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I hope you like this ending even if it’s quite… minimalistic, I guess.
I’ve kinda told everything I wanted to tell about them along the week with all my comics. I hope you enjoyed the ride and my weird headcanons.

Cheers! :>



Okay we can consider trans gal Marco cosplaying Sailor Jupiter (another trans gal) <3333 


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Yesterday was my grandpa’s 85th birthday party and it was so awesome hearing him tell stories about his life.

Someone asked what his scariest mission was (he was in a B-52 aircrew) and he said one time the windshield cracked when they were at like 35,000-40,000 feet, he was the navigator sitting in the seat behind the pilot. The windshield cracked right down the middle in front of the pilot and he thought that was the end because if the windshield went they would all be dead at that altitude.

He also told us about his job in the Air Force, which was reading radar signals and interpreting them. He’d also jam enemy radars and they’d be up in the B-52 for like 12 hours and they would orbit Russia. It was so cool to hear about that stuff.