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WE HIT 400! 🎉
I was performing all of yesterday, but I’ll be on today! I don’t have anything to post, so have this GTLive moment from my fan account! Thank you all so much for being so supportive! The house I coming along nicely, and I would say we would actually move in, in 2-3 weeks (we’re remodeling it rn) Please hang in there, I’ll be back soon!

Someone: “Victor and Yuuri aren’t actually engaged, the rings are just-”

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, what was that?

I can’t hear you over that canonical confirmation, wanna try saying that again?

So all these ACOWAR theories and fics - where Rhys swoops into the Spring Court and is like, “Hello, Feyre darling, my High Lady of the Night Court,” and Feyre saunters over to him and just leaves Tamlin in the dust - are great and all, but do you know what I want? For Rhys not to show up for whatever reason. For him to just tell her - through the bond, a magic piece of paper, whatever - it’s time, wreck havoc, please come back home as soon as you can. I want Feyre on her own - no Mor, no Az, no Cassian, no Amren, and no Rhys - up against Tamlin on his own. I want Feyre to have a nearly villain-esque monologue where she explains everything that’s happened, all the information she’s stolen from his mind and passed on to the Night Court, all the ways she’s sabotaged for the Spring Court etc. I want Tamlin to first be confused, then in denial, then hurt, then angry and nearly … mocking? “If you’re Lady of the Night Court, where’s your army? Where are the people ready to break in and rescue you? Where’s your High Lord?” And Feyre just smiles all evilly and goes, “I’m High Lady of the Night Court. I don’t need rescuing.”

After which she proceeds to royally kick his ass.

The 5 Stages of Grief - Sherlock Series 4

So, I realised today that I’ve gone through each of the five stages of grief after the airing of Sherlock Series 4, and because I have now reached acceptance, I thought it was worth sharing as a bit of a lighthearted exercise. Obviously, I don’t mean to offend anyone here, love you all <3


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-          This is a fake episode

-          There’ll be a fourth episode


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-          Desecrated Canon Stories like Garridebs

-          Plotholes Galore }:[

-          Some narratives led nowhere?!?


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-          If only I hadn’t gotten involved…


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-          How will I ever love and watch this series again?

-          What will I do now without this source of happiness?


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-          Overall there were some very good + funny bits, the acting was great as            always

-          And the bad bits are laughable at this point, so I shall do just that and                laugh and find enjoyment through doing so

-          Eventually - “it is what it is”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader

Warnings: angst, character death

Word Count: 739

A/N: This is an old drabble I’ve written a few months ago that was inspired by personal events. I came across this as I sorted my files on my laptop and decided to post it. 

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Hey, this is Steve. Sorry, I can’t take your call right now. Please leave a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

“Steve…it’s me. Please call me back when you get the chance. I know you’re busy with the mission and all. Just call me back, okay? I love you.”

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