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Happy 12th Anniversary to one of the greatest franchises of all time! Enjoy this video showcasing the abilities of The Avatar throughout multiple lifetimes.

I’m probably an optimist but man the hate Kyuranger is getting in the Tokunation discussion boards.

They got me to defend Lucky so let’s go!

Everyone keeps talking about how Lucky’s luck is annoying. I dont think so.

Shocking I know. But see, if anyone remembers back to the days of Magiranger and Dekaranger which was like ten years ago, the red rangers Ban and Kai had the spotlight like the first ten episodes, but slowly ebbed away to giving enough attention to the rest of the cast.

I think/hope that’s the same with Lucky. There’s a lot more subtleties in the show than you think. Lucky has complete reliance on his luck. He lives on it, he believes in it, he trusts it too much for his own good.

That’s pretty cocky and stupid if you ask me. He trusts is so much, that he just went along two SUSPICIOUS GUYS AND BROUGHT THE GUNS WITH HIM.

Also Lucky didn’t take that much of the spotlight in episode two. It wasn’t Lucky’s luck that saved him and Naga, it was Balance’s change in heart of saving Naga after remembering why he partnered up with him. After he witnessed Naga’s anger being used right.

And even then, Balance probably joined the team because he figured he’d get a better loot, and he knows that Naga would be in the right place.

Overall my point is that the writers are actually aware of Lucky. They’re actually aware of how to use him and try to keep him away from the center stage as much as possible.

Also just the fact that they gave Champ a backstory is enough for me to trust the writers because it’s usually characters like Champ that have ZERO BACKGROUND OR EPISODES DEDICATED TO THEMSELVES *cough* just saying

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Apart from the incredible religious significance of these stones in the Hindu culture, Shiva Lingams are accredited with several interesting healing properties in other cultures throughout the world.

These stones are said to resonate with all of the elements. The way Shiva stones are naturally shaped by the sacred river creates such a balanced stone, a good blend between the masculine and feminine! The shape is considered to be masculine, while the markings represent the feminine!

These crystals are absolutely incredible for balance, as they allow the person working with them to feel harmony. They’ve also been said to help one feel unity and togetherness, even when you are alone.

These are great to meditate or work with if you find yourself holding onto things that no longer benefit your life such as old feelings and emotions. Shiva Lingams can help you to release all of those and move forward with your life.

Many people swear by Shiva Lingams as the perfect stone to include in self-love rituals or meditations as they really allow you to see both sides of yourself and bridge the gap to sense your fullest potential.

Above all though, my favorite property of Shiva Lingam stones is their ability to link and serve as an energetic line through all the chakras. It really is a whole-body healer!

Horoscopes and Tarot Overview for February 23, 2017   


The Moon remains in solid Capricorn, until noon but long enough to semi-square Neptune early this morning starting the day with creative insights into our process and a gives us dreamy outlook.

The Moon moves into intelligent Aquarius at 12:18 PM EST. helping us think about our future plans in a philosophical and altruistic way. We may feel the need to shake things up a bit with daring ideas or controversial but necessary truths.

Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius and semi-squares Venus in Aries, pitting thoughtful knowing against fiery impatient action. We are given a much-needed boost of energy to help us organize our decisions, our thoughts and our communications. Unfortunately, our romantic inclinations may prevent clear headed thinking so we may lack of control of our emotions.

Tarot Cards of the Day: the 7 of Swords, The Tower and the 4 of Swords- rushing into or away from something will not help your cause. Stay attentive and aware of a situation that is growing. If you rush it may fall apart or cease to exist as you know it, causing you to have to rebuild from scratch. Rest, take your time and conserve your energy you will know when the time is right to move.

Chakras: throat, and root

Crystals: blue agate, and garnet

Aromatherapy: chamomile and patchouli

Yoga: vinyasa practice with inversions and seated forward folds.

Aries- it will be hard to resist the urge to push the envelope today even though we know it won’t be good for us in the end. Making rash choices today will only slow your process in the long run because you will need to go back and fix the errors. Stay patient in all matters today.

Taurus- it’s hard to ignore the underlying sense of urgency that permeates even your best intentions today. Don’t abandon anything you have in play because there’s a slight delay or hitch. Take a step back, catch your breath, be your earthy grounded self and let issues be for a moment.

Gemini- impatience may rule your day, yet it’s more important than ever to keep your cool at home and at work. Moving too quickly will not advance your goals or bring the constructive results you have been expecting. If you stay focused and calm you will be better able to navigate the future.

Cancer- there is quite a strain in the air today bending your emotional stability to the breaking point. Sometimes we do need to crack open our expectations so we can work on the intricate details, but moving too quickly will not benefit your overall plan. Keep to your ideas and let nature run its course.

Leo- you are headstrong on a normal day, today however, takes your bravado to another level. This will not help you move forward despite your obstinate mood. You will be better served slowing your energy and waiting for the right moment to strike instead of becoming aggressive.

Virgo- it’s better to look carefully at all your options before jumping into to any situation be it work or private life. Your slightly obsessive nature will not assist your carefully laid out plans if you allow it to push your buttons and overreact. Stick to your goals and stay in a patient place.

Libra- think for yourself today even if you are not feeling particularly strong or assertive. Keeping your concepts and devices to yourself will help this process and keep your mood elevated. You will feel more powerful if you stay mindfully engaged in your own affairs.

Scorpio- You will want to get everything done and out of the way so you can enjoy yourself but of course, rushing through what needs to be done will not help you move into where you want to be. Take your time, think carefully and move one step at a time.

Sagittarius- you may feel off your game today which means you may let a few things slide because you are so concerned about other less important items. Physically, allow yourself to slow down, mentally you need to write and create new pathways to express yourself.

Capricorn- looking at everything from a different point of view benefits your thinking today. You may prefer some alone time to process incoming stimuli or the pressure to perform. Give into the need for quiet time and step back from the fray, it will benefit your overall plans.

Aquarius- the Moon moves into your sign today prompting you to say more than you must or want to. Step away from the propensity to share your opinions or your goals with anyone who asks, it will not help you move any faster towards your dreams. Stay meditative and simply involved.

Pisces- you can feel important happenings budding, just slightly out of reach. The drive to push further than you should go is ripe today. This may be the signal you need to stop before you go to places you cannot get back from or that have the potential to halt your project before it starts.