Frisk acts however you want. You could see Frisk as disabled in whatever way you want and it still wouldn’t make a difference.


Please stop telling people that they can’t see Frisk how they want, and please stop talkiing for all non-binary people, because you are wrong.

Toby has said many times who Frisk is.

Frisk is the Player.

That’s it. Roll credits. End of story.

i was really confused by this

why does his phone say 20:50 (8:50pm) if yuri’s just waking up, and when he gets to the Ice Castle, victor says good morning… so i checked this out as a guess and

right, so his phone might still displaying detroit time.  i guess… he would have to change it manually??  and for whatever reason, he hasn’t yet.  so it was nearly ten am when he woke up.  if that’s really what’s going on….

…this still doesn’t explain why victor keeps going to the ice castle by himself when yuri’s bedroom is right next to his.  he could at least wake him up before he goes… *coughs*

The process in the algebraic method is like running a railroad through a tunneled mountain; in the geometrical like crossing the mountain on foot.  The former carries us by a short and easy transit to our destined point, but in miasma, darkness and torpidity, whereas the latter allows us to reach it only after time and trouble, but feasting us at each turn with glances of the earth and of the heavens, while we … gather new strength at every effort we put forth.

William Hamilton